Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston's official music video for 'I Will Always Love You'. Click to listen to Whitney Houston on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:If I should stayI would only be in your waySo I'll go but I knowI'll thinkof you every step of the wayAnd I... will always love you, oohWill always love youYouMy darling, you...Mmm-mmBittersweet memories -That is all I'm taking with me.So good-bye.Please don't cry:We both know I'm not what you, you needAnd I... will always love youI... will always love youYou, ooh

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I miss her so much❤️❤️
12445 yam
2018......Heck no!i will be watching this forever
*2018?* 😭💔
Abdelhamid Berrahma
A song for all eternity ! Rest in Peace, Whitney. Houston's talent is untouchable.
Abdulloh Abdumajidov
When your cookie breaks in the milk and sinks 'And i will always love you...'
Adrian :]
People:Who listens to this on 2018?\nMe: ...
Alex Chagas
alguem em novembro de 2018 ouvindo.
Anthony Shark
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Ashley love
Still one of the greatest song ever.
Bangpink worlds
November 2018?
Bath Bomb Queen Mostly Men’s Bath Bombs
It’s almost 2019 and she is still breath taking with her voice. This is ur true Diva Ladies and Gentlemen! Always and forever!!!! She could just harmonize anything beautifully!
Bianca Lourenço
Bloated and alone
anyone cry every time they hear this?
Bruno Duarte
Só quem e jovem mais ama demais
Bryan Dubthachian Zdinak
I just googled 'AND IIIIIIIIII'
Camila Vasconcelos
Quem está vendo em 2018 ? 🤗❤
Cat Bailey
I just realized that this was Dolly Parton's song first.
Cherish T
the way her voice just belts out omg it gives me chills..... truly one of a kind.... we miss you.
Christelle Gboue
Coco Chanez
November 2018 \u003c3
Dan Meng
Those 138k people who disliked don't know what they are doing.\nWhitney Houston is incredible.
Dat Meme
Diakhounogaye Mbaye
Who listen it in 2018
Your body is dead but your music lives on\nWe will never forget you and your perfect voice
Dre Shaw
I will always love you, Ms. Whitney Houston.
Edanur Özalp
2018 ?
Edo Sik
One of the best songs ever made !! Rip Witney Houston
Ejo Heza
Even at end of 2018
Emma Mikaelyan
This deserves 5 billion views, not Despacito.
Fare Raid
October 2018? we miss you Whitney !
Flora Francis
R.I.P Whitney Houston.\n\nBut can I ask when she's died?
Gabriel Garcia
Noviembre 2018??
I like how ttheres 3.5 million likes as well as 3.5 million subscribers
Geraldine Agathon
Gilberto Henrique
Em dois dias mais 4 milhões .\n709 milhões de views .
Grant Ding
When half of the people who hear this can't not cry or at least tear up.
Guitarreando con Santi
3:07 the best
Gülü Veliyeva
Hola dddcc
Like si vienes por los \
Holly 1992
She's singing with the angels now. Miss you Whitney!
Let us all remember it's a Dolly Parton song. Whitney had a voice but no talent for songwriting
Jerrie Walker
September 2018
Josh Budiao
When are we going to get actually good songs like this again? I’m thinking never.. this generation of music now never compares to what the 80’s and 90’s had ☹️
Juscelino Rufino
foi se as flores secou se as ervas mas os jardins ficam
Kevin Pardini
It's sad how she ruined her life the way she did. We may never see a singer like her again. Just phenomenal. What a shame.
Klára Farkas
Krystyna Amarowicz
Twój głos cudowny jest i pozostał 🍁🍁🍁
LEON1 lol
Like si heres latino
Larissa Martins
Crescii vendo meus paiis escutar essa musica e hoje tenho 16 anos e futuramente meus filhos também vão ouviir 👏👏 Que voz , meuus deuus me arrepioo dos pes a cabeça !! 👏
Laura Mendez
Musica que llega al corazon y hace derramar lagriimas...
Man Amongst Wolves
Imagine if god had crafted a set of vocals perfectly, you don't need to imagine, because he did with whitney
Marcos Adriano Chicatto
1992: \
Mary Pereira Pereira
Alguém portugues?? Nao entendo inglês não!
