Skunk Anansie - Hedonism

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Hedonism - taken from Skunk Anansie's second album, Stoosh (1996).

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Ajka Balkan
predobra pjesma-izvanredan sjetan glas
Alan Corns
Totally mind blowing voice. Beautiful looking woman. DAM SHE IS HOT ON SO MANY LEVELS.!!!
Alexander Glinsky
я тоже попал сюда, чтобы проверить плагиат ли песни \
Alfred Roca
What a wonderful and beautiful song.... Love Skin
Ali J
Mo Farah is a good singer XD
Anna Mulder
I have to stop heavy drinking
Anton Albertse
hedonism : the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.
AteChorasBebee2014 Casino Games
2018 and still the best......
Carlo Brenkman
Just because you feel good, doesn't mean I am in the mood, the way you stand or stood, doesn't make it right, tight, straight what might, fright, I hope you're feeling happy now, like a black fucking crow, wanna do it, but how
Cha J. Saint
I remember my early teen self wondering if the girl had a period stain on her skirt at 3.03min! Hhaha!
Chris Adams
Claudio Alvarez
Meu deus eu acho a skin tão linda, até hoje tenho o meu cd stoosh comprado no ano 2000.
Corina Nancy Lupu
By. .the.way...what...are.. you. . doing.
I Love That Song!
Emelyne rosemonde
J'aime ce group car la Chanteuse est chauve ,belle et MINCE .\nJ'aime le Rock et Ronan Keating car il a fait un duo avec cette Fille BLACK ...\n\n\nSignée Jill
Ha una voce meravigliosa,ed anche molto affascinante 😘😘😘
Federico Mutasci
2018 and it still kills me every time
Fuqk Google Fuckemhard
This is about lesbianism
Just because we broke up...doesn't mean I don't love you. Doesn't mean I never think of you. I do. It's just that our happiness lies elsewhere. \u003c3
Globetrotter 1986
Man ist das immer noch so geil wie damals \u003c3 man ist sofort zurück gebeamt
Greig Davies
sad tune, but brilliant.
Harno #3 ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ
Skin is a Masterpiece !
This was always an emotive song, very honest and lovely. Still is. So, thanks Skunk Anansie.
Jack Greb
0:55 The tear. whoo... this song is obviously very personal
Jan Mitrzyk
Jesus, it’s been nearly 22 years since this masterpiece came out 🙈 more powerful than ever
Jarda Smítka jr.
One of 90s best song!
Jason Axford
Dave Chappelle has a great singing voice.
Kazzia Jenkins
I never realised at the time how good this song is.
Kea Botham
love this song\nxx
Kiran Govind
God where has the music gone?
Kobe N1
90 -GOLD TIME\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e
This video makes me wonder if I should do acid.
Lenny Criollo
Was this a big hit in the States, also? I can imagine Americans really digging this stuff. Not quite Hip Hop, not quite Trip Hop, Not quite R.E.M, not quite Mary J. Blidge.. You know..
Я теряю корнииии
Lilly Avril
love it
Lina & the Island
my heart is breaking.
The bass line is so funky so good ! \u003c3 love it merci beaucoup !
Mario Pereira
MegaMusic1981 Music
Catchy melody, fantastic chord progressions, power vocals...the works...a true hit song!!! The type of music missed so much nowadays :-(
Merijn van keulen
this song goes from rock to soul to pop. Skin is like the Sade from the ´90s that voice!
Michael Kall
I think you are beautiful,this was for your father,I loved this for long...thanks
Morph Verse
I was 11 years old in 1996.
Nathan Phuthego
This is soooo much like 'NO DOUBT' Absolutely amazing. I love it
Nicholas Cooper
Never knew it was skunk anasie..tune \u003c3
Nico Schulze
Sehr geil Immer noch obwohl es so alt ist 🤗
Nicola Brau
Stupenda !
Nicola Tron
URGH, the feels.
Dave Chapelle is so good in this!
