Metallica: Fade to Black (Lincoln, NE - September 6, 2018)

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Filmed at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE on September 6, 2018.© 2018 Blackened RecordingsFollow Metallica:

Just don't know how a song can be so all consuming. Thanks for sharing
Is there anyone else that watches these live Metallica vids as they're uploaded like any other youtuber / vlogger you sub to? I enjoy seeing where they're performing, how they'll play certain songs a little different just a few nights after I last saw them play it.
Ahide Alcocer
Love from QUITO-ECUADOR🇦🇲lml💀💀
Alan Dougall
3:00 Kirk thinking: not bad, not bad at all
Alex Tr
347 views. 283 likes. 0 dislike... \\m/ Long live Metallica ! \\m/
Alwan Rosyidi
James sounds so much better
Berkay K
Cant believe this is more than 30 years old
Black Shock Light LED
Please Play FixXxer.
That one note kirk always misses in the intro is iconic...
Charles Ryan
One of the greatest metal songs ever written
Clyde Bigsby
they even got a wah cam
I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cristiano Faxx
James had a great voice there
ааааа как же это мощно !!!!!!! РОК-ЛЕГЕНДА !!! :-)
Deimisson m. silva
É arrepiante ,é top de mais ,sem palavras é só curti e curti sem parar ,eterna metálica nunca morrerá ...,.....
come to Turkey
Dima Khanjaliashvili
happy to see James singing like this at the age of 55.
Everton Mk
Come on to 🇧🇷🤗
Federico Suarez
Alguno de Argentina?? 🤘
Felipe NascimEnto
Pessoal de BR deixa like aiiiiiiiiii🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
FoRmUlA fan01
I really have to say this. I am so happy that Metallica is still doing this after 37 years and at this age. For me and probably for many more of you they are really inspirational. I love you Metallica! Keep on going👊
Gareth Poon
Papa Het’s beard tho
Gary Hylton
Really wish Kirk would keep his damn foot off of the wah for this song.
Giannis Thr
Oh god,this song..! 😍
Hate the way they tune down
One of greatest Metallica songs\nJames's vocal is awesome
I wonder if they always get a flashback of jason leaving the band...because this was the last song they performed together
That happiness when notification pop up!
0:47 That Triller sounds incredible, im so jealous of his fingers :DD
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You can say what you want about Lars, but that performance was awesome!
Hurrikane Vlogs
I want skilz like james with this song😍❤️
Im Zennox
Imagine James’s white snakebyte playing the whole song
Isaias Sanchez
Me encanta Metallica
The ability to sing and play a guitar at the same time is truly a gift.
Ivan power
Let’s go to the netherlands!!! I come
Iwan Vv
*Most powerful band on Earth*
J Anubis
5:42 really..... Wah with Greeny!? Dafuq it's a blues guitar...
Has anyone else noticed his singing is significantly better?
Jackson Adair
I was there
Jake Miller
I live in Omaha and wish I could’ve gone 💔☠️🤘🏼
Jake Moore
Look how smooth James transitions from the acoustic to his electric with a pick slide while he adjusts his left hand. 3:30
Jamie B
The greatest song ever made.
Jan Hanebeck - AmiLoGiXx
Thanks for the close-up of the intro solo. I'll keep using this to finally nail it at some point... :)
Janusz Jankes
Metallica perfekt zajebiscie ogień czad potęga dźwięków bomba doskonała forma jak zwykle czekamy już niedługo wszyscy na Narodowy to dopiero będzie szał jakiego się spodziewać trzeba 🤘🤘👹🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤☠️😈super super super super super.
Juan Rios
I'll never stop loving this song, perfect creation
Justin Voluck
This song is absolute perfection!
Kaelin Storrs
I was there, what a beautiful song.
Kaka Oliveira
Posso ficar 10 horas seguidas que não canso de ouvir essa banda
Keda Wood Dye
Man all these guys are still spot on! Grew up on these guys, and still love them!
Kevin Morris
Are we going to ignore the fact that Kirk is playing a 1959 Les Paul Standard that was previously owned by Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green, that Kirk payed $2 million dollars for? Hell yeah!!!!!
