Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back (With Lyrics)

I Want My Tears Back (With Lyrics)5th song from the Imaginaerum with lyricsDISCLAIMER: I do not own any part of this video. All rights go to their respective owners. Music is the property of Nightwish, Nuclear Blast and WMG. Artwork by Janne and Gina Pitkä

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Ally FunGirl
I thought it was lust in me XD
Anderson Oliveira
Cadê os Brs?
Such a beautiful and powerful song.
I want my beers back!
Austin Chu
26 angry fans want Tarja back more than their tears... XD
Bayn Munkh Battvwshin
nice song
I am here because of Dou Yin/Tik Tok. 抖音把我带来的😍
Chelsea Avery
|Pope Lindsay Piffer|
Cheyenne R Seciwa
I am a HUGE fan of your very cool songs !!!!!!!:D
Christian McGuire
3:15 Iron Maiden Dance of Death
Cẩm Thanh
I want my tea bag now...XD....i love this song
LeL Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction anyone?
Daniel's Black
I love the part of uilleann pipe 0:09 \u003c3
Sounds like an Fairy Tail soundtrack to me, especially the beginning
Eliora Ben-Gurion
When a trans man detransitions...\n\n\n\n*_I want my teats back_*
Escapista SP
I want this golden years back..
Ezrie Yusuf
this song remind me of fairy tail anime
Fabián Rod
Anette the Great.
I think of hobbits when I hear this song... Am I the only one?
Fausto Hernandez
Only 25 seconds, I'm crying
Fiddlesticks WT
Loved Anette's performance on this album, unfortunately her style didn't fit any of the previous NW albums.
Genevieve Beesley
My daughters love this song.
I feel dumb... looking for a single song for over a year... it was the whole album playing on an alarm through my half asleep mind...
Hara EVE
i want my cheese back now..
Harald Feistritzer
Sounds a little like , Wish i had an Angel . 
Hatzire Moreno
No había entendido que era sobre Alicia.. ahora amo más esta canción
Henry C.
The flute part @3.35 reminds me of Iron Maiden - Dance of death wkwk
Ignazio P.
This song is a huge masterpiece!
Isaiah Gwin
Who knows when nightwish gets off tour
Isaiah Jurca
Man. Ok. I loved old school Nightwish with Tarja. And I LOOOOOVE what Floor brings to this band. I also think Annette was way better than people give her credit for; and this is one of my favorite albums by the band, ever. But this song... I hate this song... am I really the only one?
Ivy Hemlock
i think of banshees dressed like leprachauns when listening this. is that wrong? anyway, NIGHTWISH FOREVER!!!!
Jess Chan
I want my teeth back!
Joan Helena Avalon
I imagine how to singing Tarja
Johana Martínez
I love it 😍🤘🏼
John Jag
Just seen these people in pittsburgh. Floor was AMAZING. The band..everything was AMAZING. I didnt want it to end. Absolutely amazing live show. The stage presence was incredible. Undoubtedly the greatest concert ive ever been to. Ever
Just Some Faggot
The more and more I listen to this the more and more convinced I am that this is a prequel to The Islander.
Juvia Lockser
i love Nightwish ^_^
Kammos Adventures
Please make a video of this sooon
Kitten Artist
I once heard \
Lau tin yau
I want my TEA BAG!!!!
Leni Sandberg
this song has given me good memories and i love it
Oh man I remember the day this album came out and how I was so excited. It's kinda sad.
3:15 shite gets real and that is when you start dancing like a maniac and start breaking kitchen dishes over your head and try to attempt the riverdance at the same time. While being slightly drunk
Liz Duarte
3:14 iron maiden dance of death :v
Lori Pushkor
In 17 years. I've cried enough tears to reach the Mojave River!!!
M. Wheeler
NPR...a classical station i listen to just had a segment on underground type music from Scandinavian countries. They aired part of this song....\ngreat melody, riffs with an energy.\nABBA on steroids! \nDefinitely checking out more from this band!
