Most Common Mistakes Made by Support Players - League of Legends

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In this video I go over the most common mistakes made by support players.UNFOLD TO SEE IMPORTANT STUFFSupport me: ►Donate:

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7:34 one time i was playing shen, and my MF was at around 5% health and the entire enemy team was chasing her so i used taunt, taunted all 5 of them and MF ulted and got a pentakill
don't listen to this guy, do whatever you want when you reach lvl2, ward if you want and if you feeling daring don't ward at all, never copy stuff from anybody else, make your runes and buy whatever you want, in the end having fun is the most important thing you can take out of a game...these \
As a support main my main issue is forgetting to use relic shield mid-late game, but that's because I don't usually play melee tanks, I'm more of a Thresh/Nami/Rakan player. But not just that, even when I'm using ancient coin I lose out on gold cause I'm more focused on roaming.
Act First Gaming
I love the beginning: \
Al Aquino
you forgot the roaming part. One key role of the supports is that roam just like the jungler, specially if your botlane is at advantage. Try to gank mid.\nanother common mistake of supports is when to ward and where to ward and where to clear wards. But most importantly is the champion pick itself. The support role is like the glue that makes the team comp complete. If the top lane is like maokai or malphite, try not pick engage supports like thresh and leona. instead pick utility supports like nami or lulu
Alberto Frederick Imana
Honestly, it's ridiculous how much people both underestimate yet also overestimate Supports. As a Support Main, I see Junglers and ADRs tower diving at Level 3 way too often, only to complain about dying when Supports simply can't save you from towers at that point.\n\nIn the same vein, there are entire teams that forget just how important supports are in team fights. After pushing in to destroying inhibitors, whenever I tell everyone to go back after literally spending all of my mana, skills, and actives just to keep them alive, nobody listens. What then results is either a total party kill or with only one survivor, and the latter is only because at that point I wised up to my team's recklessness and already recalled back home.\n\nAnd not to forget, can I just mention how bullshit it is that we get blamed for anything bad that happens to the ADR? Like, you've literally spent your Exhaust, shield items, heals, your SS and acted as peel, but noooo, once they die it's your fault, not because they just refuse to kite around attacks and keep on tanking them upfront like the squishies they are. Really, with how the carries get all the glory when they actually get a streak going- \
Arianne XX
Mistake 5 is honestly the hardest one for me to do, not because I overestimate my champion or underestimate the enemy, but it feels like there's no win-win in that situation. One of the utility supports I play a lot is Lulu, and because she's known as the \
*it's true* without your teammates realizing it. Most plans made by non-support players is based on the vision set up by your support.
Bobby Lopez
Mistake 7 and a mistake that took me years to learn, is muting your AD carry if they are constantly telling you what to do and how to do it and or being toxic. Now its not always your AD carry but it could be your jungler or top laner. If someone is constantly typing in chat pointing out your flaws and or telling you when to go in, just mute them. You tend to have more of a clear mind and have reduction to being titled. I have noticed this happens more in silver/bronze the most but it does carry on higher elos as well. Some say you shouldn't mute anyone because it reduces communication between the team and shot calling is more difficult. And that is somewhat true but! The way the ping system is built you can ping almost anything and a player will kind of figure out what you are trying to say with out even typing it. \nFor example: Pinging your ult R cool down 8 Sec \nThen asking for assistance at a certain area of the map (blue flag ping)\nPing your adc by opening tab and clicking on his champion player icon to say \
Boomnick 1
I went from b4 to gold 3 in one season because I was playing support. TY Nasteey
Cassandra Wood
Forgot overstaying to kill controls
Chainsaw Maniac
Sees the Zac when he speaks about support mains.*TRIGGERED*
Chi Phrrr
Christopher Fernandez
Let me start by saying as a relatively new lol player I respect all roles in game. If everyone does well in their respective roles the game should go smoothly. Now i'm not saying this to shit on support mains, but any good player should do everything you listed at 0:25. Or at least that is what I expect from anyone who calls themselves good. What I find particularlly difficult about bot lane is taking your partner into account. You basically have to share. Creeps, kills, etc. As I understand it you have to make sure your partner does well without falling behind yourself. Also, if you solo queue you know nothing about how your partner plays.
