Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding - 1994 Full Album

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Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding - 199401 - Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead -

Andre 323ti
best CC album so sick
Armando Reyes
Con este album.mate mas de mil pessonas
Brainpower Hub
Clemie Cat
Constantinos Lazarou
This is incredible, the amount of melodies and feeling in this album is insane!
Daniel Carney
Loves Barnes' vocals man, one of the best ever in his prime imo.
David Turner
Also dark funeral
Dominic Ogden
A remake/remaster with corpsegrinder would be so epic.
Eliasib Lopez Estrada
Esto es una mierda esta mejor el cowboys from hell de pantera y el rust in piace de megadeth esos si son discasos 🤘💀🤘
François Deschatelets
Cannibal corpse is great death album they are so agressive like band one of my best band
CC is still unbeatable with Barnes IMHO!
This album is the definition of death metal .... masterpiece
Isaac Stamper
Jake Moran
Pulverized is criminally underrated
Jason Lucas
tied tight to the bed..legs spread open..bruised flesh stained with the only 1 you love i feel her heart knife deep inside-her crotch is BLEEDING!
Cannibal Corpse Kicks Ass!! Killer Album!!!
Jony Mardones
De diez!!
Joseph Brown
I'm referring to the era of Barnes when I put r.i.p. corpse will probably never play with that lineup again but whenever I think of cannibal corpse I always think of that era. Corpsegrinder is ok but it will never compare to the original. It's not just about Chris Barnes either it's a combination of them all.
Juan David
Hace mas o menos 20 atras escuche este album y no me gusto, en esa epoca no lo digeri muy bien , hoy 20 años despues me encanta , brutal album ! Death metal puro
Juan Jose Alfonzo
no me voy cansar !!!666
thank you very much for the upload!
Larry Phillips Jr.
Dead, buried, and rotten.
Lord of Diamonds
No drums required!
Louie Valentine
Pulverized is the best song ever next to blame it on good by deicide
Louis Csanko
Saw C.C. at Roseland in 1994 The Bleeding tour.They kicked ass.Some sick ass lyrics.Very politicaly correct,family friendly.Mosh pit was pun intended.
Luis Enrique De paz
My fav music ..... Working in the lines. Saludos desde México.
Marco Antonio Tornez
Mirek Adam
Best album from CC with Barnes!
Nick 20
thanks. i am 17 now. not 37
Nig Nog
One of my favorite workout albums.
Noam Chimvosky
El mejor álbum de toda su carrera con el mejor cantante.
Palpatine Darth Sidious
One of Cannibal Corpse best albums! Owen was killing it on this album!
Chris the best death metal vocalist!. Paul Mazurkiewicz on the drums 1988- 2018. 30 Years!!!. Thanks Paul !.
Play Entertainment Company
My favorite.
porque canta asi ??? que lo esta culiando un chancho ???
Rick Flores
brings back memories being in high school smoking pot on lunch and Cranking this shit loud !!!!!
Romelknot Rod
Ryan A
Best CC album to me, used to skate to it alot back in the day
S T Viana
Thank you all for the comments.\n🤟🇧🇷🤟 We are Metal.
I remember skating to buthered at birth alot in high school. Fucking classics.
Saqlain Haider
Cannibal Corpse 1988-1995! Most Brutal Shit Ever!!! Long live CC and Chris Barnes
Slim Jimpaco
great easy listening album........very wholesome and family friendly
SouthernDarkness 99
Poor old Chris Barnes gets so much shit, yes his vocals have weakened over the years, and yes SFUnder are pretty weak too! But in the early 90s his vocal style was pioneering for brutal DM. And The Bleeding has more memorable SONGS than everything else CC have written since he departed put together...IMO of course
Great album. Barnes era CC is the *BEST!*
Tim Tiszczenko
Super influential to new death metal. Never forgotten roots, today's metal would not exist without this. Hail cc
Toño Tornez
Los primeros tres fueron los chingones
Way High Radio
Tomb of the Mutilated and this album are my two all time favorites.
Whitewidow 67
My fav cc besides butcher at birth
david morison
love the hisses and screeches
Music for building muscles haha
maria reyes
Wow!!!! This is the best Cannibal Corpse album for me....I listened it and I loved it \\m/ AMAZING!!!!!
red ruM
First 5 albums are still the better Corpse imo. And The Bleeding has always stood out from the rest. SRS my personal favorite. Eating, Butchered, Tomb; it's ALL great death metal at its finest.\n\n\\m/
They said this their best lyrical album.
si lafuyang
a piece of art
this guy
no one ruin the 666 pls
666 likes! i will not ruin this