Khalid - OTW ft. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign (Official Music Video)

Khalid feat. Ty Dolla $ign & 6LACK - OTW (Official Music Video) Out Now!

Khalid OTW Khalid feat. Ty Dolla $ign & 6LACK LLC/RCA Records OTW R&B Right Hand Music Group

6ix9ine is a skittles commercial confirmed by nasa
Abhilash Nair
2:51 6lack's verse. You're welcome.
Adnan A
How are all of Khalid’s songs so good?!
Adriel San Juan
imagine Post Malone in this song with this squad.
Akakish What,I,Think
Those matching Jackets make them look like a band in the 90s ..😂🤣#NotADiss
Alicia Grether
that beat ty dolla sign really was fire 1:49
Alicia Sala
That guy at 0:55 Eating cereal on the side. Eating all day.
Amy N
I mean the production of this song and video is just insane 😍
Anj B
Chill vibe, these days we need these type of smooth modern rnb joints, this is what's been missing from today's music scene!
Annie Hyatt
I think I’m obsess with this song , I literally listen to it every single day . It puts me in a good mood and I can’t even explain how and why 😩
Aztec Drag
This melody is beautiful
How many people has watched more than once?
This song makes wanna buy my first car....
BTS and G I-DLE snatched my wig
This song is addictive
Barbara Szucs
Kedvenc...zenem teso😍😍😍💞💞💞🎉🎉🎉😄😄😄
Brock Frantz
Here in arkansas listen to this video who still goin to listen to this in 2019
C Nelly
6lack is so fire 🔥🔥
Khalid! I love you!
Cierra Bankston
1st time hearing this and now I can’t stop listening I know my neighbors are like bihhhhhhhh 😂😂💯🤞🏼❤️
Does everyone else listen to this song every day since it's out?
Cloutius Boutius
6lack has the best part hands down
Corsair Vibe
tbh 6LACK fine af (no homo)
Crissy Kesses
I love this song Khalid it’s cute and did y’all see his dougie he was getting it💋💋💋🧡🧡💓
Debashish Barik
Khalid buddy I'm watching you since past 1.5 year. Your work improving day by day. Keep it up bro. You'll soon rule the pop.
Dope Gang Galsen TV
6LACK You're The Best😣💕💕💕
Doris larkins
Dyantre' Mosley
Oct 2018 anyone
EverybodyIn ChicagoCubs2018
the 90s that reminds of the time I was Born 😢😢😭😭
FAST Food Pit Stops
So many babies born cuz of dis song 🔥🔥🔥
Gabriel Borges
Ty dolla $ign 🔨👍🍁🔥
Gaming OnTheMoney
Tell me that Khalid looks alot like Jaylen Brown
God’s Plan
u said before me you aint never been this happy #FACTS
Imani Bosworth
To all the ppl that said he'd only be a one hit wonder 😂
FAV SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this song
it's pronounced black.
Jetz Playz
Friend: Dude I've been waiting for hours, Where are u?\n\nMe: I'll be on the way\n\n😂😂🤣🤣😂
Jim Jime
Second copy of the weekend
Jordan Long
Am I the only one who thinks 6lack sounds like maroon 5?
Jose Heredia
Baby making music right here 👶🏿
6LACK’s part tho🖤
Kelly Danté - Music & Visuals
Here before 50 views! Ty$ is everywhere this summer & I'm here for it 🙌
Kermit Le
Girl: Hey wanna go over to my house.\nBoy: I'm busy playing Fortnite.\nGirl: My parents are on vacation---\nBoy: OTW
Klice Amega
Who is still watching this in November 2018🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
3:03 best part
Laura Santana
I just love Khalid voice
LilBaby Shae
this music is appreciated these days ❣️
Lizzy Liz
LYRICS!\n\n\nNa, na, na, na, ooh\nOh, no, oh, ayy\n\nPut it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way\nI'll be on the way\nYou can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day\nI'll be a-all day\nPut it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way\nI'll be on the way\nYou can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day\nI'll be a-all day\n\nYeah, yeah, yeah\nThis the type of shit that you been waiting all year for\nBack in town for a minute, if you with it (yeah)\nGot a lot of time, I just need somewhere to spend it\nI just press a button and the top go missing\nI kept the slip so you know it's not rented, yeah, oh, oh\nWhat you wanna do?