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Honestly main reason support is so hard is that everytime they get something good some other lane abuses it and it gets nerfed.\n*Cough* Spellthief's Edge and Shurelya's *Cough*
I love it when i look at my ADC's vision score at 10 minutes and its still zero......
Coppy Cat
1 of all jungler can fastlea reach level 3 bay kiling blue buf frog & woolfs & mak erly gank in 2-3 min depends from ( jungler ) 2 think don't nead too expect then adc will bee caring naw in league of legends support can be moust strongest player on bot adc stays as support 3 think pick ofcors pick any one ho u wont just understand how & in wot situation u can do wot wit thet champion .
Cordedrex cordedrex
And here I am swain support one trick getting every kill at lane and then one shooting people
Dawid Szymański
I hope that there will be more guides like this. Keep it up!
Dennis Engelen
Well I only do really good at being a support and kinda suck at the rest..\nSo imho it's the easiest role for me.\n\nI think that you just need a support mentality, which not many people have. And because most people don't have that kind of mentality, you could consider it the hardest role in their case, because it requires a total mentality switch.\n\nBut then again, who am I but a rankless casual filth that started playing after a 4 year break.. xD
Denzel Lat
I stan support mains
*One of the most irritating thngs of being a support* \nis your teammates don't know how your champion works, basically not knowing their skill sets.
“Support is so easy bro” Xd
Duane Blommaert
I feel like people tend to forget that support has to use like 3 active items during the fight on top of regular skills. Constantly checking when to use what can get hard
Empty One
For me trusting a questionable adc or jungle is my biggest mistake. Thank you for this helpful video.
Emy Dlaeva
Rename it to tips for low elo or beginners
Moving from jungle to support isn’t as easy as I thought it is. I first walked in with the mentality of “hey this is going to be easy” but turns out it ain’t so easy lol :P \n\nBeen watching a lot of your informative videos and trying to pick things up making the transition a lot easier! \n\nCurrently I’ve fallen in love with thresh and sona c: \n\nAnd I’m just wondering what supports you would say have the same sort of fun play style those 2 offer, I’ve been thinking that nami may fit with my play style but I’m not certain if I should spend the BE on her yet \n\nThanks for all the videos, and keep it up c:
Flingy Flongy Bouncu
so graves is a jungler that gets lvl 3 after 3 camps... no wonder his win rate is so high right now
Happy Doodler
Life tip: Be a more positive ADC that doesn't bash your support whenever something wrong happens.
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Boas dicas. Principalmente sobre a sentinela.
Isaac Vickers
As a request, can you go into how to play out support styles in different scenarios? You touched lightly on it when you talked about knowing your role, because Leona came to my mind immediately. She feels good to engage with early, but seems much more important as a peel later into the game for me a lot of the time.
