Coldplay - The Scientist

Taken from A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

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Achuel Bastian
2019 yeaa.... Watch this love song
Ad Sol
2019? 😀🎧❤
Adi Vasantharao
Always remember to buckle up. You don't want this happening to you in real life.
Albert Taveras
Alika Tri Wanda
Ana Paula Sanches
Que música maravilhosa!!!!
Andy Putra Wardhana
2019 Anyone?
Angela :3
Lo sabía ! Sabía que si escuchaba está canción lloraría , la miniatura me lo advertía !! :'v
Aril Raga
Atila Tiago
Quem é do BRASIL deixa o LIKE para saberem que somos a maioria...
Bangla Band Song
Coldplay - The Scientist\n\nCome up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry\nYou don't know how lovely you are\n\nI had to find you\nTell you I need you\nTell you I set you apart\n\nTell me your secrets\nAnd ask me your questions\nOh, let's go back to the start\n\nRunning in circles\nComing up tails\nHeads on a science apart\n\nNobody said it was easy\nIt's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be this hard\n\nOh, take me back to the start\n\nI was just guessing\nAt numbers and figures\nPulling the puzzles apart\n\nQuestions of science\nScience and progress\nDo not speak as loud as my heart\n\nTell me you love me\nCome back and haunt me\nOh, and I rush to the start\n\nRunning in circles\nChasing our tails\nComing back as we are\n\nNobody said it was easy\nOh, it's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be so hard\n\nI'm going back to the start ..... Oh [x4]
¿Alguien mexicano presente? ¡Yo si estoy presente!
Bia Costa
Brian Ataide Palmeiras
I every day, I love this incredible band. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤❤❤❤ #2019
2019 y el mismo sentimientooo
You're so high! God bless.
Carl Mahnke
I think this is Coldplays real masterpiece.
Charlie Andy
Take me back to the start :'(
Omg the lyrics of song Faded by Alan Walker fits perfectly with the instrumental of this song😯
Daniel Fernandes
Oi Bom dia Hi Good morning 🇧🇷
Like si quieres retroceder el tiempo ,por cosas malas que has hecho 😞
Афигенская музыка )))) кто за ставь +
Eddy Baller
1932 anyone?
Elena Gamarra
Creo que es una de las canciones más perfectas que he escuchado en mi vida.
Eli Baresul
Tem BR aqui?
A cycle that never breaks...ultimately to always continue with or without you
Everh Oviedo 504
Fuiste lo mejor que me paso...todo lo que pase contigo....fueron los momentos mas felices de mi vida...estuviste en los momentos mas difíciles de mi vida así como yo estuve en los demostraste por primera vez en toda mi vida todo lo que una chica puede hacer por un chico.....todo lo que vivimos fue lo mas mágico...en efecto\
Evy SB
2019 ❤❤❤❤ Florianópolis, SC- Brasil 😍
QUEM TA VENDO ANTES DAS *19:00* \n \nkkkk vou zoar os gringos cm esses comentários besta de BR kkk
German Cruz
Hasta los vídeos de los gringos los Mexicaneamos !
Ghif Fari
Halfan Coeg
Januari 2019😍😍😍
Cuanta gente sin vida poniendo \
So I’m here, on this earth, in a universe filled with at least 100 billion galaxies. Within those galaxies are an unknowable number of stars. Orbiting those stars are even more planets. We find ourselves alive. Carbon based life forms with the ability to create. Conscious beings living out the bittersweet thing we call life. 16 years old, commenting on a music video that touched my heart. Music. Art. Philosophy. Science. Everything we’ve created. We ask why. So many questions. The truth is the answers aren’t important. The answers are likely to leave us disappointed. Unfulfilled. The beauty of it all is that we are able to ask why. Now go, love somebody, cherish the time you have left. Life is precious. You’re precious. It’s almost impossible to completely grasp this. Find comfort in not knowing. It’s the only way. And if you think you know, think again. All of this, I’m communicating with you because of language. Something we created. It’s magnificent. Ignore the grammatical errors. They don’t matter. What matters is the fact that there is such a thing as grammatical errors. Long story short, there is no answer to the question “why is there something rather than nothing?”. Please, I’m begging you. Push through the hard times. Cherish the fact that hard times exist. Appreciate your existence. There will be a time when no one is left to appreciate all of man kinds accomplishments. So don’t waste another minute. \nMuch love.