Best album since Oceanborn, Love the classical orchestra on this album, absolutely brilliant! Long live Tuomas.
As long as Tuomas makes the music, I will love it \u003c3
Mateus Dos Santos
Am i the Only One who think in my own Life when listen the Nightwish's Songs?
I don't like Anette, but the albums are still amazing
I was singing the lyrics for this song wrong for sooooo long. xD \n\n\
I want my cheese back!
Who else feels like breaking into a weird dance during this part 3:15 - 4:24
Nahuel Cenci
This song always makes me stupidly sentimental
Nikel Sutcliff
I want Nightwish back! In Madrid :'v
Norbert Fekete
After every concert this goes in my head with lyrics: \
Overdosed Mia Wallace
Just saw them play this live 2 days ago, AMAZING
3.14\nDance of death... Great !!!
ROCK-A-LETA Violetaroo1
this song... if you have seen the movie, it hits you deep. Gem and thomas
Ricardo Manuel Mendoza
Sound of the white noise.
Ronald Berk
It's amazing that people can't seem to see how important this era was for Nightwish, when it comes to the instrumental aspect. Especially during this album they finally decided orchestra and choirs should be at least as important as the traditional metal instruments. This is what makes Nightwish unique these days in the symphonic metal genre. Without this album endless forms most beautiful wouldn't be nearly as good as it was a direct successor to once.
I'm one of the rare people who love Nightwish across all vocalists it has, love each one of their styles and therefore hate none of them. Anyone else on my boat?
Sarah Henry
First evanescence \nThen within temptation \nAnd now nightwish \nBands with talent and hardcore music
Shaded Vulpix
This is my current favourite song (and musical artists)
There is no song on this album that I don't like. Imaginaerum is propably my numer one favorite album of all time (at least if we count only those albums and songs that have lyrics/singing, and not any instrumental music albums).
Mary Costa? The lady behind the voice of Aurora/Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty?
i want my shirts back!
Tomáš Kareš
There are song that can be only sung by Tarja, but there are also songs for Anette or Floor.
This song has such a different feel now that I know the lyrics.
Viv a.k.a. Raymond
This song does really take you through that trapdoor! I'm addicted to this album, one of the best I ever heard! My, my I was doing the same weird dance, don't worry.
Vyhulena Veverka
This is the most powerful song for me from this album. ANd I love the backpipes here!
where it says where is dear alice knocking on the door i thought it sounds like where's dear alice smoking on the lawn
Yesi Trevi
Finally an anthem for someone with Sjogren's! 😂 We can't make tears 😏 I really am glad I found this though... I need to check out their other stuff 👍 👏 👏 👏 ✌️🤘🤘🤘🖖
Yesterday Gone
I want my girl back :)
Zac F
Just love this band
this sounds like annettes voice...
dragon born
I love that man's singing! So awesome.
I love the celtic touch in the melody.
I want maltesers back now!
This song's instrumentals remind me of Fairy Tail
javier liñares
i want my deers black, i want my deers black, NOW!
jhonatan monkada montes
Spotify!!! :(
this song reminds me a bit to bye bye beautiful
Could have sworn they said \
am i the only one imagining fairy tail while listening to this ?
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death 3:00
shina winters
bagpipes my scotts haratige is enjoying
simonetta rosi
Great song. Tuomas is a real genius, Marco is a great singer, Troy is an amazing multistrumental player and Emppu and Jukka beat down like hammers!!!
Irish dancing guitar/flutes/pipes/violin solo, check!
This song suitable for anime...
wish i could make a better name person
I don't want my fear of women back. No wait I'm still scared of them
xXHiccelsa Jelsa CriminalXx
Nightwish es increíble no se porque no la descubrí antes
One of my favorite songs from my favorite band!!!! I'm a little disturbed by the lyrics: \
Ángela Gaviria
Pain make us real...