Amazing Cast Aluminum Process Using Sand Mold, Fast Melting Metal Casting Technology Working

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Amazing Cast Aluminum Process Using Sand Mold, Fast Melting Metal Casting Technology Working....

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Really? You went to the trouble of ruining an otherwise good video with a robot voice for audio? I stopped watching and listening right after the first robo comment @ 0.42 secs. Good bye forever!
Casting processes so amazing that we can’t show the resulting castings. 😕
Abdou Tipøu
Please, what kind of sand Please reply Where can i get it
Abdul Raj
very nice
Abinico Arts
They are doing this type of work while wearing flip-flops - how about an update video that shows their scarred and barely recognizable limbs.
Andrey Svit
9:18 this is how my school makes cookies
Antoniogeldo santos da Silva
Appu Abhi
B Roll Offroad
ended too soon! otherwise sick video.
الله يجيرنا من نار جهنم
Bob Engelhardt
Buddy Boehm
his sand is way to dry.
queria ver a continuação do vídeo. pq não entendi essa máquina rodando o metal derretido
Carlos Augusto
8:20 se o cadinho cai \nAdeus pernas.
Charles West
Did that chap win a spelling B with all those ribbons.
Christopher Montoya
There really isn’t anything spectacular to this I did this the first time when I was in sixth grade in shop class nothing spectacular here
Claude Martin
Yes i use to do this with my dad he was doing it for 40 years.\nOk we used a hand held raming tool, and the hole for the sprew was done befor and while raming it not after.
Corey Taylor
i can almost smell the scale and the metal
Cruz Marquez
todo bien por el señor por algo se arriesga uno para sacar adelante la familia pero como trabaja se ve muy peligroso y sin protección asta miedo da cuidese señor y que dios lo proteja
We don't get to see much final results, and I doubt they'd be any good. What a mess!
David Asante
These people are not abiding by any safety procedures,no hand gloves,or any protection on eyes and worsening it all,no safety boots🙆🙆🙆🙆🏃🏃🏃🏃
Fer Romero
No se entiende porque no se be el trabajo terminado .dedo abajo
It's amazing that they used very little safety equipment
Glenn Cooksley
High pitched, fast rare commentary. Sad display
Graeme Crowther
Hello,........... what was the most interesting looking thing in the drums, how can you not show end result???????
Gregory Stevens
I used to do the sand casting when I was in metal shop class in High School back in the early '60's. But the schoold don't have shop classes anymore. Too bad. It was fun making the molds from wet sand and hand raming it into the mold frames. I made some need stuff but alas, it was all stolen from our Desert Cabin by homeless people who broke in to the cabin.
What could possibly go wrong? Many kilos molten aluminium, no safety gear present at all - guy wearing 'the breast medal with ribbons' what they about? Longest surviving employee of the week?! Since when as Elmer J Fudd been doing commentary too?
Herb out west
Did the person talking escape from willy wonkas factory?
9:50 which material of mould is that??
Kevin Hernandez
De que estan hechos los moldes para que no se peguen?
Knubbers24 Ryan Van Riper
He won the blue ribbon at the county fair. Hope it does not catch on fire!
Leandro Gómez
q enfermos en ojotas andan los locos esos explotacion eso
Lisboa Santos
O que estavam fazendo no minuto 12:40 ?????
Lyle Landstrom
Your wood snap flasks will last a lot longer if you use a jacket rather than pour with the mold still in the flask.
tum serf or serf kuti k bachy ho tera baap he ni hai kesi harmi ho ...Kisi humasay k ho.or tum pehly apni maa se pocho k tera baap Kon hai .pher j k bat Krna kuti maa deya bachya.....behn choda kuteta
Mr super T
How can you wear slippers working with molting metal in a foundry?
Right at 11:10, that scared the shit out of me!!!
MunawarAll Munawarall
Mzwakhe Magabane
Narasimhamurthy T N
Why the copper moulding work men don't even wear shoes ?
Nehaguptajhansi Gupta
Hi 🙂🙂🙂
Nelson Darwin Pak Tech
Noel Anderson
Nothing amazing about casting,we'v been doing it for thousands of years.. I did it myself for 50yrs.. The guy making this mould would not have got a job in the foundry I worked in, far too slow and disorganized ....