Jacob Alva
To anyone who is reading this, if you feel something for someone, go for it, because you don't want to feel regret of never doing anything.
13.jan.2019\nthis is so peaceful.. and making me sad idk why.. oh whyyy :'(
Jayden Ham
Sounds exactly like today’s Chris Martin
Jenny O' Reilly
Jon’s lane church Lorcan I will always remember your coffin carried out and just thinking this is not ok you should still be with us it’s 2019 Jan 02 and we still can’t believe your gone son R I P SON I MISS YOU LORCAN 💔
Jhon Esteban Campo
Juan Puentes
Aunque no lo crean, está canción se la dedique a mi madre 1 semana antes de su muerte, quizás no fui la gran persona que ella espero, pero cada vez que escucho está canción me hace recordar lo encantadora que era, lo impecable y todo el amor que me brindaba, no le puse mucha atención pero ahora la necesito, quiero que este acá conmigo, quiero que se escape un momento del cielo para poder pedirte perdón y decirte que te amo, te amo mucho, mucho. No te imaginas la mucha falta que me haces 😢😭
Kakashimoto Gaming
Just heard this on Smallville S2 E17 lol
Keenan Diggs
Wear a seat belt kids. Never take it off.
Kel Gamer
Quem é BR da like👍
Kevin Spaulding
I didn't feel good as a teen and this song made me melodramatic. In My Place made me wonder how long I'd have to wait to feel good again. I wanted to restart and feel happy again. I just wanted to leave and be forgotten and not worry about surviving in a life that is so hard.
Khloe Canceran
*Stay Strong, everyone \u003c3*
Krushnaal Pai
Whole video goes reverse but lip movement goes normal. How did they do that
Leandro Segura
Liam Gibson
My best friend died from a brain tumor this was his favorite song thank you Coldplay
Lilly .p
This song makes me cry every time 😢
Llewen Garcia
The message of the video: Wear your seatbelt.
Lucero Yuliana Delgado
Lyrics:\nCome up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry\nYou don't know how lovely you are\nI had to find you, tell you I need you\nTell you I set you apart\nTell me your secrets and ask me your questions\nOh, let's go back to the start\nRunning in circles, coming up tails\nHeads on a science apart\nNobody said it was easy\nIt's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be this hard\nOh, take me back to the start\nI was just guessing at numbers and figures\nPulling the puzzles apart\nQuestions of science, science and progress\nDo not speak as loud as my heart\nTell me you love me, come back and haunt me\nOh, and I rush to the start\nRunning in circles, chasing our tails\nComing back as we are\nNobody said it was easy\nOh, it's such a shame for us to part\nNobody said it was easy\nNo one ever said it would be so hard\nI'm going back to the start
Luke Faulkner
Remember the kid at school who'd play this on the piano in every music class at school?That was me (sorry). Best song of my childhood.
Maiara Matos
Música boa 😊❤🎶🇧🇷
Maria Cinthia
Algum brasileiro em janeiro de 2019?
Maria Do Socorro Marques De Lima
muito boa mano essa música
Mark Jasper
Algun colombiano? \u003c3
Muttaqin Kun
HAPY NEW YEAR....\n2\n20\n201\n2019\n201\n20\n2\n...????
Nachyra Smith
Who else loves the beginning of this video because of his voice?
Ohh... That's what happened. *_SAD_*
Natalia Ellen
Oi gente. Boa noite, essa música me traz uma paz. 😍... 08/01/19
Paola Cacekazomaaxai
Like si vienes por la tarea de ingles del profe Edson😂😂
Pedrão TV
2018? 🎤😍❤
Can you imagine world without Coldplays music? I can't!
Who's listening to this in 2019?! 👌 🎶
I like the kind of music Coldplay used to perform but I am not a fan.\nSo, believe me or not, I just listened to this hit for the first time...I'm very late indeed !\nI noticed this vid (handsome and very touching) has been published in 2011 on May the 27th...\nI'd do anything (not some filthy and mean thing !) to go back to this time, this Spring, knowing what I know today obviously ! Who has never dreamt about travel in the time machine of his/her own life ?
who 2019 guys :D
Ronni C
*No one cares what year you listened*
Salvador Arenas
alguien vivo en 2019????
