Fifth Harmony - Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

\""7/27"" available at:iTunes: Lyrics:I ain't worried bout nothinI ain't wearin na nadaI'm sitting pretty, impatientBut I know you gottaPut in those hoursImma make it harderI'm sendin pic after pictureImma get you firedI know you're always on that night shiftBut I can't stand these nights aloneI don't need no explanationBaby you're the boss at homeYou don't gotta go to workBut you gotta put in workYou don't gotta go to workLet my body do the workWe can work from homeLet's put it into motionImma give you a promotionI'll make it feel like a vacayTurn the bed into an oceanWe don't need nobodyI just need your bodyNothin but sheets in between usAin't no gettin off earlyOh, yeahGirl gotta work for meCan you make it clapNo hands for meTake it to the groundPick it up for meLook back at itAll on for mePut in work like my timesheetShe ride it like a '63Imma buy her no CelineLet her ride in a foreign with meOh, she the bae, I'm her booAnd she down to break the rulesRide or die, she gone goI won't judge, she finesseI pipe her, she take thatPuttin' overtime on your body(C) 2016 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment"

5/20/16 5H 5H2 7/27 7/27 album BO$$ BOSS Better Togethe... Harmonizers I'm In Love With A Monster May 20 Reflection Sledgehammer Worth It X-Factor

