Tyga - Taste (Official Video) ft. Offset

For the single, "Taste". Out Now!Stream:

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A J1
I came for the cheek clappin
Afric Network
Instrumental is fire!
Aka Rasta
This beat is legendary
Alex H
Damn king bach with the water gun in here!!!
Alexa Burton
Damn ... I never realized how short Offset actually is .. x.x
Ally Sinitz
You know, that is perfectly good whipped cream...
Play at 1.25 speed.
Andrew Long
I'd love to taste Tygas' di#k, make it swish.
Arianna Belcher
He's cute
Aviral Janveja
Isn't Offset married ? How he be touching on all those booties like that ?
Ay Beats
Who ever made this bludclart beat needs recognition
Ball is LIfe
Watching this on No Nut November is a torture
i listen to dis song tho. Its lite
I don’t even like the lyrics I just love the beat so much I can’t stop listening
Carolyne Caceres
Before 10 million views babes!! Who is with me??❤❤💖💖💖💖💖😘😍😍
Cesar Escutia Sa.
its funny that The 80% Of the song is Just ass The other 20% is Tyga,Wiz khalifa,King batch etc etc And the 2%Is the girl faces xD
Chatauqua McPike
Love it
I failed No Nut November because of this.
The beat carries this entire song.
I feel like Youtube recommended this video to me and all of us is Youtube knows we are no nut november strong and wants us to fail.
Daniel Freire
To see the next scene go to pornhub
Darren Dioh
Can we get an official Joe Budden remix tho
Die Sel
All these bishes bad like dam 🔥🔥🔥🔥if it was me I won’t even be able to act in the video I would be busy tasting every one of them .
Dionte Mclean
Hopefully this is the return of the old t-raw😩
This new style that brought Tyga is the best. wooo yea
cool beat weak words,what if these rich rappera make vid where they help the homeless and poor kids,they got the money right? 0 respect.
Eddy Jr.
Español.... Nadie??\n🤠🤙
Edgar Cortez
Gta 6 looks dope af
Elijah Ashman
I knoe tyga was trying so many other styles but ppl just love turn up tyga cuz he got some best club stripper anthems.
Emelita Domingo
Thought its Charlie Put the First Time I Heard this!
Everyone Rtgggtyj
Hi random stranger hope u have a good day
3:46 yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Hallo there
Some girls are grinding on each other \n\n\n\nTheir parents must be proud...
Hamza Shafai
Your the best tyga
Jeremiah Tyson
I am won't a taste can't I get taste
Jose Lopez
Joshua Perez
Dude wth was that shoe shot at the beginning 😂😂
Julius Taylor Rock
Taste Taste 🔈🔉🔊🎶
Just EB
What about South Carolina?
Justine Mcmahon
this song gets me going if you know what i mean ;) ;) :))))))))))))))))
Kaden Playz
3:31 anyone notice king bach
KorneliuZ Channel
This video supported by Xnxx
Le Japon en Noir et Blanc©️
Lily Black
Those women make his paycheck. Without them he's nothing. Lol
Liza Mohanty
I never thought I would like a Tyga song. The production is fire.
kylie jenner gave like!!!
TYGA leveled up on this one 🔥🔥🔥 SUMMER 2018
Maitre Zankankin
Sa majesté DAH zankanlin \ncontacter moi par whatsapp ou appel +22960674685\n. *Je suis à la base de la fabrication* :\nPortefeuille magique\nValise magique \nLa calebasse magique\nLe retour d'affection\nLa chance de trouver du boulot\nLa guérison de toutes les maladies quelque soit son origine\nNB: Tous colis est envoyé par les bus international où par le DHL✈ où par la Poste merci bien\n Je vous bénis
Maroof Juneja
Tyga × offset 🔥🔥🔥🌡
Melanin Views
when he got away from the Kardashian his music got better
Memes 2018
He look's like Wiz khalifa
Nadia Ramírez
Canción fav de mi pug❤️💥👌🏻
Nathan Coulter
offsets flow is just fireeee
That's the Tyga I used to listen back then.
Niclas Dessart
übels der Schrott
Omega Control
this is like porn
🔥 “only when I’m taking pics I’m the middle man”
Paxtonthevloger 222
That whipped cream just got 100 per sent better
I don't know if I'm watching a music video or a porno
Pronto Falei !!!
Essa musica é perfeita
mmmm .. Tostino's Pizza ?! ?!!
Rafita Games
Like si pensastes que iba a cantar wiz khalifa :v\nPd: Noviembre?\nArriba México :v
Reem Rameez
i am addicted to this song
Ryan M
Im just envisioning alot of proud parents from this video...
Tyga…………….. He killed it. Great beats. And great song.
Sam Pearson
The lady with the gold bikini, clearly doesn’t belong lol..
Serhat Iciger
Best Song for 2019
Shawanda O'hara
make him get on top of me and ride me
Shiva sansiya
TYAG feat Brazzers
Sierra Leach
there asses flop like jello lol
Starm-up Noelandstar
Tyga one ☝️ of best rapper ever in the world 🌍 great song good job guys
yall ever just see a comment and wish you wrote it
The Jeffy Fans
0:26 when im going to chucky cheese
The gayest YouTube channel of all time
When you go on a video just to look at the damn comments
Theresa Shaw
Savage has a Kylie Jenner look a like in the front seat IDGAF plastic is basic
Tilak Dahal
This beat can bring a dead man alive ! 🔥🔥🔥 T is back on map 💯👊
Travis Searles
Im the white \
Every like is how many sit ups i have to do! I already did my pushups so moving on!
I watched this before it hit 100 mil and im proud of that. This song is straight up 🔥🔥🔥
Walker123 Walker
I fall apart
If Chris Brown hops on the remix, it's over... top banger of 2018 sewn up.
Waylon Jones
Any music videos like this? With lots booty and rap
*This song is gonna put Tyga back on the map*
3:29 am i the only one that saw king bach. LOOK AT HIM
Yenny Quinonez
My booty always twerks by itself when i hear tyga 😐
Why I like the music but not the video
coockies n cream
He rhymed \
ellyes. sayadi
A silent moment for our brother's who failed *no nut november*
There's an overwhelming amount of ass in this video.
imported Brittany
Stranger than I’d like.
jimin's thighs
This beat is fire 🔥
juan camilo Chica
Nou nou nou
karan brampton
Saala muh na matha suthra jinn Pahado latha🤒
maximo gonzalez
cuando stan lee muere😭\nbut stan fingio su muerte👽
Need a remix with chris brown singing in this Fr , like there should be breezy , august alsina , Jeremiah and Bryson tiller in the song 2 😫
ninjashyper 132
r.i.p cameraman
yohisy revette
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