Metallica - Fade to Black

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check out "Achokarlos - Good Luck" !!Rock On !!Life it seems, will fade awayDrifting further every dayGetting lost within myselfNothing matters no one elseI have lost the will to liveSimply nothing more to giveThere is nothing more for meNeed the end to set me freeThings not what they used to beMissing one inside of meDeathly lost, this Can t be realCannot stand this hell I feelEmptiness is filling meTo the point of agonyGrowing darkness taking dawnI was me, but now he 's goneNo one but me can save myself, but it's too lateNow, I can't think, think why I should even tryYesterday seems as though it never existedDeath Greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye

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The comments on this song are like a time capsule back to what the internet was like in 2010
I had a best friend when I was 16 he was 22\n There was a big group of us and we always partied and listened to Metallica. Mikey always told all of us he would die before he was 28. He made a move on me. He wanted more than friends, I didn't. He moved to Indiana state. He called one night and told me he loved me and I told him I would only ever love him as a friend. He was 26 at the time. That was the last time I talked to him. He died 2 nights later in a car accident. If i miss him or think of him all I have to do is turn on some Metallica and it's like he's right here with me. RIP Mikey
Pop music often tells us that everything is fine while Rock and Metal tells us it's not but we can get through it.
I used to think the center image was a microphone.
An Awkward Hufflepuff
I've always considered this song my \
Andy Hoyle
Nyjah's part was fucking incredible, the gnarliest part I have ever seen, props to him raising the bar in skating. I love metallica, even before Nyjah's part, I found this song amazing and then when I heard this come on in his part, I wanted to cry hahaha shivers down my spine!
Antonio Ramon Concepción Vidal
One of the Best Songs ever .
Arstoma ???
a wizard stands in a desolate snowstorm, some shacks and hamlets visible in the distance.\nhe begins some kind of spell, and the snow seems to come alive, shaking strangely. from the wizard sprouts a black thunderstorm, as the snow's vibrations melt it into cold rainwater, and thunder crackles around him.\nthe wizard knows what he is here to do. the miserable people living here do not deserve this life. living under miserable conditions and eventually dying in the cold. but they can't afford to leave. \nas the storm rages on, the winds pick up the houses.\nthe houses are torn upwards, as the lightning rages on, and the lightning coalesces into a bright shining mass of plasma in the sky. a hole in the mass appears, and it's a portal to somewhere else in the universe.\nthe houses are flung upwards as the wizard smoothly ascends.\nThe place beyond the portal is a land where the stars can always be seen, except when the silver celestial rains pour. as the houses are let down onto the ground, the people step out. the wizard waves his hand. a mint-green light like the aurora borealis envelopes the rain, and the people's bodies and spirits are renewed, brought back into their youth.\nsince then, they've lead a better life, after they watch the past fade to black.
Baji Mantis
IMO one of their best songs !
Ben Dover
What you kiddies don't know is this record album/cassette tape/CD was called, \
Bradley Nocero
This song makes me wanna write a beautiful poem.....then punch somebody in the face
Brandon Duncan
hey to all the people that say this song helps through depression an struggles and hard times these are the reason that Metallica came up with the songs everyone is going through pain an tragedy in life music is not an escape too get away from thing in life that bother you or that your overcoming it's too prove that these people that write these songs have went through it before exactly whatever your going through and survived \
Brendan McBride
The guitar solo literally made me cry (in a good way)
Brian Parkhill
Want this played at my funeral
Butcher B
best Metallica song, best Metallica album ever.
Camel Boy
I’ve been struggling with depression for 12 years and suicidal thoughts for 7 year. Great music like this what keeps me going 🤘🏼
Cameron Reilly
Fade to black is a very emotional song for me
Chris Alvarez
The ending to this song sounds so badass. All the guitar riffs....
Cynthia Nichole
my dad use to play this every night for me, ever since i was little to the day he died a few weeks ago. i'm only 17, and it hurts to not hear him play his guitar for me anymore, it hurts so much to lose my dad so soon. so i'm gonna find my dads old guitar, and i'll be damned if i let anyone stop me from getting it. i was his first and only daughter, and i know he loved me and would go to hell and back if it meant it was for me. my dad played guitar in rememberance of his father, and now it's time for me to play it for rememberance of mine. r.i.p. daddy, i love and miss you so damn much. whether you're in heaven or hell, or if either of those exist as we know it, i'll see you again no matter what; i can't wait for you to hug me tight and say you love me at least one more time. xx
I cant escape from my past...…….
Hola no se ablar ingles
Dan the Man
Easily the greatest Metallica song ever written
Daniel Reed
i am doing homework right now
Deedee Supine
Anyone else headbang while alone and listening to this masterpiece?
