Fifth Harmony - Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

\""7/27"" available at:iTunes: Lyrics:I ain't worried bout nothinI ain't wearin na nadaI'm sitting pretty, impatientBut I know you gottaPut in those hoursImma make it harderI'm sendin pic after pictureImma get you firedI know you're always on that night shiftBut I can't stand these nights aloneI don't need no explanationBaby you're the boss at homeYou don't gotta go to workBut you gotta put in workYou don't gotta go to workLet my body do the workWe can work from homeLet's put it into motionImma give you a promotionI'll make it feel like a vacayTurn the bed into an oceanWe don't need nobodyI just need your bodyNothin but sheets in between usAin't no gettin off earlyOh, yeahGirl gotta work for meCan you make it clapNo hands for meTake it to the groundPick it up for meLook back at itAll on for mePut in work like my timesheetShe ride it like a '63Imma buy her no CelineLet her ride in a foreign with meOh, she the bae, I'm her booAnd she down to break the rulesRide or die, she gone goI won't judge, she finesseI pipe her, she take thatPuttin' overtime on your body(C) 2016 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment"

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A Foodie
Their muscles are brighter than my future
Aesthetic Child
I miss them so much....
Aksa Gul
You don't gotta work , work , work , work , work , work , work , work then how you gonna pay your rent , rent , rent , rent , rent , rent , rent ? 😂😝
Ale 002
Here In nov. 2018?
Alecsander VEVO
It was not 2,2b?
Aline Martins
Aline Tutoriais
Alguém em Novembro de 2018?
Ammar O24
1.95B Views! \nLets get 2B
Amr Goha
انتو شبه ألفي صفط اللبن
Andrew King
Camila: Consequences\nLauren: Expectations\nDinah: Bottled Up\nNormani: Checklist\nAlly: Vamonos
Austin Potter101
Lauren is fricken bae❤️❤️\nNovember 2018?!?!❤️😆
B 1
Here for Normani
Beauty With Me
2018 I think am Alone😅
Britany Miranda
Im ready for 2 Billion. 😍😍😍
Camila Kordei Thirlwall
Streaming for 2 Billion, I'm a Harmonizer since their Reflection era, I'm going to wait for them to reunite.
ChanteC 1515
Lauren Jauregui is the best one
Clorox Bleach
How many seasons of bob the builder did I miss damn!!!!
Criss Minnie
November 2018 ❤❤❤❤
Cupcake Forever
Tbvh fifth harmony died after Camila left
Cy Positive
*0:05** man you don’t need to use your shoulder for that...... lmfao*
Danielle Clark
I love it thank you for this song love yoy
Dhruvil Desai
That's what I'm screaming at my wifi WORK WORK WORK WORK
Dilip Kalita
Where did this poor men got money to go to gym .😋lol
Dipti Pisharodi
Lauren is incredibly hot
Dwizr DWEISER420
kool, I have to be in the future of course. unREBEL
Eve Martial
November 2018? 😉.
Games forever
Miss them all together
Germania elizabeth Amaya cardenas
Me encanta esta musica es hermosa😍😀😀😀😀🎆
Golden Angel
Who is waiting for 2 billion views\nI'm liking my own comment
Hi friend!
Cade os Br de 2018 ein.\n?
Hulkavegur !
Yea if u think this video worked as my workour motivation then it didn't,\nI'll still eat my chips and watch Netflix all day
Boo's body is so oily that I could make french fries on his chest doe.
Who's still here? 2018!
Isabella Johnson
My bother thinks you are sexy and he wants you
Its the king nicko
When was younger I always watched this
Jenny Chhakchhuak
Anyone 2018??
Jo Lane
Damn them can we get 5H reunion sooner then later
Just Jade
Kauana Dos Santos
Vem 2 bilhões!!👏❤
Kehinde Akinwande
use to be a fan.............. but now am an air conditioner
Ketlen Soutto
ESTADO CIVIL: Esperando o 2b
Kilamlungbe Daime
When is this construction going to finish? \n💙 Fifth Harmony
Kim Jungkook
I miss them... 😭💖
Lara Lucas
The black haired girl looks like sniperwol-
Lorenzo Angelini
50 million views left. #2billionviews coming soon 🥳🤩🥰🥴
Lucía Castillo
Camila cabello 😍😎😗❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋
Who,s still here in Nov 2018?
