Why Is There No FEMALE PLAYERS In Pro League of Legends?

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League of Legends is a game played by boys and girls all around the world, but how come the Esports scene has no female players? LoL Esports has existed for many years now and through out that time the female player base has seen no rise. Why is that? Well in this video we go into many of the factors and details that could be why there is no females in the LCS or in Esports in general. Links to sources of the videos and data used: League of Legends China all female team: Thanks for reading and watching!

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Sometimes your support needs support while they're supporting the other support.
Ace The FireDragon
Maybe because girls aren’t interested enough in video games to play professional. Even casual girl gamers are rare and only exist among myths, if you see one in the wild, please capture it so we can further examine it and get a better understanding of such species.
when the only female in the LCS was a man
Aimless Wanderer
thanks for not being sexist!!
Annika Jelstrøm
Me and my friend are 5 girls and 2 Boys and two of us Got pentha
Ari Doll
I think what this is kind of ignoring is how female gamers are treated. If you say you're a girl in any sort of video game with teams, you'll be barraged with sexist, rude and awful things. Girls do have to work twice as hard to get into competitive gaming because other players will be absolute assholes to them. Seriously, I've had friends of mine say they give up on overwatch or LoL just because of what people have said to them. You might say \
Not a single word that the brains of man and women are not working 100% the same? There are things where women are noticeably better (on average of course!) than man and vice versa, e.g. women being better at differentiating between colours and man being better at tracking fast moving objects. (again ON AVERAGE, this is important because certainly a single woman can be better as a single man when it comes to these abilities, it's just rare on average). This is not sexist at all and can easily be linked to the hunter and gatherer times of the human race. It just contributes to the factors why there are so few female pro players in esports.
Being a female league player, I don't often say I'm a girl. You get flamed for every tiny mistake that every player makes, just because of your gender. It's also worse because I'd say I'm average to a slightly better than average player, having made it to Gold 5 this season (however I only played ranked for a short time and got Silver 2 in promos). When you aren't at a higher than average skill level, and just enjoy playing the game at whatever rank you are at, you're ridiculed even more for being \
I love playing support Lux & Soraka
Blu Berriey
what about pokimane?
Bongo Bongo
1:14 *Vsauce theme plays*
Bosse Brus
Good 3 of them gets that we need support with the whole kitchen
Brandon Garcia
7:43 so still a man
Brian Lotito Ojeda
Damn, it's so surprising not see any comments like \
HotshotGG: *S O B A D*
Contractor 0211
The reason is females are driven by competition. Not the spirit to succeed but to prove to other females they're \
Dennis Kara
Why are there no women in eSports ? Because they start crying and saying they're being oppressed by males once they get a \
Doge This!
Most girls play support because usually its easy, like how Mercy, in Overwatch, by far the easiest hero, is played mainly by girls to easily climb the rank with no skill whatsoever
It’s the same reason why a lot of girls are bad at driving, somehow they are just more sluggish in those “areas”, I don’t have a word for it, I mean girls are definitely as smart as boys but you get the point that I am trying to make. I have tons of female friends who play lol, none of them are at diamond level. Well maybe at most diamond 5 level. But at the same time, they generally spent less time playing games.
Women just aren't societally placed for video games- at least the ones that have professional play. We tend towards non-competitive games. MMO's, RPG's, puzzle games, the like, because those are the ones that are marketed towards us and those are the ones that have communities that support and accept us. And while it isn't really considered socially acceptable for anybody to spend 12 hours a day playing video games, realistically, women are likely to receive a lot more criticism from friends and family than a dude for doing such a thing. \n\nAnd additionally, even if a girl does decide she wants to play a game despite the marketing and attitude surrounding it, there's the social aspect- even if, say, one or two women out of 10 do end up playing such a game, unless they have a group of male friends, chances are they'll be playing alone. Whereas guys likely have an entire friend group playing that game just as much as them. Having people to play with and against in friendly competition is huge for encouraging love of a game.\n\nThat's just the barriers for entry. The barriers for pro play? You can essentially never expose the fact that you're a female, because that's a one way ticket to being harassed online as long as you're relevant. Good luck telling your friends and family that you want to be a pro video game player, because while that's a stupid job choice to begin with, it's especially stupid if you're a female. No female has ever made it, after all. But also, you're also never allowed to fail- if you do well, it won't be because you're a woman. But if you do badly? It's definitely your vagina's fault. And the world will let you know it. \n\nThere's absolutely nothing to suggest women are physically or mentally incapable of being a top-tier professional player, but socially? The odds are stacked near insurmountably against us.
