RISE - Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard | Finals | 2018 World Championship

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The Opening Ceremony performance of RISE at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship in Incheon, South Korea, presented by Mastercard. .

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The blonde guy is Tyler \
Abraham Xool
Alive in Fall
Nobody knows that the blonde guy is telle the singe of the worlf alive 😂
Arch Inc
*0:24** Heisenberg is you?*
Turn on auto subtitles and watch the show XD \n0:36
Now this is epi- oh wait this is league
I swear without Telle Smith's screaming (the blonde guy) the show would be bigger failure than season 7, 8 and 9 together.
Bhavneet Vashist
The blonde hair guy is The World Alive
*Autism attack* 1:59
BOBBY/white haired guy saved that performance, prove me wrong
Buruk Obuma
And i thought i couldnt sing
Celestial Entity
If I See One More Comment Saying That The Blonde Guy And Bobby Saved The Show
Chad Hodgson
IDOL of korea really energy!
Chika Toons
*Thanks to the Blonde Guy.*\n*And Bobby \u003c3*
Chryspaul Biron
The hero this song needs but does not deserve, *BLOND HAIR GUY*
Demise Senpai
Just 1 person makes the show horrible lol
Dian Sheng
Duarte Carvalho
Don't rework champs, rework this song.
Duck Die
The new language \
El Brushogun
The blonde guy saved riot from a humiliation
I actually liked the how drunk the dude sounded honestly
Elias Benchaoui
Bobby saved everythings, at the start mako voice was horrifying D:
Elinga LTU
Wielcom to te wiorld with nio heroes an villians, wielcome the the war weve only begun, pick up your weapon and fiace it, theres blood on the griound go and take iit, youve got onliy one shiot to make it out aliaive. no for real he sings like he has a really bad accent and a girl voice. :D
England Is My City
*omg thank you blond guy*\n\n\n\n*and Bobby*
Ernst Zwillinge
Anyone eyeing on the girl with a short hair the dancer?\nDo you guys know her name?
Gerardo Arenas
Nose porque critican tanto, ami me pareció genial la interpretación y estuvo para poner la piel de gallina.
This makes me miss World 2014 Open Ceremony\n*HEREEEEE WEEEE AREEE DONT TURN AWAYYY NOWWWWW*
for auto captions deep in your bones ----\u003e meatballs 0:35 LMAO
Iconic orly yt
the black haired guy always said rice not rise
Innofeed AMV
Wow I think the man with the brown hair is sick😂\nThe blond guy and Bobby saved it ^^
Insolation Gaming
The worst ioening ceremony that guy is drunk?
alguien mas le suena parecido la voz del cantante principal, con la del Youtuber \
Jamie McClymont
Turn on captions...
Jan Albert Catausan
The crease for the cockpit this is great? Guys turn up the caption on the video at 1:12
Jerico Lai Guevarra
Bobby is a legit good rapper
Jéhache & FowLy
Telle 1v9 honor him
Kaan Bilir
The blond guy just carried this concert
El de pelo blanco canta demasiado bien, el salvo todo
Kevin E.
1:27 the dude with the green guitar is feeling it
97% of the comments:How the first guy sang\n1% of the comments:How The blonde guy and Bobby saved it\n \n*Me:The cup is gonna so fall!*
_the real person we need to thank is the parents of _*_blonde hair guy_*
spongebob ?
Loli SHT
Bobby - raps better in live than in the actual music video\nTelle - sings same in live and in the music video\nMako - much worse in live than in the music video
3:02 Higher and higher you chase it!
Massimo Chen
In 1:15 put subtitles hahaha
Menna Darawshy
Everyone just calls him : the *blond hair* guy
the blond guy shouldve been the main singer
Mr Laa
dude i wish i can sing like the blonde guy doh i would never ever shut up EVAH!!!
Nabum Jme
Bobby ❤️❤️❤️always so energetic. I just love the way you are😘😘😘
Comedy Gold:\n0:10
Nikki J
Bobby and blonde guy saved this 😂 wtf with first dude, he was drunk or something?
No One
Y'all are saying Bobby is the one who saved the show... But the real savior is the green guitar guy.\nLike look at da moves!
