Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Official Video)

Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time" short film was the second short film from the Dangerous album and continued to push the boundaries of the music video medium with a star-studded, nine-minute epic co-starring Eddie Murphy, Iman and Magic Johnson. Directed by John Singleton, this short film was hailed as a "gorgeous ancient Egyptian extravaganza" by Entertainment Weekly.Buy/Listen to Dangerous: Amazon -

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ARMYangie _jimin
Still listening to this\nNovember 17th, 2018\nWe miss you Michael❤\nRip King of pop
Aaron Michael
I miss you Michael you were my favorite 😢
Alonzo T
He and his dancers were killing it, they looked like they were having so much fun~
Andy Santa Cruz
Dam nobody will ever touch this guy when it comes to being a artist..truly godlike RIP king
Anthony Schulte
I'm glad our society hasn't completely forgotten that the Egyptians were black.
Anthony Vaughan
Ariana Jove
I miss this man
Ava Iyorachukwu
Still listening to it November 2nd today 2018. I love you Michael ! ❤️\n\nRest in peace my King 👑
Black Freddy
12 November 2018\nThis song still GOOD
Black Queen
I miss Micheal Jackson a great deal. There is noone, and never will be noone that can dance like him. ♥️
Brenda Lugo
Love Michael Jackson 😘😍😘😍😘😍
Bruh. Itz Niyah
3:28 song starts 😂
Bryana Aguilar
Michael Jackson looks extreamly atractive in this video.........AND THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES!!!!...........please don't tell me I'm the only who thinks this.....and that smile always makes me smile!!!!
Bryonna Perry
Still a king nobody can replace him👑❤️!!! R.I.P king😪❤️
Christopher Aguilar
I wish mj was alive
Chti Sacha
Fan depuis toujours de ce clip ♫♪
Craig Patterson
I still miss this King ! ..... Michael Jackson will never be forgotten.
Daniel Zúñiga
Who else thinks he is very sexy? ❤️\nIm not gay hahaha
Detra Smith
No one is groovyer than Michael☺☺😍😍
The world needs Michael right now.
Dtza Hinojosa
I Love Michael Jackson
I think that michael jackson knew the people in KEMET (now Egypt ) were people of color
Emilio ManieroNavarro
Do you remeber the time when micheal was alive 😞
Legend never die *MJ* 🔥
Forever Young
challenge: count how many times Eddie Murphy (pharaoh) raises an eyebrow 😂 \n\n\nit's a trick, they're forever raised
Gabriella Kernizan
Novembre 2018???
Gary Smith
My favorite video and favorite song next to human nature! Cool video then & still to this day!!!
God's Child
Brilliant. I miss you Michael Jackson. Rest in perfect peace
WOW my first time watching this Nov 2018 Black queens and Black Kings 👌🏼LOVE ❤️It I always remember you Love ❤️ Missed you Michel 😢😢😢
Janine Samuel
The Pharoah is so jealous
Jasmine Hassan
Iman looks so beautiful!
Jayden Chetcuti
Michael Jackson will never die we all miss you, you legend
Kameron Hopper
I love it also this song is about how MJ had saw some one he knowed but didn't know him from time
Keondre 542
October 2, 2009 the year he died in 2009 here we are 8 years later
Kim Large
Michael Jackson could entertain Ancient Kings and Queens . I'm glad he left a legacy as timeless as all eternity. Cool smart guy.
King Rez
Long live the king
Krinal Pala
November 2018?
Kriss Kross
Kyle Daniel Jones
Back To Egypt - 0:04\nThe Stick Man - 1:34\nPyro - 2:10\nDivination - 2:43\nRemember The Time - 3:29\nRemember The Time (Dance) - 6:11\nRemember The Time (Ending) - 8:33
I love this video it makes you want to dance when you see MJ up there with the egyptians moving but too bad this would be the only time we'll ever get to see Beautiful Black Egyptians on tv thanks to Hollyweird they'll never show them in movies, tv shows, and social medias they're always messing with peoples ethnicities
kdo je cz?
Laysha1997 XD
Who misses him?😭
Leslie Serrano
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Lil Cook
I'm addicted to the extraordinary clips of this legend that we can never forget
Linh Linh
8.10.2018 we love you Michael Jackson
2018 and this still hit!!❤️❤️we miss you Michael
MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte
1:35 _Magic Johnson_\n3:45 _The Nutty Professor_ 😁 😁
Magdalena Luktowski
Maia N-B
Love the cat and the lion cub 💗🐱🦁
Malakai Freeman
I love you Michael your songs and I mis you😍😍😍😍😍😍
Masiv Terrell
The most realest portrayal of ancient Egypt I've ever seen! Thanx MJ!