Definitely not Alx
Daughter : Mommy why is the lightning so scary \n\nMother : don’t worry honey it’s just Cliff shredding bass in heaven.
Demon Panda
That epic solo 😍😍😍
Dinell Hood
I have a ton of love for you James Hatfield. My Brother and Sister are gone. When my Sister lost her best friend in High School this song became her favorite. I will always love your music. Lyrics, it's all in lyrics and I understood that at a very young age.
Diz Kidz On Flour
The beginning sounds like call of ktulu
Ethan Wild
Finnish strength
I don't think that metallica has even one bad song 😄🤘
Forgettul matters
I tried to commit suicide when i was 9 cuz depression but i got help and then i found this and i instantly start loving metal
Heisen berg
21 years old boys wrote this masterpiece! It still blows my mind!
Honda Rider
The riff in this song is so damn catchy
Igor Maxwel
A melhor música do \
Ines Flores
this song is just magical
It's me Malakas
i remember lisening to this when i was a kid and its was my favouirite song i dident remember the band but now that i found it am crying
It’s drea CHANNEL
November 2018 ❤️
Jack Vandygriff
This song reminds me of my father who past away on sept. 8, 2017, and I wish I played this at his funeral and the one thing that kills me is that the last time I said bye to him was a few days earlier and then I never seen him again. At his funeral, all my football teammates were there to comfort me and they said if I were going to look in the casket and I just told them, “I don’t want to remember my dad being in a coffin.” God bless.
Jacob Boone
I've listened to this masterpiece my whole life. It came out in '84 I was born in '85. I'm soon gonna be 33. This is my favorite song right now. Life today is... well you know..I remember stealing my dad's CDs as a kid. Master of Puppets through the Black album. This song stands out. It's helped thousands of us cope. My father is longer here, which is terribly hard. Wasn't suicide but no less. I've just listened to this now three times. Life can be hard, but MUSIC and sometimes ONLY music can be a real helping hand. I'll never be able to forget my love for music thanks to my father. I miss him everday. But at least I have the music he shared with me and more. I'm going to see Metallica for the second time Oct. 29th in Albany NY. I said before the first time I'm knocking it off my bucket list...I'm going again.... Thanks to my dad for everything. fux ever listen to classical covers of Metallica?? If not check out 'Fade to Black' classical version already. God bless you guys and gals. And keep on keeping on.
JakeC 115
my girlfriend gave me the cassette to this album Ride The Lightning in high school, I was really into rap at the time but I listened to it because she gave it as a present and the music slowly grew on me, eventually making metal a genre I enjoyed. my girlfriend I ended up having a kid with her then she overdosed and passed away not too long after, I still have the cassette she gave me and this song in particular always really gets me. I'll have to show it to our son when he's old enough to understand
Jamie Pasek
You don't hear music like this anymore!! Fucking awesome song!!
Jason Tucker
November 2018
Jesus Christ
How much do you wanna bet that this will be played at James Hetfield's funeral?
Joey Schmitt
My mom passed away a few days ago. Metallica was her favorite. She used to play music like this from her iPod, and a few songs would always come up consistently, this being one, and another being fuel's Hemorrhage, among many others. I can barely listen to any of these songs now without bawling my eyes out. Its funny how the lyrics fit perfectly with how I feel now. Mind you, I'm still in high school. Please, don't even take your mother for granted. You don't even have a idea of what you have, until it's gone. May you rest in peace up in heaven, I will always love you.
Joshua King
17k people have zero working brain cells
Luken Struken
I have something for you:\n\n\n0:00 A FREE replay button! hurray!!
Maria Gore
0:55 - Right here, I always get tears in my eyes from how beatiful it is.... It takes you somewhere else.
I currently do and will continue to forever believe that this is the greatest song ever written.
Mesouse Usagi
I'm not even joking when I say I've had this song stuck in my head since I was 5, yet I never found out the name. Thanks, dad.
Metallica Fan
Best song and best band ever
Mx 64
Help Fade To Black to reach 💯 Million viewers!
Navidades Colombianas
Let's go for 100M!!!!! We're so close :')
well, I'm excited to see and share such beautiful and brutal musics. My reverence to the Lords.
Not even slash can beat this
Oliviathegamer 69
Me and my boyfriend bonded over Metallica and the cranberries
Phil Goddard
Their best.
Pirate Eatpap Gaming 1.0
Those Dislikers Is Trash They Don't Know Good Music Now days
PxrpEye Puryst
Listen to this, and then listen Black Sabbath's \
R4nd0m G4m3r
All the 16k who disliked should \
Renee Hannan
Richard Smith
If i dont get my heart transplant soon... this will be playing at my funeral soon
16000 people don't know what the real music is. This is greatest song!
Ryan Donaldson
All the 16 k people who dislike this need their head examined.
i wish i was 80s kid so i could go to metallica concerts...
