French Montana - Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee

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Montana with my black people love you we are happy inside....realy
Abdirahman Mohamed
No drugs,just Talanted and good vibes who watching 15 November 2018
Adil Haddouchi
French Montana authentic...... Viva Africa...proud to be African....
Akhberat Toshome
So cool its look love family all God Bless you ,good song .
Ali Dimiss
Anyone november???
Alondra Mcareno
November 2018?
Alva Berg
This video is soooooo fkng lit😍🔥 love the song and lyric🤟🏼❤️ this will forever be my favorite song, anyone else?🖤❤️
Asif Ali
Rocked this tune on my 29th birthday in Paris!!!
Attila Horvath
French is so hot seriously
Balzer Roy
this song is still the best in 2018 😀
This is the most genuine music video I've seen in years. No fake asses twerking, no money blowing, weapons being displayed. Just people smiling and dancing, being happy in the moment
Barca jaguario
Moroccans hands up Show Up here .. Hit a Like
Best Videos
November 2k18..?💪
Ch0c0 Ch0c0
It's been already a year!
This song just take me to another dimension
D Cott
im not a French Montana fan.....BUT....the song?.... absolute FIRE!!!
Danyel Esmer
I like the voice very much! Perfect song love from Holland :)
Dee Ash Exclusive
This track is forever favorite who's still listening to it
Diddy Glow
Believe ih youself la para se siente
Djesmin JWZ
i'm a little late but: MOROCCOOOOOOO
Djibrane Noorah
For the children in this video, let’s make it reach one billion views 💪🏼\nLove from 🇲🇺
Elsker Lamar
Eva Brownell
This is what music videos should be. Not alwyays having women exposing them self,singing about sex, drugs, or money and this video is child appropriate and motivating. Makes my heart tingle❤❤
F_ 0
Those 222tn dislikes wants to see drugs and nasty things.
Foued Mansouri
French Montana - Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee\n0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:43\r\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Watch this Best of French Montana\nWatch this French Montana - Jungle Rules\nWatch this French Montana - MC4
unfortunately they forgot the unforgettable, 2017 was fast...
Hasib YouTube
Who else was here before 1 million ?
I think you know me
800,000,000 Haaaaaaaan 👏👏👏💕
Instagram Tutoriais
Iroka BTS Army
*If The weeknd and Drake had a baby he will sound like this*
Ivan Barios
Tema muy ready .....ful.activo 2018 escuchandola desde guatemala.......
Jackson Kruse
Who else is looking at the comments while listening to the song?\n\n\n\n\nSTOP IT AND GO WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!!
Javier Acosta
This song with swae lee alone would’ve been good enough
Jesse Daniel
Damn French Almost a Billion Fire Jam
3:10 Swae \
Keishaa Sandraa
Proud to be African proud Ghanaian 🇬🇭love if ur proud of where ur from
Lahoucine Oulmain
great french montana\ngreat morroco\ngreat mamma Africa
Swae Lee feat. French Montana*
Luigi B
Ese swaa lee tiene un ritmo que sea lo que cante suena bien
Mariana Peña Barraza
This song is unforgettable 👌🏻😘❤️💕
Are we not going to comment on how good these dancers are??!😲
Martrice Henderson
The dancin in this . 🔥 african americans were made for this shit . video makes me so happy .💯💯💯💯
Matt WhoNeedsALastName
November, 2018 anyone?
Maxi 31
love this beat😍❤
Melani tamara del águila
Linda canción,besos desde Perú!!😘😘😘
This is real music.\nNo strippers, No drugs.\nJust talent and good vibes.
Mikael Dume
Song of The Summer
Mr. average Perez
November 2018?
