Top 10 Most Viewed Music Videos Each Year By Female Singers (2010-2018)

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by each year female singers most viewed music videos top 10

Wow blink aparecemos en el puesto 7
Alienado XxX
Katy Perry\nRihanna\nTaylor\nAriana\nDemi\nNicki\nPink\nJessie\nShakira \nMiley\n❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤\nQueens 👑
Amanda / ARMY 4 life
9:57 *Yay! Blackpink made it onto the list* 💖💖💖
Amy Stone
I Think Taylor Swift Is My New Favorite Singer\nI Still Love Ariana Grande Tho :3
Andrés Luke
Shakira and Rihanna were kind of in it way more
Anitta BA
Simone e Simaria feat Anitta loka 2017 😍😍😍
Antoinette Pano
50%comments : spanish songs lovers \n50% nostalgic
Ari Cat
Ariana Grande 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖\nNiki Minaji\nCardi B 💖💖\nJojo Siwa 💖\n\n\n\n\n\nBut were is Selena Gomez?
Arielle Luna Hvistendahl
Don' t press read more\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNow you' ll have to like \u003e:D
Avery Robinson
Jojo is also the best
Bruno Oliveira
Carlos Gerhardt
come & get it has more views than heart attack tho
Catherine Brett
reggaeton hitted hard since 2017
Charlotte DeMuse
Wait, BLACKPINK one of them. \nMy favourite
Ciara & Maeve Roblox Delaney
What has the world come to jojo siwa is on there
Claudio da Silva
The one and only SHAKIRA with two #1!!!
Cloud Records
- Ariana Grande -\n2014 \n9. Break Free\n7. Problem\n6. Bang Bang\n2015\n6. Focus\n2016\n8. Into You\n3. Side To Side\n2018\n3. No Tears Left To Cry
Conny Swift
Taylor Forever ❤❤❤
Blackpink! 💖\nAriana 💞
Daniela Guttierez
You forgot Taki Taki
Danielle Davidson
Actually, the number one music video of 2018 is Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande...💜💜💜 YAAAASSS ARI!!
Denny Montes
This video start with Great American music but it finish con Lantin music, loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
DistinctFire 101
I like Katy's old songs better than her new ones
- 0:14 and 9:15 have no sound cuz of copyrights 😁\n- In 2013, number 9 should be \
Eesh_ 786
Queen Ari and Princess Rihanna
Eleias Mplias
Gorls ( as gru in despicable me) and guys, \n\n\n\n\n\n* NEW RULES WITHOUT MUSIC IS HILARIOUS XD*
EllieGames _ROBLOX,Msp
5:30 had no words
Emmers 101
My expression when I see Jo jo seaweed
Facts world
1)Riri\n2) Kitty\n3) Latina queen\n4) Tay tay\n5) Ari the princess
Fatih Aydın
In 2013 Katy perfectly did it! \u003c3
Fifi_Loves_ AutumAesthetic
Rhianna was on here for like 4 years and left yhe building... Then Arianna took her place...\n\nEdit: HOW IS JOJO ON HERE???\nEdit: she came back in 2016 lmao
Florence W
2018: Language change.
Florent Brd !
Ariana & Blackpink 😍
Georgia S
Gonzalez 4Ever
1 Katy Perry ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤\n2 Ariana Grande 💖💖💖💖\n3 Rihanna 💓💓\n4 Tay Tay 💔\n5 Jesse\n6 Adel
Gradi Mpoyi Bolukaoto
I am a huge fan of some of those people
Hamzah Harahap
OMG😮😮😮 siti badriah
Hanna Piasecka
Where is Swish Swish?
Hannah Washington
I didn’t realize how much my music has changed until I watched this 😂🤦🏾\u200d♀️
Harlea Fitzpatrick
I miss the 2010-2015 kind of music, almost all of our music is trash now.
