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Irelia’s blades can be a graceful dance - or a furious tempest. Click “see more” to witness what else the Blade Dancer can do.Irelia Reveal

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Irelia, the Blade Cancer*
Aigars Līvzemnieks
HEY, WTHELL.. Why don't i see people talk about the pun where phreak says to Graves \
Aisha EM
Alex Moore Eklund
- 5 Movement speed btw
Anime Music
Man! Those Puns WtF
Ashe -the best champion
Is this a new Irelia ?
Bailey Lee
I recently got Irelia and she is so awesome!
Wow, I'm super hyped about Eerelia. A shame they had to remove her sister Irelia though.
BedrockPvPz //xJayHzD
I Keep Hearing Irelia Sol...\nIrelian Sol
Bembe The Dog
No rune guide?? I hope there is cause I'm gonna buy Irelia but I don't know the runes for her
Black Dragon
Irelia, my favorite ranged champion... Ugh.
Cirdec Mil Nag
why no one talking about irelia's current W can't proc 2 passive stack
Cookie Insanity
All this time I've pronounced her name like this. *eye-relia.*
D acé
that booty rework tho
Rly riot? Another Yasuo?
Deracada Venom
How to play irelia: Spam all your abilites in a minion wave
*but everything changed when the fire nation attacked*
El Bandito
Sigh... another champion became more micro-intensive, leaving slow pokes like me further behind.
ElaraPogi UwU
is that a Katarina rework?\nlooks good!
Elisabet Roa
seriously, I got a cuadra on my first time playing her (ever, I never even played old Irelia) also she's banned in 85% of my games, what was the point of making her so op
Eric Su
League has never been as good as it is before. After all these useless and boring updates, all they’ve done is just make the game adapt more to competitive play. League is just plain and boring now. I recently quit and I’m sure other people can agree with me.
Exa roc
she looks cool but i truly prefer the old one.
Better nerf irelia
FeroTube Gaming
Buff irelia pls hahahaha buff buff buff her damage
Better Nerf Irelia one more time.
“Makes a Graves mistake.” \n“Close. But no Cigar.”\n“Irelia-vent” \n“Naut-a-loss”\n“Gg Well blade.”Really Phreak?\n\nEdit: thanks for the likes. First time getting 1k.
heyyy ya used my Ireliavant pun. Cute!
Goragar X
More like the blade cancer lol.
Haiqal Nurhakim Faizal
i smell irelia jungle
Hana Palani
My 1st Fav Champion YAS QUEEN 👑 😍
Haur Lim
Taliyah , need more updates. She only has 1 skin. I want to main her.
I can't think of a name
The puns are so sharp in this one
phire freak
James Giwa
The puns were.....good?
She would have made a great k/Da member.
Josh Imperio
Kazuya Aoshima
Yey my fav hero just get too much beauty
So many puns in one video Ireli can't handle it
Kjono 1
I wonder if Irelia's ultimate is simply just to mock swain
Lee Sin The Blind Monk
Leonardo Gottgtroy
In sumary:\n\n\n\n\nShe's T H I C C E R.
*U L T R A T H I C C*
Matias Jokinen
This video has so many puns that I might die
Max Hailu
Now Irelia isnt ireliavant anymore!
McRandomVillain YT
*it was fine until the nerfs attack*
Miguel Nogueira
Nerf Irelia please...
Mllr hr
Mohamad Fay
Some say Phreak is a 1000 years old, others say he’s as old as time, only Nunu knows the origins of the great one.
Money for Mangoes
After taking a break for 2 months i come back to league and see this, wow. First time fighting against irelia ? This finna be a breeze !
Penta kills are going to look sick with this re work.
What have you done to her? She had such unique weapon. And the new model looks... So poorly, it lost on it's quality. Like if it was painted with pastels, not made in 3D program.\nI can't help but feel that the graphic of LoL, models and colors especially, are getting worse....
Nathan Spagnoli
I’m actually upset.... her new kit is legit so out of meta it makes her more usless then ever!! I was a masters irelia player and now I see no viable way to play her! This is what I get for playing the same girl for 3 years
She is now Nerfworthy. ;)
Nicky Lim
Riot should've just changed it to The Thicc Dancer instead
No, this isn't Irelia
NoodlesAhoy Comedy
Sharp tounge you have today, Phreak. Razor sharp.
Néstor Carvajal
Trash, like all new champions
Came for the puns... They made the cut.
P0ison AppLE
From Irelia to Thighrelia
Paco Jones
Irelievant 😧
Pancake Gale
ily Riot for these jokes \u003c3
Penguins for the cup
Riz Vinuya
Riot can you make a champion that is like a student of kennen\nHe is a assasin type champion\nP-True lightning=marks an enemy , then if there are two or more champion marked your basiv attack will deal a chain of lightning in the marked enemies\nQ-Static dash=dashes to an enemy and deals damage,it stacks up to three times\nW-Ground Shock=Stuns the enemy in the circle\nE-Electric Stab=Stabs an enemy then teleports behind it dealing a damage and a crit\nR-Fast Lightning=attacks all enemies caught in the circle\nI wish you will see this I've been a LOL player since season 2
GG well *blade*
I sense project irelia...
S Last
Reminds of Penny from RWBY
Got to play as her this weekend and she was really fun, seemed strong too.
Samuel Yin
“Graves was close but no cigar” omg thank you
Solar Nation
Wheres the aatrox rework
Some Nobody
I only come here for the puns
Super Pony 3
Irelian Soul
Why didn't they just make a new champ if they were going to completely change her attacks? I already know how to play the old one, quit and now I'd have to learn it again?
The Cool Persian
This is definitely Phreak's punniest performance.
The Holy Mackrel
I wonder why her hands are so big *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
Victor Rusev
Weague of Wegends Boy
fk she is my dream girlfriend look at those thighs
even old Champions are becoming Disney characters now
“Ireliavent” srsly
ez pizi
Time to main irelia
is every champ gonna be super mobile with cc now
jarah gates
Shout out to riot the base model alone looks incredible!
kakashi said
man this phreak puns are too strong
mini amiibo
League is \
Better Nerf Irelia
super snake
did he say gg well blade at the end?
vha J Han
change her interaction riot CHANGE IT PLEASE
*Analyses her entire kit*\n\npffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft......\n\nawesome...another one, huh?\n\nSigh....whatever. At this point, this isnt even a surprise. Because since we gonna get this kind of champ, at least this should increase the chances of having another new champ that isnt based on dashes and blinks. Aren't we out of ideas for making dash/blink related fighter champs? When am i gonna see a new supporter champ that is based off healing and anti cc? I know we got small margin, but surely, we can expand that family? We only got a handful, and not all of them have the tools to answer these kinds of new playstyles
I'd appreciate to see Zelos as a champion.
meh I don't really like her new rework...but I guess she has more mobility now?
The ability order was a little weird...
海恩奶油 Hein Cream
Anyone think that the animation is too much?😕