Why Is There No FEMALE PLAYERS In Pro League of Legends?

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League of Legends is a game played by boys and girls all around the world, but how come the Esports scene has no female players? LoL Esports has existed for many years now and through out that time the female player base has seen no rise. Why is that? Well in this video we go into many of the factors and details that could be why there is no females in the LCS or in Esports in general. Links to sources of the videos and data used: League of Legends China all female team: Thanks for reading and watching!

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Sometimes your support needs support while they're supporting the other support.
- Shiroyasha -
Because the male players are better than the female players
when the only female in the LCS was a man
Lol can't believe a major league eSports team actually went 0-40. Never thought that was possible
Aporonear YOU
So your telling me that girls like playing league because of that too cute beemo? Such pity riot
I think what they meant by saying \
Ari Doll
I think what this is kind of ignoring is how female gamers are treated. If you say you're a girl in any sort of video game with teams, you'll be barraged with sexist, rude and awful things. Girls do have to work twice as hard to get into competitive gaming because other players will be absolute assholes to them. Seriously, I've had friends of mine say they give up on overwatch or LoL just because of what people have said to them. You might say \
Not a single word that the brains of man and women are not working 100% the same? There are things where women are noticeably better (on average of course!) than man and vice versa, e.g. women being better at differentiating between colours and man being better at tracking fast moving objects. (again ON AVERAGE, this is important because certainly a single woman can be better as a single man when it comes to these abilities, it's just rare on average). This is not sexist at all and can easily be linked to the hunter and gatherer times of the human race. It just contributes to the factors why there are so few female pro players in esports.
Ashley Collins
I literally know nothing about gaming and I'm not claiming to know anything, but this comment section is a clear display of at least one of the reasons there are not more female/LGBT+ members in esports. Women are simply commenting their personal life stories and experiences and are receiving endless amounts of hate and criticism for just sharing their insight. Sexist men are stating their minds are somehow more capable of them becoming more successful than women. And transphobic people are even claiming that the woman you mentioned doesn't count somehow even though she probably had to struggle against discrimination 10x as much as any other woman in esports. Worse, all of these comments are getting support. This is a really toxic environment. I don't understand why anyone would want to be a part of it? I like discussion with multiple perspectives so if you genuinely disagree with me I want to hear your opinion, just be a respectful and I'll respond.
Just look at all the incels in the comment section and you have your answer. No wonder females don't even want to play/stay in the competetive scene
Being a female league player, I don't often say I'm a girl. You get flamed for every tiny mistake that every player makes, just because of your gender. It's also worse because I'd say I'm average to a slightly better than average player, having made it to Gold 5 this season (however I only played ranked for a short time and got Silver 2 in promos). When you aren't at a higher than average skill level, and just enjoy playing the game at whatever rank you are at, you're ridiculed even more for being \
Bamboula Mamadou
I think you forgot about Scarlett who won a world championship in Starcraft2! even tho she was born a male still first transgender to win a world tounament!!
I love playing support Lux & Soraka
Dark Shades
I once had a game where i was playing tristana , it was long ago i was silver , my top and jungle trolled me and trash talked me because i was a girl before the game even hit 2 min... my support soraka and the mid laner katarina were the only one that are racist , well guess what ? \nI carried that game , but if i died once they say something racist ....
I dont see how this is a problem? u cant force a female into a role she hasnt earned just to suit ur political agenda?
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Dianne Seastar
*im deadass playing this after watching K/DA-POP/STARS*
Um, Is that Pokemon Coliseum music?! Was driving me nuts trying to work out where I heard that catchy beat!
Doge This!
Most girls play support because usually its easy, like how Mercy, in Overwatch, by far the easiest hero, is played mainly by girls to easily climb the rank with no skill whatsoever
Elias - MrCreepyHD
A female player in the lcs would be sth new, would like it
Wage gap kappa
Flame Rage
Ugh, I remember guys hitting on me constantly in league when I had a feminine summoner name. I'm a trans man, but I started playing league around almost 3 years ago, so I used my deadname (birth name) in my summoner name. No one flamed me, no one told me to get raped, but my god, did they try to hit on me. Even to this day my name really isn't gendered, but when they see that my main is Soraka, they love to jump on that.
