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Aaron 798
Not even joking that happened to me today FBI Thing 1:24
Abby Ayers
Big Nik says that he hates when David makes fun of him, but if David didn't make fun of him he wouldn't be in the vlogs. 😂
Adri Elise
I just saw the best commercial ever. GALAXIA
Aimee Rosales
Amy lol
Annie Oh
I'm 9 what's porn?
Ashlee Finch
Big Nik being legit angry about Zane drunk driving makes me happy to know that they all actually care about each other and aren't super reckless
Ava Moodie
Omg I love Liza so much she makes my day.
Bailey Beck
its sad your guy's viewers are so young like damn im 19 lol like i guess everyone stopped watching youtube and got a life...
Beauty mind
3:10 - 3:12 sweet to satan
Ben Blue
Alex seems so Agro in the vlogs. I bet he is actually an American sweetheart in real life
Big Nik
I wasn't joking about Alex and the bunny by the way...
Blair ¿Bear?
I know I'll never meet you guys and that makes me really sad
Carolina Sanchez
I love vlog squad
Cheisa Restrepo
why cant i find a group of friends like you guys jesus christ lmfao
Christina Pantz
3:57 I had looked at my phone during the silence and forgot the video wasn't over and then she started breathing loudly and it scared the crap out of me.
Corey McShane
that outro tho ahaha
Omg it is jet I heard he was a famous Olympic cotestent
Daisy Lou
Oh my gosh...Scott has the same toothbrush as me😂
David Dobrik
HEY, if you have suggestions for title changes let me know im ready to listen! Other then that whats up!!
Desiree Dee
If you guys know who Kian lawley is, I feel like him and Alex would get along well
Digital Crow
David- ok zayne ur too drunk Alex ur to much of an Alex omg he's bleeding \nAlex- he must be new here.
El Sasquatchio
That message came up on mine aswell lol
Elizabeth Lovesu
Im 12 years old
Ella Louise
legit the funniest group of mates I've ever known. These blogs give me life
Emzy M
{\\__/}\n 0. 0\n💩\u003c( )\u003e💩\nThis video made me poop
Erin Daniels
The pine thing was hilarious
Eve Lily
liza's cousin looks a bit like bignick
Freya A
0:58 Zane, I am NOT a little girl. I'm a precocious female with an extensive knowledge of how to make you look dumb
Fruit Loop
Binge watching all the vlogs lmao wish me luck
GACHA kaleidoscope
This was on my B-day!!
Gaby's Amv's
that ending with Liza omg 😂😂😂
Lol who came here from the video of David actually cutting his hand XD
Gianna Vettese
Lmao the exact same thing happend to me when I was watching porn, lmao it says I was getting arrested and fined and I got so scared until I realized it was a scam lmao
Harrison N Aubz
Lizza is so funny like wth xD I bet hanging out with their entire crew for only a few minutes would be awesome!
Heeba D
It's tegan Tho
0:19 till 0:29 is the FUNNIEST PART
Jack Aloe
When Zane drinks a lot he needs to drive lmfao
Jenna Safdarinia
Jessica Whelan
This makes me laugh 😹😹😹😹
Jordyn Tagle
scott looks so good in the begaining
Just a girl in love With the Dolan twins
Scotty is babe😍🖤😘😩💋🤤
Justice Bekke-Jordan
I have the same tooth brush as Scotty
Keara Xoxo
I think that jet should have his own YouTube channel
Kikithe Child
is it just me or does Alex always end up braking think aka coffee tables
Kirsten the Gymnast
Your outro music is always so loud please have mercy on the headphone users!! But I love your videos your and Lizza are hilarious 😂😂❤️
Lara Rodriguez
I swear bignik is the only sane person in these vlogs!!!😂😂
Lauren Rxo
Jeff (Liza) cracked me up😂
Layla Lebron
yeah Zane I'm a kid
Lisa Taylor
At 0:26 It Looked Like Nick was Jacking OFF😂😂
Liza R
Find someone who looks at u like Jet looks at David 😂
Maddie Kargar
I wonder if anyone actually clicks on these videos thinking that the thumbnail is real
Madison Mitchell
David should play a prank on Liza telling her he adopted her a kid
Mariah Rosa
3:42 the sound that the camera makes when it zoomed is shbrkdjrifeyhcs
Mariam Lafi05
I love how BikNik actually cared
*It's kinda funny that his name is \
Ms. Mystery ELT
I died on the outrow lmao
Is this foreshadowing David....
New Mexico
Omg the end part made me laugh so much \
Nikki Armstrong
the video starts at 0:00
Patience Grace
Roses are red \nViolets are blue\nI fell for clickbait,\nAnd so did you
Pirra Presler
Damn Jet's eyeliner is on point😂😂
Quinnie The Pooh
BigNik is so sweet
Reina Fisher
Wait, I thought that Jet couldn't talk. Except he can talk to his mom... lol
Samantha Spakovska
For some reason I'm really terrified of Helgas cousin!!
Sara Ramkissoon
what is liza in
Sara Wolf23
Is it a trend to brakes tables?😂
Sarah McDonald
That same FBI thing happened to me too and I was convinced they were going to come arrest me I had an actual panic attack, and obviously I wasn't watching what they said I was watching hahahaha
Satan Is Here!
I think I have a crush on jet lmao
Shelby :D
Omg I was wondering why Nik sounded so young😂😂 this is from a year ago lmao
Big Nick😂😂😂 omg I can't SO CUTE
T-Rex K
Tiaa Hoodie
I retweeted on twitter!
Tiffany Cheyenne Padgett
Tiffany Sillaman
Did Dom just really mess up Big Nick or what? He’s being so sweet in this video
Troye Padalecki
i shat my pants when jet said no HAHAHAHAHA
Vamp MSP
I told my mom I was gonna go watch a horror movie, I went in my room and started watching Davids volgs.
Victoria Ramirez
Zane was right I am 9
Waseh Asad
how often dose nick made fun of forever
Wewe Mcgee
This is exactly one year later
Zane Hijazi
aw BigNik cares about me, fake it till u make it!! that's what David has taught me
i think that Alex is known by braking tables and David is known by buying new ones XD
audrey victoria
Yeah? He wouldn't stop bleeding? Well I've been bleeding for the last four days\n\nEdit: this got a lot of likes?? What?? I have internet friends??
Sometimes I wonderif Liza is high or not all there
chloe!! Roering
How does lizza not laugh at the end??😂😂
angry dwarf
hi SiSteRs
I bet Big Nick goes to the kids section to buy clothes
im bored
lol lol
:( I'm 9
misfit doge
Jet is funnier than Lizzza and he doesn't even have to talk
nanstagramm a.
Jet is the funniest thing to happen to the Internet
rawr im scary
How old is the dwarf not to sound rude
Does anyone else think Alex looks like Lucas from Girl Meets World????! 😂😂😂😂😂
undefined c h
Lizzas characters crack me up