Michael Jackson: Life, Death and Legacy (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

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In this film we take an intimate look into life of one of the worlds most successful entertainers of all time, a man dubbed as the King of Pop. Following the recent imprisonment of Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray for four years for involuntary manslaughter, we are taken on a journey back through the life of Michael Jackson, from his debut on the professional music scene with the Jackson 5 in 1964 to his untimely death in 2009. We capture the highs and lows of the extraordinary life of the man who inspired millions of fans all over the world. It includes contributions from people who worked with Jackson throughout his life as well as from friends, family members and music journalists.

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Abraham Gonzales
I love to Michael Jackson not just because of his music and his videos and is dancing and singing he was brilliant yes a genius. But he was a human being first and he had a big heart and was very giving I will forever miss him . There will never be anyone like him ever again they killed him them evil assholes they took a great person from this world and they will have to answer for it to their maker we all have to answer for it we do in this life so I know Michael’s in a good place because of how much could she ge. There will never be anyone like him ever again they killed him them evil assholes they took a great person from this world and they will have to answer for it to their maker we all have to answer for it we do in this life so I know Michael’s in a good place because of how much good that he did while he was here and help giving he was. May God bless his children and his family🙏😫💕💞
Aiysha Davis
sam cooke was a jenious elvis pressley was a jenious and whitney houston was a jenous but micheal jackson will be the best jenious of all time. And i think i stop crieing now its eight years since his death simliiar to elvis both died of poping pills in there late fourties and both died trajicly before they realized how loved and talented they really were ,
Akeem-Kyreem Voorhies
We always talk about how Michael was an addict to drugs and etc but no one is talking about the real story. What happened to him after the actual last rehearsal. The ones who controls the eyes of the world controls the minds of the people.
Alison Clarke
Navi was incredible in searching for Neverland ❤️
Amalia Sandra
I do NOT believe that MJJ is dead! Honestly!!! \u003c3
Amanda Estep
Micheal's death was no accident in my opinion, I believe his death was personally done by \
Ann Nee
Annabelle Gonzales
Its break my heart every time watching this vidio i feel so desperate and sad thinking micheal not here with us anymore , his gone forever! His a big lost in entertaiment industry! RIP
Anthony Perry
Dr Murray killed Michael Jackson with a drugs overdose. Dr Murray seized control Over Michael, because Michael had become heavily dependent on Doctor Murray's drugs. If I had the finances, I would have a hit put on Doctor Murrays head.
Beach Bunny
Thank you for showing him as a humanitarian!! He tirelessly gave back!! I've seen many videos, including ones where he was visit orphanages overseas and visit children with cancer and burned victims in the hospitals. He didn't just donate money. This is rarely reported in the press.
Breanna Lee
MJ was too good for this world 😇 I'm so sad he got caught up in the devastation of prescription drugs. It's a tale heard too many times and I wish he could have gotten the help he needed...
Brooklyn Boi
I love you Michael
The current lebron better then jordan debate is like justin bieber saying hes surpassed jackson. Theyre the pinnacle, there is nothing after them
RIP Michael Jackson!! You are truly missed!! 😑😖😞😩😫
Corey King
Ok this ismy\n opinion 1) Michael Jackson is a Genius \n2)He out smarted Sony \n3) He goes on fast to cleanse his body \n4) He is a master of disguises \n5)He is very good at his craft (study the greats )\n6)He loves magic\n7)Michael Jackson loved his children\n8)He was very much aware of his surroundings \nNow I mentioned all that to ask this do you think that Michael is dead? \nI'll wait for your response
Cynthia VanVoorhis
I will believe until the day I die that Michael built Neverland because he had no childhood. He always had kids there because he tried to make sure that no other child missed out on their childhood as he had. I will never believe that he ever did anything to hurt children. He just loved them and wanted to make the happy. Such a musical genius and a legend .\nWill be missed forever.
Darlana Green
I respect ✊ and admire😊, Mr.Joe and Katherine Jackson as parents,amen
David Crandall
Like so many others it was pain (from the burn wound on his head) that killed him. If you are in pain you will need drugs and that could lead to your death.
David Kushmer
Man this documentary and whitney Houston's documentary are depressing. I miss them both
Debbie McCausland
This is heartbreaking to watch.I'm in tears watching it😢😢The way he was treated was DISGUSTING AND IT INFURIATES ME!!!Such a beautiful soul taken far too soon😠HE DID NOT DESERVE WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤💖💖💖xxxxx
Debra Garner
Even in that sedated state, MJ thought of his fans. Murray why didn't you pit MJ in the hospital? No nurse and no important equipment were you crazy? A doctor so selfish!
