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3000 subs with no vids challenge
I hope know dome tu cosita roughly translates to show me your little thing in english
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Aahhh my eyes the sight of little kids doing that dance and dabbing is cringe inducing also the Siri voice is painful 😫😫😫😫😑
Dr. Bowser MD.
Is this what cancer looks like
Edoxn the jack
i love the suicide after this video
Eldritch Exploited
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Pior qoisa que já vi na minha vida quem concorda deicha o laike no comentário
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No Sound in 3:15
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Good thing the song in English is in at least
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En que drogas andaba el que hizo este video?? 😕
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The song is sexual cause you need to translate dame tu cosita from spanish and is give me your... (im from argentina)
desastre. uno deja viendo esto a tus niños que parece inofensivo, y ... desastre Todo es sexo para esta gente enferma..
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High quality garbage right here☝️
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Pj marks
No longer uploading videos, still active.
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These people obviously don't know what dame tu cosita means
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What The.... dame tu cosita \nInappropriate for children and the song in inglish is very inappropriate noooooooo!😱
This is headache inducing.
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When you fall in Minecraft 0:53
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colores para ninos
*Good job!!! Wow my baby!!!*
es enserio lo que dice la canción? se supone que es para niños, pues muy mal la canción :/
estefaniia borja colorado
Like si hablas en español yo me doy like xq si hablo
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Es muy bueno
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la cancion no es para niños es para adultos
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Don't speaker españish\nTrue? Not like, bad , si hablas español 😂