\nWorried 'bout your friends, they saw you this afternoon\nI been reading your mind\nNo fair, but you gotta let me know\nI'm all ears and I got a lot of room in my whip\nIf you wanna take it there, I'm on my way\n\nPut it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way\nI'll be on the way\nYou can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day\nI'll be a-all day\nPut it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way\nI'll be on the way\nYou can meet me in five, I'll be online, I'll be a-all day\nI'll be a-all day\n\nDrop top the Porsche, put that bitch in sport\nOut here in the field, oh yeah (yeah)\nI'm already here, yeah\nCome outside, looking like a snack\nHurry up, get in, hell yeah (yeah)\nCome with me on this mission\nRiding down the coast (ooh yeah)\nI want that for sure (ooh yeah)\nYou say, \
Luyolo Fihlani
Who loves 6lack verse ?
Lyrical Myracle
They really just need to drop a album with the thumbnail as the cover.. \
song makes we wanna get in my car and just drive....
6LACK murdered this song oh dear lord🔥
Melanie Rose
Khalid’s voice is like floating on a glassy lake in fall while eating angel food cake with strawberries.
Michelle Sutton
The little claps they’re doing are so freaking cute lmao
Mike Jones
This the song u hit u play on the high way
Miss Savage
I just can’t get enough of this song and his voice 😍😍😍
MoneyMakingBarbie Bih
Love all 3. Like if you agree 💋❤️😍
Mukiibi Musa Skhu
Who still plays everyday like me
Nathan Blake
2:52 that guy \
Nima Nwozo
This song is so catchy. This trio needs to make more songs together🔥
Paula R
This song gives me early 90’s vibes and i love it ❤️
Pretti Hinted
Lubbbbbb this song... they looking like a new age Immature group , I luv 6lack❤️❤️😍😍😍😜😜🙈🙈🍫🍫 #respect
Queen Anthonett
When popular kids invite me to a party\n\n\n\n😂😂😂😒😒
Radio Killed Music
Wow what a great group of artists!
Rhea Gupta
Khalid is soooo cuttte 😍😍😍 6lack sexy voice and I'm here for it \u003c3
Roy Roy
6lack sounds like adam levine from maroon 5
Rylee Cagan
3:03 the way Khalid clapped right on time is iconic😂
Samantha Adhiambo
I hope this song is seen on grownish sn2😭♥
Samantha Spiry
Who else can’t get enough of this song ?
Sarah Stellmach
gosh 6lack's part is pure heaven
I love Khailds voice its so authentic and different
Sonja Tay
They ALL murdered this it was amazing 😍😍
Stevie Skotti
Ty Dollar $ign's songwriting abilities are out of this world...Gifted 🙌🙏💙
Summer Borchers
oooo damn 6lack is tooooooo underrated. people are not seeing this art work enough
Who loves Khalid ? ❤️🙋♂
Takia Easter
Ty: “You said before me you ain’t neva been dis Happy”😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ~Lg Hotc~😘😘😘😘
Talia Seays
Ty is. My. Man. 👀💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞This. Man.
Talicia Mclendon
how they clap their hands like come.....Yesssss
Taosiful islam Tonmoy
Need more kind of this song 😁😁😉😉
Teri B
3:03 Beat drop thooooo
Tiara Campbell
6lack came thru so smooth, lyrically and visually 😍 am totally into his whole vibe with this...
Toni Baker
Looks like khalid just jumped owt the house party films 😂🤣😂
Vicki Vagabond
the new TGT and LSG! Its KT6!
Wally Maz
post malone come and get your song bruh lol
Zeno Augusto
amariya curtis
I love all of them😍😍😘
6lack part is so fire! all of them killed it. but the way he come in so smooth....omg cant stop replaying his verse lol
fuck negativity
Khalid's 2 claps on beat complete the video
This one of them songs that never gets old
jungmin lee
Khalid you are always best for me
marie Inspinoza
Came here for 6lack
Who peeped Ty Lil clap clap?😂
nora njoku
6Lack is so freaking cuuute, he's my new crush 😍
6LACK is underrated and Khalid always great.
roneil edwards
Have a new edition vibe to it
Dancin in my tshirt & pantiez to this 🔥joint!!!
ty dolla sign supreme
~ty dolla sign \u003c3