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A high definition (HD 1080p) recording of a fireplace, with real HQ fireplace sound. Infinity fire. Perfect for creating a warm, cosy atmosphere. Virtual fireplace.Relaxing fireplace sounds for sleeping. This video is also suitable for: relaxation, studying, baby sleep, Christmas fireplace, background sound while reading, masking unwanted sounds, easing the effects of tinnitus, feeling cosy, combining with other videos.Thank you for watching! Please visit our channel for more relaxing videos and SUBSCRIBE for updates:

1080p Christmas Christmas fireplace HD beautiful fire fireplace infinity relaxing sleeping video

Alex 10,000
who else puts this on when taking that little 40 minute nap in the supply closet during the graveyard shift?
Alley O'bier
THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!! I feel so warm now.....
Angel remot
that moment when u clicked on this fireplace hd link instead of listening to Fire by BTS ;-;
Ashley Locs
I liked the part when the fire crackled
Billie i have found your smile
as SOON as my battery gets low...\n\n\n\n*i watch an 8 hour video*
Brandon Smith
thanks you amazing quality and realism makes me happy inside
Brenda Sanchez
The BEST! Others have ads and no roar of the fire. Thank you for sharing! 🎄
CJ Toy reviews
Lullaby baby thank you for this video because it helps me fall asleep
Caruga 124
I feel so warm from just watching fire :D best video on yt
We are renewing our heating\nBUT\nWinter came a bit too early
Dafodyll Lane
I just wanted to say that this video has been comforting me for two years now and I love it so much. It’s stunning on my jumbo tv and on my phone. I’ve fallen to sleep with this hundreds of times as well as used it for background atmosphere while entering guests. Thank you for making it 8 HOURS LONG too! 😊👍🏼
Dale B.
Thank you like it and just the thought the sound alone brings back memories from the good times in the evening with cup of coffee in my hand ten toes up by the time your video ends ahhhhh thank you so much.
Daniel Liberty
thank you so much! the sounds help me concetrate and do my homework faster and longer without needing a break. its so good because theres no ads in the middle that ruin all your relaxness with their high volume ads.\nthanks so much and sorry for my bad english.
Daniele Vessio
this puts me to sleep within 5 min everyime
Dastish fantastish
Знаете это успокаевоет как асмр это божествено\n😇😇❤🐚
David Anderson
my most used you tube vid
Elianna Craigo-Zapata
I just got surgery and i picked this and I'm so happy I did cause it helps me fall asleep and takes my pain away thx so much
Ellyan kasiv
a mis. hijos y a mi nos calma para dormir gracias thanks!!!
Eugene Fraxby
Watching on my Samsung phone for that realistic heat experience...
Flying Dutchman
Happy Holidays (like if your watching on Christmas eve 2016)
Frost Shadow
I feel warmer already
Gaming With Petirpopo
This Very Helps me to Sleep thank you for making this awesome fire!
Grandpa tryin to make smores on my monitor.
Girl_Gamer_ 2008
cool fireplace :)
Hazel Kao
Sleeping on the bed , watching this video , drinking hot coco or hot milk/milk , feel warm and safe and relax , anyone who same here?
Icebot 64
My fireplace is electric so it does not make this satisfying sound. I put on some headphones and sit in front of my fireplace. I suggest for other people to do the same for some nice relaxation
Jake Arrington
anyone else using this to study :)
Jaquline Rathbone
Thank you for this marvellous video, I put it on my Apple tv to warm my flat everyday (whilst sitting near radiator) so relaxing.
Very relaxing. My teacher puts stuff like this up on the tv screen in the mornings sometimes.
John Dawson
Jon Baxter
I could watch a fire burn for hours. I bet hundreds of years ago people just watched the flames and they were happy. It's so calming.
Jose Edwin Enerio
I tried pushing marshmallows to the monitor
Kandy Kid Productionz
Im surprised that i only see 1 mixtape joke in the comments
Kathy Light
This is lit
Kirishima Eijirou - Actually a rock
I miss my fire place...
Leeds Diaries
I can actually feel the warmth coming for my screen??? I'm going mental.
Leo Wong
For some reason, screen is getting sticky from the marshmallow
Пока буду делать домашнее задание буду включать это!
Lizzie Cross
I legit listen to this video every year for a few months when I'm missing fall and winter weather. I play Nat King Cole's \
Matthew Underswap
I'm have my brightness up and sound at Max in my closet and I have paper tubes ripped into bits so I have my camp fire 🔥
Mega Pynion
Melissa Glueckert
I actually play this when I am studying or writing a paper and I am in a loud area that I am unable to get away from because I am so ADD that I can not function with any noise, I work well in silence. I have tried regular music, I couldn't do it I would listen to the lyrics instead, I tried electronic music without words, It made me too hyper, and I tried classical music, but again I would just listen to the music instead of doing my work. But this has worked very well for me, Thank you so much!