Diane Dansereau
Just Like Elvis And The Controversy on Elvis DEATH. Heart Attack, Drug Over Dose, Murder, Now Rumors has it was SUICIDE. What ever Lies The MEDIA Puts Out For There RATINGS They Will Say What Ever It Takes.. Michael Jackson was a Year older then me, I Grew up with the Jackson's & Osmond's. Blew me Away When He Died, Just Like Elvis When He Died. So Sad. And Both Alone Under Dr's Care!! UNDER THEIR CARE?? RIGHT!! THEIR BOTH GONE, BOTH AT YOUNG AGE'S, AND GET THIS ONE, BOTH ALONE AND NOBOBY AROUND, IN THERE BEDROOM, & BATHROOM!! JUST HORRIBLE!! THAT F--- IN DR ONLY GOT 4 YRS, MY EX IS DOIN 8 FOR DRUGS.. THE ASSHOLE DR HAS NEVER DONE CPR BEFORE, WHERE THE HELL DID HE GET HIS Medical Degree, WHAT MED SCHOOL WOULD PASS A STUPID ASS LIKE MAURY!!! HE didn't have his patient on the floor. Impossible to do Heart Compressions on a Bed For One!! Michael was already cold the Paramedics Said. The \
Dianne Skinner
Im my opinion Micheal death was a fowl play his death was so unexpected he love his children so much he would not left them that a way his children were so young\nIn my opinion Michael is a very smart man He can change his face with so many other images. Michael could be alive In my opinion he wanted to leave the industry but someone didnt want him too in my opinion he found a way yall
Esther Kessler
R. I. P, Michael, in your music you live 9n
Gaming with fortnite 31
Michael died prince died who else do you have to kill?
Gina Nicole
That's a very powerful drug! No way should that had been administered at the bedside inside of a home. That's ridiculous! If you're not on life support or in a medically induced coma, being prepped for surgery, it's just no need. He could have been prescribed trazadone for sleep deprivation.
Heather Pastor
Rip mj you always been my favorite music person hizzle
Imani Dillard
When he died I felt like I have lost a family member 😢😢😢
Ira Williams
Don't let it be forgotten that there was a man who stood at the very top, shinning, inspiring millions and generations with his dance and music. He was an artist, he was a genius, he was a god. There will never be another King of Pop.\n\nR.I.P Michael Jackson. Although I can never accept his death at least he's in a place where no one will harass or bother him as he watches his own children.
It’s Rose
R.I.P love, see you soon 💕
Problem with Michael Jackson, you cannot ever say “No” to him and expect to keep your job. Even if his privet doctor refused, he would have fired him and gotten someone else who would.
My review: overall very well, respectful documentary. I was expecting it turn into a tabloid joke at any minute but it didn't. I liked the way it discussed the 93 and 2005 case, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible albums were discussed which are usually forgotten. I was however surprised to see people like Mark Lester or Uri Geller. Nonetheless except for \
Jamaal Thomas
This made me cry. I miss Michael Jackson.
Jiale Guo
Definitely the media and social talk killed him. By the way he is a kindness person. People shouldn't believe anything like \
Justdiamond brooke
It breaks my heart to know that Michael would've still been alive today if Conrad and the others called 911 right away
Michael Jackson will always be the greatest ever this man was a musical genius
Kasha Taylor
MJ father did not deserve him. That man had know childhood and he payed the ultimate price.
Kassandra Gamboa
Some body tell me how he could take his own life. Like why would he wanna do that I would of wanted to meet him so badly.🕴🏽🕴🏽🕴🏽
Kathy Mesker
We knew you was innocent you helped so many kids !god took you home so they can't hurt you anymore we love you forever,
Kinley Graysmark
We LOVE you Michael Jackson; we are so thankful for all you have given while you were with us. Rest In Peace, you are a prodigy too pure for this world. God bless you. You will be remembered forever 🌹🌹🌹
Kristin Brown
When Michael passed, I remember I cried for hours; just so unfair he passed the way he did. Michael will always be my favorite entertainer; sure wish he was still here!!
Lanetha Quinn-Sharp
I can't believe it's been 9 years since his passing
Larry Turner
micheal didnt kill his self.
Lava Earth
I was nine when I found out he was dead right after I came out of the house watching the \
Leizel Sithik
All the people they interviewed and said very nice words about Michael Jackson are hypocrites! Where were they when he needed them to support him when his character was assassinated? With all those nice and wonderful words they said doesn’t matter anymore. MJ will remain and will forever be the King of Pop and kindest and loving and generous human being that ever lived this world.
LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.
misha Paris looks very pretty at fifty and still doing her singing and songwriting. I haven't heard of her new songs in united States in twenty years. live long Mrs. Paris.
Louis Dee Vlogs
Michael was our generations Jesus and no one noticed! ❤️❤️
Lyndsey Bennett
The man was a genius
MJsEternal Era
I miss my king 👑 of pop
Macyy K
This made me cry so much! I miss you Michael💔😭
Me and my creation
if i had a dollar for everytime someone said Micheal wanted to be white i would be RICH! THE DUDE HAD VITILIGO!!! no body loved being black more than him
Melanie Walker
He was a good man with a heart of gold. RIP MJ
Melodie Michelle Wood
I loved Michael Jackson 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️ he was to kind and a very sensitive soul for this harsh world. He was a extraordinary performer and icon and he was a giver and cared about people.\n~~~ RIP MICHAEL ~~~
Michael Jackson Fan Club
There will never be another Michael, no other artist will ever be able to rise to his level
Miss Murder
I lost my mom in March of 2009. I lost Michael in June of 2009. My heart aches everyday. I cry everyday because I miss them. This world will never be the same without Michael Jackson in it. He was sent here to heal the world and humanity just ripped him apart. I'm visiting his & my mother's burial sites again soon. 💔
Missy Marie
WOW...what a stark contrast to what the media only allowed us to see!!! I’m so upset right now over this and can type amazingly quickly...so- I’m going to go off on how WRONGED WE WERE TOO- by being LIED TO FOR HIS ENTIRE LIFE😡😡😡My heart is aching and tears just keep streaming 😭😞so bear w/me, as we all have a lot to learn by this. For ALL of those years...they were hell-bent to make sure that we never were to feel that he was a NORMAL person by ANY means. It’s sad to think that the only people whom he could actually trust, were his fans. I’ve never seen any performer soooo devoted by adoration &appreciation to their fans, as Michael was. I NEVER saw him get annoyed w/them or bothered...(& some would aggressively attack him out of mere excitement even)😮 THAT MEDIA SHOULD BE SUED FOR THEIR CONSTANT MISREPRESENTATION OF HIM.\nHe was Just an amazing soul- that man❤️. All he wanted was a wife to love and children of his own from her- doesn’t sound like much to desire or ask for in comparison to what he GAVE. 😢I sure hope if he did in fact get murdered...that every single 1 of those who treated him poorly...will be dealt w/ by their maker. God doesn’t like His Children messed w/& MJ was surely one of his angels on Earth. I wasn’t as huge fan as most of these people were, but I sure could appreciate&respect him for being the constant, selfless giver that he was. What saddens me the most is, thx to yt &such, we are able to see and learn by other videos, the truth of him...that he WAS, in fact, a “NORMAL” MAN/person, as he always was claiming. AND he DID have Vitiligo, which caused his skin discoloration. I hope his death wasn’t in vane, for this serious lesson shall NOT fade by us and we’ll remember: that the media ONLY will show what they WANT US TO BELIEVE; NEVER THE ACTUAL TRUTH. In this case precisely, I NEVER saw Michael humanized by the millions&millions of $ he donated, nor the personal relationship that he had w/every single fan who he came across, he was NOT “gay”, nor “weird”. He had an amazing sense of humor, he loved playing practical jokes, ‘playing’ in general, and he only possessed LOVE. He may have shared his “bed” w/those who he loved, but not for a single moment do I believe that he EVER crossed the line/was inappropriate w/a child. The fact was, simply...some of his most cherished times in his childhood, were spent in bed, w/the security of all 8 of his siblings. Michael didn’t get to have A childhood, because he was too busy working and being abused, in order to be “perfect” and the greatness he was...ALL for US😢AND THE BEST IS WHO HE WORKED OUT IN BEING😢 We let him down. There is a special place in hell for his earthly father...which was also why poor Mike went to such drastic lengths to alter his face to avoid looking like his father - who’d constantly tell him his nose was too big and WHY Michael rather wear his nose down to nothing, than look a smidgen like that demon ‘father’ of his. but his Heavenly Father knows all of this and will handle things accordingly.\nThis was an innocent, living man, who gave more than 100% of himself for/ to help orders. He never gave up and paid a horrible price for gossip and lies. I hope everybody remembers what we were being “taught” how to view him, which was a crazy perverted/wacko, and we were ALL to believe it. MY HEART NOW ACHES FOR THIS POOR MAN, who never had a childhood and was crucified for trying to provide one for those children who were less fortunate of the same.. Just SICK 😭\nMay he be livin it up in heaven, with all of the other greatest legends and I hope he gets the peace and love that he so desperately deserves .🤔🙏🏼✝️😇😊 (Thx 4letting me vent)
Moise Picard
MoonLight Mystique
you all act like MJ was some type of innocent ignorant 'victim'. This was going on for many years before that doctor was involved. Michael was a very sad individual ..and depressed beyond anything we'd ever experience. The fact is he knew very well what he was taking and he absolutely demanded what he wanted ..and anybody who was around him wouldn't dare tell him 'no'. If it wasn't murray ...he would have obtained what he wanted ..even to his detriment. It's unfortunate that it happened but it happens to many infamous ppl in this world.
