Michael Jackson Billie Jean Live 1997 Munich

Mj billie Jean live 1997 Munich


nadie con mamadas de estar con su pinche celular \nEso sí era disfrutar un hermoso show
Abhi Johal
2019 anyone?
Abid Mehmood
Word No.1 is made for M.J...Even after his death he is No.1 in earnings....Miss u
Abu Haruna
I love Michael Jackson's music... But the only problem i had with him is for him not appreciate how God created him but rather goes ahead to transformed himself himself.
Afey Killey Suy
I Love very much this song n dance...♡😍\nWe Love U Michael Jackson...King Of Pop...
Al Badru
King Of Pop forever
Alfons Schuhbeck
why bother with a microphone when it's playback? :/
Amir Ithink
2019 good
Amy B_
the energy when he started dancing man, absolutely unbelievable
Anoop Prasad
Who is watching now😎
Axmedova Konul
Balu Mahendra
Love you jakson he is dance of god
Betty Cruz
Único x siempre !
Blank Blank
We need more words to describe his dancing
Braden Douglas
Michael Jackson will always be king of pop
Captain TimeBomb
The is the suckiest comment section I’ve ever seen in my life
Christina Pulcher
💕💋💕 like 2019 👍
Elly Yuliana Yuliana
we love and miss you michael...
Evandro Santana
King Michael Jackson\n\n2019? 👏
Francisco Nailton
1996 ou 2019?
Gamo Mortel VLOGS
king of dance
Greatest Turk
Michael Jackson is the God of Entertainment.
Gregor Collins
I don't see how anyone can make a case that there was ever a greater musical talent and performer to grace a stage.
Michael Jackson will never be forgotten KING OF POP
Heavenly Sari Grey
Watching every single day ❤️❤️❤️ may 2017. Miss you so much mj LONG LIVE THE KING 👑👑👑
Helen Ong
Perfecto! Iciban MICHAEL JACKSON. Subarashi performanto! \nKing of Pop ,the only artist who can perform sing dance so well and keep ur eye stuck in awe! 8.25mins His solo Moonwalker...the best of the best in our generation! RIP AND will always be in our hearts for Ur contribution to music for 30 over years!
IanGaming RLM
I hope Billie jean 2018!😢
Michael Jackson was a troubled soul and certainly had his head problems, but what an amazing entertainer. He was a grand master of the performance arts and built a career on his own talent. In this video he's got a crowd of several thousand young German fans in a frenzy and he's the only one on stage! The musicians behind him are in the shadows, barely visible, and all eyes are on Michael Jackson. No other performer exhibited the same precise level of control over what his body was doing and his dance moves were nothing short of amazing. He had a stage presence that was unequaled in his day and a fan base that spread across the globe, and for good reason---there was simply no one else quite like him anywhere!
Jagadesh Balu
Moonwalk... I'm died man. Love you jackson
Jhon Jairo Giraldo Cardona
2019 january ???
John C
2019 jamas me aburrirá.
Jonathan Macias
2018 Christmas Eve. Who’s watching.
I love You \u003c3 Thank you for coms ! :D
Jumpy Cat
The ending blew me away!💥\n*✨A m a z i n g✨*
Justine Rei Salazar
January 2019?.though he pass through, his essence is still here
Can't forget forever 👻😍😍👻👻😍😍👻👻😍😍👻👻😍😍🌷🌷🌻🌼🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻👉🕴🕴✌👍👌👏👏👏👌✌✌
Kavitha G. Arumugam
Still listening👌🏼
Kayque Drumond
Ele é o maior que já Existiu!
Kerem Cesur
Micheal is the limit of music. He is top and no one can close him. I miss you King
Khurram Kazim
2019 ??
Kubin MJ15
2019 allways in heart
Labrinth Tan
Lukas G
December 2018 🎵❤\nKing 👑
Lula Montgomery
I Love you 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍
Luther James
Why Micheal?
Always in my Heart!!Rest in Peace!!!
That hat might worth it for a million dollars now
Marty Emmons
Whenever I need to watch the absolute best performance; Michael Jackson's Billy Jean, is still top of the list! And yes, it's 2019!
Maxim Jeonge
*King OF Pop*
Mega Indah
Nice song,\n2019?????????
Moonwalker__ KV
Mind blowing!!!
Muzammil Ahmed
Any one in 2019
Natalya Markova
Great artist
Nelly Salazar
!! Gracias Michael Jackson por dejarnos este maravilloso Legado de música, canto y bailé..\nSiempre seras un Rey un Rey de Reyes Michael Jackson\nMi Angelito hermoso..\nMi Dios del pop Michael Jackson.. Nadie como tu bebé Lindo..\n❤️❤️❤️Así dejastes mi corazón cuando te fuistes a tu cielo azul.. Ahora estar con Leydi Diana!! Juntos..\nDios lo tenga en su gloria!!!
Paola Canales
2019...no me cansó de verlo
Prithvi Sundar
So this was the real shit back then
Rafael Silva
2019 alguém ? Só Quem é fã vai dar Like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Raines Pan
2019, Who else?
Ramito AZUL
2019???? \nLike!!!
Rasec Zaid
Rhysand's High Lady
This is my favorite Billie Jean performance
Robert Robinson
Michael Jackson wasn’t just an artist he was a superstar
Rogério Bin
Sajad Hussain
I love his all steps.....☺☺☺☺
Shaik Shabbeer
Super. 😇🙏👼
Shane Thompson
Without question, the greatest of all time.
Steeve Corasmin
Sundari Devasagayam
2019 anyone?
Sunil Murmu
I love maickeal
The Whitex
Tj_ Does_Everything
2017 in love and memory Michael Jackson 😘😘😢😢
Trapti Maravi
The best singer in world
True Moonwalker
2019 🔥🔥🔥
Van Mai
He died but his name, his talent never dies. I miss you and love you Michael.
2018, Christmas Day------------doesn't feel at all, like the day I grew up to, no----------not even close. --------------------Wolfsky9, 72 y/o
Zade More
Who else wishes they were at every one of his concerts :(
Ziam shehzad
I watched the whole thing just to watch him moonwalk like if you did to! :D
abuu saami hassan muude
If you are fans of Michael Jackson and watch this video 2019 like 👍
anand krishna
he is not king of pop.. he is God of pop.... No one can do better till now.. in pop style.. A hard core die hard fan from INDIA.. Proud to be fan of MJ THE KING OF POP...!
bringing smiles to people
Michael: *takes a glove out from a suitcase*\nAudience:*awwwwwww*
fudo halilovic
Better then beat it
iris tuah
Easy\nNormal\nHard\nSemi pro\nPro\nWorld class\nMicheal jackson
jack Daniel
jennifer Mj
December 2018 ? ❤️💍\nMichael Jackson the Best the king of pop❤️💍💍💎💘
jimm bou
The only time I heard a guy say \
joel diaz
Is he really singing here or is it a voice over? Sounds like a voice over.
johanrazor 10
2018 ? King of music 👑
laxman thakur
MJ my brother
mohamed sendege
2019 of course never cant stop watching world's greatest entertainer
priya riya
We are miss you sir😘
ritesh mallik
Dictionary will have to come up with better words than incredible to define the talent of this guy..
wesley el crack Charles
Дима Чалов
Самая из самых песен Джекона!
Кристина Громова
Майкл Джексон супер :-*
Майкл, как жаль, что ты так рано ушёл из жизни. Мы всё выросли на твоих песнях, столько хороших воспоминания. Такого как ты никогда не было и не будет в этой жизни. Как так вообще получилось. Ты у нас в сердцах.
† Wreck
anyone watching in 2016/2017/2018 and misses him?