Michael Jackson Billie Jean Live 1997 Munich

Mj billie Jean live 1997 Munich


Abhiman Ganguly
Evergreen MJ
Abrao ABs
Michael com back for us we love you
Afey Killey Suy
I Love very much this song n dance...♡😍\nWe Love U Michael Jackson...King Of Pop...
Alexander Pinekenstein
WTF Was that move at 6:50 Holy shit i know the moonwalk but he combinated it with Something dayum hes awesome !!!
Ana Lívia Amado Tomazini
O love you Michael Jackson
Anderson Dony Isique Medina
Michael no era inigualable ni por lo demas porque se hizo white si black era simpatico
Anibal Vargas
Michael Jackson the best of all time
Ari Avrian
Ashim das
Michael Jackson is God of Music & God of Humanity & God of all
Basha Basha
I am a otv fan of mj
Bernadette Elliott
There will never be another entertainer like him. Miss him so much. R.I.P.
Blaze 25
Who watch the whole thing just to see him do the moonwalk
Braden Douglas
Michael Jackson will always be king of pop
Anyone watching this in 2017?
Charlex Daligcon
I love you from November 2018
Christophe Martinez
Dude you know there was some fighting over that hat!...
Claudio Silva
Michael Jackson, The KING OF POP. Forever and ever! GOD bless you Michael! Gone, but never forgotten!
To me the greatest singer this earth has ever welcomed, no wonder he is black , for sure God's gifted nation !
Dalen Prins-Meintjies
Michael's songs was the best. therefore there's no song of his that should be under rated. give a like if you wish he was still alive. ☺😔
Daniel Turner
I grew up with you Michael ..its like I lost a friend. My favorite all time song is 'Ben'.
Devil may cry DMC
One and only king of pop Michael Jackson
Dr Khalid
he is a legend
Elvira Nurueva
Evgeniy Blagorazumov
I Love You Michael Jackson at All Times !!! 😢💖💖💖❤❤❤🌷🌷
Feroz Tughlaq
King of Pop... untouchable....will remain untouched for eons to come
Gilbert Anti
Gord Conqueror
Michael Jackson is demon
Greatest Turk
Michael Jackson is the God of Entertainment.
Gregor Collins
I don't see how anyone can make a case that there was ever a greater musical talent and performer to grace a stage.
Michael Jackson will never be forgotten KING OF POP
Hussein Ahmed
Who is watching november 2018 ♥️🤙
HỒ Mai
Ian Williams
The closest we’ll ever get to god on a stage
Jango Fett
2:45 Artists unhinge the mic from the stand to proceed walking around, not Micheal Jackson!\n\nEveryone of his movements is art, it’s amazing!
Jole Lariccia
Joshua Schmidt
In 1000 years is Michael Jackson Never forgotten 🎩\n\nSorry for my Bad english im 13 😂
I love You \u003c3 Thank you for coms ! :D
Ka Pj Balbakwe
Kyle Daniel Jones
Billie Jean (Intro) - 0:00\nBillie Jean - 2:07\nBillie Jean (Dance Outro) - 8:20
Luke Bell
He always had that legendary swagger that made every guy jealous
M'gann M'orzz
There will be nobody like him ever again...
Ma Lo
8th November 2018
Manoj 123
Love you Michael Jackson\n😢😢😢😢
Marli Dantas
Só deixou saudade ❤❤😔😔
Mermaid Sparkles
i miss him sooooooo much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Michael jackson
30.10.2018 i miss Michael jackson 😢😢😢😢
Mizanur Rahman
people I wanna ask you a question\nwho is the best of alltime\n1.Chester Bennington \n2 .Michael Jackson
Montse Muñoz
MARAVILLA. Este álbum de thriller es el más vendido del mundo , , dejó ha Elvis PRESLEY el segundo en el LIBRO DE GIMNES EN 1986 CREO , SÓLO CON TRILLER ,IMPRESIONANTE , LOS ARTISTAS NACEN NO SE HACEN , ASÍ ES , 👍🏼🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋descanse en paz 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
Moonlight Sonata
The best dancer in the world 😀😊😉
Nel Gas
We Lve you MJ👍❤️😀\nWe will Missed you verymuch..May Rest in ✌️ Peace
Nevi Febri
How perfect he was as a entertainer. 😍😍😍. Nobody will be able to replace him. Miss you much Michael. I love you 💓💓💓. R.I.P King of Pop.