rnuescape skull deserves my like
KiritoDB -
Mistake 5 . Happens too often when I play galio😂
I like how your explanation of warding does not include most junglers which go scrab and lv.2 gank. They do not include 1:20 minute wards/deep ward which reveal the path the jungler took or didn't take letting my jungler know where to counter gank and the suggested places to ward are places notorious for being easy to clear and only protect 1 zone. For exemple, if I place my ward around river towards mid and I place my river ward in between those 2 bushes, a little towards the entrance to river or near my wall around the exit from tribush to river so their pink on near bot doesn't spot, i'm covering all possible paths in the river, either over walls or walking in, both on mid and on bot, and freeing my mid to be able to place his firt ward on the opposite side and being cover from both sides.\n\nI think the explanation of mistake 3 is poorly made for a support main. Your info could be taken from any reddit post from 4 years or more ago before scrabs were a thing, before xins, wukongs, udyrs, shacos, khaziks, camiles and pantheons went blue/red\u003e scrab\u003emid/bot\u003escrab/grump.\nFor a player as high as you are, and you are much higher than me, seems weird you would explain what you are explaining. I don't have your mechanical skill by miles, and probably play the game much much less than you.\n\nOf course not to count the different placement of wards when a kayn is involve.\n\nMore often than not, ganks will happen with a jungler at lv.2 now, and usually if the jungler went around farming for 6 minutes before remembering he has to do some map stuff.\nOne thing I also think you could've added is that sometimes you can use the lv.2 spike not necessarily to kill the opposing duo, but also to gain position so you are the first to arrive to a scrab contest. If the junglers are fighting over the scrab, I might want to get lv.2 and be in position to get there first rather than going to harass/kill the opposite duo who might have a trist with jump.\n\nEDIT: I would add a 6th big one which is not clearing enemy vision fruits or explosive fruits which allows the jungler to move easily and more vision. When I go to ward at 3ish minutes, or I manage to bully away/kill the oponents on a lv.2 spike, it isn't bad idea to go into the river and clear their vision/explosive over the wall, if I know I'm safe to do so, this way gaining map advantage.
Code to League Youtube Comments:\n\nADC focused videos - complaints about supports\n\nSupport focused videos - complaints about ADCs
Kristóf Kovács
Let's see:\n1. I think it's kinda ok for me. We usually reach lvl 2 first, and even if we don't kill anyone, they lose lane control at that moment.\n2. I need to work on my timing... I try to always have ward.\n3. In the past, I died often when I tried to ward the jungle. I'm a Zyra main, so I started to place more seeds and plants for vision. Twin Shadows can also help, and with Rylai, they can hardly catch me. Another thing is Arcane Comet. It warns me when I hit someone I didn't see.\n4. If you're one-tricking, you can learn sooner what to build in any situation. You can even change the runes.\n5. Yeah, it's probably the hardest. You also need to pay attention to the bounties. If anyone else has high bounty, you really want to save that person, even if you die. But it may happen, that you have higher bounty, so you shouldn't interfere unless you both can escape.\n6. In the previous seasons, I played without knowing my role. With Zyra, my early aim is to zone out the enemies from farm and exp, and protect my adc. Later, I try to ward the important places, help my teammates, deal a lot of damage and cc in teamfights and buy time when we take an objective. Also, in low elo, I try to lead my team with good strategies, and make sure they don't throw (this is the hardest for me :D).
Thank you for doing this, nasteey. While I may be bias too because I am also a support main, I feel like our role is as easy and braindead as people make it out to be. That being said, I've also learned some stuff from this video, so thanks!
Liam Denby
I'm a silver Thresh one trick, I have \
MJ Bitoon
Another mistake supports do is buying only 1 control ward then place and leave them until the end of the game, or unless they get destroyed. You will want to move your control ward, for example, when you're doing dragon, you need to put a control ward, oracle is good but you will put yourself in a precarious situation just by being near the enemy wards. In a single game, I carry 2-3 wards constantly, and buying again when they ran out or you have extra gold. It is not that expensive and increases your vision control, for example when your oracle expires and you haven't cleared the enemy ward, and wards you kill grants 30g, so deduct that and it will only cost 45g for safer map and more vision score(vision score increases your mmr), so do yourself and your team a favor and stock up on control wards.\n\nP.S. I usually have control wards stock up until I can FULLY buy, not just the components, of my last item( i.e. 5Full builds, then the last slot for control ward/s).