FluffyTheComedy King
The only female pro team I spectate practices in *the kitchen*
Gacha Babes
what about pokimane?
There are females in eSports for Rocket League.
Geo Gallant
All the Girl champions are babes but all the guys are chunky blocks of meat.\nYou do know games were and still mostly are notoriously marketed for boys right?
Grassy Tiger
Cuz they suck, starcraft 2 the hardest game on earth has 1 pro female player and she's definetly a top player but they just aren't as good and not enough of them play games seriously to compete at the top lvl.
Hayuza | LoL
but we got sneaky
Hojin Choi
there are Challenger in Korean Server. The name is EU MID. search up in the OP.GG\n she does not play league of legends often. But if you see the tier graph you see that she were master. and she were challenger eventhough you can not see that in tier graph. search up the \
This is the worst sandwich making tutorial video on the internet.
It's about not making a big deal that you are a female gamer. So many many many girls i played with and talked with are so over the top and full of themselves. \
I'm Stupid My Opinion Is SHIT but
So basically it boils down to women just don't play league as often, case closed.
Izzy G
I used to be fairly good at league ranking top diamond back in 2014, but I could imagine anyone who goes on to join a pro team would be judged on their looks on a daily basis, which could be detrimental if you are not a 10/10, and lets be real what 10/10 girl would play video games 15 hours a day in our society.. one can only dream that it does happen one day.
J q d n
Really hit us with that Vsauce music
Jail Bird
I'm a female I started playing league in February. After hitting lvl 30 I placed Silver 4, then dropped to Silver 5. I never really get any issues when in a match (about my gender), yet I do have a \
Jayden Lamothe
Remi was a dude that doesn't even count
Joanna Falkowska
The response is literally in the comments.\n\nJust read them. Then ask yourself the question why is there no female players in pro LoL.
u say \
Kalani Hilliker
I would love to play league of legends I don't even like cute stuff and I play a lot of games which are extreme
I remember there was a study done on female vs male chess players, which was trying to figure out why there aren't more pro female chess players (there are some, but it is largely male dominated). \n\nThe study placed female chess players against male chess players, but didn't tell them that they were playing against men. When the female players were told they were playing against a man, they lost more. When the female players were told they were playing against a woman, they won more.\n\nSo what does this say about women in these areas, like chess and esports? Possibly women are socialized to *feel* less capable than men, and to *feel* that men are inherently better. To feel a lack of confidence when their opponent is a man, and competitive when against a woman.
GEGURI DESERVED BETTER. So I'm hoping their remade team goes a lot smoother. Anyways, I think there should be a female and male league for LoL. Just like in chess and golf. It would also benefit Riot, it would gain a lot of attention from other female players, trolls and just overall. It wouldn't have to be as big as LCS or Worlds. But it would be nice to see female players play. Since 50% of gamers are girls. (That being said, it could also turn out to be a shit show. I competed in an all female competition and it was super catty, dramatic and had a lot of cheating. We were a Plat/Diamond team and we had a bronze player added onto our team to lower out our mmr and later we found out the girl who was bronze didn't even play, she signed up to throw matches so her friend could win the prize money. As well as some guys literally stood behind their girlfriends and told them how to play, since it was at an internet cafe.) So a part of me hopes for a female league so I can put that nasty memory behind me. /long rant over
Remi doesn't really count as \
Kjono 1
I mean there are multiple reasons why women aren't represented in e-sports as much, if at all, compared to men. \n\nFor starters, the player base isn't a 50/50 divide in the genders, there is a much larger male population in computer gaming. This is mainly because computer gaming as a whole is generally targetted towards male players, with many aspects of the games like guns, etc. being a thing promoted towards males more than females from a young age (toy gun vs dolls).\n\n\nOn top of this, everyone has their life outside the gaming world to deal with, and many people only play games for fun/to pass the time; not to make a future career out of it. People want to be engineers, doctors, teachers, singers, musicians, historians, etc.; yes, some people want to be professional gamers but not everyone, just because a person plays a game doesn't mean they want a career out of it, regardless of their gender. \n\nThis means of the small female population in online gaming, even less actually wish to make a career out of it.\n\nFurthermore, there is the gaming community, many who think that women are worse than men at gaming, due to stereotypes from an earlier age. This causes people to judge those in the higher ranks, make assumptions about them and make up more stereotypes, e.g. \
This went from 0 to Vsauce real fast
Lana L.