Productions CEO
Only ONE Michael Jackson in the universe! Missing you body!
Retro Slotter
Robert Robinson
Michael Jackson wasn’t just an artist he was a superstar
Rotimi Akinyanju
He sounds amazing live
Samuel Nolasco
Mito, Mito, Mito, nunca terá outro igual ( Assistindo em 2018)
Scorpion King
Biggest star and performer on earth!!!
Ser bew valiente
Shoiab Khan
no copy of him and it can't be
Starr Company
Come on you guys this was earned since he was a little boy!That's why it's so amazing!This man sits next to John F Kennedy Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln
Steven Diaz
best ever in this ur world will always be remember as the lking
Suzy Gialla
How can anyone be so awesone?
Svetlana Mudrova
Супер,продал ли он душу дьяволу-незнаю ,но его номера завораживают ,а ,,лунная походка\
Tamryn Van Der Merwe
The moonwalk is so cool I actually learned it by myself and now I can do it. I love you Michael rest in peace
Watching at 2022?
Thoughts For life
Watching here 2018
Tj_ Anime
2017 in love and memory Michael Jackson 😘😘😢😢
Vali Haiden
du hast dein zweiten handschuh vergessen bwo
Van Mai
He died but his name, his talent never dies. I miss you and love you Michael.
Vanya Supreme
It is a pity that I was only born in 1997 and could not see it with my own eyes
Wide World of Trains
Amazing talent
Zade More
Who else wishes they were at every one of his concerts :(
achraf lehbot
RIP😔😭💔💔💔😭😔\nI love u Micheal Jackson \n\n\n28/10/2018\nDoes any body here???
aditya Singh mj
Mj is best singer of all time 1958 -2222
amigo bullet
anand krishna
he is not king of pop.. he is God of pop.... No one can do better till now.. in pop style.. A hard core die hard fan from INDIA.. Proud to be fan of MJ THE KING OF POP...!
🐐 goat
cristiane perboni**
Forever Michael Jackson!!! I love you..
illiyyuh illiyyuh
Can't take it away from him, He was the greatest entertainer in the world and not has anyone matched him yet
iris tuah
Easy\nNormal\nHard\nSemi pro\nPro\nWorld class\nMicheal jackson
ismail ceray
jimm bou
The only time I heard a guy say \
joseph aroulapar
Michael Jackson is unique.
mahi Soni
Michael .........✌✌...... Forever
mark erwin
A true Artist 😎
michael Odoch
The one the only the incredible the legendary king of the pop r.i.p M.J
mr masti
The first and last king of pop...no one can touch him...he remains the best forever..
mundo da lavinia amo voces
peni koroi cavui
Well known at all races all over the world , got his first CD in Fiji 🇫🇯 when i was in high sch
prashanta sarkar
It will take more 100 year to get a copy of him...
protect your 2nd
The one and only!!! He was a genuine gift to the world.
ritesh mallik
Dictionary will have to come up with better words than incredible to define the talent of this guy..
shailesh DESHPANDE
The guy was cool but his diet was only medicines and I hate that
strauß Annett
sultana soltana
القبعة و القفاز
Серый Завьялов
Нахуя он менял лицо ? Он и так кумир моего детства!
Точикистони Ориёи
7 November 2018
احمد نبهان
اسطوره مايكل جاكسون 😭الله يرحمه
ภุชคินทร์ จินดามณีเจริญกุล
So good 😊😊😊😊
† Wreck
anyone watching in 2016/2017/2018 and misses him?