Mattia Basciâ
Novembre 2018
Michael Treash
i love this song so much
Narine Khachatryan
What a great person and singer - we will always love you.
Nina Deniz Dz
who's listenin' to it in 2018?? I love it! The idea of singin' in a theater is very nice...She sings and remember him...who's the director of the video..I like it! That's why the people like to see it again and again from the 90's..Bravo! Rest in peace Whitney💜
Nitit Chtyk
If I\nShould stay\nI would only be in your way\nSo I'll go\nBut I know\nI'll think of you every step of\nThe way\n\nAnd I...\nWill always\nLove you, oohh\nWill always\nLove you\nYou\n\n\nMy darling you\nMmm-mm\nBittersweet\nMemories\nThat is all I'm taking with me\nSo good-bye\nPlease don't cry\nWe both know I'm not what you\nYou need\n\nAnd I...\nWill always love you\nI...\nWill always love you\nYou, ooh\n\nI hope\nLife treats you kind\nAnd I hope\nYou have all you've dreamed of\nAnd I wish you joy\nAnd happiness\nBut above all this\nI wish you love\n\nAnd I...\nWill always love you\nI...\nWill always love you\n\nI, I will always love\nYou...\nYou\nDarling I love you\nI'll always\nI'll always\nLove\nYou...\nOooh\nOoohhh
Oh Im Godly !!!
Who here in 2018 Let me seee 🤟🏾
Pablo Romero
Whitney: If you had married me, all your things would have gone much better.
Patti Green
One of the greatest voices of our time. Lost to drugs and a bad boy who ruined her. Even now, November 14th, 2018, she is missed and loved.
*November* *2018*
Still love this song in 2018 ❤
I will always love you, Stan Lee
Sam Chao
*I will always love you*, she will always be loved. She's one of the best singers of all time.. *Rest In Peace* _Whitney Houston_ 
Scott Dickens USMC
Kevin Costner' said at Whitney's funeral she ask him am I good enough. He said yes Whitney' your good enough. Your great and now your home . Those words bring tears to your eyes. She was a Amazing human and God what a song. This song will last as a testament to her Beautiful voice and Amazing talent that no one could take . Your home now Whitney!!!!!!
Scotty Abdou
Finally 2,000,000 likes for this LEGEND!
Ski Mask The Pump God
Stephanie C h
Love you Whitney ♥\nI will always love you ....\nRest in Paradise
You know you have talent when you don't have to do much but sit in a rockin chair and still sell over 100 million worldwide. These poor girls nowadays have to get half naked just to sell 500,000
Typisch Sofia
Is so amazing 😱❤️
who 2018?
Valerie Gamble
I wish she was still in this world
Vera Taha Al Hasan
2018...and still my best song ❤️
Victor Astorga
Me gusta esta cancion
Wendy Pham
Love this song
___ Yptdis
We in every moment listen you
amontai wilkins
andres avila
la verdad es que la rompió con esa canción whitney
ann' à peu près
Rip witney Houston😢😢😢😭😭😭I will always love you 😢😢😢fr: je t'aimerais toujours
avia nieves
Whitney Houston u will always be remember
November 2018? I know I'm not the Only one guys
doina pana
Such a great voice and such a pretty woman! Sad she is not anymore with us to sing for us,to pray together,to suffer together...
الي جاي من عند تؤامم سعادتنا لايك😂😂😂
jinte vermeersch
17 november 2018 om 21:30💋
livinoes capi
This song would have been perfect for the movie Titanic
sanger Hamarashid
So match pain in this song . You are the queen of all the women in history beginning
thư niệm forever Luffy
Omg ••• very good 😍🥰😘🤩🥳😎
xXxEmily CamposxXx
3:10 That part is a meme now
Аскар Жуматов
Ноябрь 2018
Жанна Байсеитова
Это так божественно. Что замирает сердце
Мария Кирницкая
Светлана Иванова
Нет...кто бы не пел эту песню, перепеть Уитни невозможно 😍
ツ Edson Jara
1992 *_la mejor canción que he escuchado_*\n2018 *_la mejor canción que he escuchado_*\n3000 *_la mejor canción que he escuchado_*
2\n 0\n 1\n 8 \n ?