Sandro Warrior
My neighbours favourite song...
Santiago Restrepo M
2018 ? 🤘🏻👆🏻
Sean Collins
This song holds a special place in my heart. It came over the radio after I said my last goodbye to my grandfather. I don’t know what either has to do with the other, but all I remember is pulling\nOver to the side of the road and balling my eyes out realizing he wasn’t going to come home from the hospital feeling better. I know he’s up there watching me right now. God bless
Sean Lewis
SpongeBob SquareHead
One of the best metal songs ever
Stavros Athas
I am 42 years old and I still listen to these old wonderful songs. I have many times opened the old boxes that I have stored my cassettes and I am filled with feelings because they remind me of my teenage years. The body grows but the soul never grows up.
Steven Petkovich
I honestly think of my dad when I listen to this song. And it makes me feel so bad because I don’t spend much time with him anymore and it hurts when I listen to this.
T Cat
I need it to be louder!!! Greatest song of all time ✊✊✊
Tai Kamiya
Who’s here before 100 million?
Going back to my 14 year old self. Harboring this fully grown suicidal spirit. Metallica May have saved me back then. James if you ever read this... thanks man. We love you
i have just one thing to say :\n0:55
Weldon Arnold
When I read these words, it takes me back to when my son died. I started to slip down the rabbit hole. These words ring true, to how I felt at that time. But I had my daughter to help me focus. That I had to push past my grief. I still had her. I had to take care of her, not let despair over take, and cloud my mind. I learned so much through that devastating time. That others need us, more than we think we are needed. We have purpose, to those around us. And if we can focus on others, instead of ourselves, then we just might have a chance. A chance, not to fall into the rabbit hole.
I liked playing songs like fade to black/one/welcome home for my grandparents because they naturally loved the acoustic parts... then the metal bits would blow them away. Metallica is one hell of a gateway drug into heavy metal.
16K fake accounts from Bieber...nice try pal.
Wongayu Aja
Who listen this at october 2018
“To the point of agony” love the emotion in that line
acesor de Telmex
Cancion para pasar el día repitiendola,es una obra de arte
audrey ann
I am truly blessed, along with every other teenager who lived during the metal era of the 80's, who lived for metal music and sold out arena shows, that I experienced my youth with early Metallica playing in the background. God I miss my teen years. They couldn't have been any more fun. Hanging out behind shopping centers and in the woods and in the school yards with the occasional cop chase... my teen years are my best memories.
This and One are my favorite Metallica songs due to the fact that I cannot forget evyerthing I have seen and keep wishing that one night I will go to sleep and never wake up because I have nothing worthwhile keeping me going anymore except my jobn and I know one day that I will not be able to do that even.
doug harrison
Iff I remember corecctly back in the day Metallica were sued over this song for some boys that commited suicied with this playing while they werte doing it.I was also a teenager at the time, this song never inspired me to kill myself but if I did choose that path I could'nt think of a more fitting note to leave.
glen Stuart
The times of depression I went through and this song always made me cry, the thoughts of ending everything no band has ever had an effect on me apart from metallica, i started as a self taught guitarist playing there music, 16 years on and I still play there music. Forever in my heart metallica is and always will be
james b
Love old Metallica. But yes kids cliff Burton is hopefully shredding notes in heaven
Shit that's played today is just a fad and will be forgotten in future time. This though. This will last forever!
Just like tonight, Metallica has got me thru some very dark times. Guys if you ever read this, know that it was your music that brought me home from Iraq. It was your music that helped me thru Dad dying. And again tonight, it's your music that's keeping me from ending it all.
nw 99
Half of the stuff I listen too came out a decade before I was even born.
rulex relex
Life, it seems, will fade away\nDrifting further every day\nGetting lost within myself\nNothing matters, no one else\nI have lost the will to live\nSimply nothing more to give\nThere is nothing more for me\nNeed the end to set me free\n\nThings are not what they used to be\nMissing one inside of me\nDeathly lost, this can't be real\nCannot stand this hell I feel\nEmptiness is filling me\nTo the point of agony\nGrowing darkness taking dawn\nI was me, but now he's gone
seb s
best song ever....
truefriend 312
Music can help you through some hard times
tzibu lofrin
16k of Megadeth fans
xApexEwok `
The 15k people who disliked this probably think metal is satanic and wear Metallica and Nirvana shirts without knowing the band and probably listen to lil pump religously
Áron 2005
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İsmail Alptekin
2018 November any ?
Маке ме
Sadly, my friend thinks that all metal, and even rock bands are emo. He thinks it’s all just noise. He believes everything with a guitar involves Satan. No, he is not a big Christian freak. He doesn’t even go to church that often. It just irritates me how ignorant people can be, and criticize something when they didn’t even know the meaning, or what lie beneath