Swedish House Mafia - Dont You Worry Child ft. John Martin

OUT NOW! Click here to buy Video directed by Christian LarsonMusic video by Swedish House Mafia performing Don't You Worry Child (Live). (P) 2012 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd under exclusive licence from Swedish House Mafia Holdings Ltd (BVI)

(Live) Child Don't Electronic/Dance House Mafia Swedish UK Virgin Worry You child don't dont john martin pet... swedish house mafia worry you

are we.... 2019 good people happy new year
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99% of you won't read this but..\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHave a good day \u003c3
Abdul Aziz
game of throne JON SNOW , relateable
Advaitt Ashok
Happy new year for everyone....go have a new year resolution guys....ohh and like if you love the song....december2018
Agar. JP
This song never die
Akash maddy
2019 anyone?
Who’s here 2019?
Amukelani Makhubele
This was the song that was played while I was giving birth 🤰🏽😍😍😍 my son is 4 months old... I will love ❤️ this song forever 😘
Arina Khadri
Whos watching this in 2019 happy new year everybody ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bad Schuim
why is music like this gone?
Book Worm
*Swedish House Mafia are coming back*
Cavalo Pistoleiro
Chase The Sound
RIP Avicii, Thanks for everything, Legends never die ❤
2019 coño...
2019 ?\nStiil best EDM song !
Daniela Rodrigues
There was a time\nI used to look into my father's eyes.\nIn a happy home\nI was a king, I had a golden throne.\nThose days are gone,\nNow the memory's on the wall.\nI hear the songs\nFrom the places where I was born.\n\nUpon a hill across a blue lake,\nThat's where I had my first heartbreak.\nI still remember how it all changed.\n\nMy father said,\n\
Dave Seropian
who is still listening in 2019 \ntruly the best song ever so many memories
David Stuttgart
What? 2012? It felt like it was yesterday ffs
Dawid Lenaryk
Man... Avicii probably loved this song... Listening to this reminds me of him.
Dinatti Radio
Watching in 2019? Anyone?\nHappy new year for everyone!!! The best song ever!!! \u003c3 #DontYouWorryChild \u003c3
Een Gamer
I think all of us here can agree that this is the best stadium house song of all time.
Extraterrestrial Horse
I remember listening to this song while walking to school with my brother. Man, I miss those times ❤
*Even in 2019 this song brings back the amazing memories from years ago!*\n\r\nMay i ask you something by the way?\r\n\r\n\r\nI'm Fenetro and I'm a music producer from Holland. My dream is to make people happy with my music like Swedish House Mafia do, but that won't happen without your help. I was wondering if there are any people who want to give me some feedback on my songs. If you dont want to feel free to skip this comment, but it would be really amazing if you could help me out to accomplish my dream. Thanks for reading this anyway! :)\r\n\r\n// Fenetro
Flacko joyde
2019 Anyone?
Brasil 2019?
Galileu Galilei
I think i will NEVER get tired of this song, bring good memories
Essa música me trás uma Nostalgia Imensa da Tomorrowland de 2012 e essa música sempre estava nas rádios ♥️
Giovanni Cichelli
Greg G.
This song makes you just accept your getting old.
H - kamikaz
And today this lovely track completes 5 years of awesomeness. *5th* *Anniversary* *Old is Gold*
Hailey Spotten
Still motivated in 2019
January 2019.. who's watching and listening this song..?\n\n\n\n\nI love this song..
I once Loved a girl
Once upon a time i was happy
Alguém do Brasil? 🎶💥
Inspector L
Here after the best party I have ever had ❤️
2019!!!That's not fair can't I get like 👍
Its ok for men to cry
Jacob Firestone
This song will always make me cry. The lyrics completely summarize my broken relationship which I thought would become something great, but wasn't meant to last. Unironically, this song is so touching because I can relate to it in literally every aspect. I'm just so glad that it exists... Thank you, Swedish House Mafia. :,)
I wish I could turn back time to the good old days.
Jafet Rodriguez
Ya an pasado 6 años y sigue siendo épica
Jayanthi Benedict
2019 anyone listening to this song
Jeff Haber
Swedish Mafia House, one of their best song's. If your listening, hit the like button in 2019!
3 days to 2019 and we still jamming hard to this song, just pure raw talent!
John Mullen
One of the greatest songs of all time🔥🔥🔥
october 2058????
Lara Sis
Its like it was yesterday ! Songs like this take part of our lives reminding us of the beatiful old days when everything was so much better😐😭
Leo Messi Türkiye
Oh, 2012.....
2019? i don't think so.\nwhat about always? \u003c3
Lucas Moisés Argüello
En mi época esto se llama Música Electrónica ♥️ amo la electrónica ♥️
Lucas Rego
Mad Millita
2022 ??
Mat Salleh TV
I remember listening to this in 1992 on my walkman. Those times just seemed so much simpler. Interesting fact - Sebastian Ingrosso went on to become a priest, Axwell started a company called Amazon and Steve Angello now sings on cruise ships!
Maxim Dietz
When I first heard this song, I was in the 6th grade. It was the hardest time in my life so far - I was at a new school, constantly picked on, doing bad in all my classes. This song was my favorite, and it got me through that year. Now it's 7 years later, I'm 1 year away from graduating high school, I'm looking into going into medical school, and I'm about to move to a different country. Through everything I've been through in the past 7 years, I've kept listening to this song, and I always will. ❤️
Medina Bajramovic
Listening to this song gave me goosebumps cause of how good it is. The future generations will never beat the childhood we’ve had listening to these kinds of songs 😭😭❤️❤️
Mr Jumba Tv
