Bleeding Through - Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire

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Band: Bleeding ThroughSong: Love Lost In A Hail Of GunfireAlbum: This Is Love, This Is MurderousYear: 2003

I remember when this came out in highschool. Took gayness to a whole new level. Just as gay today.
Alexa Blake
I love this song!!!! Reminds me of high school
Alexandra H.
Dude, Have people forgotten about badass bands? Goddamn dubstep. 
Amanda Muniz
10 years later and I still can't get enough of this one.
love this song and the intro from the boondock saints!!!!
Beezow Doo Doo Zoppitybop Bop Bop
Mushroomhead/Atreyu/Every Swedish metal band
Billy Nomad
I Saw Bleeding Through Live 14 Years Ago.....\nFucking Awesome Concert.\nAbsolutely Beautiful Song.\nA Love Lost in Time
Bob Dabilda
Sudden involuntary headbanging. Want to knock everything off desk... in a good way.
Brandon Castaneda
Holy shit, this song has aged pretty well.
Brett Y.
man...sophomore year. : )
Oh, early 2000s...
Caio Spectro
Fire fight!
Chris Lorenzana
Bleeding through was my band in high school
Chris Mincemoyer
It sucks there retiring such an amazing group this was on the soundtrack of my high school years
Christof S
dat synth doe
Courtney Kreag
Crono Rox
2004 brought me here
I quoted the BoonSaints intro today and it made me think of this. Used to be my alarm clock to get me up in high school xD
Who's listening in 2018? Miss this album.
Deftones fan
The Waco Texas biker shootout made me think of this song.
Deth Fukk
I just listen to the boondock saints sampling then restart over and over 
Domina Nemo
Man. This really really captures 16 year-old me.. Mixed-feeling nostalgia!
Doods Duivel
love the quote from boondock saints at the start :D
Doug O'sullivan
you can't not listen to certain songs because someone screwed in the head got inspiration to do bad because of it. if thats the case we should outlaw dogs to cause the son of sam killer was told to by his dog
Show me your true FAAAACCEEE. Classic.
96kbps or what is this crap`?
One song on a short list of Metalcore songs I actually like. I don't even like the rest of this album that much.
Erebos Mikaboshi
Chris motionless brought me hear
Eric Sprecher
*sighs* good ole days
Eric labar
High school music here.and I'm 27 now.never gets old
GAby Sanchez
Still one of my all time fave songs\n
Gaby Russ
My very first show was AFI/Bleeding Through in the fall of 2003. I'll never forget it.
Garry K
2018 ?
Greg Mitchell
This band was awful, but the name of this song is the best name for a song ever.
Almost 2019 still brings back a lot of good memories.
James Enkey
A great song about daylight savings
Jeanette Garza
doesn't this song just get your juices flowing lmao
John Miller
Joshua Batista
This song inspired a serial killer.... Michael Hernandez
nostalgia man..
Still listening after all these years. 2018.
Kasey Rice
This song, along with may others from this album I dedicate to my ex boyfriend. lol
Kelly Mcgrath
man 2nd generation metalcore was peak of core got the sound down compared to the 90s experimental days over bands like overcast and converge... and are talented compared to now a days over flocked emo scene with no guitar parts cept the occasional riff and breakdowns.......
Lacie Monroe
One of my all time favs! Can never get enough of this one!! ^-^
Lalo Castano
Boondock Saints :D
This band is not as terrible as I remembered it.
Marc Milhomme
1 person obviously is deaf.
Meghan Elliott
Meghan Palmer
I. Can't believe I missed their last concert
Mike B
My heart belongs to you.
Mike Elbow
imagine how sick it woulda been if this song was in the movie during the mob revenge scene as mention... 2:50 toilet hits head.
Mos Burger
whole album is a masterpiece
Rofl, right, I can relate.
Nov 23rd Albuqueruqe NM for me, Winds of Plague and BLeeding Though. Gonna need a body bag by the end of the night.
Naldo Mora
Best song ever
Nathalie Elesia
I saw Bleeding Through they supported, Machine Head in Devon Plymouth it was phreaking epic.👌😘
Nick Teves
I want to go back in time to high school just to experience this song and album for the first time again!
Not one person came here because of micheal Hernadez and his dad prison phone conversation?!? Weird
Deserves 20 million more likes...Still rocking hard to this in 2017!!!
OurLifeOnVideo SubScribe
Pedro Castaneda
Good old jr high times!
Princess Olmeca
This sounds more like melodeath than metalcore. Epic.
Rachel Harriman
It’s 2018 and I still can’t get enough of Bleeding Through
Rachel Honn
Such a badass band....
Raven Sikkness TV
Who else is here because of Chris Motionless? ❤ This is amazing!
Robert Horn
Still think this is the best metal album ever made!
Slaughter House Symphony
Boondock saints...
Squelch King
Instrumental are fire vocals... Straight garbage
Teddrick Lamarr
3:34 i love the sound of his voice there
The Don
the First Wave Of Metalcore, kickass
The Min0taur
Awesome album. Great lyrics. i miss my teenage days! #HighSchool
Tiffany Verrill
,not really a big fan The songs I have all screamo in it but this isn't that bad, and I found a BT merch shirt @ goodwill, idk why any1 would get rid of it soi bought it with my own money cuz my mom wouldn't
Tommy Stephens
I loved this version of this band back in the day. Not so much anymore.
Tony Samsenthai Xaychareun Xayagouman
Bleeding through or atreyu???? ~_♡ I like atreyu like hell too but I had to bleed through big bro atreyu =D hella PUSAO THOUGH OVER THERE =D SALL GOOD THOUGH ~_~
Tryan B
My mom kicked me out her house cause I blasted this song thinking she wasnt home... Thos were the days. lol
tite. been awhile. Soo good/
Zachary Patton
Gonna see them on the 11th during their farewell tour.. Cant wait
Zanny Pants
Fuck off
abraca dabba
metal used to be so much cooler back in these days. Before djent chugging became the dominant sound
When I first heard this song I left hip hop behind for a while. Shits beautiful
bucky smallpox
It sounds like Cradle of filth jerked off all over every generic chuggy lamecore band at once. Weak
love this band!! it's killer! been lovin' them since 2003 or 2004.
@bearsuit yeah i agree bro, fathers of metal-core for sure. bleeding through, the bled, unearth, and everytime i die, first 4 metalcore albums i owned, this one..pass the flask, oncoming storm and hot damn! :D
Awesome! :)
ime ramirez
Alguien más que este aquí por Chris.... Y que hable español :v
jesse miller
I grew up on this music all my life
my love songs
And my heart belongs to save me...
palming thebruise
Can't get enough of this.
I remember first hearing this when headbangers ball used to be good. Still to this day I love this song *devils horns*
ryan tashquinth
Haven't heard this jam in eight years. I still think it's genius.
Best intro ever!
welcome to the land of perfectly drawn eyebrows
Chris motionless brought me here lol