Miss Mary801
is it weird that I feel warm? am I the only one?🔥
Monsieur Jean
Niko Schäufele
Wow😍 it Looks so pretty 😍😍😍
best 10 hours of my life XD \u003c3
is it weird that i put my heater on while watching this just to get the fire vibe?
AWESOME!...I had listen to this fireplace all day, did nothing else other than watch movies and relax listening to this lovely sound of burning wood. I had order me an electric fireplace that is also is a heater, it's raining outside and a little cold which is a best time to have a nice fireplace burning with crackling wood. I love it and thanks for this. This one I will save for the future.
R Khan
felling cold then watch this
Faint, distant sound of someone snoring. Preferably a female. That's my ASMR fix. If you could just upload 8 hours of that, that'd be dope. Appreciated! :)
So I figure I should thank you. For the last year or so, my housemates and I have spent countless cold nights with your fireplace video on our television, warming our spirits and moods. Of the 8.6 million views, one million of them are probably from us. So thank you for this wonderful video!
Relaxing rooM
Beautiful, thanks!
Robert Browne
I put this on my PC fullscreen in HD nice and loud so I can hear the fire crackling. Then I go about my college work or studying on my laptop with music. This video has such a soothing effect on me, I'm very grateful to the uploader. Today I actually got through the whole 8 hours, i'm on my second iteration now XD
I pretend my laptop is the fireplace, because it burns my crotch.
Ryan Shordee
-70 with windchill tonight in saskatchewan, this helps alot!!! thanks ! lol
Ryleigh Kozlowski
It is November and I am listing to Christmas music and playing this with a hot coco and a Christmas blanket 😂
Sailor Bllurrry
this is straight fire
Sarah's Channel
Na supi, jetzt eine heiße Schokolade dazu und zudecken 🙆🙆🙆
Sardonyx Flowers
Man I have this on my playlist for satisfying music and sounds, its just on fire! Oh wait.
Sir Boss
Wow, it's warm in here
Some Guy
When somebody say \
Steve Radanovich
my computer is melting, I am calling the fire dept.  Your virtual video went literal on me.  Help!\njust kidding, Merry Christmas!
Strengths Professor
3 degrees outside in Minnesota tonight! \nI Tried a hot bath and this roaring fire...I'm never leaving!!!\nThanks for sharing
Supra. t
I can use it for STREAM! Thanks!
The Emporor
Anyone piroman here?
2000+ people didn't like it..?? Please someone explain?? - this is a perfect fireplace video. Lovely and relaxing. Does what it says on the tin.
FIRE Good!
Tyson Martin
I ❤ this
Valery kulinkovich
Сразу тепло стало!
Vanessa Branch
I'm typing this with a strawberry.
Veronika Koshka
White Crow
Instructions:\n\n1- Start this video.\n2- Open a new tab, look for \
atp Soldat
so peaceful
daan van den bergh
I was just watching this in my house, projected on the wall, when I realised that for people on the street, it looks like the house is on fire. :')
Remember when YouTube only allowed you to upload a max of 10 minutes of video, thats was so 1999.
el mariachi
this is so relaxing! thanks for making it!
gamer cro
Stop reading the comments and watch the fire
htv coordinator
it makes me warm lol what abot you
Human being need fireplace, it sits in our DNA! We have evolved thanks to fireplace!
Mom said 1 more video before bed
I put this on everyday when it's fall and christmas
luis cruz
It's like ASMR tapping. Right?
Listening this and christmas music ... I know it's only october :)
raji r
Who else can actually feel the heat?
realy happy
This is fine
I was so cold in class that I started watching this. Didn't help much but at least it did something.
I wish this was real. I'm at my dad friend house and it's a BBQ (Asian food) and it's so cold, well not really but my fingers are stiff
I spent the last hour listening to trap music and then I clicked on this video coz I needed to study and spent like 30 seconds wondering when the beat was gonna drop like an idiot
Does any one know if they put in a new log?
If not for Superwomen i would not have know such a video exists!!
starry night
oops dropped my mixtape
Анапа - Str.Albatros
Thank you! This video is really warm! Alexander from Russia.
Катя :3
Still warming)
Любитель Игрушек
Я прям засыпаю
Олексій Гошій
Greetings from Ukraine!!!!!!!!!!
Fire is attractive for everyone