2 \n 0\n 1\n 9 ?
Night Wolf
*I really miss 2012 man,i playing critical strike portable,minecraft,need for speed most wanted 2012 and need for speed the run on a rainy day.*
2019, come back shm
Oussama Azzem
Algeria did not get a plan for me can you help me to get a job?
Where you at 2018 GANG?!
Piano Impro
Playlist Mobile Oficial
Very good!😍👍
Pro Hack
Prosta Shurik
I remember the first time when I heard this song, it was wonderful. This song change my taste in music. I started to listen to Swedish house Mafia, KYGO, One republic. But this song made my childhood. I admired this song. In 2012 I realized how wonderful my life was. This song was playing everywhere until summer of 2015, and I am really glad that I heard this song. It’s been almost 7 years, and I know that I cannot being back that time when I was 10-11 and enjoyed life when I could. When everything was okay. But times changed. The past will stay in my heart. Songs, memories, thoughts. Everything will be in my heart. I love this song so much. I miss my 2012. Thank you for the best childhood Swedish House Mafia. Thank you for the best memories and for the best songs.❤️
Still one of the best songs.
I LOVE THIS SONG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Randy Latumahina
2019...still the best Song for Rave!!! 🕴
Rap King
2019???? Jan 01???
Raúl Losanuu
This song has changed my life. I listened to it a lot when i was so depressed and didnt want to still living. But this song and friends helped me so much.\n\nI will always remember SHM, and they were the best❤
Sawmar King
Saúl Serna
2019 and I still get goosebumps when I listen to this.
Sirlei Souza
January 2019?
Smart Park
I listened this song when it was year 2012 and about 7 years have passed, things happened, things got changed but still I'm sure people will gonna somehow find this track at the most time they feel frustrated and don't know what to do in their life as I did. The more I travel the more I meet people I see people I want to help cuz I want to help others like I got helped from this track. Hope the people I wished for the best understand and feel what I went through 6 years ago. may the year 2019 be your best meaningful year
Tharun Kumar
heaven's got a plan for everyone guys.. just believe in whatever faith u believe.. some believe in luck, some in god, some in universe, some in nature, some in their parents, some in their love. never ever try to commit suicide.. my dear frnd committed just because he couldn't handle the pressure.. he was encircled by the bubble of pressure around him but couldn't see the bright future after all the hardships.. HEAVEN's GOT A PLAN FOR YOU!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE HOPE WE COULD SEE THE REDUCTION IN THE SUICIDE RATE AROUND THE WORLD
November 2018? 🤔
Tsj Girl
This song reminds me of my grandma cause she Passed away 💧💧💧💧💧😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰
Türk Türk
2019 Turkish is here? \n🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷\n🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Um lek aleatorio #HUE2M
Walter Samuel
Damn this songs takes me back in time, nostalgic feelings whenever I hear this song!
Winner Increase
2019? anyone
amauri hernandes
31 de diciembre del 2018? Despidiendo el año :3
cesar ruiz diaz
Quién la escucha en 2019?
demonic law
stop coming on videos for likes on date comments and just enjoy the music
lore amezcua
mirian gabi Gamer
Meu pai me disse : não se preocupe. Não se preocupe criança , veja o céu ele tem plano para você. ...yeeah ...
no thank you
I used to sing this when I was like 8 when I found out that my mom had a miscarriage. I didn't really understand it but I knew that I had a brother or sister that passed. My mom was devastated and I would sing this in front of her...yeah... I remember that...
omg sksksksksk
I have a story to share. This is one of the most powerful memories that shaped me into the Christian I am today. Get yourself comfortable, this might get a little bit lengthy.\n\nI was alone in my room one evening, sitting on the floor with my back against the wall. I had my earbuds and my phone, and I had decided to listen to some music. I went on YouTube, and saw that this song was in my reccomend. So I clicked on it. I started listening to it. Best choice ever. \nI started thinking about who I was as a person, and how guilty I had felt of my sins and all the things I've done wrong in this life. I kinda just reflected on my life a little bit, and I started thinking about God. I wondered what He thought of me. I asked myself if I was good enough for Him. Then, the song came to the part that changed me. \nDon't you worry, don't you worry, child. See, Heaven's got a plan for you. \n\nThose are the words that changed me. It felt like they were the words of an Angel speaking to me, or even Jesus Christ Himself. I started crying. I felt so overwhelmed with the Lord's love and joy, and I kept thinking to myself, \
sandra cuaresma
Esta music no se por que pero cada vez k la escucho me eleva y me transporta a otro mundo simplemente me encanta !!
satoru kendai
2019 anyone ? i know i'm not alone
Are there any Black people, who like this kind of music??, I mean by the looks of the video there is not one black person to be seen. I know its a very large crowd, and the camera angle may not have covered any person of color, but what I want to know is that if there is any black person who feel confortable expressing that they like this kind of music?, I like this song very much, but I am Biracial and I kind of feel like I dont fit in with the others who are native to this type of music.
suhas sharma
30th December 2018 , anyone? 😍
İsgəndər Hüseynov
Possibly one of the best Electronic Music of all time.