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Australian Music Busker Jungle Live Music Looping Melbourne Sultana Tash Tash Sultana triple j

7Plyaton7 xx7xx
This is heavenly holy shit
7th Fire Generation
Holy shite! I've been listening to music since I got my first radio in 1970; I'd like to think I have developed an ear for exceptional music over the years. I just discovered this artist tonight by chance. My mind is blown. This is incredible! Poetry. This is heroin without the mess. Right on, Tash Sultana. Epic music.
African Tropical Trichome
I don't really even listen to lots of this genre but dam kids this girl has got so much talent, it puts mainstream artists under the carpet. Touched my soul.
Alanah Jauregui
WHO DISLIKED? I'm coming for you
Alice Kane Wolf
SO MUCH MUSIC COMING OUTTA ONE GIRL \n\nI adore this so much.
A friend of mine ordered me to listen to this and I'm so glad she did
An Alien
I am falling love you !!!!!
Anita Pócsi
I am listening this again and again..... \u003c3
Anna Carina Schneider
7:54 of orgasm
Annie Best
Tash, \nOur grandchildren's grandchildren, and their children's children will rock out to your sound throughout the ages. \nThank you for your contribution to history. \nYou are legendary.
Arne Bey
Can't believe I haven't heard of Tash....destined to be one of the all time greats...throws down the REAL thing!
Azrael Ruth
This track played on a YouTube generated playlist. I stopped washing dishes and walked across my house to add this to my personal jamlist and found crazy talent on my phone's screen. Im konda shook this art was made in Moms den but Im here for it, and I want to buy your album. The track isnt even finished. Take my money already 💸💸
Been a long time follower and every once in a while I come here to appreciate the love this woman makes to her guitar and her vocals. its pure its magical. there are a lot of really good musicians in the world but in my opinion no one represents passion and love for music like this. and each time I watch every expression she makes and every movement it blows my mind like if it was for the first time. when I'm down.. this is my spiritual realm I come to in order to cleanse myself and rid the negativity. thank you tash
Chris G
never would have thought a 7-minute song could feel short
Clerence Clementine
Besser gehts nicht ♥
Clive Meredith
Just love this and the \
Who is back here for 2019 :)
I hope this girl makes it big! we need music like this in the world again! this song gave me so many feels
This song makes my spirit soar...\nincredible
David Carpenter
Uplifting,,, inspiring... Thank you...
She's something else from another dimension. Her music is heart warming and brings happiness when you listen. She's blessed with many talents and carisma.
Dittmar Kohn
Frohe Weihnacht
Dorota Jarosz
Awsome. Grettings from Poland!
this opened me up, made me cry. i usually dont cry but this made me cry. thank you
Ece Dorsay
She is a real inspiration to me as an LGBT singer/songwriter from Turkey. 3 solo albums and many live shows n covers on my channel, i am\nglad she is there to give me hope. All Tash fans and Tash herself, i hope you all hear my music too, love u all so\nmuch.
No one gives a single shite how you got here. It just matters that you did.
Erica Black
My god. She gave my soul a boner
Erika Albgar
Orgasmo auditivo...... soy si fan.... Saludos desde 🇲🇽!!!!! Cuantos más....
Evgeniuх Evgeniu
Не плохо!
Hard Yacka Nipper
A random dude I met on the subway recommended this song to me.\nIt appears he has good taste.
