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hi loves, in today's 14 and 15 week pregnancy update I share so much information on the past couple weeks! I go over why I've been spotting and bleeding, my symptoms, my sonogram results, diagnoses, 16 week obgyn appointment, share my favorite baby names and show my growing baby bump! xoxoCONNECT WITH ME!!Subscribe:

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Addy Canizal
Spicy food helps! I’m 10weeks 4days at first I was always constipated then I started eating spicy foods again (I used to eat so much spicy food till I was crying) even though I was having acid reflux but it made me go to the bathroom!!!
Alayna Son
I felt my first baby at 12 weeks. People said it was too early, but it was different from anything i had ever felt and it continued. I didn’t feel my second baby (current pregnancy) until 20 weeks because i have an anterior placenta. I’m now 27 weeks and she kicks like crazy daily!!
Allison DePutron
With my first pregnancy I spotted regularly from Weeks 6-22 and everything was fine. This 2nd pregnancy almost no spotting. I also felt movement this 2nd pregnancy towards the end of Week 12!
Alycia & The Rest
I looked bigger with my second as well and he was a pound bigger then my first son lol so be prepared baby # 2 could be a little bigger then cam ! Loved the baby names and I am so happy everything is okay ugh I want to be pregers again too but husband wants to wait a few more months 👎🏻😝
Amy Price
Hi my name is Amy I am my baby's due in August congratulations on your baby number 2 this is my baby number 2 x x
I'm 22 weeks almost 23 😊 I felt my first one move around 16 weeks and the second one I didn't feel until closer to 19 wks ..🤔
Angelica Riggs
The black top looks Amazing on you and it works great for the season💜. So sorry that you had a rough week last week and I'm so glad that you are having a better one this week!\n I Love the name Holden and Oliver!\nCutest baby bump💙
Anna JDali
Yes girl thats amazing news!!!❤❤so happy!Rest and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy💙💙💙💙
Breanne Muhammad
So glad to hear it's not placenta previa, that can be very scary to have. You definitely can feel the baby at 15wks your so tiny and they say you can feel the second 1 move sooner than the first. I felt my 3rd move at 14wks all the time. Glad everything is all good with you, I was worried
Brooke Avila
You look great, glad you’re feeling better. That shirt is a perfect holiday shirt! ✨🎄Holden is such a strong name!
Brooke Deen
Girl you're looking AWESOME!! I love your hair!! You can really see the lightened parts now!
Catelyn Gonzales
Liza, you can also try stool softeners to help with the constipation.
Cathy Castro
Congrats Liza hopefully everything goes well on ur rest of ur pregnancy I’m pregnant also I just turn 22 weeks yesterday and my due date is April 10, 2019
Christina Sullens
Glad everything is ok!! Def could of been baby movement that early. I felt my baby boy [2nd baby] at 16-17 weeks but it was like 1 time and not again until 18 weeks & that was laying flat & after something sugary.
I love the baby names this week. My daughter's middle name is Emerson, so I may be a little biased. \nOh, I'm a pale redhead, and I am not offended whatsoever by your comment. People need to lighten up. :-)
Cindy S
Veggies you have fiber plus water in the vegetable. Water as soon as you wake up and through out the day and before bed. 16 oz or more. Banana and apple sauce is good. Natural
Dina Curic
I am 19 weeks pregnant this is so exciting haha!
Donnelle Saunders
So happy for u liza... rest n stay strong...
Elizabeth Thom
I felt my son at 15 weeks! I will always remember that day 😍❤🙏 my doctor said because this is my second I can feel baby between 14-16 weeks
Em At Home
So glad everything is okay!! “Gardening” 💀😂
LIZA! I’m John Meehan’s daughter (Dirty John) and saw that you have been enjoying the new show on Bravo! I DM’d you on Instagram. I love you and your channel so much!
Emily Morgan
Hey girl! Glad everything is ok! What's that Christmas song at the end? I love it!