Natalie Wood
Janet was so right
Nina Niculescu
Un genio y un angel♡♡♡R.I.P the King of pop ♡♡♡lo han matado por que incomodaba por ser bueno...
Pamela Hernandez
forever Michael Jackson\nKing of pop.
For a number of years I had an idea that I would share whenever our conversation turned to Michael, as it often did throughout his larger than life triumphs and scandal. It was my soulum belief that the life and career would never be placed in its proper context until after his passing. sometimes being correct offers little comfort. They treated him like FILTH, when we ought to have recognised an angel among us. \n\nLove And Mercy
Queen Ariyon
I NEVER knew all the bullshit Micheal went through i knew most of it but this showed so much . I’m surprised he didn’t have thoughts of killing himself like i honestly wanted to die for him throughout the whole video . Especially at 51:59 i felt his hurt i could see it all in eyes he never cried though that’s what you call a STRONG man he stayed head held like a human person not as Micheal the famous person but Micheal the human before the fame @ 54 mins you could see his dad behind him you could see the worry for his son he knew Micheal wasn’t okay 😔 why am i crying like this my dad . I just can see how down he went after the last case and i can see he was slowly dying he just didn’t know it . I wish i could have been a friend to him but you know famous people don’t reach out to us fans of course their famous . But i feel like some famous people need to put the fame to the side and be human and make friends i notice how many famous people took their life or had it taken like xxx i cried so hard like my mom was asking me what’s wrong do i need help i just couldn’t stop crying more of the fact he was close to my age and he got killed it hurt i listen to his music and i never reached out to him because he’s famous i know he wouldn’t read it or reply . But in my head all i could think now is what if i had dmd him ... and he read it and we connected MAYBE just maybe he’d be alive today because he didn’t go to the place he went that day he got killed maybe i could have made plans with him i just blame myself for his death now it hurts ....
Rachael Lloyd
rest in peace so beautiful
Rachelle Estorba
I love MJ. But I don't believe the doctor killed him😭💔
Regina Dolce
This was an actual nice documentary .. love u MJ❤️
Robin Hartman
There needs to be a law to protect children from their parents from prostituting them out in such a way. Children need to allowed to be children. Joseph Jackson was one of the worst in parenting. He was greedy, abusive , lacking in love , kindness , humility and compassion. He stated that none of his children were found to be on drugs, alcohol or in jail. That was his sense of validation for abusing his children. Sick. He also had a twenty five year on affair up until he died this year. He did not respect or honor his wife Katherine. All of these things had a direct impact on Michael. I think he wanted to change his looks so he would look nothing like his father. Even though he couldn’t trust anyone- adults, he always trusted children. Until the molestation charges were brought about. That crushed him. So sad
Rose DeLuia
This is a interview, how his life really was. He never had a childhood. Was in the spotlight since age five. Micheal was a true genies even when he was young. He had a dream...And never gave up. He forgave his father, before his death. For his. bad childhood he had. His parents loved him..and did the best they could raising him. Poor Micheal, he worked so hard to excel in life. He fulfilled his dreams. And in the end died what he loved doing best, singing and dancing for his fans. 🕺 I miss you Micheal. 😪 😭 😢 You will always be alive in all your fan's hearts. 💖💜❤💜💖
S. Fedrick
Thanks to Rod Temperton of the old school R&B music group Heatwave for writing ‘Thriller.’ It was said that Mr Temperton would always allow his group first dibs at his written work but Heatwave didn’t want the song.