Not gonna speak for every girl out there but as if for me (Im a Dia) even if I played like Faker I wouldnt be a player for pro league. Simply because all of the the hate/atteniton. For hate; no matter how good I play if my teammates notice that Im a girl they instantly say that they do not wanna play because they do not trust my skills. I’ve had multiple experiences like this and if you look at this in a bigger scale you can assume how fans would not like a girl in the team they support because of the mindset they gained from the sterotypes. As if for the attention part; you can clearly see this from how twitch is now today. There is also a missconception that causes people to think girls play games for atteniton which basiaclly leads to getting support just because of your gender. Or worse sexualasing. So its a no no in my opinion.
I play league of legends and am female. I believe a woman needs to not be treated as a novelty in an \
Lil smokey
.....because biological differences. Men are more competitive and aggressive than women. So men naturally seek competition. Less women are interested in the industry, giving you a super small sample size. Men are better than women at pretty much everything. So when you have such a small number of people showing interests in something the percentage of them that can make it pro makes the number even smaller. \n\nThat whole \
Luis R
I think there are good players females, but it’s not common to watch cause in our society we have entitled boys to play games “because boys only play video games”. So, girls just feel rejected by this feeling...also it is true that the toxic ness of this game, reveals the worst things about us as human beings. Like...other guys call each other thrash, and yes, we cannot take it literally but pls guys, let’s just be kind the words can be dreadful as a knife in the wrong brain.
Luke BFJIbejibvwjisb
So the only female lol pro wasn’t really a female. Aight
2:46\nDangan ronpa 2 music?\nOkay I'm happy.
I used to play with a female name and it was horrible. the enemies would also focus me a lot more. now my name is shut up egirl and i can finally enjoy league again.
Madi Brown
Here's some data: There are several women in league who place above Remi, including YeoChoiMi was placed above Huni in challenger in 2017, Baby Hyun, Forget Me Not, LOL Bunny, and quite a few that place just below, such as Yeji Jeong. They also created another all female team I don't believe you mentioned. In Esports in general: Sasha Hostyn is claimed to be the most successful woman in esports history, plays Starcraft II, and has earned over $200,000 in tournaments She's ranked #22 currently in Starcraft; Zainab Turkie plays CS:GO along with Julia Kiran, Christine Chi (who plays for CLG Red) and Stephanie Harvey (who has won multiple world championships). Honestly, just go to esportearnings (.) com and you can sort by female players, by specific games, earnings.
To anyone saying he didn't answer the title, he did. It's just a simple answer of there being a super small percentage of female gamers who are high enough ranked/or even applying to be on a team. Nobody is stopping them, just nobody is doing it
The Vsauce and Pokémon: Coliseum music
Migs Capalad
You talk a bit too slow for me, good video though.
This is like the Chinese edition of team Siren
Mini Mun
Everyone: *Fighting amongst themselves.*\n\nMe: *Casually sipping tea.* I’m not reading all these long paragraphs.
Mens are better simple answer
Bruh the all female Chinese team triggers me. Like for someone who used to play videos games and played League like sweeties your making me wanna shoot my head. A female friend of mine still plays with a group of friends of ours. I bet that when it comes to females they just maybe have motivation for other things.
Hey Nicolai Guys Here, just want to let you know starting Nov. 10 I'll be posting every Saturday. So weekly videos, for real this time lol.\nAlso if you came from my Japan video welcome aboard! I hope i don't disappoint you! \nBut anyways, thank you as always for your constant support lads! \n\nAlso I'm sure this comment section will be very nice :)
You want to promote female players in esports? Include them in normal teams, don't make ALL female teams, that just gets you laughed out of the public eye. And don't simply include females in your team for the sake of it, get someone reaaaally good.