Hassaan Zahoor
[Verse One]\nI see the way you move\nIt's fluid\nBe here by my side\nGot nothing to hide\n\nI know that you're hurting\nI see the tears behind those eyes\nAnd I can't wipe them clear\nYour love is like gold to me\n\nBut you hold me closer to the light\nYou will not find a bullet inside\nUnless you magnify\n\nBut you throw me into the deep end\nExpect me to know how to swim\nAnd I put my faith inside my hands\nCause I will be just fine\n\n[Chorus]\nWelcome to the jungle\nAre you gonna dance with me\nWelcome to the jungle\nYou got to close your eyes and see\nWelcome to the jungle\nAre you gonna dance with me\nWell hold on\nWell hold on\n \n\n[Alternate Verse]\nSuit and tie with the black jeans on\nAnd I’m paralyzed\nCos' I think you got something like the biggest soul I’ve ever seen\nAnd I think you’re the one\n\nSuit and tie, with the curly hair\nMaking your way with that step and stare\nSo tell me real, do you feel anything\n\n[Verse]\nAshes to ashes\nAnd the embers are ablaze\nOh, I gotta rise amongst you, though\nThen I think about your face every day\n\nBut you pull me closer to the light\nYou wouldn't find a bullet inside\nOnly if you magnify\n\n[Chorus]\nWelcome to the jungle\nAre you gonna dance with me\nWelcome to the jungle\nYou got to close your eyes and see\nWelcome to the jungle\nAre you gonna dance with me\nWell hold on\nWell hold on
Jack Sparrow
I fell in love with his passion.
Jackson Lana
2:23 mum peaks her head round the corner hahah (right hand side of frame)
James Keetels
if you wtch closly.. its not her bedroom. it her living room..
Jerry Flanders
A cross between Alinis Morset @ Axl Rose...ROCK ON BBG
John Endicott
Why doesn't everyone know who this girl is? I accidentally stumbled across this video and couldn't stop watching it.
Jonathan da Mata
Wow, this is so good!!! Some people just have natural talent. Keep it up, Tash
Kit Pichette
*_LYRICS_*\n_i see the way you move its so fluid_\n_be/need here/you by my side, I’ve got nothing to hide_\n_i know that you're hurting, i see the tears behind your eyes_\n_not gonna go off and leave, no_\n_your love is like gold to me_\n\n_cuz/but you pull/hold me closer to the light,_\n_will not find a bullet inside_\n_unless you magnify_\n_but you pull/throw me in to the deep end_\n_expect me to go out swimming_\n_i pour my faith in to someone else_\n_ima be alright_\n\n_welcome to the jungle_\n_are you gonna dance with me_\n_welcome to the jungle_\n_you got to close your eyes and see_\n_welcome to the jungle_\n_are you gonna dance with me_\n_well hold on, you’ve got to close your eyes and see_\n\n_suit and tie with the black jeans on,_\n_and I’m paralyzed ,_\n_cuz i think you got something like the biggest soul I’ve ever seen, and i think you’re the one._\n\n_suit and tie, with the curly hair_\n_making your way with that step and stare_\n_so tell me real, do you feel anything_\n\n_ashes to ashes,_\n_and the embers are ablaze_\n_oh, i got to rise amongst you, but,_\n_then i think about your face every day_\n\n_cuz/but you pull/hold me closer to the light,_\n_won’t find a bullet inside_\n_unless you magnify_\n\n_welcome to the jungle_\n_are you gonna dance with me_\n_welcome to the jungle_\n_you got to close your eyes and see_\n_welcome to the jungle_\n_are you gonna dance with me_\n_well hold on, you got to close your eyes and see_\n\nHere are The Lyrics i came up with\ni know they'reprobably not all that accurate , but when i want to pretend like I'm singing along, these are what i use.
Kyle Huey
Can't stop coming back to this video!
AMAZING!! I shared this everywhere I could. So frickin' good \u003c3
Len Kagamine
2:23 HELLOU ! (Y)
Liibski90 A
Linda Davis
Does this song just take anyone else completely or is it just me? 🤩😍🤩
Lisa O. Davis
Lo Schiavo
Como assim eu só conheci esse neném ágora? Já tô apaixonada 💖
Majo Acosta
It touches my heart ❤️
Manu O.
16. 7. 2019 at the Arena in Vienna and me to. Can't wait to see and hear 😍
Manu Pre
Manueliz Gil
I love this music 😍
Mario K.
Mass Mess
One of the best things I've seen on YouTube.
Merce des
Wow! breathtaking!!!😳😍
Mia Khalifa.