Who here on no nut November ? 2018
Noah Martinez
I liked your song \n😄😄😄😎😎😎😎👏👍👊💞
Oussama GHANDI
who's here waiting for the 1 billion VIEW \u003c3
Panchita Bell
not only is this song the bomb, but this video is sick, them kids are some of the best dancers I've ever seen, it is clear where we get it from, the mother land. 👌👍✊👏
Pratiksha Devji
Ñøvémbër 2018,Anyone???😁😂😁
Love this track so much
Re Da
We waiting for 1md
Rebah Bassma
*Swae Lee* is a *Legend*
This is exactly why Swae remains at the top of his game.. Just goes to show you that anything is possible when you work hard and never give up! I plan to make a song with him some day. Mark my words!
Robinson Sawala
Good music last forever 😍
Screap The legend
This song is *unforgettable* 🕊
Seth Levine
Swae lee saved the song
Shaun Cross_SA
With Love From South Africa!
Simo Bennasser
waw it's a great music and song in the world:-)
Soldier Returns
This video shows how happy THEY are \nAnd how sad WE are ...\nMoney cant buy hapiness brothers and sisters around the world
Storm X
“African doesn’t have talent” explain this please and you can speak after that.
Tanika Capers
He so talented I love him
Tebogo Letsoalo
WOW .is loving it ,we want to see more of this ...Africa My Continent
TheEpic Oneization
I swear i can't stop repeating this 😢🔥🔥
This beat though.. dangerous to drive with 😂.. fire!!!
Ting Ting
To anyone thinking that french just went to uganda just to film this vid, he also donated 100k to ugandas mama hope organisation which will be used to help communities over there. Deeeeeeeecent
Trevor X
Swae lee always coming through with the fire hooks..
Urmisha Karekar
This song is unforgettable
Vortex Gaming
Love this song
W Abc
Remember this is the ghetto of Kampala\nNot the best parts\nNYC and DC and LA have ghettos too\nBut still, good to represent. And the struggle for people of color is the same one as the struggle for the poor and oppressed.
William Mmasekawana
no drugs, no flashing money , no expensive cars....Montana x Swae, lets go for 100 000 000
Wounmee Yaka
I spent half my childhood in Africa living in the same condition as these kids. I spent the other half of my childhood living in America. Looking back, I realized that I was a much happier as kid back in Africa than I was here. All my favorite memories as a child was back in Africa. I remember everyday being an adventure, you never knew what to expect. At 6 years old, my friends and I would wonder off into the middle of no where and find a lake. By the time I got home it would dark and my mom would get mad at me bc I came home with either dirty or wet clothes. 😂 she was never scared about me wondering off or getting kidnapped until we came to America. I feel bad that my brother never got to experience the childhood that I had, he really missed out.
Xikillz Xtreme
I listen to this when i feel stressed.
Xuseen Xaashi
Iam somalia boy a like french montana sweale and kampala best zong in african man keep going bro
Yung Stacks
Who still boppin this on 2020 🤗🔥
Zul Aja
November 2018??😂😂
a league player
life isn't just about drugs and sex. it's all about exploring, having fun, and creating good memories.
abraham hashimi
This song I cannot listening
(◇_◇) (☆_☆) (×_×)
Swae Lee’s back must be aching from carrying this track
el Escritorio D'Ryan
November 2018?
hicham rg
who's waiting for 800M😍😍💪
high_itsheather !
WTF @1:19 is he crying?? \u003c/3
indian Bakchod Association
Here before 1 billion
jamie moodly
Best song ever in the world will never get old
jigsaw purificador
Algum Br que se apaixonou nessa música ou só eu ?
pauly hap
I see a lot of dark people
susan mamvuto
särabėl_ 13
I think I broke my replay button... 😂
Like if you're still listening in 2018!.
ʙɪʟʟɪᴇ ᴇɪʟɪsʜ
1:17 nice moves bruhh ⚉
أصل الحضارة كوش
I Love my people❤❤❤😍😍😘\nAfrica\nfrom sudan !! 2018????
AMAZING SONG. \nGet me emotional 😩😭❤️