Let's make this 2 billion guys
Anyone from november 2018?
Maha Ch
Oct 2018?
Maheen Shazad
November 2018???
Manoel Junior
who came here after watching Sam Smith Carpool Karaoke?
Maria Ingrid
Brasil:November 2018?\nInglês ❤😘😉
Mark Batarina
Did they ever finish the house?
Marula Fifth
Fifth Harmonyyyyyy is the best
Maxi Teban21
╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗\n║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X X ║\n║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║\n╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩2018?
Michaela McGinn
Three years later this is still giving me boners 🙌
Mickey Cartoons
I love you Camila cabello ! And you?
Mighty Metagross
Ty.Dolla sign........ Spiced up the song to the max..... Won't you agree yall
Miss Hosein
November 2018?like nah I dare u
MoldyBiscuit64 _
Who is watching this in November 2018??
Pɣȶȶɛʀ Gαrcια
November 2018?❤
Rayhan Udheng
2 Bilion=Comeback😭😭
Riya Debnath
Who is watching it again 😄
Sara Nayele
Manda a Camila Cabello almentar as causas por que só falta mostrar o cú. Mas o vlipe ficou legal super top♡♥
Sarah Jordaan
Sarai Hernandez
i wish camila cabeo could come back its 2018 she left fith hameny
Sassy Diva
After seeing Normani's body, I getting my lazy butt up and going to the gym tomorrow and I'm gonna put in work, work, work,work.
Sophia Milton
I miss my queens😍😭
Soy Luna Season 3
Before 2 billions views!!! Who is with me??? 😍😍😍💛💛💛
Those poor men are never going to get that house done... :\\
Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare
Reasons why this single is successful: \n1) It's catchy, with a simple and familiar beat, \n2) it is perfect for the club, car rides, walking around the grocery store, or just doing work, work, work,\n3) The girls promoted it to radio stations like crazy, \n4) Harmonizers worked their asses off from home by streaming, requesting, shazaming, gifting and buying the song.\nSo don't give me that shit about them getting success for being slutty, or about the music industry being corrupt because actual hard work went into this. 7/27 is coming and Fifth Harmony will DOMINATE.\nEdit: Shout out to Maverick, 5H's new management. They have been creating these great marketing strategies for the girls and I am very grateful for their hard work too.
Bruh i am a man , but when i hear this song it feels like i am a Hot chick
Tan Bobis
50 million away before reaching 2 billion. Let's go Harmonizer, Camilizer, The Nation, Jaguars, Legions, Dihnasty and Allygiance. Give our Queens what they deserve.
Teagan&Alesha_Gaming #Unicornsqaud
Work work work
I need a studio version of their performance on PCA bc that version sound perfect. Sorry for Camila but they sound bette without her I must say.
I have lots of friends in construction........they don't look like that.
Vlog da Lauana Aparecida Welter
November 2018? ❤️💋
aghata moreira
2018?? Haha ❤
alamin islam
work work work.....
ana. julia juju
Lindas. E. Ainda. Mais aquela. Menina. Negrinha. Linda. Ela. Deixe. Seu. Luke. Se. Vocês. Também. Acham
Rihanna: Work\nIggy: Work\nFifth Harmony: Work\nBritney: Work\nSchool: Work\nParents: Work\nMe: jeez, please give me a break.
beejay wade
I love that sod
desiree wong
erdi mehmeti
i love lauren
2billion is coming✌✌✌✌✌
jake the youtuber
IN 1:32 IT MADE A KID SOUND THAT WAS CHOKINGl\nLike if u agree :)
jatziri mercadal
Fifth Harmony 😍
melvin Cruz
November 2018🔥🥶
merlin santan
Camren :(:(:(:(:(:( 2018?
nobody cares what year and month you watched this.
The beginning of the video was awkward. He made it seem like that sandbag was heavy. 😂
Boss should have been the song that is close to 2B not...this..
teacher 25
legend has it..they still havent finished the building..
the Jauregay
Stream Harmos💖
veronica hernandez
you girls are so cute i wish i could be like you guys how do you guys do it to be cute😍👄🖕😱👌🤘🌹
everlasting love for the girl group of this decade❤️