Thanks Bobby for saving the performance
This is what happens when Riot is low on budget\n\nThey hire two good artists, then say \
Otario Viral
1:59 autisim atac
The blonde guy look like his about to pass out from screaming😂😂
1:30 they just turn of his microphone
Rato zoeiro 2003
Mano deu dor de barriga no cantor e colocaram o baterista na ora cantar. namoral parece cmg falando inglês que merda eles cantando
Razvan Trifu
Honestly... After couple of months... This is not as bad as I remember
Robert Chen
Splendid performance for all across the stage, but can we take a moment to appreciate the dancing the guitarist is doing at 1:26?
I like how it's just guys playing video games for money and fame\nBut they make it like their going to a 5 man war
Saki Inui
Okay honestly it wasn't that bad...
Santiago Campos
I dont like kpop yet I gotta admit bobby saved this
Sebastian roman
-Mako was drunk\n-Blonde Guy has an amazing voice \n-Bobby doesn't need Autotune\n-League of Legends players got dissapointed first time listening this.
am i the only one who didn't mind and actually quite liked that kind of off singing by the main singer?
Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød
Blonde guy: Telle Smith.
Sondra Menthers
Korean rapper is hot everyone else meh
Sowhat Hsu
Fireworks saved the show lol.
For Everyone wondering why Telle (the blond guy) didnt sing the entire song, im pretty sure he had to save his voice for those insane screams. He is a great Vocalist, he sounded just as great here as he was on the actuall track, Also. Bobby sounded so much better live than he did on the track!? Anyone else?! And about mako, i feel bad for him but im disappointed.
The Diamond King
Who's the guy who sounds like he has something up his nose?
The Glitch Mob
Thank you for an unforgettable day. Honored to have been a part of the Rise crew ⚔️
I didn't know singers were allowed to be on stage while drunk
2:57 Ezreal ultimate scream !
I don't think Mako would have a bad voice, I actually like it, it's just that his voice differs from the studio version a lot. However, it is true that The World Alive and Bobby carried this one, their energy is just overflowing.
Thunder Of Fox
Que asquito me gusta la cancion y el video pero la de la S7 Me gusto mas pero el video no :v pero en directo se mamaron el año pasado y pues este...muy malo el cantante...
I really didn't know Bobby till now but I know one thing: He saved that all. X D
Valar Dohaeris
Music Video: WELCOME TO THE WILD NO HEROES AND VILLAINS\nLIVE: WielKam tu dE WEld nO hiRoys anD ViLions
Victor Oliveira
He will become known as the only guy who sang the opening song badly
Winggie xD
I dont like his voice but i like the song😂\n\nEdit: Thanks for the likes😆
Xen Senpai
At the intro i was so excited.. but when that guy started the verse, i was like \
YG's PinKon
If you're here for Bobby of iKON \n1:47\nAnd also for the blonde guy they both saved it
Zed Sheeran
Most underrated part:\n\nThe guy with a green guitar and his sick moves\n\nEdit:\nIt's at 1:27
creepy 27
Que decepccion el vocalista principal, claro como skt no participo pusieron esa mierda seguro, que decepccion riot xd
do not look at the chicken
Whatever you do dont use captions
dyoan daexplora
As expected to The KING OF THE YOUTH! IKON Bobby slays ! They should have bring IKON Junhoe though? I’m sorry I know the vocalist tried and give their best but We all know Junhoe would’ve given this song Justice! ✌🏻✌🏻
Telle saved this show. Gave it all! I'm so glad The Word Alive and Telle will get some more fame after this!\nI never played LOL, I'm here for TWA and not even 0,01% disappointed!\n2:40 is so sick, geez
Im sorry but the rapper and the blonde guy saved the show lol.
iKON fanboy
Well i'm here for bobby but seriously telle (the blonde guy) is amazing !
bobby is giving me a good feeling after mako's part... i got goosebumps hearing bobby perfoming there!
meine culting
2:25 best part of the song
It's a good thing Telle Smith was there, because I don't know what happened to poor Alex Seaver there.
rya ajrob
This song captures what LOL is all about. 4 teammates trying their best to win the game while 1 person trolls.
s _n
Blond hair guy is really going out at it
Bobby killed it! We are so proud of you😍!
Hi everyone, let’s just love live music and celebrate an amazing song and event. Sincerely, “the blonde guy” 🤘🏼
vincent leopoldo
rice is my favorite food....😂😂😂😂
This opening... WTF
Good voice \nPlay it again and again
blonde guy sacrificing his voice to save the show \u003c3