LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

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Abhiraj Kumar
Aldo Angel Jiménez Luna
Alejandro Nava
20020 ?????
Alenka Deutschova
Ehmmm... Parody for the walking dead?
Alexis The moron
I remember when I was younger this was the shit...😂 man I still love this song
Alistaire Ferrer
Archimedes Gaming
5:21 Time travelling pewdiepie fan?
Arthur serra
TOC TOC alguém em 2019..?
Astronomia gr
*2 0 1 9 anyone?*
Benn Zockt
Bruklyn A
Who is still watching this in January 2019? 🙌 A classic 💃
2011 was really the best year in modern music
Casa depapel
Christian Vinicius
Melhor música deles
LMFAO came and droped some amazing songs then dissapeared
*Its LIKE the movie BIRD BOX*\n*2019?*
DN742 Abad
Youtube rewind 2018 become most disliked video\nMe: *Play this song*
2:02 that cardboard robot is in every music video
Dionis Leev
so much outfits fit for cyberpunk 2077
Dogukan Simsek
Eduardo Pereira de sousa
17/01/2019 aqui é br
Fabian _hte
Everyone here in 2020?
Finn S
January 2019???
3:37 everyday im dancing fortnite dafaulut dance.
Gabriel Meneghetti
2011 the best year of my life. So much fun.
Gabriela Severová
Gyuri Sipos
2 👌\n0🤑\n1😎\n9❤️\n?🤘
Ian 9876
Who came here for the nostalgia flashback :)
JS Channel
Lyrics\nParty Rock!\nYeah\nWooo!\nLet's go!\n\nParty rock is in the house tonight\nEverybody just have a good time (yeah)\nAnd we gon' make you lose your mind (woo)\nEverybody just have a good time (clap)\nParty rock is in the house tonight (oh)\nEverybody just have a good time (I can feel it baby)\nAnd we gon' make you lose your mind (yeaH)\nWe just wanna see you\nShake that!\n\nIn the club, party rock\nLooking for your girl? She on my jock\nNon stop when we in the spot\nBooty moving weight like she on the block\nWhere the drank? I gots to know\nTight jeans, tattoo, 'cause I'm rock and roll\nHalf-black, half-white, domino\nGainin' money, Oprah, dough\nYo!! I’m running through these hoes like Drano\nI got that devilish flow rock and roll no halo, we party rock!\nYeah, that’s the crew that I’m repping\nOn the rise to the top, no lead in our zeppelin, hey\n\nParty rock is in the house tonight (woo)\nEverybody just have a good time (yeah)\nAnd we gon' make you lose your mind \nEverybody just have a good time (let's go)\nParty rock is in the house tonight\nEverybody just have a good time (I can feel it baby)\nAnd we gon' make you lose your mind\nWe just wanna see you\nShake that!\n\nEvery day I’m shufflin'\nShufflin', shufflin'\n\nStep up fast and be the first girl to make me throw this cash\nWe get money don’t be mad, now stop\nHatin' is bad\nOne more shot for us (another round!)\nPlease fill up my cup (don’t mess around!)\nWe just wanna see (you shake it now!)\nNow you wanna be (you're naked now!)\n\nGet up get down put your hands up to the sound\nGet up get down put your hands up to the sound\nGet up get down put your hands up to the sound\nPut your hands up to the sound\nPut your hands up to the sound\nGet up, get up, get up, get up\nGet up, get up, get up, get up\nGet up, put your hands up to the sound, to the sound\nPut your hands up, put your hands up, put your hands up, put your hands up\n\nParty rock is in the house tonight (woo)\nEverybody just have a good time (put your hands up) (yeah)\nAnd we gon' make you lose your mind (put your hands up)\nEverybody just have a good good good time\nOh oh (put your hands up)\nOh oh (I can feel it babe)\nOh oh (put your hands up)\nOh oh (put your hands up)\n\nShake that\nEvery day I’m shufflin'\n\nPut your put your\nPut your put your (yeah)\nPut your put your (ooh)\nPut your put your\nPut your hands up\nYour hands up\nPut your hands up
Jeff Haber
They were doing the future Bird Box, in Party Rock. With the future Marshmallow.
Johnny Martini
Don't pretend to know country if you don't know these two...