Mary Berry
Tbh support players have a pretty hard time sometimes, simply because people don’t understand how supports work. one time i played brand and my teammates were not really good at the game (which is okay, everyone started somewhere and i myself started about three weeks ago) but i had to carry my team with +20 kills as a support. We didn’t win but in the end i got blamed for it like im a support???? I’m not supposed to start all the fights and protect you from literally everything. I mean the positive thing about this was that i got s ranked but still, I was really mad about the fact that my team thought I’m gonna win this for them as a support player. \n\nWhat I also have been experiencing a lot is that people leave me alone. I had so many games where I was either top or bot lane and my teammate just left me there alone, for example when there’s a jungler. And then they get mad at me for not defending my tower properly but what am I supposed to do when there’s a darius and a wukong throwing all their attacks at me. Of course i die?? I of course don’t know the whole game considering I literally started three weeks ago, but with my experience from game plays as well as my own gaming experience I know this should not be happening and I don’t know if people are either just too dense to notice they’re leaving their support alone or if they really just don’t know I’m a support
Mikail Nasir
I love playing lux support..but at mistake 5..either ADC or sp was alone..just playsafe under turret
great vid, i don't seem to make this mistakes but ill have to check my repeats to be sure. could you maybe make a guide on roaming for every champ? or maybe one of warding depending on who the jg is.
Jungle changed! Nice video
Mr. Petkov
It's so hard to get out of your lane as a support if you see an opportunity for your team because your ad will push the lane, get ganked and killed, blame you and afk.
mistakes of supports in gold and below:\nassume adc will focus enemy when they focus u(don't take dmg for u adc)\nassume adc will secure kill (they mostly can't skill and auto, or move and auto in the same time, secure it when enemy can escape, even u get flame by this)\nassume adc will follow u engage (better not play tanks sups)\nassume jg will gank bot before 15min (even if he wall pass bot river and 'see' 2v2 trade)\nand most important don't try to help u teammates when they brainlessly go 1v5 and expect follow of team and save them (when mostly nobody (beside you) is on position to do this)
Im so happy now that I play with a premade team with 3 to 5 people. The chance that somebody is blaming at me is smaller. It took me a while to finding the perfect role. I tried a couple champions. When I was playing Sona(I tought begin with a simple support) I liked to help others and healing. So I was looking for other champions like Sona. Then I ended with Soraka(that is my main champion now) and Nami. The worst part was I was playing Nami and I bought that cheap skin Urf the Nami tee. Then I was playing her in a game and I didn't played her that much yet. The ADC and I died a couple times. Then the ADC said to me: Refund that skin you are not worth wearing that skin. Stop Nami you cant play her etc. And now I'm level 7 on Nami. She is my second main champion and she helped me a lot in ranked games.
Mya Scarlet
I've already said, but I'll do it again and again\nI love your content
Hey nasteey just got introduced to your channel just got finish watching this video thnx a lot from this guide of yours because i just got started on playing support becuz its fun and i have to say that support role is not very easy considering the factors at hand
Tested a new editor for this video let me know what you thought!
Nil Sagara
There are few youtubers covering the support role, thanks for the video and for spend some time sharing your experience. Please keep doing this great job and I hope your channel can grow more and more! Tks!
Ognjen A.
The most common mistake is not dodging when you get support.