Rawboned Wolf
Just beautiful on every level
Roy Evans
Awesome, hits a real nerve here. xx
I don't think there is even a single person on this planet who hasn't related oneself to this song at least once.
See Saw
21 years ago....time flies
Shaft DeLaRun
Trop bien ça fait un baille qu je ne l'avais pas entendu! j'adore
Man I miss this band...
me duelen los dedos de tocar esta canción toda la tarde xD
Oh hello 90s, long time no see.
Stephanie Oleary
Oh jeez this hurts my heart this song x reminds me of my teenage years! Xxxxx beautiful ♡
Susie T
bass and guitar... on their own level. this song is just as relevantly funky today as it was then.
T T.
Skin has so much emotion to her voice.
Taya Croes
just because YOU feel good,doesn't make it right!!!Bad energy...mark my words
Vamper Sandoval
Oh my God I love this song so bad..
White Raven
am I alone here in 2018?
One of the best guitar riffs ever. Fits the song perfectly. Especially in the last verse.
This video reminds me why I stopped doing alkali
this video reminds me why I stopped doing acid
Such a great song.
Her voice is so heartbreaking, especially at the seems to carry so much pain and sadness, and it's all because of \
firedragon ljiljana
Watching this video is like tripping on an ecstasy comedown.
grim raven
is it me or does she look like ian wright?
love this tune :)
This *kills* me every time I hear it. One of those heart stopping songs. Can't listen to it sometimes. Although in a happy place's difficult to be reminded of such loss when I listen to this. They say you know it was love if it still hurts today....that's true x
james gdavies
I honestly think she is the most beautiful person I have ever seen or heard. She couldn't be any more perfect in my opinion. I hipe she continues making music for as long as possible.
is this the chap out of lighthouse family?
jj williamsoconnor
josé manuel guisado falante
I love it!!
I hope you're feeling happy now\nI see you feel no pain at all it seems\nI wonder what you're doing now?\nI wonder if you think of me at all\n\nDo you still play the same moves now?\nOr are those special moods for someone else?\nI hope you're feeling happy now\n\nJust because you feel good\nIt doesn't make you right, oh no\nJust because you feel good\nStill want you here tonight\n\nDoes laughter still discover you?\nI see through all those smiles\nThat look so right\nDo you still have the same friends now?\n\nTo smoke away your problems and your life\nHow do you remember me?\nThe one that made you laugh until you cried\nI hope you're feeling happy now\n\nJust because you feel good\nDoesn't make you right, oh no\nJust because you feel good\nStill want you here tonight\nWant you\n\nOh no\nJust because you feel good\nDoesn't make you right, oh no\nJust because you feel good\nStill want you here tonight\nWant you\n\nJust because you feel good\nDoesn't make you right, oh no\nJust because you feel good\nStill want you here tonight\nWant you\n\nI wonder what you're doing now?\nI hope you're feeling happy now\nI wonder what you're doing now?\nI hope you're feeling happy now
luka tolić
amazing song..
martin gallagher
i could listen to skin sing the telephone book lol 
nelson salvatori
Not many people can be bald and beautiful.
parkesy Mclovin
I hope you're feeling happy now
paul brady
I would like this played at my funeral
paul hallows
saw these live when they were support for Bon Jovi during there these days tour in the 90s. They appeared at Maine Road Manchester citys old ground. They were amazing. 2 of my favourite bands at my favourite football club what could be better?
petit nuage aurore boreale
Été 97 première écoute de cette chanson ...J ai adoré de 20 ans après ....l émotion est tjrs presente avec en plus la nostalgie .....
rammy nozzer
Skin has such an epic voice, such an awesome band, today's music is so lame in comparison
razvan grama
Skin is beautiful... those cheekbones..👌👍
1996 feels like it was yesterday, but goddamn, does this video look old!
tony langmach
It always make me cry - So Great Music..;o)) 
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Илья Л.
серж Удачин
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