Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

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He left no time to regret\nKept his d... wet\nWith his same old safe bet\nMe and my head high\nAnd my tears dry\nGet on without my guy\nYou went back to what you knew\nSo far removed from all that we went through\nAnd I tread a troubled track\nMy odds are stacked\nI'll go back to black\nWe only said goodbye with words\nI died a hundred times\nYou go back to her\nAnd I go back to\nI go back to us\nI love you much\nIt's not enough\nYou love blow, and I love puff\nAnd life is like a pipe\nAnd I'm a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside\nWe only said goodbye with words\nI died a hundred times\nYou go back to her\nAnd I go back to\nWe only said goodbye with words\nI died…
Alegria Pereira
I love music when I was child I dream be a Legend
Arch Knight
Back to black and tears dry on their own should be in the Grammy hall of fame
Arnaud Belinga
Amy et sia sont les meilleures chanteuses de tous les temps
Asy Ko
why \
Ata, Isa
Me digam que não sou a única brasileira que ainda vem escutando esses hinos ❤
Axel Stone91
Amy awesome winehouse!!
Azim Amal
BEE 305
Babi Hercilia
Como posso sentir tanto amor e saudade, como sinto por ela?! Amy, minha rainha, vc sempre estará em meu coração. ❤
Black Manta
Amy, Selena, And Aaliyah’s deaths were the only celebrity deaths I cried over..
Now that I'm older, I truly appreciate and understand the music. We lost such an amazing artist.
Camila Sauder
algum BR em 2019
Carlos Petrova
I can’t believe she’s dead 😭💗
Carmen Asaftei
Artista unica voce bellissima....😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤
Carolina Barcelò Rivera
R.I.P Amy Winehouse
Cinare Bayramova
Damnn. January 2019?. Still miss her 💔
Clarice Starling
Who else's 'Back to Black' in 2019?!!
DFW Cluster Repair
55000 people have no idea about music or the meaning behind this song 🤦🏻\u200d♂️
Dark Knight
En esté triste vídeo ella asistía a su propio entierro.Gracias genia por existir... :(
David Racz
So obvious from the moment you opened your mouth to sing Rehab on the JH Show you were one of kind. Sensed your vulnerability, wished you were here but also happy your out of it
Diogo Fernandes Soares 1 SJ
Brasil 2019. Essa voz é um espetáculo.
Dodo Bird
Enough time has passed to safely call this masterpiece of a song a classic.
Dylan Fowler
Now this deep number makes sense, RIP Amy.
EP Clan
RlP... 2019??
ESC Mark
2019? ❤️ Amy is a legend...
Eliciane De Fatima Paiva
Saudades Amy 💗 esteje em paz.
Elżbieta Elżbietanka
❤ ♡ ♥ ღ ❣ ❥ ❦ ❧ ლ
Embo Newsham
2019 and I still miss you :(\nill go back to black..
Erebus niks
She is angel...
Exploring With Ajusta Vlogs
2019 and still rocking this!!! Love amy!! HELLA LIT!!!
Guillermo Lopez Garcia
Dios lo a tenga en un lugar especial tenía don para cantar y dónde este sea una luz para este mundo
Gαrcια `
I always listen to this song 😭 miss you amy 💔
Hi, Matheus. Beleza?
Igor Lipiec
Jana Budinska
this song will never get old for me💕
Somebody now here? January 15?
Jerome Munroe
I met her twice at the airport......such a shy person ...i said to her your music is amazing...she thank me about 5 times with a hand shake.....image amy thanking me...what a wonderful person....god called an angel home.....all i can say is WOW......RIP...we love you..
Joel Medeiros
Jose Lozano
God, please give us back Amy Winehouse, & we'll give you Justin beaber.
Jose Martin Lazaro
Mi amor mi gran amor emy wenihouse 😢😳😣q shula eres beautiful hearth mio.te amo mi in peace mi niña
Jozeph. R
Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando xd
Kailany Thayssa
2019 ♡
We are missing you Amy😔
La música de verdad nunca muere,estamos a 5 de Enero de 2019 y me gusta cada vez más.
Lennart Hirth
2019? (No forever)♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Lol Bebek
Who is still listening in 2019? 💟
Única Amy, tu música te hace estar viva, me encanta escucharte💕👏🏾👏🏾
Lucia Bednarova
The best voice
Lupi Pilu
Today, tomorrow and always 😟😍
A voz dela era uma das melhores de todos os tempos!!!
Maria Bardo
It feels weird watching a funeral video when the actual singer is dead.
Maria Eduarda Azevedo Costa
Amy love you ♥♡
Marielle Westman
We miss you Amy \u003c3
Melissa A
Mememe Meme
I died a 100 times...
Meyre Marta Alves da Silva
2019 ??
Mikey Bustos
RIP to one of my favourite female voices. Amy, you are a legend. Going to watch AMY again for the 3rd time on this flight I'm about to go on.
Miss you so much Amy, rest in peace darling.
Nina Grnáčová
Love this voice😍😍love this song.... year 2019
Olorin Grey
Masterpiece. i will always love you as long as i am alive.
Phelipe Blossom
2019 and I didn't overcome it yet
Read - إقرأ
2019 ❤ ?
Red R0ver
Best artist to come out of the 2000s in my opinion. It's a shame this world destroyed her. A True Legend.
Roxana Yvz
2019 still here ❤😞
Sa Turno
u are alive, always luv u \u003c3
Samal Nesipova
4 minutes till the 2019. Who's there? Listening to Amy... sad story...(
Soy De Galicia
Who else thinks Amy should have done a James Bond theme song?
TMTrunksTM ssj
2019 ?
The power of Smoked marmot
Merry Christmas ❤ Amy Winehouse ❤ 😢
TheMarian 2
Winehouse Forever😿❤️\nRIP🏳️\u200d🌈
6 years \n72 Months \n313 Weeks\n2192 Days \n52,608 Hours \n3,156,480 Minutes \n189,388,800 Seconds \nSince the world heard your beautiful voice but in those 189,388,800 seconds your music has continued to make an impact on many people's lives! Long Live Amy Winehouse! ❤️👑\n\n14/09/1983 - 23/07/2011
Tim Allen
For almost 1,000,000,000 views I cannot believe they don’t have advertisements on this ! go girl her rest in peace she is awesome!
Toni Ordinas
Tu musica vivirá una y otra vez
Timeless Music! We miss you and love you Amy your voice will never be forgotten! So gifted and talented for this world.
Viviana caicedo
2019 ❤
Wilcox Wilcox
I miss this lady singer.
Voz fantástica!
Zwess Zwess
2020 👌🏼
alan juarez galindo
en paz descanse está hermosa mujer que portento de voz!! hasta siempre mi amor
corpse grinder
Such a waste, excellent jazz voice...R.I.P
faycal usa
Wow amasing voice!!!💓
h o l a h o l a
I go back to... black 😔💔🔚
jack c
2019 escuchando en el desayuno 💕
jae ung kim
It predicts exactly her death. R.I.P
jonn jon
karen bk
Still enjoy her music today..!!
léa Paulhe
quel gachis...ta musique nous manque
maria perez
Todo aquello que es hermoso no tiene fecha de caducidad.
massamune aka morphinedaddy
I would give so much to get to know her.. :/ She was such an amazing human being
mona _350
2019 ? 💟 C'est la meilleure chanson ( this is a best music )
my channel
january , fubruary , march , april 2019, ??
siradj mosbah
2019 rest in peace
stephy Olasco
Hola 2019♥💓
sumeyra beyaz
Амир Амиров
Amy 😢💔 2019