A Irrelevant Person
Exactly 11,051,570 views to get 2B from when I'm listening.\n\n15 hours have gone by,and it's only 10,630,576 left. IT got 418,584 views.
ANGIE Pascual
2019?😍😍lauren and camila,POR DIOSS
Abdul Razzak
Most of the video is showing camila
Ailin Balderrama
Nadie me va a entender a menos que abre español o que entienda o busca en Glogle que se unifica pero ame esta canción like si tu también❤❤❤
Alex Rodrigues
Ali Yazdanijoo
whos here for 2B views
Amanda Amarga
fifth harmony was and is still THAT girl group
Anthony Chavez
Raro ver una mujer en la construcción y que los hombres no le silven😂😂🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦
BTS Army Rocks
If anyone asks “whose watching this in 2019” imma....
Banana Oh Na Na
Watching after Camila’s album anniversary 🎊🎉
Beauty With Me
2018 I think am Alone😅
Binay Kumar Gupta
I'm just addicted to this song...
Camila jauregui VEVO
Before 2billion here😍😍😍
Let’s get this to 2B guys lesgo🤪
Cerulean Skies
1.9B??? Wow. I remember when this first came out.
Chan Virak Va
Ally: The Belter. (She's the one who can belt the notes real high!! Or real low!!)\nDinah: the body (she gives their songs substance, muscle!!)\nMani: the Soul (she gives something to look forward to in the notes she gives)\nLauren: the edge (she is the one who makes their songs sound soo cool!! And chilling!) \nCamila: the brand (she's the one who sets apart fifth harmony from other girl bands like when you hear her, you know right away its a 5H song)(She left)\n\nLove these girls so much!! Please dont fight over who's better coz everyone does their part. 💕\ncan i get 1000likes ? pls dont forget to subscribe me on Youtube \u003c3
Claudia Villa
Clorox Bleach
How many seasons of bob the builder did I miss damn!!!!
Cy Positive
*0:05** man you don’t need to use your shoulder for that...... lmfao*
Damon Tan
This is why it takes so long to build houses
Dante D'Angelo
The beginning of this song reminded me of the Rugrats intro music lol. \nI LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Dayshell Anardo
te amo Camila cabello y a tu Hermana😘😍
I would break things just to call Lauren to come fix it
Dylan Dang
Everyone should go stream and buy:\nDancing with a stranger\nMore than that\nBottled up\nVamanos\nConsequences (orchestra)\non iTunes and all streaming platforms now.
Eyda Rakira
Son las mejores
Fikri R. Triana
Come on guys stream for 2Billion view
Freeda AK
At the beginning it bothers me that the dude carried the mostly empty cement bag on his shoulder...
Gabby DeLorean
Iggy Azeala- Work work work\nRihanna- Work work work\n5H- Work work work
HarithmyFavo Fdl
Lauren i need you 😘😘😍😍
Harsh Gautam
Distracting the workers from doing work.!!!\n😅😂😂
Hogwarts School
Ya mean „fourth harmony“
Boo's body is so oily that I could make french fries on his chest doe.
*Someone will read this comment one day.*
Igo'h M
Iram Iqbal
Fith harmony love you music habeel boys happy like crying haiiee like xxxxx
Itz_ Bjp
I would have laughed if the house under construction collapsed while recording the video👌
JayJay xoxo
2019 Harmonizers?
Anybody in 2019
Jose Amaya
Who's here before the 2Billions✓?!😍
Joshua Dixon
Camila cabello she is the Queen👑💘
Just A Person
*Less than 9M views for 2B!*
Did they finish the house???
Karlita Cazón
Tenemos que llegar a los 2B view antes del 3 aniversario de este pinche video. #CamrenIsReal.
Camila body is goals 😍😭❤💯
Kehinde Akinwande
use to be a fan.............. but now am an air conditioner
Kerem Uslusoy
Kimberly Martinez
We almost at 2 billion....imma pry😭
Kitty minty!
I like the music,but not the dancing cause k am JUST 9!😂😂
L.k.u F.b
Im so sorry but i think Camila, sings better than the others. She has a beautiful voice! Sorry not sorry. My opinion.😂
Lady Fan
Now more like fourth harmony
Lil& Nan
I used to be a fan of *FIFTH* Harmony. Now I am a fan of fourth 😩😔 Harmony.
Linda Langley
DAMN the one that was I that thing that looked like a truck was HOT To hot
Luiza Tuazon
I love fith harmony
Madeline Morales
I love these songs especually because of Fifth Harmony and they always make songs that are on beat.\nI you agree like. Pweeeeeaaasssee.😎😎😎☺️☺️☺️☺️😇😇👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mark Batarina
Did they ever finish the house?
Miss Haunted
Used to be a fan of 5th harmony but there mean to camila so nah
Mochammad Rizki Fanani
Dont click please!!!! \n\n\n\nWork work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work Work work work work work work work work \n\nHow much word works? ☺️
3:05 you see a glimpse of Ronnie from Riverdale tv show.
Najib Adan
Like this song still listening 2018 work 🔥
Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane. 😍💗💙💚
Oker 5
Who came here after listening to Daniel Bedingfield gotta get through this and realise they stole his tune?
Paula Apolinário
Poonam Thakur
Lets make it 2B \n.\n.\n.\n.\n.\nWatching it 20th time!!
This song is still everything💯
Oiled it. 2019 12 jan. .......ohh iiiii. Woww. Work work im liking my own. Comment.....😂😀😁
Zero Harmony (featuring Lauren Jauregui, Normani, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane, & Ally Brooke)
Sachin Raj
Like for Lauren 😘😘
Sage Lyn
Sassy Diva
After seeing Normani's body, I getting my lazy butt up and going to the gym tomorrow and I'm gonna put in work, work, work,work.
Sehar Bhat
I prefer this work from home rather than Rihanna Work! Its nice but this is better. The only thing is that they need to stop focusing on Camila the most and start giving attention to everyone in the group. Everyone doesn't think so but they're kinda underrated and don't get the recognition they need to get for their work. Anyone else?
Semareyn !
Türkleri ayrı bi köşeye alalım ödğsiösixösğs
Soy Luna Season 3
Before 2 billions views!!! Who is with me??? 😍😍😍💛💛💛
Those poor men are never going to get that house done... :\\
Stefanie Santos
Mano tá chegando a 2 bilhões aaaaaa ...sdd❤️😢
Sue Rojas 13
Vine a buscar el comentario de \
Any 2019? Like and comment!
Tano Gómez
C'man Fifth harmony Is the only group with two videos with 1B AND the only girlband with one vídeo with 1B AND Lets do this eonly group with one vídeo with 2B 5H on fire 😍🔥
I have lots of friends in construction........they don't look like that.
They didn't had any better place to dance ??😅
Yaprak Çelebi
I miss this girls
abdirahman cade
ani mac
I'm too lazy to even work, work, work, work
baHayat Sen
evelyn siqueira
Alguém em 2019??
gernite laguerre
I accidentally clicked on this.....used to be a fan but now I'm out
nobody cares what year and month you watched this.
playing with fire
Fourth Harmony ft. Camila Cabello
0:44 - 524k is the number\n\nLook at the dislikes. **woah**
solangie villanueva ordinola
2019 enero? Alguien la escucha...siempre 5h 😍
twice once
January 2019?
yoonmin castro
estamos en 2019 y todavía escucho esta canción
youseff Mohamed
Now it's not fifth Harmony \nIt's should called squad Harmony 🤔🤔
Σταυρούλα Χ.
Who is listening in 2019?