Pablo Martín Moreno
How about Karma? Goddess? Cuddlecore? Yuyu? Tanukana? Remilia? itsHafu? Scarlett? Kayane? \n\nThey exist, they're just the exception, not the norm
Men typically call BS when I tell them I am D1 but peaked Master 213 LP earlier in the season. They say I was boosted yet I have only one duo who is usually my support. We really only duo twice a month... if that. I am an adc main with a 68.4% winrate with Lucian AND 69.4% on Kai'sa. Had one guy I was dating say he'd boost me with his Gold II skills on our first date. When I told him I was D2 (at the time) he laughed and said \
Danganronpa music!
Prashanth C
No offense: Shouldn't TRANS NOT COUNT as part of that pro-female players making it to pro-champion e-sports level? \n\nTwo cents: In a sense, kinda funny(if you take it lightheartedly) or insulting (if its used to put down females in e-sports) cus it suggests a biological boy to increase the female stats... (Not saying this is true. But, i'm saying this can be the joke that floats around when this topic comes up).
I think the reason why there are no girls in the pro scene is because most girls don't start gaming when they are young. Other than guys, girls who are now the age to be in the pro scene were never encouraged to play games when they were little (6 or 8 or so) because it was seen as a 'male hobby'. So when they decided they likes games they were probably already in their teens. I think the \
Pleasantly surprised that this video handled the topic much more maturely than any other ive seen exploring the same topic. All the others kinda talk down on female players and basically boil down to \
The reason there are no female professional League of Legends players is because I'm pretty sure 90% of the female player base on League are support mains and like 50%+ of those are boosted by their boyfriend/crush/white knight and aren't actually good at the game. Don't get me wrong, I know there are good female players out there (support or not), but aside from a few female streamers I've come across, pretty much every other female I've met through League are all support mains. I've only met 2 females who were NOT.\n\nHowever, if you want my REAL opinion as to why I think there are no female pro players is because gaming is still predominately males (no shit), but I think most of female gamers play on a more casual level. As many of you might know, we are also very emotional/sensitive. As he said in the video, there's a lot of people who \
Rohan vescovinator
In relation to females in pro esports, How did you not mention Starcraft 2 Scarlet? She has won a few IEM events and is regarded as one of the best NA zergs. It is just she has to fight players like Neeb who is considered both the best zerg and the best player in the world
Roni Jane
These comments depress me... \n\nI've played league for a few years now (badly at that!) but I don't play to impress others or to be the best - I play because I like the challenge and I like the game and that's enough.\nMy problem with videos like this (and a lot of the responses) is that people don't think about WHY there aren't as many girls in the top ranks. Why do we not see as many girls playing certain games in general? \n\nThis industry isn't very friendly towards women...And if you need any proof just look at the comment section. And let's be real, league and overwatch in my experience are some of the worst games to play as a female. \nIf women can't even exist in an environment without men losing their shit, why would women want to stay let alone how in hell are they going to thrive? (And women still fucking do thrive). \nMen can trash talk women all they want for their SKILLS just like every other dude gets trash talked but leave gender out of it. \n\nAnd if you respond \
Remi doesn't count. Lovely person, but doesn't count. I have trans friends who agree with me. You aren't a female in Esports. You're a transgender female in Esports. I'd say the same about a Transgender Male in Esports. Trans people have struggles, most definitely. Struggles than regular men and women do not face, but most importantly trans females do not have the same struggles or mental complexity a regular male or female have. They have their own. Esports requires a certain mental capacity as well. Getting in to speculation, I'm quite sure there are no females in Esports because they lack competitiveness. Males developed competitiveness because it was required to find a mate, therefore self-breeding us to constantly improve ourselves more aggressively than our feminine counterparts. Trans MtF also have this but they also struggle with it because they don't *want* to be that way. So they have significant mental struggles as well and that's why you also see hardly any trans females as well in Esports.\n\nI draw no issue with saying Remi is the first female in League Esports, since Scarlett totally beat her to it in Esports in general. I have no problem referring to her as her preferred pronouns. I just think calling her or Scarlett the first females in Esports really devalues females who were born that way. They were born Men, and therefore the competitive gene is still there and is nigh impossible to remove.