HoneySickle Gaming
Omg i love blackpink😀
I haven’t showered in 4 years But
I forgot about these songs 😪
Iki Ajha
Ilove Taylor and katy
Infinity Ring
I still listen to these songs
Isabel S
Rihanna is slaying doe
Jadson Oliveira
No 10:25 a ordem das palavras está errada. O certo deveria ser \
Javion Bragg-Oliver
Top 5 \n1.Rihhana\n2.Taylor Swift\n3.Katy Perry\n4.Ariana Grande\n5.Shakira
It's clear 2000 to 2013 had the best music
I swear to god I will like this comment\n\n\n\nguess you have to like it now :)
John Karl Gonzales
I like blackpink so much😍
Joyce Souza
As visualizações no Youtube cresceram pq o alcance das pessoas ficou maior, porém a qualidade das antigas é muito melhor
Juan Olmos
Rihanna you on 🔥
Juan Yugo
karol g becky g shakira natti natasha sofia reyes las mejores mujeres latinas
Kiera Marie
Now 1 in 2018 is thank u next
Koralina Grande
Kween mix
I miss so much the 2010-2014 period😍where there were iconic songs and videos from the greatest artist\nI think that in the last 2 years there have been so many beautiful songs/videos but they have been beated by shitty song/artist (in my opinion) with catchy/trap sounds (Not because they are latina/Koop songs)
Little Miss Sunshine
Rihanna and Katy slaying as always
Marcos Richard
2018 pior ano feminino da Indústria!!
Meireles Feliz
1-Ariana Grande\n2-Katty Perry\n3-Rihanna
Milky Slime
Am I the only one who’s saw that #10 was waka waka and then #1 was waka waka also
No tears left to cry. NOT “no left tears to cry”
I’m really proud of blackpink, they’re amazing
Onii-San Min Min
Aproveitar na noite fica loka loka lokaaa \n\nBrasil hehe 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤😂
Park Penny BTS JM
I sow blackpink but not BTS!!
Pola Magdalena
What really worries me is that Jojo siwa is here...
Portia Schiferli
Ok but 2010 was 100% Rhi Rhi’s year\n\n*... and pretty much every other year*
Princess Chloe Lozano
I felt so old watching this
Rich Mothafucker
The scrappy and trashy music of 2016-2018
Ruler Of The World M
when this is mostly katy perry and rihanna
Severus Snape
Shishter Shook
Rude boy and California girls were like the bom in 2010. \n*lets just talk about Rihanna and Katy though, bop \u003c3*
Sienna Jones
My Childhood...
Smily Potato
This was extremely nostalgic
So ?
Shakiras been in every year top 10\nAnd Ariana since 2014
Squishy Lianne
Yay BLACKPINK in 2018 in 7th yay
Thu Zar
rihanna and katy queens of views
Yasmine Kautz
yassssss blackpink!!!
Yeasss Ariiiiiiiiiiiiiii 👸🏼👸🏼
I'm Spanish but I think 2018 is the worst year for music
dariio yar
Shakira is the queen
hamood Mazaji
Nicki minaj♥️♥️💋 #barbz #nickiqueenofrap
koubi az
Jojo Siwa? U r joking.
mary TV
10:43 this song in tik tok ❤❤
najwa Al.H.
Blackpink im so proud 🖤💖
nicky B
Blackpink are everywhere. I'm proude of this girls💖💖💖
ruby ochoa
Katy and Rihana are mostly there
ss laquinis
Tay tay
Holy shit 2018 music for the most part has been awful.
yoongi's smile
Dua, Ariana and bp saved 2018
люблю Морану Баттори
Rihanna 9\nKaty Perry 9\nShakira 7\nLady Gaga 1\nAdele 3\nJessie J 2\nNicki Minaj 2\nChristina Perry 1\nP!nk 2\nJennifer Lopez 3\nTaylor Swift 8\nCarly Rae Jepsen 1\nDemi Lovato 2\nIdina Menzel 1\nLorde 1\nMiley Cyrus 2\nEllie Goulding 2\nAriana Grande 6\nSia 3\nMeghan Trainor 1\nHA-ASH 1\nZara Larson 1\nFifth Harmony 2\nJoJo Siwa 1\nEra Istrefi 1\nThalía 2\nSimone & Sinara 1\nKarol G 2\nCardi B 2\nCamila Cabello 2\nBecky G 2\nDua Lipa 2\nNatti Natasha 2\nSofia Reyes 1\nSiti Badrihan 1\nBlackPink 1
הילה הראל
I remember those year with katy music everywhere that was so good!!
สีน้ําตาล Miss Universe
[Katy Rihana Taylor] They are the queen👑👑👑
ღ M⃣e⃣o⃣w⃣- J⃣o⃣s⃣e⃣ ღ
Best singer: Rihana