Paul T
Well done, getting Mickey Mouse to rattle off the commentary at X2 speed!!!
Paulie Walnuts
T1000 pops out the furnace and stabs the pourer lol
The badge and ribbons says: \
Peppe Ddu
6:42 someone is playing with a RC car
Quillie Jones
I wonder if they could pour the molten metal higher up from the molds. I don't think it splashed enough.
Rakesh Prajapat
hello sir ..\n\nplease will you tell me which type of soil used for this work ........,...?\n\nand what other material i have to mix in this soil ...........?
RishU bhArti official
*Wow Very Amazing Video*
Rochester Motorsports
Inhaling helium whilst narrating?
Román Funes
Son unos temerarios trabajan sin ningún tipo de protección. Zapatos, guantes, ropa adecuada al trabajo.
Rosivaldo Rodrigues santos
é um perigo trabalhar com metas deretido
Roy Lewis
What is the output of the rotating calendars seen at the very end of this video? Also, where is this Foundry located?\n\nThan you,\nRoy Lewis Buffalo NY
the one cool thing here is after the scary bit with the amateurs with no gloves , proper shoes , probably no eyeware  etc was right near the end the spin casting in India probably , (bare feet in this one!) , never actually seen that in action before!  cool. warren
Sairaj Vivo
Salem Fathy
Sanaullah Khan
It would've been better you shown us the end product too....
Santosh Kumar
Scps 36
Sergio Alejandro
why they centrifuge aluminum? please tell me
The Mad Man -At- Duncan Junction
What in the biscuits and gravy is the last casting thing?
Good old fashioned Union jobs - the things that made America Great. I wish ANY president cared about these people - but we've not had one for real that did since... what-- the 50s?
Thondup Andrugtsang
What were they making in those two rolling drums?.
Tushar Mehta
safety purpose zero because in foundry must be required safety.
Unknown Entity
0:41 What chemical is the powder? Starch? Magnesium carbonate or calcium?
Vick de Wit
Nothing special at this foundry. What about safety in this foundry? In my career I have seen many foundries. The most special foundry I have seen is Sylatec in the U.K. They can make castings with a tolerance of 3 micron. Consequently what seems to be expensive can become a cheap product.
Vishal palapure
it's a Bidri technique ( Bidri work, India).
Vladimir Monteza
JESÚS los ama de verdad el ya viene busquenle
Waseem Rajput
Wearing flip flops while pouring molten metal, I'm guessing that this isn't OSHA territory.
Zoes Dada
Really? You supported an entire crucible of molten metal on a cardboard box? You deserve to get burned.
So the US isn't really into worker health and safety then. No protective masks for the fumes or a face shield or heat resistant gauntlet gloves etc.
antonio ochoa
de que estan hechos los moldes para que no se pegue el aluminio
We had a furnace dedicated to aluminium at the iron foundry where I worked. It got fired up around every couple of months and the alli was used to make new mold boxes for the iron work. We used all the metal from the old boxes that had split or been damaged, so we hardly ever needed to use any new metal.\nThe thing that struck me was the sandals being worn by the foundry guys. That is mad.
carlos advance
danger process
deivi jonis joni
Boa tarde prá você que viu esse vídeo antes das 1:22 deixe Linke 👍👍👍👍👍👍
dosti funny video
gabriel reliat
Très beau travail pédagogique!...
lloyd evangelista
I think he needs to wear some anti heat gloves
Irritating adverts. Couldn’t see the last few frames. What were they making? High pitch sped up voices.
As a retired Navy Molder I was surprised that you kept the snap flask on the mold when you poured it. Once you make the mold, you're supposed to remove the flask and place a jacket on the mold for pouring. In addition, you didn't use mold clamps or mold weights to keep the cope and drag from separating when under hydraulic pressure.
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the Lying Scotsman
I don't know where amazing comes in ,looks like everyday casting to me.
I couldn't figure out the end product, just saw people pouring metal. (And there were way too many ads for Doritos. I don't like them, and I like them less after all these ads.)
walter gonzalez
Que pedo con los últimos, trabajando con chanclas :v
Виктор Николаев
В хавальник путину это надо залить, может тогда нажраться!
Морская Пиписька
бедолаги индусы..ни респираоров ,ни ботинок ни жаростойкой одежды..нуфуя((((
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I love this
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