Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again (Official Video)

Britney Spears' official music video for 'Oops!...I Did It Again'. Click to listen to Britney Spears on Spotify: ...---------Lyrics:yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahYeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahI think I did it againI made you believe we're more than just friendsOh babyIt might seem like a crushBut it doesn't mean that I'm serious'Cause to lose all my sensesThat is just so typically meOh baby, babyOops!...I did it againI played with your heart, got lost in the gameOh baby, babyOops!...You think I'm in loveThat I'm sent from aboveI'm not that innocent

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Adam Be
Jon Jones UFC 232 Walk Out music.
Alex 11
Ali Brustofski
how did this come out 15 years ago??? I feel so old!
Alicja Ciewotski
Alyssa Fawcett élève
2019 anyone?
Ambar Lerman
Hahaa Ariana Grande problem and break free😉
Amber nelson
*I remember growing up to Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera & The Spice Girls. I wish I could go back to the 90's. IT WAS THE BEST*
Anna Rampa
Anna Violine
3:32 moonwalk on mars
Arianna Pedraza
Knock Knock\nWho's there?\nBritney Spears \nBritney Spears who?\nKnock Knock \nWho's there?\nOops I did it again😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aslamnur Fikri
This will happen when Elon Musk's rocket lands on Mars
Baby Yuuki Lee
*_WHO'S WATCHING THIS IN 2019?_* 🤭🤭😂
I'm here from season 1 episode 3 of \
Breanna Morales
January 20 2019
Bugra Basgan
so the dude on the clip basicly got dumped (friendzoned) on Mars !\n\nWhat a great achivement well done mate...cheers from earth :D
C&D Vlogs
Brasil 😊/
I cant believe Britney Spears invented mars 😍 we stan!
Chris Xacid
Maybe the best Popsong of the 2000s....
Christine Di'Amore
2018 now. Was a 12 year old teeny bopper when this song was released. 30 now, and bumping this in the car after dropping my daughter off to school.
Cinare Bayramova
I was too young back in there 😢😂
Célia Mendes
This is so icônic.❤
Darran Kern
Real talk one of the catchiest, best produced pop songs of all time
Deniz Yüksel
Remember when britney spears created ariana grande
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Don't Read My Profile Picture
Someone will find this comment one day.
Elaine Chris
2019 ainda estamos aqui
The Package??\nEl paquete??
Food is Everything
January 2019 anyone?
Fried Egg
The reason we can’t inhabit Mars is because pop queen Britney Spears is inhabiting it already
Oops I'm back here again\nHello January 2019
Game over
She’s a QUEEN 👸🏼
Britney influence all pop artists like ariana grande. They are from mars LOL. This music video is like ariana's break free music video. Britney Spears literally the original Pop Princess and forever will be! ❤😍
Grace Ude
HAPPY Channel
18 years ago No YouTube no smartphone but she's mostly famous pop star in the world
Ireng Guseng
january 2019 anyone??
Isabella sourbutts
Anyone else in 2019? 😂
January 2019 anyone?❤️🤔😀
Izzy Crookes
i just imagined some kid with a telescope looking out to mars and just seeing britney spears dancing in latex and now i can't get that image out my head.
Jay Spence
Still rocking to this in 2019
Jennifer Ogbonna
Jessie Pau
Omg this girl was my idol ❤️
Julia Ambrose
Julia Bellejowl
19 Years of this song
Jyoti Kiran
Who’s here after watching the outtakes !? 😍😂❤️👌🏼
2019 😊😊
Lana Durut
2019 anyone?😂👑
It's so old school now i can't believe how time
Leta Lestrange
Léa Lé
im here because of the tweet
Merry Christmas Britney!
2009 anyone? :(
She literally ruled the entire world in the beginning of her career. Regardless if she had only one Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit at the time, she was EVERYWHERE on MTV, Dolls, Sabrina The Teenage Witch etc. \n\nNo other celebrity touched her stardom, and is now seen as a Pop Icon / Pioneer who's influenced countless of other artists. Britney deserves it all, and most definitely deserves her platform to be RESPECTED. She earned it.
Maria Guadalupe Cervantes Lopez
Esta si era música
Metiche Papá
Estados Unidos el el primero para mí en tecnoligía. Los 90´s no son eternos tienen que terminar y YO VIVIR PARA VERLO.
Miley Cyrus Lyrics
i miss this britney
MinYeong Chung
opps... i watched it again!
Mocking Jay
1st January 2019 anyone?
Mohamed Ali
friendzone anthem
Mr. Rich's English
I've been learning English listening to Britney Spears' songs, and she's a great singer. I love her.
It sounds exactly like 'hit me baby one more time'
Nacho_Muchacho 14
She stays forever 18...
Nadiah Abdul Rahim
My childwood song. Now im 31!! How time flies..
Obed baltodano
2019 Anyone????
2:01 look at the top man guys! :D He's like oh I fu.ked iup again.
Pink Holosexual
Biggest friendzone song
Red John
Jon Jones' theme song after 4th failed drug test.
Salim Jachiko
2000 y 2019 ❤️🇨🇱🇺🇸
Shelby Thompson
Valeria Lodge
2к19,что ты со мной делаешь¿
Void Monkey
Hey now, you’re a rockstar.
Who is here after the viral tweet from Twitter?
Wesley's Universe
Oops!... 2019!
William A
I feel like its 2000 all over again.
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
OopsI I hit the repeat button again.
Zelinda Kay
2019?💞 This is a masterpiece
aninha ™
ankit kaliraman
First man who got friendzoned on Mars.
ashkan eshghi
2019 anyone???
before ariana grande's hair, we have britney's hair
elizeu vittalu
2019? Hahahahaha iconic!!
So this is why NASA wants to go to Mars
gdfjk fgkk
georgina ashlee
Wait, so he gave her the necklace from tiitanic in the end? 😂
luli russ
britney beat us to mars
2019 & I still wanna learn the choreography to this
sis size
Britney spears ~ oops!... i did it again (lyrics) \n[Intro]\nYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah\nYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah\n\n[Verse 1]\nI think I did it again\nI made you believe we're more than just friends, oh, baby\nIt might seem like a crush\nBut it doesn't mean that I'm serious\n\n[Pre-Chorus]\n'Cause to lose all my senses\nThat is just so typically me, ooh, baby, baby\n\n[Chorus]\nOops, I did it again\nI played with your heart\nGot lost in the game\nOh, baby, baby\nOops, you think I'm in love\nThat I'm sent from above\nI'm not that innocent\n\n[Verse 2]\nYou see, my problem is this, I'm dreaming away\nWishing that heroes, they truly exist\nI cry watching the days\nCan't you see I'm a fool in so many ways?\n[Pre-Chorus]\nBut to lose all my senses\nThat is just so typically me, oh, baby, oh\n\n[Chorus]\nOops, I did it again\nI played with your heart\nGot lost in the game\nOh, baby, baby\nOops, you think I'm in love\nThat I'm sent from above\nI'm not that innocent\n\n[Post-Chorus]\nYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah\nYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah\n\n[Interlude]\n\
syazwa lucu
im listening to this song in 2019 , anyone??
It makes me wanna travel in time and live in 2000 all over again!
tripti tripathi
#10yearchallenge 2019 anyone
yo me
Хельга Тик
Она молоденькая;) красотуля)
קללל קללל
ดะน กีน
도깨비 신부
*yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah* iconic lip zoom ♡😘😘😘😘
October 2018 anyone? 😆😙