Jason Derulo - Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj Ty Dolla $ign) (Official Music Video)

Official Music video for 'Swalla' - directed by Gil GreenBuy or Stream now!

$ign Derulo Dolla Jason Minaj Nicki Sign Swalla Swallow Ty music video official Ξασον Δερθλο Τζεησον Ντερουλο

Queen ❤️👑
4 C r v z y 4
1:57 when you just got your VISA
AbdèlHamid Sakhi Tube.
JANUARY 2018🤘 still checking comments and listening 🔥🔥 Like if u do the same😂 befor 1b
Abhi Roy
Swalla swalla
Afreen khan
still listening SWALLA ??anyone??🚶
Ahymar Alfaro
Q masiso so unos de eyos
Alok Prajapati
Andrei Menezes
#swalla , Adriele Brasil 2018
Angel Ellis
‘Gonna swalla 1000 cups of Sunny D
Antonella Villar
Hi:3 (
1:2B views😃
Ben Kariuki
dance moves DOPE
Bheruram Saini
I like the first time this morning
Camielia Thomas
Love my song
Christyna Hoang
First time:Ewwwww no\n\n\nOne week later:shimmy shimmy ay shimmy all drank SWALLALA
Claudia Yareli Rocha Angulo
Cómo le ases gue
Clorox Bleach
Me: Too much nudity, this song sucks.\n\nInside of me: SHIMI SHIMI AY SHIMI SHIMI YOO.
Creepy Franklestein
One day i swallow a gum
Dany Ortiz
Like si hablas español y no entiendes nada pero te gusta
Deep K
Digga D Cgm
Banger still
Dominick Vatuonne
Ermosa al cansino ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Don't Look At My Profile Photo
This video makes me want to *\
Edouard Togbedji
Eric Zelt
2:00 got me dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Esmeralda Rodrigues de alba
Amo mucho esta canción es mi favorita
Who came here after watching \
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November 2018?
Gaurav Maddeshiya
Lyrics\nDrank\nYoung Money\n\nLove in a thousand different flavors\nI wish that I could taste them all tonight\nNo, I ain't got no dinner plans\nSo you should bring all your friends\nI swear that to all y'all my type\n\nAll you girls in here, if you're feeling thirsty\nCome on take a sip 'cause you know what I'm servin', ooh\n\nShimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya (drank)\nSwalla-la-la (drank)\nSwalla-la-la (swalla-la-la)\nSwalla-la-la\nShimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya (drank)\nSwalla-la-la (drank)\nSwalla-la-la (swalla-la-la)\nSwalla-la-la\nFreaky, freaky gyal\nMy freaky, freaky gyal\n\nShimmy shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yah\nBad girls gon' swalla-la-la\nBust down on my wrist in this bitch\nMy pinky-ring bigger than his\nMet her out in Beverly Hills, ay\nDolla got too many girls, ay\nMet her out in Beverly Hills\nAll she wear is red bottom heels\nWhen she back it up, put it on the Snap\nWhen she droppin' low, put it on the 'Gram\nDJ poppin', she gon' swallow that\nChampagne poppin', she gon' swallow that\n\nAll you girls in here, if you're feeling thirsty\nCome on take a sip 'cause you know what I'm servin', ooh\n\nShimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya (drank)\nSwalla-la-la (drank)\nSwalla-la-la (swalla-la-la)\nSwalla-la-la\nShimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya (drank)\nSwalla-la-la (drank)\nSwalla-la-la (swalla-la-la)\nSwalla-la-la\nFreaky, freaky gyal\nMy freaky, freaky gyal\n\nBad gyal no swalla nuttin', word to the Dalai Lama\nHe know I'm a fashion killa, word to John Galliano\nHe copping that Valentino, ain't no telling me \
Hamza Iftikhar
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Hetti Plaiter
I first heard this song when I caught my mum dirty dancing with a broom! 😂
Love this song\n\n3 minutes later \n\nOh. It's about blow jobs \n\nUmmm awkward
ItZ YiZus Game
1:54 when you see a spider 1:57 when is finally dead\n\nHoly shit a thousand of likes,Thanks🖒
