Michael Jackson - Thriller - Live Munich 1997 - Widescreen HD

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A Ovee
Happy Halloween folks 2018
ANA Caroline
Coloca na velocidade menor a Mai's lenta
Abilasha Ravindrarajah
Abrar Sharieff
Achen a
00:39 For the music. Np
Ahaan Sharma
I love Michael Jackson thriller night!!!!
Allen Biswas
Mj is best...Love you Michael...
Annaiah Ghanta
I miss you Michael Jackson
Antonia Elizabeth
thriller the legend
Arbill Vender YT
2019 jan 21
Bao Tran
21/12 /2018
whenever I'm sad I just look at him and I'm happy again
I wish that Michael would crawl out of his grave and sing this one more time
Brynn Ard
I wish he was alive :(
Chris Lawson
i like your voice
Cole H
When virtual reality is enhanced enough I’m going to a virtual Michael Jackson concert
Cristián Jackson
Dalas Nalgas
El mejor concierto
Dani mejia
Tan bello, que eras mi vida, siempre estarás en mi corazón 😔😔😘😘😍
Daniel Wickham
imagine if he came back from the dead and started singing this
Danny P
God I miss him
Darth Vader
*2018?* 😎
Deeba Hasan
Michael Jackson is the best!
Dragon De Minijuegos
6:00 Se Ve Al Tipo Que Esta Tocando El Teclado.
El crack Gianmarco
thriller es lo maximo
Emre Can
MJ.Fans In Thailand❤
Gabriela Urquizo Bocangel
Love Michel Jackson 😍
Genesis Chable Cel
This video special at hallowen, michael jackson is increible
George Bradberry
i love michael jackson!
Gohar_ ArtJ
Hannah D
R.I.P Michael 😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤
Haxhi Toplica
Oh Michael Jackson 😢❤
Idiot Brother
just no cellphone no one filming everyone just focus on him it's so GREATT
Infinity Wolf Gaming
Who’s excited for the thriller in IMAX?
Itsss britney1232
I love Michael Jackson, he will never be forgotten, love you Michael 😍😍😭😭😭, we miss you dearly
Ivan Gonzalez
Best Show In The World
Jesimar Xavier
Magnífico, mas depois que ele desce ao chão, sobe um dublê (muito bom por sinal), reparem que Michael Jackson tem um anel em sua mão direita, e o que sobe de máscara não possui! Da mesma forma na turnê Dangerous em Bucareste em 1992, o dublê segura o microfone bem diferente do Michel quando aparece com a máscara de lobisomem!
Johnny Jackson
The Thriller music video used to scare me so bad when I was 6.😂😂
Josh Chinniah
I love Michael Jackson
Juan Pedro Rodriguez
Ojala. Estuviera vivo el rey del pop. Ojala🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎙🎙🎙
Juan Porteiro Sanchez
Este tio es buenisimo.Como mueve el cuerpo
Kevin Watson
I love him to even though I was born in 2007 I love him
Laura Pereira
Para quem não acredita, meu tio e o Amigo do meu tio, são coreógrafo do Michael Jackson. É verdade muita porra de gente ficam falando que é mentira quando eu ir para Califórnia com meu tio, vou provar para todo mundo que o Michael Jackson conhece a gente e as pessoas que não acreditam vão se fuder.
Leo Momokamiblue
Michael jackson is the best
Luis Rodriguez
Máscara de chivo?😮 No era un 🐺 lobo?
Luis migel Hernandez Villanueva
Está chica la canción
Michael Jackson the king of music
like si hablas español y te gusta la musica de michael jackson y escuchas en 2018\n:p
MaVerick Hed MACHED
no es tan rock y mira como suenan esas guitarras cabron, Michael Jackson por siempre .
Maria Ducinea
Forever Michael Jackson insubstituível majestoso único
Maria Fairchild
2017 iam still watching...MJ FOREVER.. xx
Mason Jodoin MJ
Happy 60th birthday Michael
Mateo uribe
Alguien que lo vea en el 2018 ?👌🤘🤘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mattiass Hernan Rojas
Mausam .m
His expressions ,😍😘😘
His moves are so unique. Even the best impersonator couldn't perform them so well!
❤🌺🌹🌷🌻😘😍🌺🌷🌺🌹💏👻👍🌺🌹❤🌹🍃🌸💑🍺🎶🎶2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018
Michael Jackson
This video proves that Michael Jackson is easily the best entertainer to ever live.
Michelle Ramirez
I am not hate'n on michael i am just saying that the guy that came out with the maske is not michael because he has a ring on his finger and that guy that came out does not
Nasir Dance Team
I love so much mj I miss you
Nelly Salazar
Es un GENIO!!! Admirable\nSorprenderte\nPor algo le dicen\nRey del pop Michael Jackson\nDios del pop Michael Jackson\nHermoso Angelito Michael Jackson\nRey de Reyes Michael Jackson\nEs todo para mi..
Nick Hale
Michael was truly bigger than life when he stepped onto the stage.. He owned it and everyone knew it.
Nikhil Shetty
Such kind of creative and planning only king of can do it miss this guy so much.. You will be always in our hearts till generations to come.❤️❤️
Mierda por qué se murió😭😢😩
Patrycja Owczarek
1997. Never mind I was only 2 years old. Michael Jackson perfectionist❤❤
Pinki Balhara
in 2018
Pollo Fire
Puskar Chakraborty
The biggest entertainer of this planet...
Rafael García
Drum beat 🔥
Rahul Kumar
Ratul Khan
How much audience in the concert
Reyna Flores
I love Michael Jackson 😢
Rodrigo Reynoso
Michael Jackson was a gift from God sadly he is gone
Ronak Dorjee
Michael Jackson dance God
Rozwell Munchausen
that moment when you realize when michael died, great music went with him
Ruby Watson
Omg mj sounds EXACTLY like he does in the vid and these days singers sound bomb in there songs and at conserts they sound like dying cats ESPEACILLY CHRIS MARTIN even though i love coldplay like so much
2018? Leave a like
Santosh Jagtap
i miss you MJ sir king of pop
Shane Sumpter
I love him the best!
Susan Mamani
Viva el rey del pop!!!!
Taina Vitoria
Tharek Ali
Love Michael Jackson.
Thiago Nahuel Santillan
like si hablas español y té gusta MJ el rey del pop
Vanderson Henrique
2018 ?
Veru K.
Who love Michael Jackson?
Wences Andrade
i Love you Michael Jackson i LOVE YOU 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ysrinivas Y
mama filha pai angela alana Roberto Bagunçeros
nivroc 2002
pandas games evil
R.i.p Michael Jackson 😭
sarinna moreno
Who wished they were those zombie actors
He will never die, he remains a legend and the king of pop 🙏🏽😩
no cellphones just you enjoying a good show
3:31 He is extremely beautiful here.
Michael Jackson, king of pop