Mistake Number 7 is probalby: Dont forget to find out who you're carry is. Cause that's not always the ADC... if your Master Yi is at 5-0, while your Autofill ADC is down 40 CS just from laning... you should probably use your Kinghts Vow on the Master Yi...\n\nAnd yes, one of my favorite Dialog is ADC: \
Pedro Calçada
Very good video! Hope I can bring some of these tips to The Brazilian solo queue
One thing I would have liked to see covered (even though this topic sucks to talk about) is when to 'abandon' your ADC and find a new anchor in a game. Please be mindful that this is an absolute last resort. 9/10 times this is the wrong move, and you should try to salvage your relationship with your ADC and do everything possible to make them worth something. But we've all played with an ADC who just doesn't seem to care, and dies over and over in the same dumb ways, and won't cooperate even when the rest of your team is making the right plays. In that situation, I often leave the lane completely after the first turret goes down, and roam where the fighting is the hottest (I main Soraka btw) and try to help out there. If someone is making good plays, and I can join up with them for a gank, or reinforce their lane, I do that. Leave a few wards botlane and hope that your ADC doesn't just keep feeding. It's okay if they're stuck under turret and last hitting what they can as long as they don't die. Either they will keep overextending and die (which they would anyway if you were there, remember, and possibly take you with them) or they will hunker down near the turret and farm the waves relatively safely while you hopefully snowball someone more fed who can carry in their stead. The upside is, if your ADC is just having a bad game, but is otherwise pretty competent, they won't hold it against you, and benefit from the solo XP and get themselves caught up as your presence elsewhere will probably draw roamers away from them. Otherwise their overextending will draw roamers down bot, and your pressure in other lanes will hopefully be enough to tip the scales as you help your more competent teammates get further ahead.\nIt's the last thing I want to do in a game, and it's never malicious, but sometimes it has to be done for the greater good, and part of being a good support is being able to recognize when to make that tough decision.\n\nSomething else that's helped my support game a lot to adopt is the idea of what you can offer your team 'for free', in the sense that you don't need to spend mana or health or any ingame resource to do, that has a material gain associated with it. An example would be what I think of as supplimenting your teams' attention span. All the other roles have stuff to focus on that requires constant attention, things like farming and harassing and position, etc. A lot of times when a laner dies to a gank, they have wards and that, they were just focused on harassing or getting ready to get a kill, and they weren't looking for ganks. Since supports tend to have a bit more downtime, I take responsibility for tracking the jungler as much as I can and paying attention to other lanes, trying to spot incoming ganks so I can ping and warn my laners of the incoming danger. This also extends to things like noticing when Dragon is up, or other such things where you're just kind of helping your team with things they may not nescessarily have the focus available to track themselves. A big thing is pinging fights. If you see a fight break out and the jungler could possibly go help, ping. The worst thing that can happen is they do nothing, but sometimes you can turn the tides of a fight just by alerting your teammates to it, and having them join in. This is especially true if you spot someone walking past your wards in the jungle. It might become a free kill if our allies are on point. If you feel confident in your game knowledge, a support being the shotcaller is often a really good thing, because you have a bit more attention at your disposal, and if you do a good job, you can pick the engagements that make sense instead of being in the 'oh god why are they fighting this fight? i can't save them from this!' situation, or watching your team get enveloped during a push and being frustrated that they tunneled so hard they didn't see it happening. You need to be their watchdog, and you'd be surprised how many deaths you can avoid 'for free', just by spending some of your downtime productively to cover the weaknesses in your team.\n\nIf you're watching the map and you see someone on the enemy team roaming, or you notice your top laner pushed out with no ward vision, call that shit out. Maybe your team sees it, but assume they don't, and give a 'danger' ping, just in case. It saves lives. Use the 'enemy has vision' ping, or just give a 'careful' ping in the river to remind them to ward, or signal them to fall back. 9/10 times they were just tunneling and weren't thinking of how far they were pushing, and weren't thinking about the possibility of a gank, they were wondering how to kill the low HP person they're trading with. As a support, especially Soraka, your presence can and should be global. Be the shot caller. Ping your abilities, especially your ULT, so that people know if you have it up. Try to let them know you're watching (I like to ping that my ult is ready, then use an 'on my way' ping or target the top laner) and ready to use your ult if they go in, and follow up on it. You'd be surprised how often you can bait top laners into taking a fight, only to turn the tides with a delayed ult just before your top laner dies, securing a kill. \n\nIt's also a good idea to keep an eye on your OWN jungler. Watch when they are going to gank a lane, and ping them a few times. Try to be clear while doing this, you don't want your jg to think you're warning them not to gank, make it clear you're trying to get the laner's attention and let them know help is coming so the jungler will be sure they will follow up when he ganks. Being ready with your ult to make this even more effective is definetly a good thing. \n\nMost of this might be common knowledge, but I hope it helps a few people out!