Jaime Sitoe
Who's better 💭🤔\nNicki Minaj:Like👍🏽\nCard B:Comment
Jenifer anais
Nicky minaj is the rock. and perfect for this beat👍👌👍
Jimmy The Gent
Artists have just gotten Lazy
Joula M
Ce connard porte de la fourrure! Combien de bêtes élevées dans des conditions atroces avant de finir électrocutés par l'anus pour faire son manteau? Sale type je te souhaite le pire qu'il existe sur terre!
Joy Pace
2::49 she talking about Cardi B
Juju La Carotte
JustCallMe Legend
1:57 when it’s Friday also when you get a solo dub in Fortnite
Keila Julio
Hay un poco de video en tu publicidad
Kenya Gault
Wooooow Over 1 Billy Views Though 🤗🤤
Lalita Chavhan
Who is just here to check views??😂
Lisa M-J
Love the dancing girls in this video
Loveleen Raphael
Here for the rap Queen Nicki Minaj.👍👍
Lu Legalant
I love this music 😍😍😍
MD Jabir Hossain
anyone here in November 2018 ?💝
türkler burdamı
1:57 is me when I haven't got homework for tomorrow!
Marianela Cardona
I feel like everyone is commenting about 1:57
Maroc Agadir
Music Songr Colombia
November 2018?
Mwende Musyimi
swalla rada yake
Nikol 4
Love you
Nivesh Ramlochun
Who else thought they had better taste in music but still like to listen to this?
Omolara dacostarica
November 2018?
Only Crafts
Who is watching this in 2018😉
Patricia Arrecis
Rafael 699
The Weekend lost his hair, I guess Jason found IT then...
Rockstar Bhaskar
Anyone from India & Pakistan
Rupam Saikiah
My favourite song ☝️😷
I am listening this song one of my favorite song on 15 November.. 🔥
Santy _1010vimo_
Alguien que hable en español?😶😐
Sharada Suvarna
Who is from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳???
Steve Renteria
Have you guys notice that the dancer with dreaded hair's earring fell to the floor on 3:09
Thato Monnakgotla
I also want want dreadlocks...
Tishanna R.
Before youtube started cheating nicki of her views and likes 😑
Tracy Hubbard
I don't know why ..I just don't like him
Español? Noviembre? 2018?
Valentina Hermadez
Soy de Portugal ✨🇵🇹🇵🇹 nicki is queen!
Vijay Pawar
simmy simmy simmy ya ............swalla swalla la...................;)
Vonn Hellvetia
1:54 is Me when i see a cockroach. 😂 \n1:57 when is dead 😂
Wendy Rodriguez
2:43 \n\n\nMy wallpaper lol
Wuntana Tientong
Wow I like you music video too
Yamileth Toledo
I love this song
Yasmine Bouisagouane
Décembre 2017 ???
The Weeknd is calling and is asking for his hair style back
anna game play
0:48 to nuuuuu
arianagrandebuterafan 69
2018 ?
arsal almas
*Who is here even in November 2018....???*\n*Like👇👇👇*
benjamin boadu
1:57 when you just passed you final exam
0:47 when you hit the blut
carol bispa
1:54 when you have homework \n\n\n\n1:57 when you don't have homework
charlet K
2018 anyone😆😍
jeon jungkook
No one praising the girls who are dancing....\nLike c'mon guys.. Its royal family's queens..\nHit like if you appreciate their moves!!❤❤❤❤💜😘😘
kingKID human
Watching the video and reading comments about Jason Derulo and the weeknd hair.
mini dorito
2:10 dance fortnite season 5
music for life
April 2018???
nicki minaj fan
puri sira
2019 😜😜🎧🎤🎤🎤🎤 swala 🔥💯🔥💪
sushank saxena
If I tried to dance on that wet slippery floor,in whole video I will only fall,and song will be fall laa la laa laaa.
sweta bhakat
November 2018 ???? Anyone please please like
I feel like this was a sleeper. It wasn't really a radio/mainstream hit but somehow got 1.2 billion views. All the other songs with a billion views you can understand why, it was everywhere. \n\nThis not so much.
şems Memmedova
2018 !!!
حسن عبد الله
عبدالله الشهري الكويت
2:25Niki Minaj
محمد علي
2018 //2019 وينكم عرب
ツPasha play
Slawawawallalla. XD