Sena Nur
Nothing is worse than two people who love each other but can't be together
Severus Snape
Intro is so similar to \
Shania Navarro
2019? In under 48 hours now.
Sissy Shephard
This was one of the songs played at my son's funeral on Oct. 5, 2013. He was only 26 years old and he died 10 days before he was to turn 27. No pain is greater than the pain of losing a child. :( Miss him terribly every day.
Listening again in 2019!!!\n\nLove From India, Hyd!!!
Syafx Carl
ANYONE 2019 ? And Now Im So Sad When i heard this song...😓😓 Today
The sadness about knowing that we can't return time is just unmeasurable. This changes us. Deeply.
Toby le47
thats why you need a seat belt kids
Unstable _Man
2030 anyone?
Victor 1000grau
Música de verdade não aquele lixo chamado funk
Vinicius Barreto
2020 ??
X Flores
I like it if you're singing it crying ...\nDecember 2018
Yazmin Torres
01-05-2019\nLove this song 👍👌
Zuri Bolla
2019 y te sigue causando el mismo sentimiento 😢😢??
antisocial 15
*Top Mis favoritas de Coldplay*\n8 The Scientist\n7 Fix You\n6 Speed\n5 Paradise\n4 Sky full star\n3 Something Just Like \n2 Viva La vida \n1 Clocks
ayy llama
Seriously guys, what would we be without Coldplay?
dre an
2019? Feliz año nuevo latinos presentes💕
last 3 years Coldplay became a big boom where hits like this reborn; not a problem with that but the fans from the 2000's watched and enjoyed the first 2(3) albums and this band had worked in a genuine way with that material, not like today. Proud to have seen them live the past decade when they by themselves touched fans without making some circus with other relatives from today. It's just a personal point of view, just ignore me
En diciembre de 2002 cuando está canción sonaba en cada estación de radio , mi novia me enseñó a manejar la escuchábamos todo el tiempo. el auto solo tenía radio y toca cintas 😸 . No podía evitar pensar en el vídeo al aprender y tener un accidente , cada que la escucho me la recuerda Daniela.
jerih sousa
Coldplay eu eacultos todos os dias.minha esposa me perguntar se eu nao enjoou dessas musicas todos os dias.mais quando pessoas gosta nao tem como enjoa.e sim escutas mais vezes todos os dias.
mimo :/
Ronni en el circo comen ateos😂😂😂😢😢😢👍👍 ya terminando 2018
ricardo player br
2019 in brasil 🇧🇷🚀
Let me tell my story, maybe it can motivate you to restart things, chase your dreams or, even to never give up.\nI meet the love of my life in 2011, in a dinner that I wasn't supposed to go. I meet this shy, bright, lovely and beautiful girl. I was foolish enough to give up from her because I thought that we are forever young. \n\nIn 2015 we restarted our relation. I remember clearly the moment I realize that she was the one. Imagine us riding in my car, in a snowy mountain. We looked at each other, smiled... My heart started beating furiously, like if I was running the marathon. There she was, with me. I felt the luckiest man in the world. \nLike every couple in the world, sometimes we say things we don't mean. Like every couple in the world that is in love, words get a meaning and can hurt us deep inside. We had an argument and foolishly break up again. I wasn't unable to talk to her again because my life suffered a cataclysm. Decease took to God's hands, my grandparents, the ones that make me the person I am today. I fought all the events like a man, but the joy of living abandoned me. I never had the energy to contact this girl again. \n\nNow I want to restart what's left from my life. I'm wiser, calmer, more experienced. I can tell you the most important thing will be the journey, not the destination. Yes... you've guessed. My companion will be a shy, bright, lovely and beautiful girl. She wrote yesterday - \
sergio adrian ronquillo morales
2019 ? que hable español ???
From where I know this lyrics...?
⦓BJc⦔ t0m
Entre por el video de facebook porq queria ver la musica xd\n\nPosdt: pinche bud bunny
린 수아Mary
crying right now. its 03:48 and I cant sleep. so here am I crying listening to all Coldplay's all time fav songs 😞