L Lawliet
This song. Woow
Lars's Wig
My only wish is to see them live before they retire.\nUnfortunately I don't think that'll ever happen.
One of my favorite songs. Love that Kirk is playing the Gary Moore/Peter Green Les Paul and not just leaving it at home like a museum piece.
MaceWin Dont
Went from fighting Napster, to giving us professionally mixed free live performances daily. Metallica is king!
Mario Hinsche
Best Band Ever
Mass73 Maroz
Классно респект 🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍👏👏👏
Ah meu Deus!🤤 Essa música...❤️❤️\n\n#🇧🇷
Mehmet Kebir
kirk guitar \nThe kirk guitar seems to belong to gary moore?
My fav metallica song \u003c3
Mohamad Shaxi
Loves from Kurdistan. ❤️
Orun Makarov
at 2:57 Kirk is like,\nShit James, you heard that? I found a new riff.
Qoini Official
Love from India 🇮🇳
Rajamani Ayyer
Just want kirk to play the exact solo at the end... Anyway I love it though
Realizia Lepsky
This song was save my live
these guys never get old and I been a Metallica fan since 1986. Will always love their music.
Rian Afsanzani
Lars lost his tom 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Robert S
Witsh Metallica could still write songs like this once again. Mr. Hammett you are bewitched man
Sajeel Chughtai
Best song by Metallica
Shaun k
wonder if that is Gary moores Guitar Kirk is playing
Steve Walther
Syafiq Sazalee
Life it seems to fade away\nDrifting further everyday\nGetting lost within myself\nNothing matters no one else\nI have lost the will to live\nSimply nothing more to give\nThere is nothing more for me\nNeed the end to set me free\n\nThings not what they used to be\nMissing one inside of me\nDeathly loss this can't be real\nCannot stand this hell I feel\nEmptiness is filling me\nTo the point of agony\nGrowing darkness taking dawn\nI was me but now, he's gone\n\nNo one but me can save myself, but its too late\nNow I can't think, think why I should even try\n\nYesterday seems as though it never existed\nDeath greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye
T Swizzle
02:20\nYou can tell Kirk is putting his heart and soul into this. Such a beautiful thing
They call Me RAIN
The best intro ever
Seems James' mustache is powering Metallica
Vineet Rathish
I kinda feel Metallica have mastered the art of giving perfect Fade to Black performances!
Zachary Harriss
Fade to black 🤘 one of my favorite Metallica songs
1:02 Kirk got very lucky lol
bisha kamal
Emptiness of filling meeeeeeeee to the point of agony (daaaamn James) this line is fucking amazing 3:17
daniel 3KQ38
James sounds really good. I want to my voice change like His. All the Best Papa
daras valadaras
I'm pretty sure that's peter greens les paul. If it is that's awesome that kirk brings it on the road!🤘
joy aichbhowmik
Man! Lars has improved so much!Love you Lars and even rob he is a secret weapon of the band he plays the bass with groove and taste love all of you!
Lars 🤘
nothing isnt As it seem
go dam , pace is perfect , just like when it came out of the Metallica factory . god dam i missed the Metallica melody! still give me the shiver , yep 30 years later
Seeing them for the first time next year! I’m so pumped up already!
phal o
Seriously whoever came up with those lightboxes above the stage really deserves a cookie
ricardios carbonara
jesus christ, this is the best they've sounded in years, really shows they've put in the hard work lately, wish i could thank them personally for getting better and better and also for giving us these awesome free HD videos to watch, i honestly think that the band is the best example of fine wine, James, thanks for working so hard with your voice, Lars you are so on point here its brilliant, Kirk, we know you always improvise the FTB solo but this was the best improv i have seen in years, Rob, you've always remained flawless so, nothing has changed here :-) really made my day to see this. love to all fellow 'tallicamaniacs
Legends never die 🤘🤘
roman norry
¡¡The Old James voice is coming back!!
scott Keeney
Metallica has never sounded better. These live performances are amazing.
I like the first three MetallicA's albums
ść źż
Merry christmas 🎅 😙 👍 and happy new year
I think Metallica is slowing down in some songs but their solos are destroying... 🤘
Андрей Карпов
Best ballad by Metallica, best vocal by Papa Het!