R Pamungkas
Playing a support is like playing pokemon. Your adc is your pokemon.
RVPairofdice the Wanderer
As a Silver Flex Player who often gets autofilled to Support in PH I honestly often have a team that has trouble maintaining lead, especially objective-wise, during after Early Game. I could win lane with my stranger ADC Partner but sooner or later my whole team messes up several times to guerilla warfare that is running into areas with no vision and looking for kills instead of getting objectives.\n\nHonestly my own problem is understanding when and where to ward during after Early Game since I may be the only alert person (who map-checks) in my team who wards and destorys enemy vision but I could not do more than warding 4 times (with an Eye Item) and sweeping every 5 minutes until I decide to back with the risk of leaving my team on the worst time.\n\nAny suggestions, bud? ;-;
Raska The Furry
Dont always assume, that Leona is engager. Sometimes we have brains and know, that if we engage, it wont be good, either by enemy having more items/kill lead/escape or we wouldnt be able to protect our adcs enough. When we are grouped up, yes, we are engagers... If we are alone with adc, playing against ez and lux that keep poking ADC to minimum health... Sorry. That wont work out.
Rosen Kostov
inb4 bronze & silver players declaring themselves as prodigies for picking bad runes and building useless items
Ryan Brooks
Great video! Ever since I started watching your videos my game has gotten so much better. Keep it up!
Saajid Bhuiya
I've been playing way more support lately because my friend is gassed off of high noon Lucian, and while I make good plays and all, I can genuinely feel I don't get much acknowledgement for my work with vision, rotations, engages and peel. Then I get blamed for not peeling even when my team walks into a Brand W combo. Plus when your team doesn't listen to your advice about rotations or playstyles and then blames everyone else for their deaths, it can be so aggravating. Fairly tilting but you gotta get by however you can. At least I myself am a nice ADC main because I have support history and understand the struggles. Good job to support players internationally!
I lowkey feel like the entire comment section is bronze. The complaints I'm seeing are about their AD sucking or them getting bashed by the team. I'm just about to reach Plat and I've never experienced anything like this. Like... guys... if you aren't in low elo and you're a support that knows gameplay and laning phase then your AD shouldn't be an issue. You can carry your AD through laning as long as they don't face plant into enemy turret. If your AD's gets caught often, change your play style. Stop playing lulu, janna, etc. Start playing someone that can capitalize on engages and turn enemy \
See you again.
i started playing 2 days ago and i'm lvl 12. I'm so fvcking lost...I'm trying my best with Soraka but I still can't manage to heal myself and Nami looks SO op but I don't know how to use her either. My boy---friend told me to play this game together cause we always go supp/dps but damn, i have tried dps and they are way easier than support.
I see you mentioned Safe Zones, and this is totally a mistake I make a lot, going into the danger zones and getting picked. Unfortunately, you don't actually offer any advice on how to improve that. Say our towers are down and the safe zone is the base. How do I extend ward covered? Because I can't sit at the fountain, right?
Slumber studio
I once played soraka and my fed yasuo mid tried to 1v3 under enemy tower. he Q and ult immedietly eventho there are enemy lux there. I tried my best to W him, but once he got CCed by lux, I ran and recall. he died and spam 'idiot soraka' while alt click my ult. am I wrong? I know he's fed and probably can triple kill and died. but, really?