Erica Woods
Espi Jean Stiffler
💙👶💙👶\nIt seems to be going by so quickly this go round!! So glad to hear things are better with everything! Your tummy has officially popped girl! 😍🖤
Finally getting back to watching your videos! I unfortunately had a miscarriage a few weeks ago and it was so hard to watch, but I am feeling much better and so happy to see your healthy, growing bump! ❤️
Faith Walk
I felt my baby girl flutter and move at 10 weeks pregnant.
Felicia Bourque
So happy that you and baby boy are doing great. I'm so relieved that you don't have placenta previa. The tops you got are so cute
Giorgia Perotti
I’m so happy to hear everything is going well and that the bleeding is nothing to worry about! What a relief! I’m 24 weeks with my first and I have been so emotional this week! I wasn’t as emotional earlier I never realized how emotional I would get!!
Guntash P
That baby bump💖
Hani’s Hassan
I’m 28 weeks so I’m so excited 😆
Hannah Legrand
Fiber one brownies are great and gentle 👍🏻
Heidi Talley
That's really good news you don't have placenta previa..\nI was somewhat constipated/had a lil acid reflux with my son when I was pregnant..\nGlad everything is going really good 💯 with you...💖💖\nThose pregnancy tops are very cute.\nIk a few other YouTubers that have daughters named Emerson.\nYour bump is growing very good 💙
Holly jj
Happy everything is ok. Your bump is so cute. My bump at 16 looked liked yours. Holden is cute & Emerson.🎄🎄🎄💞💞💞
Idalyz Lopez
Im naming my baby boy Cassian. I’ve never met another baby boy with that name and its super cute!!!
Jessica Brewer
I bled throughout my entire second pregnancy & my son was born perfect, healthy, 8lbs 4oz. He is 6months old now & couldn't be anymore perfect. It's very scary, but sometimes this can happen unfortunately 😢
Jessica Finn
#1. What is the song at the end of the video?\n\n#2. Your bump is adorable.
Jessica Vick
i’m 17 weeks 1 days today, i take zofran for Hyperemesis & it constipates me so what i did was drink apple juice & eat mini wheats. The day after i started that immediately i got relief! so now i eat the cereal every day i can to help it!\nI’m also having my second son and my first son is 2 years old! My sons names are Douglas & Carter!
Jessika Martinez
Drink a Dr. Pepper it has prune juice in it helped me for my pregnancy when I got constipated.
Jo Deming
Glad to hear all is well. You look absolutely wonderful. One day at a time. I am so excited for you, awesome news. Love and prayers your way.
Jordan Troutt
Gardening 😂 glad the spotting isn't anything scary! I had spotting on and off till about 17 weeks. 33 weeks now and he's just fine 😊 so scary every time though!
Kaila Marie
I’m 25 weeks with my second baby and the first time I felt her move I was at my 12 week appointment. The tech had her wand pressed on my belly and I literally felt her roll against it. After that I kept feeling her sporadically until about 16-17 weeks. Now she moves constantly and there’s no mistaking it lol - All this to say, you probably did feel him! They say you can feel the second earlier than your first..
Kailey Williams
So glad everything is okay! Loved the baby names!
Kasey Nelson
I have always had difficult BMs (much worse now that I’m pregnant). I noticed immediately if I don’t drink enough water. I have to drink between 90 and 120oz a of water a day to function, and I take a mounded teaspoon of calm magnesium every night in about 6oz of water. It helps so much!!
Kathy's Life
Im glad you do not have placenta previa. But still take it easy. Also update us on what you decide to do and how you are feeling.
Mirilax is great! I do it every other day. The good thing about it, is it doesn’t stay in your system like other stool softeners. You may have taken too much, because it usually won’t have such an adverse effect. But once you figure out what dosage works best for you, it’s a godsend. 🙌🏻
Keely Miller
My sons name is Holden!
