America Emily England Bro/Sis Roller Daredevils Full Audition S12E02

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12th Anniversary America's Got Talent Episode 2 Heidi Klum Howie Mandel Interview Judge's Comments Lead-in... Mel B Season 12 Simon Cowell Tyra Banks

Abdulaziz Shaaban
Probably a Golden buzzer act
Ainur Musaldina
what's the name of this song? i mean which cover?
Alexander Big
Alexsandra Sousa
Anton Kirchhoff
B r o t h e r z o n e d
Avinash Tiwari
hey india ... hit like for 'NAMASTEY'
Awesome Chris!
I guess you could say she likes getting man handled....too soon?
Ayhan Dindar
Wauw so good performans 👍
I swear the things around their necks were sex toys
Bernhard Sonn
3:45 omg this had to make her soo dizzy😰I would puke
Who came here looking at the girls revealing cloths in thumbnail
Brin Chan
CG Nodes
4:22 That boy's reaction though 😂
Camilla MSP
what was the music used at 4:03 ??
Candace Anderson
Aw. Friends Best Friends.
Crabby Abby Cakes
Uhh... I can't even trust my brother to hand me a butterknive\nedit: a year later i have 3.5k likes whoah
Daniel Lopez
Does no one realize the reason they show so much skin especially her is so that they can get better grip on each other that's y he removed his shirt it lets her get a better grip
SILF! \u003c3
Estelita Scott
I love her 6 pack. And I love her voice. and they love each other. he will never let anything bad happen to her. art and talent and dance and acrobatics is not sexual at all. The world needs to get their head out the gutter.
Fabien Caron
Wow to have that kind of trust is something else
Am I watching this in 2x speed...?\n\n\n\n\nOh! this isn't a compliment, I was actually watching it. Lol
I can't even trust my sis with a trust fall
Happy Little viewer
Hopeful milly
Watch her head 😱😱
I Am Kaylie
1:00 I was laughing so hard at Howie swinging 😂
In my opinion they totally deserved the GOLDEN BUZZER!!😗👌
Isla Cooper
Jan Andre
Jasmine Yu
2 years later the beard made him look unrecognizable lmao
Jerome Borromeo
this was the 1st time I saw this , it blow my mind away from the last act. I was like ohmygod so dangerous
Jerusha Jose
That's 5 solid minutes of absolute Trust.
She really looks like wonder woman
Johnny Depp_Fan_for_ever !!!
Ich hätte ihnen definitiv den golden Basser gegönnt
Luca Driussi
Lucifer Broke
Simon's face is like, \
Luke Beckstrom
I could do that... with a lot of vomit spewing out of my mouth simultaneously.
M. Sarosh
i would not vote for them for the act but i would for them because i want to see EMILY more!!!! She is so hot!!!!
Manoj Sharma
Sister fuker
Marilyn Jane
*thats so crazy! i loved it*
Mario Fernandez
She's hot \nI wish I was her brother \nOh wait....
Methuni Dulathma
I love Americans 4ever❤❤❤❤
Mr. 2006
So... he looks at his sister wearing those shorts and that revealing outfit every day and touches her body all over skin to skin and her basically straddling his chest?
Navi S
Can I get his sister ❤️😍😍
Oknal Oknal
Billy please shave your beard. I can't see you clearly.
Original Bronson
Omg she's a propa hottie think I'm in love
Patty Chamberlain
the brother and sister are wonderful
Prasenjit Sarkar
So beautiful to watching.......bro and sis is everything....they proved.....♡
Priyanshu Singh
I wonder what happens when these two have a fight
1:09 namatay
Rachel Kennedy
So moral of the story...they learned this in the kitchen at 6 years.
Rael Pakingan
The Lannisters send their regards..
Randol Rivera
what a beautiful sister!!!
Raz Shark
Did the brother even take his shirt?
Reine Sammouh
My brother wouldve \
Rushanty Monzel
The level of trust she has in him is beyond beautiful
This was so amazing O....O\nDoes anyone know the song that is playing while they are doing the crazy spins *...* It is just stunning all of it ♥
Sandro Di Lucia
I worked with them in 2006..they already amazing!!!
Sarah Panda
That must be 400% trust in each other and nothing else!
they def bang each other.....hard
Shi zuka
Does she even look like 27 ? 🙄 She is pretty ❤
Shubham Kushwah
Why the heck it was not a GOLDEN BUZZER !!!!!!
Siobhan Simpson
Wow they were incredible!! So sweet that they are brother and sister too! And wow. They both look incredible! She is rocking the abs!! 😍😍😍
Sunansh Malik
I think they surely deserved the golden buzzer
Teodor Boga
they deserved the golden buzz
The Dapper Otter
Somehow, I feel if these 2 got any closer as siblings...
These two trust each other so much but my brother is afraid that I'm going to slit his throat in his sleep
Thưởng Ngọc
Vanita Shih
All those people making incest jokes need to grow tf up. It's normal for people to wear revealing clothes while dancing and doing aerobics. And how do you suggest they do their act without touching each other? Seriously.
wow \nthey are incredible.
Waqar Rizvi
Is that Cersei and Jaime? 😎 Read the body language. \nThey are
oh i think i saw these on Britain’s got Talent!
Yaman Shashaa
3:56 Watch on 0.25x speed LOL
_-classical-_ -
Man that was crazy.
angela raji
Omg my mouth was open for a long time it's the best...
Emily is hotter than the female judges. She should become an actress
climber368 368
She actually hit the floor at some point. At 6:34 you can see that her finger is bleeding!
I love how proud Simon is! 😂 he's like \
fahd Shogar
fakequi ri
like if you click on the video because you thought she had a see through shirt
4:21 When you see them boobies for the first time.
indah prasetyowati
Omg... 1 inch miss, her head will smashed the floor and crush... This is so scary...
james Jay's
Who can see her breast 😆😆
khevan singh
1:17 bro/sis fight (Nature born )
lay in your bedroom
Sorry but i feel something sexual in this...
lemy angel
i love this familu
Nuda. W kółko się kręcą tylko.
molla kuddus
Man the sister’s abs are more defined than the brother.
muhammad amin sarabi
This is insane🔥
pb 18
Incredibly dangerous 😱😱😱💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
shailene ansel
She looks like Amal, George Clooney's wife
shawna sherlin
Theses two are so amazing I can re-watch this all the time it shows how much she trusts him all those extreme moves take trust and practise I love this they did amazing😲😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
tsewang norbu
Lannister pays there regards....
It's nice to see siblings have a great relationship like that. As for the incest jokes, grow up people.
xxαяιαηαтσяxxღ avakin
*I wonder what happens when these two people have a fight...*
your dad
They gotta be step
Иван Шевчук
Ничего такая сестра))) ммм
самир юсубов