Sofia Skakalovaw
I’m a main Lux as a support. I can say that for me supporting is not that hard . Because I’m better at team fighting than 2v1 . The problem is that when I say RECALL , or go back, or don’t go there , try to farm better , Let the poking to me , most just don’t listen . My question is , when my adc overpushes and I see jg coming (3vs2) and the adc is undertower , should I let him die ?(I can’t do anything , or I’m low mana, and the fact that I said to him to go back)
Steven Eric Henning
I'm a support main myself and I gotta say, some things I didn't even think I had done wrong, for example the first ward placement and the powerspike.. But at Mistake 5 I was thinking: Most ADCs in the newer patches feel like gods, go somewhere without their support, die if they don't recall with them, use almost no wards and the worst of all, it doesn't matter wether you try to save them and unluckily die with them or you don't, you will be yelled at for (not) helping 90% of the time, which ruins the game already because in my opinions, Toxicity tears teams apart. Have one toxic player and the whole team loses its stability.. And I've been a Thresh main since I started, I never used Frozen Heart unless in late game if I had a full AD enemy team.. always went for my ward item first and afterwards shoes and Solari
Mistake #5. Sigh. I get scolded by ADCs when I leave them, telling me I could've saved them but my ADCs were half dead and fighting 3 enemy. Like ?????? \
Sys Fiend
There's some mistakes in this video.\nJunglers don't take that path anymore, they go for crab instead of second buff.\nSave zone works at really low elos, otherwise, vision = save zone.\nYou don't place wards right next to your lane, you try placing them in the enemy jungle so you know way earlier if he is coming and you give valuable information to your jungler. Let your adc ward (also with pinks) next to the lane.\n\nSome extras: \nBe useful. Sometimes you stay right next to your adc just getting experience. If so, think about ganking mid (check your jungler's and mid's situation), ward enemy or own jungle depending on how the game is going, go help your jungler invading enemy jungle or securing crab, etc.\nKnow who the carry is and play for him.\nIf your adc is not having a good game, forget about him as soon as he can start farming alone (most likely when first tower goes down) and go help some other lanes.\nLast but not least: VISION, VISION and VISION. Prioritise boots and wards/warding trinket over any other object and risk your life for vision, if smart enough, you won't die that much and you will get a lot of useful information.
Terence Herring
I found it helpful hopefully I learn quick and start getting them S’s
Glad I get to see more and more videos regarding common mistakes vs How to become *insert higher elo and role here*, I feel like these help a bit more since not only do these mistakes can pertain to all ranks, but people who are slowly getting into the game don't get pressured into thinking that if you can't do these things in the game in that role, you're never going to make it out of whatever you placed into. It's more that if you CAN accomplish these things over time, you as a player gain much more meaningful experiences and potential for growth. I know you posted this in May, but thanks for the vod. -Support Thresh main
Support is one of the top 5 most difficult roles (just my opinion)
I have to admit, I am the epitome of Mistake #5. Leave no man behind. XD
Thresh The Chain Warden
Hey nasteey. I'm a Platinum thresh main in the PH Server and I just want to ask about helping with CS for support role. I normally play ancient coin thresh and Im afraid I did something wrong if I help my ADC with csing. Any tips?
30 second outro to push it to 10 minutes.....
Todesengel Wolf
Most common mistake: you trust your adc.
UltraGamer 151
I absolutly hate when i go and engage on the enemy for Thresh for ex. my adc always likes to ise abilities on minions for cs leaving them with aa only or if they pick ignite instead of heal so they can secure a kill for themselves
Valerian Mooney
The last tip is actually incredibly important for more than just support players. You have no idea how many times I've seen my toplaners go lethality when both behind and when we don't have a frontliner. It is so frustrating to see lol
What ?
You did not leave us with the robots. Wait wat?
Witch Of Babylon
*looks at thumbnail*\nPicking Karma
Wouter Stek
Great instructions. However, this is a video channel, try to use relevant footage of gameplay to emphasize the point you are making. There's a lot of nonsensical footage in here...