Kimberly Ann
I cant believe you're already showing so much! But I know that usually happens with a second baby. Lol I didnt show with mine until I was around 25 weeks. 😱 with my first baby.
Kimberly Cornacchio
My doc told me placenta previa can’t occur till after a certain week. I think after week 30.. that up till then it’s just considered low lying :) because it can easily move and correct itself till around your third tri and to not worry. I too had minor like a pea size blood after bm.. but at week 11 it was heavier and I went to er and they said low lying placenta but the bleeding could have been anything. I had a blood sac they saw at week 8. So I never found out what caused that last bleed. I’m 35 wks now with a little girl 👶🏻 pregnancy can be so nerve wracking with all the what if’s. Lol. But def worth it💜
Krista E Bayless
So glad everything is fine!!! Answered prayers !!!❤
Krista Staley
I'm so relieved and happy that everything is okay, Liza!! That is such great news! Much love \u003c3
Kristy Bishop
I had spotting on and off till 16 weeks then woke up covered in blood and passed a softball sized blood clot and i thought i miss carried but it was just a blood clot i had subchorionic hematoma make them check for that my son is perfectly healthy now but i was on bed rest for about a week afterwords and couldnt pick up my 7 month old till the hematoma was gone wich was hard.
Leanne Devenney
Hi Liza I love your videos ! I recently miscarried my 2nd baby this month at nearly 5 weeks I’m so happy for you my love... I’m hopeful we can conceive again ps is it safer or does it make a difference if ur polops is removed or not ? Interesting x
Life With Lizzet
That baby bump! 😍😍😍
Lisa Mom of 3
Nothing wrong with pale, I’m pale, rather be pale than an oompa loompa lol
Lissa Hamby
Awww you look so cute with that little belly!!! So thankful for good news about your pregnancy!! Love your channel so much!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lots Of Love
You are looking fabulous momma totally got that pregnancy glow.
Lucy Prior
I was due the same time as you but had my 3rd miscarriage at 9 weeks!
Mackenzie Mintzer
I'm not even pregnant but still love watching your pregnancy updates!
Mandi Gennuso
Where are you getting these names from ALL the names you have choosing I have NEVER heard of them before
Margaret England
We loved Emerson but knew too many and ended up with Emery 😉
Marlena Boule
A huge easy natural constipation relief that’s recommended for pregnancy is add a couple tablespoons of chia seed to your water or electrolyte beverage. I usually had water with a scoop of a natural electrolyte hydrate powder and chia seeds. Let us soak for a few minutes and enjoy. Totally looks weird ( reminds me of those orbitz beverages from way back when) , works like a charm and no weird flavours for those who are sensitive or picky :) hope you see this. So much 💕
Meissa Kronk
The bump looks great!!! So adorable! So glad you don't have previa! I had a polyp removed..wouldn't call it pleasant but it was like ...a big wasn't horrible! Can't wait to see your 20 week ultrasound those photos are always so cute
Melissa Moore
You look AMAZING here! You always look beautiful but this!! So glad you have answers! Love the bump 🤗
Melissa Thompson
So glad you and baby are okay! \nI’m 9 weeks and the constipation is real. I try to use miralax sparingly. \n\nI eat 5 dried apricots everyday and I take Colace and drink a ton of water. That’s helping me more. Think you should try that!
Morgan Bylund
Glass of wine in the morning- What I wish I could be having after having a difficult morning with my \
Mrs Kristen Linton
Congratulations. I'm glad everything is okay. I showed so quickly with my second pregnancy as well!
Natasha Witherspoon
I believe it was a polyp that I had as well very early in my pregnancy as well. Scared the crap out of me for a while too cus they didn't find out it was that till the second ultrasound when they decided to look again. I had a healthy pregnancy and baby and they told me it was common as well. PS ur so beautiful and I love watching ur videos and blogs
Nikki Pike
Yay so happy everything is good!!! “Gardening” 😂
Rachel Goins
I felt my older son kicking at 11 weeks and didn't believe I could already feel him moving. By 20 weeks, I knew it was him kicking and he still kicks like that today!! He has an insanely strong kick unfortunately for his younger brother! haha
Rebecca Cross
This is NOT a good video to watch while eating pomegranate seeds 😂😂😂 but Liza, I am SO happy that you figured out what was wrong. Praying for a healthy pregnancy for you.