Michael was great no doubt about it!, however people are always trying to under mind \nthe brothers and that is is so unrealistic, they were a force together all of them were amazing period, the fact that they were family was powerful in itself and a big part of the whole fascination of course people will always have there favorites but to put them against each other is just nonesense. Ps! I was very much inspired by them!:https://apple.co/2zP6c7l
HIStory and Invincible are so incredibly underrated
Shaz R
I want you back 💔
Stephanie Young
I dont understand that no one can see he was asexual, did not like sex, and was forever 10 yr old boy.\nHis mind was a child and he played with children close to his mind age..10 yrs old. Even John Landis \nsaid he was a 10 yr old boy. Adults need to start seeing ppl correctly instead of making it their business\nto tear down someone who is way better than you which cause you to feel inferior.
Summer Song 12321
Now that we understand who is Jimmy Savile and many others. Michael is one of many many people in the entertainment industry pursuing children. Michael himself endured the baby casting couch shenanigans. Politicians are just as bad. Justice For The Children. That includes Michael Jackson.
The Betamax Man
One of the best men on this earth
Poor thing. At 28:36, you can see how inflamed his scalp is after the fire. I remember when comedians (so-called racial brothers of Michael) would make fun of this incident. There is nothing funny about it.
Theyy.Črave .Mille
It's 2018 and we still love and adore you love live Michael Jackson 😥💔💙🖖🏾 KING OF POP🔊🎶🎤🎵🎶
Tianja Bean
2018 as we celebrate the transition of the worlds greatest entertainer with his family anfd close friends. I've seen so many other documentaries, this is the best thus far. I was so sad always seeing people pulling his life apart to diminish his life to the lies people who were jealous of this amazing star sent to the planet to develop all humanity was so give along with the gift of entertaining. Missing you so much and again thank you for giving our genius his true voice
Tiarra Hopkins
Michael Jackson was sexy right here
OOF!! All I see is the hotness. #MichaelJackson4Ever❤
Yellow Cab
I get so sick of those idiot, know-it-all news reporters who say MJ was broke, or pennyless, near the end. Like somehow they're in a position to know anything. Complete garbage. His estate was worth over one billion dollars.
No one can ever replace Michael Jackson.He will be forever living in our hearts.His legacy and advocacy will flourish and continue.There will never be another Michael Jackson.He is the only one and one and only King of Pop.You can copy and imitate him but you can never take his Godly soul.💖💖💖🤞🤞🤞
ann landers
Michael talked about his skin disease on the Oprah interview in 1993. How many times did Michael have to go on national television and say that to be believed????????????????
caz dee
😭😭😭💔💔 love you Michael 🙏 good documentary...
R Kelly wrote You Are Not Alone 🤢. It had nothing to do with mj or lisa marie presley
coco m
who knew r kelly written this r kelly is very talented cant deny him that
28:37 imagine if this had never happened how different things would have been, i think that knocked his confidence massivly and to have that much of your scalp burnt you can see how much of it was burnt and bald must have been constantly sore :( bad was the era of michael i always remember i was really young then but even at that age i could see there was something special about this amazing man
maddie gray
Rip the king of pop aka michael Jackson
nora Pothoven
So sad 💔 We miss you 🎈 RIP Michael Jackson ✌️✌️❤️
Jackson was such a talent and fascinating person, the world is a poorer place without him .
swati sparkle
MSM is as evil as Michael is extraordinary. MSM is as stupid as MJ is brilliantly intelligent. @35:05\n\nHow can people not understand the generosity of Michael?\n\nMichael explains it that good new simply does not make MONEY!\nAND MEDIA IS ONLY CONCERNED WITH MONEY.\n\nI feel almost lucky that I didn't read any magazines, much less tabloids, my whole life. Tabloids were there, at the checkout stand of the grocery store, but I never paid any attention, in the little time waiting in line or when the guy bagged up your groceries. I never read any of the bad stories about Michael, and actually didn't get a chance to hear the Jackson 5, either. I figure now, my parents were just the most strict censors in my life, as seriously prohibitive as Joeseph Jackson when it came to fun and games for his musical sons. When Michael turned 21 and Off the Wall was released, I felt the gates of heaven open for me. \
41:16 she is so damn right. \nIf someone really abused my son/daughter... no money in the world could make that right again. The only thing that would \
According to Michael's 1999 interview with MTV, he had known Vincent Price since he was 11 years old, having first met him at NBC studios. Don't think the claim at 24:26 that he didn't know Price prior to Thriller is true.
I always worried that some crazy fan person was going to assassinate him, so when he died how he did it was so so sad.i wasn't attracted to him but he was a beautiful person inside.I never took \