I'm so sick and tired of people saying \
oof i felt this, as someone who prefers to support with sona, level 3 dives are almost impossible for me to support because sona’s W heal drains her mana so fast. Then I’ll get “Sona why didn’t you help?” when I’ve already pinged my mana like five times before and during the dive.\n\nI always try to make my mana levels noticeable by my team, because without my mana I’m not gonna be able to be the healing utility they expect.\n\nAlso, when I use Crescendo to disengage or get my ADC out of a sticky situation, typically the ally jungler starts complaining that I should have saved my ultimate for a team fight. I understand that a potential five-man stun is great, but knowing the context of the game and considering the condition of my ADC, I know that keeping the ADC alive would be better than saving an ultimate that wouldn’t even be used because there were no objectives that would initiate a group fight (Dragon/Baron.) Turns out, the biggest fight we had was during Baron about nine minutes later, and I did use my Crescendo.\n\nOverall, supports are usually put at lots of blame if they’re not doing what people think they do. Just because I heal doesn’t me I have the infinite mana in the beginning to spam it for a dive. Just because my ultimate stuns everyone doesn’t meant I can’t use it to escape a potential double kill, and if played right, it can be turned around and we get the double instead.
Yuyu D.
I dont usually play adc, but when i do it's with a crazy person playing leona who towerdives at lvl 2. He was 0/9 and made me die at least 5 times 15 min in. Whenever i poked, he would instantly go in regardless of vision, position, reason... Then he afked after the rest of the team roasted him for being a crazy person. We somehow won 4v5 but idk, some supports are crazy people
ash 098
Number 4, is crap, you should always build situational, not copy same builds over and over, never works, if your raka and fighting blitz or thresh, you more than likely want to pick up banshees veil and not crucible for yourself
mistake 5 : there is also the opposite\n(well it's only related to support.)\nit's \
cheese puffs
The supp role is kinda easy,not beacuse it's 100% braindead,but bcs you can learn those things(warding,roaming etc.)kinda quickly,just a little bit of practice and remembering to use them(my opinion).But when you have to babysit that ADC who gets so easily TILTED,just bcs you took a minion(ok if it's cannon,but srsly if it's like a caster one,Jeeeeesus)that they throw THE WHOLE GAME bcs you wanted to heal them with relic...~_~
elie bou karam
im a plat support, ive been playing support since season 1. I agree with evrything. i even learned something :D. but one common mistake of Low elo supports do and u cant possibly know... is : trusing your lane partner. YOu just cant trust that your adc will do the job. good carry botlaners dont really exist in gold or silver. unless they are worth more and they are out of place. so with time and experience, you can evaluate if you trust or not , and adjust style between safe and agrtessive.
I main tahm kench support... I hate people. I hate people saying \
ileana gheorghisor
Sometimes, I leave my auto attack on and while standing in the bush, it happens for me to auto attack a minion and kill it by mistake. Even if I say sorry, the ADC keeps pinging me and yelling at me how stupid I am. This is the most iritating thing that can happen in this game.\nThey often unnecessarily poke the enemy and lose tons of CC, but if I get one minion, it's the end of the world.
Great video. I still can't use my level 2 power spike right but I'm still improving
Very supportive video.\nLike this comment to support his channel
Can you explain in more detail the knowing your role part?
rachael kent
I feel like this season is especially hard for support.
I fake leashes in normal games am I a tryhard?
As an AD-Carry player nothing frustrates me more than the dreaded Full AP Lux \
Kd doesnt matter supports are the real caries
to be honest, supports need so much more appreciation. like, i risk myself a lot for my adc and they’re usually the toxic one when I’m playing a champion to take care of them while they get the kills.\n\nalso, people always compliment the adc as if it isn’t hard to play support// we have to land things like stuns, roots and knockups as well as being melee at times. as well as things such as exp and cs which would be kinda difficult to earn/slower.
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i m an adc main and tbh when my support says i should go back, or not engage or something, then i recall with him, i see no point in going there alone like a dummy\n \ni m playing support too when i get the chance because i want to understand him and see through his eyes the game and oh my god it S JUST SO HARD \nsupport is not easy at all, by any means whatsoever, you have to keep track of everything, protect your teammates and a lot of other stuff which you showed in the video\n\nin my opinion, the adcs should play support sometimes so that they can understand how hard it is and stop arguing and flaming in the chat\n*sorry for my bad english tho*