YG - Make It Clap (Just Red Up 2) 2013

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Just Re'd Up 2 Make It Clap YG YG Make It Clap

Adrian S
This song Dumb hard
Afiya mansano
Bend that over then make it clap
Aleigh Iron Wing
Been that shit over than make it clap ok yg
Alexis Rodriguez
Alize Maull
Turnnnn UPPPP
Anthony Reyes
Anti Gouvernement Racaille Pedophile
206 dislikes ? it's donald's family for sure !
Anything Everything
Anybody else's think yg is pretty pervrrted??
Ari V
I bust a nut then take a nap. \nepic line ever..
Ariyon Wilkerson
- ayye bruh me 2 !!1 lol :D
Bab Mzn
I bust a nut,then take a nap AYYEEE!!!
Bob Wildly Billy
Paid for it then ate it lol 😂
Boots Herrick
this song is my shit!\n
Brianna Chisholm
ThEn MaKe It CLAp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
neck = broken
Byoe _
best drop
Cj Walker
Not even gonna lie I’m here from the minorities this 🔥
Dajah Phipps
This is my shit!
Desiree Munoz
Eduardo Marino
Erick Huffman
This song slap
Erick J.
I bust a nut, then take a nap
Ezequiel Marquez
vengo x un video porno
Forever Alone Guy
Whos watching this in 2017? Like this if you love YG and are a true fan
G Ayissi
Gabrielle Ortiz
Yassss YG 400
Gal Serec
Only 1mil views?
Hilal Mobarak
yg you are best
Hope Modeste
alright now!\n
HubbaBubba Twerk
check our twerk video to this on our page
Ismail Elharf
YG ! morocco 💚😎
Jacob Hawkes
Bend that ntvhzz 🌲 shake 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌳🌳bend bend over
Jeremiah Milo
young giantz fly high
Jose Bonet
DJ mustard voice ?
Josef Subject
still listening in 2016
Justin Reese
Good ass song
Kalon B.
im finna get it Ayeee less go
Kaziya Spencer
I bee going to work when i TWERK to this song and i be yiking!!!! #turnup #Twerkteam
Keilani Pouoa
2018 and still listening to this 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
King Karlsxn
+BASELINE220 220
Lillian Fere
Miss Lenell
low key i be twerkin to dis in class wen im listenin to music lol
Omny Syr
good song fresh
Owl Pharoah
Da beat tho
Papi Chulo
Rahhim Maynor
Favorite Y.G. song on BL62DZ
Sanoko Amidou
West coast
by yg
This the shit!!
Space Walk
jesus christ this is awful
Steven Shepard
this song almost made me a daddy
Temo Marquez
2018 and this shit still slappin
Thanasis Trianta
this kid young 😎
Thereal porter
When The Beats Drops Ever Body TurnUpp!!!!
Trina Bell
just came back from listening to trina the rapper god that was awkward rather listen to YG idk y I left..
Yalnız Kovboy
i'm coming from alexis texass twerk 😁😁😁😁😁
Yoshinoya Leon
Yung Killa
said u luv me ona txt, I deleted all dat💯🎶
babyana vlogs
My husband 😘🥀✨ it’s time to everyone to know bae 💍💍👅 harmony loves me “ I’m here Mexican mom “ GOD DAMN I NEED A MEXICAN 🤣💘👅☀️❤️
bibiana teibl teibl
like it
daymonte johnson
This is when yg was actually yg and was money hungry..now he got money he caught up in coke and making dumb music lol
emilio seoane
Muhstad onn uhh beaat hooe\nWas this mixtape on purpose jacking? This sound like tygas too wdf???
everything burgundy
That old yg flow 🔥🔥🔥
latrice sanchez
bend dat shit ova make it clap yes
melvina cox
This song gooooooooo!
misheru x
This song slaps. ((;
octavia leaphart
pablo lopeez
2019 bitchess
princess nene
still listening to this😂😂 2k17
shalia rodgers
steven Bailey
Make it clap on my lap ;-)
tyteque pollock
yamani wilson
AAA I be getting it wen i twerk to this