What about team Siren? The team that never loses because it's not an option?
So Young Moon
Yikes yikes YIKES at that Logitech team. Like ffs, the \
Some random guy on the Internet
Girls are jealous to each other even they’re friend, that’s why they can’t play as a team lol
The first female in the league.... And the first trans female?\n\nThen it's a man, you idiot.
Spear Breaker
I think the biggest issue with teams like Girl HK or \
something that isnt really mentioned in greater depth...image a world of esports where all the current top players are male, now imagine being a female and wanting to go pro, only to be surrounded by males. now image having to move from the safety of your home into a gaming house with several other males. imagine being in a world with people who you cant relate to aside from a shared interest in a video game that you are trying to get good at, it would be very hard to do. imagine all the players out there who are good enough to play as well or even better than top players but dont because they don't feel comfortable in the environments presented to them. this isnt just for females, but for anyone who may struggle with these kinds of things. im asocial and a lonewolf, i like to be by myself so when i play team based games by myself they can get quite tiresome for me because i dont have friends or a social group to help me improve and talk with me to keep me motivated on getting better. it's hard for me to join groups of people because of this thus i dont pursue esports as seriously as i would like to. even though i would i feel put off by the environment presented to me to want to join esports.
Steven Hightower
Team Siren??
Firstly it's not a sport, so stop calling it's trash trendy name that will never catch on of \
Undercover Chan
Is there even a lgbt team in leagues?
You forgot to mention the first trap on LCS, Sneaky.
If we beat them they cry, and we auto lose...\nand If they win, other will LMAO @ us\nso Lose / Lose fight!
Personally being a girl playing competitive video games since 14 (GW2 ranked legendary x2 in season 2) I started to have issues with my gender growing up because when I lost my rank due to soft reset or I joined other games with a ranked system (league was the case) I would get made fun of for every little mistake I did. Even though I play against most d3 and bellow players in normals and sometimes even in ranked while all my friends are either silver or low gold I still get no respect. I had to change my name into something less femenine because sometimes my jungler would int my lane on purpose because \
johnny1992black Ra
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julio mendoza
7:56 What's the name of the Background Song?
I would also challenge the assertion that males don't have a genetic advantage in league of legends. Studies have proven that males have faster average reaction times than females for both audio and visual stimuli. They also tend to be more competitive. It's also worth pointing out that Remi was biologically male.
So.... the best example of a female player you could find was born.... male! 😂
I find the topic of females in general to be interesting.\nDolls, nope.\nGlitter and stuff, nope.\nBright colors, nope.\nPonies, ye- \
This goes deeper than all of this. Gaming was marketed towards boys for the better part of the entirety of gaming, only recently has gaming has become \
the real answer is no one cares. if there good and make it in the the pro scene then fine thats fair but the realty is most are not at that lvl hence there aren't any in the pros
lets be honest, girls are just garbage of league, boosted diaV support, playing only janna, hugging turret. Ye, maybe there is 0,09% of good girls XDD nah, more like not XD
Im sure im not the first one to point this out but...\nPlease search for Starcraft 2 player Scarlet.\nShe's a canadian girl, and in a game mostly dominated by korea she managed to get to the finals of GSL, wich is probably the most important starcraft tournament of the year, and she won a IEM championship tournament , full of koreans and fully supported by the International Olympic Committee.\nStarcraft 2 is a very competitive Esport,especially for the highest of levels, and it's an immensly difficoult game. This proves, if nothng else, that girls Can have an impact on esport at the highest level, and already did so.\nIMO it's monstly a mentality and cultural barrier that keeps female from being a vital part of the Esport ecosystem.
tbh here, i changed my name on league cause ppl kept judging me for being a girl etc, i like being incognito as much as possible, i dont even mind when someone calls me dude or bro XD
xw s
We actually have female pro, Sneaky made it to semifinal.
The girl on the left side of thumbnail (Yiying Han韩懿莹) was actually a quite successful professional player.\n2007-2012 in warcraft 3 , 2010-2013 in starcraft 2, got a few international trophies and some remarkable national matches. \nthen she became a LOL streamer, and now a pubg streamer