02:23 ghosttt
Monica Montanez
Happy 2019, everyone
Nadia Graham
Ive recently left an abusive unhappy, unhealthy relationship and been in some dark places. Missing the person who has done me so much damage, but I know I have to move on for the sake of my 3 sons and my own sanity. Please pray for me to get over these hard times. Discovering Tash has been a god send, amazingly talented ♥️
Naduu Gomez
Jajja el perrito que pasa corriendo 😬😆💖
Natasha Yee
you are unreal. never stop this beautiful madness.
Nicolas Brehier
Neil young is haunting her sometimes!!Pretty cool!!!
Noor Krom
Best cover I've ever heard
Ody 204
Pure and clear sound, nice work!
Pantelis Mouratoglou
Be vegan. for the animals. \u003c3
Paula Contreras
I am 100% doubting my sexuality after this video 😍
Photography Mentor - Vishal Diwan
I dance to this❤️❤️
Pigell eX
keine sekunde vergebens, und schon wieder 7:45 vorbei. Ich bin fasziniert! Bei dir ist der Titel ein Thema, niemals gleich und immer überraschend. \nno second in vain, and again 7:45 over. I am fascinated! For you, the title is a topic, never the same and always surprising.
Purified Gold
I’m just discovering this video am I’m so mesmerized by her energy! ✨😍 She has a love for music and playing instruments like Jimi Hendrix 💕
Richard Palma Palma
Feliz navidad ! nada mejor que TASH SULTANA DESDE CHILE \u003c3
Ross Bentley
this girl is special, embodies everything music should be, absolutely phenomenal piece from start to finish
Ryan Adam Olmedo
Is that mom @ 2:25? LOL I've watched this video countless times and just noticed haha. \u003c3 Hi Mom :3
Rylie K
i dont understand how 852 people could dislike this
S.D. Ryburn
That is really awesome!!
Sarah Lilly
I'm having a strong emotional response to this 😹
Tash Sultana often my head hurts and when it does i play your songs and it chills me out. thank you
Silvia Nieto Pérez
Such a great artist, can't stop listening to your music. And yes, I have a crush on you.
...Rarely do you find a piece of music that echos so deeply it resonates and surfaces memories you had long forgotten about. So glad I stumbled upon this gem.
Stanley Pitts
Hey!! Heard this on FIFA 2019 today reminded me of this video had to come back. Good shit Tash, makin it happen ✌
Svenja Svenson
2:23 La concha de la lora, me cagué todo
The One
You know it's TOTALLY ORGANIC MUSIC when mum peaks around the corner to see what her child is doing... lol
came across my playlist again today. still super raddddd!
V3gan Br33
Whoa. I'm seriously blown away by the amazing talent just 1 person put into this. You're pretty awesome!!!!
Vegetarian Hoe
my doctor recommended this to me... no dudes, literally. We were talking about mental health stuff which lead to me talking about my music and how much its helped me which lead to us talking about artists which lead to him writing 'tash sultana' on a piece of paper and recommending it to me lol. Sure glad I listened to my doctor.
Zukairo Domun
Toooo good.this stuff is killling!!!can't stop listening
Zygi Sax
who else saw that cute sneaking mother? :D
A girl I matched on tinder recommended I listen to her. Best thing that app has ever given me
Am I the only one who think she looks like silent Bob?
chantel swedgan
Where has this been my whole life!!!! U my girl are one tallented tamale!!! Keep this up... my 16 month old groves right out to this track!
erhan gülen
is that mum looks from door on 2:24 :D
iggy's adventures
You’re a looping badass. I don’t think people understand how difficult it is to do what you’re doing live. I’m just amazed when I watch you play. Thanks for making this music! You are an inspiration!
jose madrigal
That dog was like “hold on what tf was that”
I thought I was straight until I saw this.
I have a feeling that you have potential to become one of most talented guitar players in the history and your style is finally something fresh in the music industry
Amazing soul and musicality. I'm not into this genre so much but I like this.
rosie lewis
Wayne's World
shannon steinhauer
This is possibly the sexiest women on earth, she’s so into her own craft and is literally oozing passion. I can’t get enough of her.
I just love u so much tash, im in so hard tims now, really, and u helping me. Thank u.
Βικτωρία Λαμπρινή Πασχέντη
She made my soul smile after spending 3 hours of crying