Top 10 Crazy Pranks (April 2013)

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21 Raylee
The one that killed me was the invisible guy XD laughing so hard
A Cool Name
''just throw it in here, im a ghost''\ndoing this prank 11/10
Aleecia Star
lol bfvsgf I love ur videos \u003c3
Alexis S
that guy he said i will by your whole family i hate rich people like him
Allison Borrows
lol that was hilarious I like the second last one you should do more of that one lol
Asanul Islam
your video is very funny. hope my video is also funny
''Instagram that joint'' hahahahhaaha 
Blake Mckenzie
Roman Atwood is awesome
Thanks, now whenever I open a pizza box, I always inspect it now. (Shaking it, making sure it's somewhat heavy etc.)
Bob Billy
I think it's ironic how on #4 the guy threatened to call the cops on the guy with the water, yet he was in a handicapped parking space.
Cassidy Cisco
he should drive up then scare the people!!!
Chayden Plays
ferrari one \
Createrj Ludos Gaming
jessie's not getting laid for a while
Cutest Little Cracker
XD the guy who keep looking back and fourth was so hillaurius XD XD XD XD XD XD XD 😂😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daizy Devotee
XD at 11:39
David Chastain
#6 should have asked him \
Dennis Clemensen
Number 2 was my favorite
that car-ghost prank dude has got some brains.....really hat's off to dat guy..wat an idea..
Diesel Miro
12:46 holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !! looks like a supersonic snake ! or a snake with V12 twin turbo xD
the car one was my fave!
Dustin Fette
LMAO the joker cant joke.
Dweep Ultimate3
the car prank was the best
Dylan White
Виталий - наша гордость :))
Emm N
11:44 did he thought the person would show up?? HAHAHAH LMAO
Eugenia Campbell
'Cause you're the joker. That was the joke... ROFLMAO! GOOD ONE I LOVE IT XDDDDDDDDDDD
Farhad Hemat
invissible car was funny
GT vlog
Pretending someone's house is on fire is not funny at all.
Guest YT
14:32 thanks brother
Hannah Thoma
*I Was In Prep When This Was Made.*
The Ferrari prank like srsly what happens if it rains gonna yell at the rain?
I'm Harry
8:58 those reactions were to die for
11:25 if Donald trump had a sister that would be her and the crazy part is that her shirt says Donald on it... And get this- she works at McDonald's- Donald trump's sister is illuminati
Isaac Zais
butterin the floor who does that its all fun and games til someone breaks there neck for real
Jacob Clemmons
Joe Allen
That Ferrari guys was an asshole, I know the circumstances but how he reacted was just uncalled for.
John Alldis
Number 2 by the far the best...
John derpface
That guy with his Ferrari... People like him need to get sent to jail for a while, not just fined or something stupid like that. Did you hear him yell \
Joshgabriel0507 Penaflor
who the hell is cristina milian?!
Pranks like the number 9 used to be more lighter compared to pranks that we see today! Now it's like stoling a store prank or killing my family prank. just saying!
the JOKER got upset with a JOKE much lol wow😆 😁 😂 😅
Ferrari terd guy. You cant polish a terd no matter how much money you got
Laurann Sepulveda
Just throw it in here. I'm a ghost. Best ever
MBLR Studios
Can you please put links in the description?
Melinda Tudgey
The joker and ferari dude really lost there tempers all right along with the girl who thought the pranker had cut her hair.
Melody Beaver
the one a McDonald's is hahaha
Mian Imtiaz
hy frnds
Mighty Wheazy
1 is funiest
i'd of hit the ferrari guy, plus he clearly aint all that rich if he's flipping out about water getting on it..
Mtg Daemon
Naomi R
12:20 lesbian
Nikki Tiani
That little boy was like oh yeah wait don't leave yet dad
Nina Durden
At 14:04 I thought she was climbing into a trash can XD Idk why I just did XP
The prank with the butter and paintball gun is gold
Petar Nyagolov
11:26 Donald Trump wtf???
Petros Lianopoulos
10 F U! 9 nice! 8 hahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahha! 7 LOL ! 6 Good!5 WTF! 4 Absolutely good! 3 Amazing! 2 that was scary! 1 Fabulous!
Imagine how mad the Ferrari guy gets when it rains he probably yells at the sky all day
Rick Taylor
The second time the guy in the Ferrari push me, it would lights out for him.
Russ Tul
How time flies. Today, with all those self-driving cars on the road, nobody would even stop to look again.
That guy with the blond girlfriend (in the hair cut prank) needs to RUN.
SK gaming
3:04 OMG !! \nTHAT KID 😂😂
That car seat prank was hilarious!!!
Sag Bobinowski
11:14 Tyler, the Creator
Sasa 123
I loved the car prank!!!
It's a Ferrari !! \n\nSo what ? You spend way too much money on a Italian piece of shit car ?\nI can see why he would need a handicapped spot, he clearly has braindamage.
Shahram Shirangi
Nr 2 was the best one!
Sour Man
i was just waiting till the one guy sees the urinal and just heads for it anyway
Splash War
Я бы еще лайк поставил, если бы мог, очень хорошая подборка приколов) побольше бы таких...
The second one showed that not ALL men are perverts! There is hope us girls!!!😏
Shoulda just pissed on that Ferrari, really :P
The Bearded Wonder
what's the song playing during the snake prank
Toddric Stallworth
Trey Kincaid
8:08 biggest douchebag ever, thinking he can park in a handicapped spot because he has a furai.
Tryton Crazy 2
6:54 tho get 'em puddin'. 8:01 he needs to see someone about his anger issues and plus I would trow the water bottle at his car
Tsering Lhundup
PVP!! :)
Viktor Yagodin
The ferrari guy - douches are douches all over the world.
Am I tripping son?
Zulma Hernandez
OMG THE CAR ONE GOT ME LAGHING FOREEEEEVER!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂SEE WHAT I MEAN.
and yo whats with all the cute chicks at the drive though?
babydollvideos 1
most of them are prankvsprank pranks
benz d'immortal
Girls are hilarious..they scared of everything on this planet except mirrors..joking!!!!
ivy rose
that guy at 11:41 was halarious 😂😂😂
jasmine sanchez
do the pizza challenge with your family and look forward to meet me at the White House in Washington DCat 5 o'clock 5 o'clock in the morning and don't be late
jrcap sparklez
OMG for the beach snake prank are they in key west Florida
mary uwu
just throw it in there im a ghost
nexhat jashari
How did you dryvwith no hands on it
no thanks Big no
The second one was actually pretty funny
ofelia mena
roman dont let the guy get u its ok
oofcean man
OMG YOU HAVE BF VS GF ON HERE\n\n*Fangirl infinities*
phat bro
ur a joker that was a joke
....Here's a good one, it will take time to make, but the effect will be astounding. Make a giant express train front engine only, put wheels, ( 2 bicycles that can be rode on and fixed well inside) add a real loud train horn inside the front of train engine for easy squeezing or an electronic one. The 2 riders peddle real fast. Now use it in a park, (preferably people lying down in park sleeping or whatever or any place you like, be careful doing it on a sidewalk, as people may dive into the traffic to escape and get hit by a car etc) sound the horn within 5ft, when they wake up or turn around, they got around 2 seconds to dive out the way. You will see some shit scared faces and panic movement in this
sun Tao
The first one is a riot-ROLF
tom bart
wow the guy with the faray wow just wow he deserved that
xHaZaRdxOppZ 123
How you gonna be the joker if you done have some laughter in you
Дима Иванов
the first no good. second ghost funny