Melodie Arya
Michael Jackson: the only guy that will ever look good in a skirt.
Muriel Weeden
I wish Michael Jackson was still alive
Mymy Searcy
Still my favorite MJ music video
Mysty Person
I love you MJ!\u003c3
Nasima A
Brrrdddddaaat dat dat thaat :) Now my boys sing this amazing
Natz Ollivierre
Love u michael 2018!!!
Pharaoh was just trying to get his girl some entertainment, and this goof in a gold shirt shows up and tries to get cozy with his wife. Not cool Michael, not cool.
Nk Naturalz
I miss the days when music had substance and it wasn’t all ass shaking and twerking.
Nm Productions
What a masterpiece.....😍 why aren't you with us anymore😫😢love you !
QT0 16 20
So, what he's saying is.. he fell in love with a KILLER!!.. A Woman. Who will throw an innocent one of her people to the Lions. ..and another to the chopping block. because she can. and APPARENTLY, STILL has a thing for her. WHAT KIND of MESSAGE IS that!???!!.
Rii Kean
Michael is always sexy and beautiful. He's a living art from God 😍
Ruben Delgadillo
Who else wishes Michael Jackson was still alive!
If you think MJ is a king of pop like this comment #2017 💙💙
A legend like Micheal Jackson will NEVER die😭😭😘😘😘
Sharon Carter
Michael Jackson, timeless, and limitless entertainment!!! I adore you Michael. Your music and dance bring complete joy to my /this world 🌍!!!! You're still with us and live on forever. Love sharon 💜 xxx xxx 💜
Shoni Mulibana
Queen : He's hot can sing and dance , lets not kill him
Shot in the Heart
I miss the days music videos had kick ass choreografy and a nice story
Siddharth Kashyap
Wat a voice, dance, song description,human, Angel!
Sophia Lee-Ball
I miss him so much 😭😭 R.I.P
And then he HE-HE'd into the wind after successfully making the girl fall for him. \n\nIDK where I read that from , but it was funny.
Teresa Sawyers
Watching this video, I can't help thinking we've lost the greatest artist of ALL TIME !
The Cookie
all micheal did in the video was cause problems then “heehee” into the wind LMFAOOO
With this video Michael was encouraging black people to Remember The Time when they were Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt.
Victoria Valdez _:3
I hate the people are asking in the comments: \
Vincent Ruff
Still listening in 2053
Voting Democrat 2018
\u003c3 I love you Michael Jackson. \u003c3
She's a spitting image of Nefertiti yet white people still thinks she's white. Man. Thank god Michael Jackson knew.
Yulissa Jimenez
I wish Micheal was still alive so he can make new songs. Just saying idk if I spelled his name right. Sorry
alemayehu hussein
Holy shit I just realised this came out 26 years ago RIP KING MJ 😢😢
big M music
Who's viewing this now?
bunny lover
3:38 is when the misic starts and u see mj \n(rip mj)
frostysnowman n
Real music 💜
Michael Jackson:Stealing your girls since 1958
Pharaoh: \
lets seeFelix
Michael Jackson you live in our hearts !!
lil nippa
The World misses you Michael
melanie perez
I love how he took the time to actually be educated on ancient Egyptians...unlike Katy Perry *cough*
I Wish Michael jackson was still alive \nNot 👹 like that kissing her on her 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
One of my all time favorite MJ songs. The man was a master of song and stage, brilliant and incomparably creative. His style will be oft-imitated but never replicated. RIP MJ.
nasia_tha_queen litty
TBH... I listen to Michael Jackson 24/7 and will never get tired like.. he’s the king of pop my ghe but all famous ppl dieing like wtf Michael XXX mick mill and more❌❌❌❌
Ugh he was so fine and sexy in this! I especially love his cute mischievous smile at 8:56-8:57
pedro hr
One of his great songs, excellent video. Masterpiece \u003c3 True icon, King of Pop, King of stage. Thank God that he gave such an Artist:)
yvette Brown
Do you remember the time when they weren't afraid to use real BLACK women in their videos?
Все обо всем - канал новостей , звезды, истории!
Полина К
I love
՝ sαcred ՜
my history teacher showed me this in class today\n\n\n\n#noregrets
ゆい ゆい
So my teacher was showing us this since we are researching ancient Egyptians and at the end when he turned to dust I yelled “More Frosted Flakes for me!”
You are live my heart