Jose Manuel Morales Arce
Seguimos moviendo la cabeza con esto? Yo si
José Antonio Cruz Ramiro
Joder que recuerdos
Kevin Riess
*These guys made like 3 songs and dipped*
Leanne in Adelaide
Old farts review. Super corny and yet sooo fabulous. 2nd best video in the corny fab genre after Michael Jackson's Thiller!
M j G
One of the most memorable pop songs of this decade. This will be on best of 2010s retrospective lists.
2019 AnYoNe?\n\nnow slide in those likes
Mark Brown
*Who still party rocking in 2019*
Mercy Bigsorrelhorse
WHO'S IN 2019 WITH ME???
Miguel tvid
Mr. Comment
*A Legend says that they are shufflin till today*
Mr. Negi Generation 3000
Party rockers in the hou
Mr. StrikeMaN
Seriously? 2019? Who is there?)
Mxolisi nkosingiphile
who is still party rocking in 2018?....me and you.
Naizar Eckenrode
Let's goooooooo😉👌👌👌 have a good time
Nayla Monteiro
Anyone 2019!! ..
2019 2019 2019??? fucking stfu
Patko Dluhoš
Paulina Garza
7 years and still listening, am i the only one??
Rahim Akhtar
Redfoo is 43 now 😳
Rahul Roy
legends says birdbox was inspired by this song
Ricardo Ferraz
Rubin Samuel
W\r\nWh\r\nWho\r\nWho's\r\nWho's w\r\nWho's wa\r\nWho's wat\r\nWho's watc\r\nWho's watch\r\nWho's watchi\r\nWho's watchin\r\nWho's watching\r\nWho's watching i\r\nWho's watching in\r\nWho's watching in 2\r\nWho's watching in 20\r\nWho's watching in 201\r\nWho's watching in 2019\r\nWho's watching in 2019?\nWho's watching in 2019??\nWho's watching in 2019???
Ruka gen
2:24 I like.
Samster Madness
Savage SavageBeast1738
Whose watching this in 2018!!?😎
This is still awesome in 2019!!
Sherlock Holmes
That 28 Days Later Reference is gonna kill me! 😂😂😂
Sickmade Inc.
2019!!!!!! Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!
Syco Lucas
It's 2018 and I'm still listening to this. Who else is?
É daqui que os funkeiros copiam os passinhos ???? Kkkkk
Tedy Ultra Mega
I like it 😍😍\nWhat do you do ??
Ten Skripz
Thay Bacon
*_2018 anyone??_*
The Akerkesha
The Doge of Serbia
ok this is epic
The Kid
1:36 first conception of the AirPods.............. Buds by Dre
The One True Morty
2011 National Anthem.
The aleatorious
just me in\n2\n0\n1\n9\n?
*Bird box* : can't see outside\n*A quiet place* : can't talk nor make a sound\n*Don't breathe* : can't breathe\n*Party rock anthem* : can't hear the song\n\n\nEdit: not expecting to have many likes \nThis is my first time
Tibor _Asmr
2019??? 💜💜💜💜💜
Tizio E.M
Estos Tiempos Nunca Van a Volver Otra Vez...
Tomas Pham
End of 2018 anyone ?
Unai Izquierdo Calzada
Holy shit I just realized that they two are Fellaini from Manchester United and Jimmy Uso from WWE
*How many of you just wish that you could reverse time back to 2011?*
William Appleby
2011 was a much simpler time
Zety Mydan
My childhood.....
calma aí cara
Alguém brasileiro em 2019?
cyrax asmr
disco turtle
2011, damn what a time to be alive it was
elena tejada
El de la camiseta \
falcon X
*2019* ????
jaybreezy 6123
The days where I would just grab all my snacks and drinks and listen to this song while playing call of duty mw3, back when life wasn't so chaotic.gee do I miss those days
kizito 7
This song is also in alvin and the chimpmanks from 2018 to 2019 road trip
milibaez04 miluu
Like if you're still listening in 2018!. 🔥
Анна Бель
2019 ???
Вадим Беляков
I wish they got back together again.. This used to be the only song I listened t.. ;-;
Саша Саша
Руусссккиие тут водятся?
ゆうと ゆうと
Everyday I'm shuffling
Why cant something new like this come out?