Renae O'Hara
You look Beautiful and I love your hair and top. This pregnancy is going fast. Glad little one is ok
Scarlett Haney
So glad you don’t have to deal with placenta previa mama!!!! This is such great news 😍
Shortiee Cee
When I was pregnant with my son I had a low-lying placenta that was the worst part of my pregnancy my bleeding the first time I thought I was having a miscarriage because it was so much blood I had to go to the hospital 3 times the second time I had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks because it made me go into labor and I was only 7 months pregnant I was in labor for a whole day and a half so they kept me for 2 weeks to monitor me and my son by the 3 time they gave me a c-section because it was making my sons heart rate drop
Sofia Gora
I’m still bleeding/spotting and so over it! My doctor and midwives have no idea why still 😭😭😭
Stephanie Dominguez
Chewable Papaya Enzymes tablets worked best for me and are natural. That’s what my OB suggested.
Stephanie Rangel
I had bleeding/spotting with my daughter at 13wks but I’m RH- so I had to get a Rhogam shot for my bleeding. Glad everything is ok! I’m also do in May next year!
Stephanie Vanzoeren
Hi Liza! So happy for you that everything is ok.❤ \
Stevie Leonard
Such a cute bump and I'm so happy that everything's ok girl!
Susan Murphy
A nurse I worked with she gave me warm up prune juice. I worked in a nursing home.
Susan Sack
Happy to hear your doing better! Thanks for sharing!
The Aufiero Fam
Drink prune juice! Great natural alternative! Currently pregnant and it helps me!! Good luck girly😘
Glad to hear everything is okay and that you are doing okay. Your bump is so cute🤗
Tiana D
Idk why people are making comments about how you don’t like being pale.. I think people who are pale just get offended but they don’t understand it’s just how YOU feel your best. I get you girl 👌🏻 so so happy everything is going well!! I love following your pregnancy journey! 💗
Trish Patterson
My daughter almost named her baby girl Emerson but she ended up naming her Emory. Emerson is a super popular name right now and she wanted something a little more unique.
Your makeup is ALWAYS on point you are glowing mama 💙💙I love your baby belly , glad you are ok I also had a spotting scare with my little man on the way as well
Val Spatorico
I am relieved for you! You must be so happy to know there is no previa❤
what's wrong with being pale?
Being pale is awful ?
Wai Sim Lee
Try prune juice, it helps to cure constipation
Yesi Matos
I love the name Emerson but there is another youtuber who named their daughter Emerson and they have another daughter named charlie but the youtuber is Carissa Nunez super cute family.
Zenda Browné
So happy to hear that you and the baby are doing well Liza. You’re so beautiful ❤️💙
Thank goodness everything is ok!! I’m 20 weeks and feel huge- my bump grew faster this 2nd time around, too.
Why sooooo many ads on this video? They’re literally every couple minutes..........
c m
I took miralax once and it felt like i self induced the stomach flu. Now i use calm, works great!
Are you going to exclusively pump with this baby like you did with cam??
drink prune or plum juice for constipation!
I was super constipated when I was preggo and had the BIGGEST craving for bbq baked beans. I think my body was craving what it needed cos after I indulged in my beans (had them AT LEAST once a day lol)I was able to go to the bathroom easily and it helped SO much. If you like beans or anything like that, try and eat them with a meal and/or as a snack for a few days and see if it helps you like it did for me!
mama of_3
Um I’m pale and there’s nothing wrong with that....better than looking overly tan and orange 😂 🍊
nouveline moore
Good morning everybody