Can bleeding occur in early pregnancy? - Dr. Phani Madhuri

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Can there be bleeding in early pregnancy? Bleeding in early pregnancy is very common as it happens in 3 – 5% pregnancies especially common after patients who have conceived after fertility treatments. So what happens in early pregnancy? In early pregnancy the growing embryo buried into the uterus to try to get the blood supply from the mother, to enhance its position and starts growing. So when this is happening, the small fetus is trying to grow bigger to occupy the whole uterus. During this process, sometimes it can bleed and it is called as implantation bleeding and it is quite common and not to be worried. It could be a worry to the doctor and the patient if the quality of the pregnancy is not going ahead in the expected manner. That is when the bleeding is significant and can be a worry. How to determine the quality of the pregnancy? Even if there is bleeding, the growth of the fetus is see as expected in the due course of time, the increase in the sac size, appearance of fetal pole, appearance of the heart beat of the fetus. Bleeding can be from the implantation bleed not bleed from the raw surface of the uterus. Sometimes the growth of the fetus cannot be appropriate and the bleeding could start and be heavy and associated with cramping in the lower abdomen. These are the signs of early miscarriage or threatened miscarriage where we have to aggressively act upon. There is a condition called as sub chorionic hematoma where the fetus is invading into the uterine wall and a little vessels which can bleed a little more than expected and there can be a small collection of bleed being the implanting embryo and can bleed form the internal oz to the external oz in the form of dark bleeds or even fresh bleeds. As long as the fetus is growing, it is fine. Can be supported with various medications ,hemostatic, rest.

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I have 3 moths baby madam. I have first time unprotected sex after delivery. My question is can I get pragnant soon madam.
Afrith Abrar
Dr enakku early pregnancy conform pannaga but innum urine test la negatively nu varuthu atharku ena pannalam ippa 4month aaha poathu dr Dec 26 pls replay pannuga tamil
Anees Fathima
When this bleeding will happen??
Arifa Jaffar 37 days completed am check pregnancy test positive...but 38 days morning bleeding....what can I do
Bassslayer 87
Help my wife bleed only ten little drops and it has stop since then. We're 9 weeks pregnant. Is this something to be concern about?
I had a period twice last month but this month was late has my period date is 7th but this i started on the 29th i don't understand so if anyone can help please
Kavita Thapa
want to get pregnant we have tried from last month after 6th july but now m bleeding exactly on 6th august want to knw m i pregnant or not
Krishnan Kumar
my delivery was operation before 2 years . but now I have bleeding after periods. why have this problem?
Hello mam I'm 1mnth pregnant when will start foetal heart rate
Guys God bless us one day
Ramya Saranya
எனக்கு 40 நாட்கள் period வரல ஆன இப்ப bleeding வருகிறது என்ன காரணம்
Reema Shaw
If there is no bleeding after embryo transfer
Saba T
At 2:18 minute, what is she saying? I struggle to get it.
Sagar Leembo
hii this is mandira im also 5months 1week why its bleeding sometimes n smell aslo.?
San Mira
Thanks for the suggestion. Well, Doctor nose is unique.
Sanga Shivaluckyanu
Madam naaku 6week 2 days pregnant. But bleeding avutundi.eppudu tablet tho pregnancy pothunda leka DNC cheyala please reply me medam
Su Ach
wat is d fate of pregnancy if they don c a sac at 5 week? plz reply
Taiwo Abiola
Am doing my period on 5 or 7,I just saw small blood on my pait after that I did not see my period again ,,I don't know maybe is pregnant
Vamshinath Nath
hello madam I am 3 month preagant now when I went to conspirataion ( bathroom ) I got blood what does it mean please say me lam so worried about that please say not from the urine part it come
Vetri Meena
Mam my last mensuration is 4th may & I am trying to convince but bleeding in 2nd June with in 2days I am pregnant or not plz rpy me mam
Vishu Arora
2 mnths hue h bs baby ki deth hui h 8:30 mnth m hi bhot tnsn hoti h
White Box
HI\nI am mamun fr Bangladesh. My wife 5month at pregnancy. We already take advice fr Dr. gave an Injection course for 2month for bleeding & it finished yesterday. Today he hv seen blood at morning.We so worried for that. Pls give suggestion.
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Am 3months pregnant and bleeding what can I do
sonam singh shekhawat
mam meri pregnancy ko 4 month complete ho gaye hai thodi bleeding hui usk bad sonography karai to normal aai.. aisa kyu ho raha hai..