Fantasy Program
Are we really forgetting the Sirens?
Fremy Gonzales
Trans is still and will always be a guy. Doesn't really count lol
Hayuza | LoL
but we got sneaky
I think we should use Glyph.
As someone who's been playing DotA for a few years the one thing I've learned is to never say I'm a girl before or during game. Unless I'm in a party that makes up most of my team, I don't talk on the microphone. I don't know what the LoL community is like, but I expected this much from the DotA community. \n\nBut I'm not offended or suprised in anyway, because I've met tons and tons of girls who just don't have the same passions as boys, and they tend to have different motives. Which isn't ignorant or anything, it's the truth. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this makes up the entirety of girl gamers, but in my expirience that's what it's been like.
Icedwarf M
Personally I feel like guys are generally better at video games just because of 1000s of years of men being hunters and girls as gatherers and sticking at camp. But Im not saying amazing female gamers don't exist, they really do they're just sparser from how we are built. Other than straight up \
Well i dont think its a gender thing because people wouldn’t know you’re a girl unless you said you are or are in master elo where you see each other more often in games. You’ll get flamed the way anyone else is. The female hate and sexism is actually aimed at the “e-girls” specifically the ones who over sexualize their streams and all that jazz. Ive met plenty female players and they’re treated normally and agree that the some not all but some of the e-girls are what gives females such a bad rep in LoL
Izzy G
I used to be fairly good at league ranking top diamond back in 2014, but I could imagine anyone who goes on to join a pro team would be judged on their looks on a daily basis, which could be detrimental if you are not a 10/10, and lets be real what 10/10 girl would play video games 15 hours a day in our society.. one can only dream that it does happen one day.
Jayden Lamothe
Remi was a dude that doesn't even count
Jeff Lonzon
Csgo has female players
Jimothy Fucksmen
The one girl in LCS was actually a dude lmao
Joanna Falkowska
The response is literally in the comments.\n\nJust read them. Then ask yourself the question why is there no female players in pro LoL.
Girl Gamer: *Loses qualifying matches*\nTeam: \
I remember there was a study done on female vs male chess players, which was trying to figure out why there aren't more pro female chess players (there are some, but it is largely male dominated). \n\nThe study placed female chess players against male chess players, but didn't tell them that they were playing against men. When the female players were told they were playing against a man, they lost more. When the female players were told they were playing against a woman, they won more.\n\nSo what does this say about women in these areas, like chess and esports? Possibly women are socialized to *feel* less capable than men, and to *feel* that men are inherently better. To feel a lack of confidence when their opponent is a man, and competitive when against a woman.
Karson Kuzulka
Most pro players dont have the best social skills with women and which is why it would cause a bad dynamic in pro play, there's definitely a reason why girls arent in the pro scene. If people could delete hormones then it could work but there will always be a weird dynamic like that.
This video is a joke\nIf you think this way, you'r a joke
Kung Fu Kenny
Because they place is in the kitchen
This went from 0 to Vsauce real fast
Liz Beth
Hey i'm just a yorick main girl passing by\nEdit: i play almost all champions including supports but i don't really enjoy playing support. Mid - solo is best for me. And i'm gold 5 ~ yeah not quite well but not bad too!
Luis R
I think there are good players females, but it’s not common to watch cause in our society we have entitled boys to play games “because boys only play video games”. So, girls just feel rejected by this feeling...also it is true that the toxic ness of this game, reveals the worst things about us as human beings. Like...other guys call each other thrash, and yes, we cannot take it literally but pls guys, let’s just be kind the words can be dreadful as a knife in the wrong brain.
Luís Dawa
The only pro player woman was a man. LMAO
M. G. Kahraman
Do you realize that LoL and Overwatch aren't the only games with competitive scene out there? While they are still a small number, fighting games (especially Tekken) has some top level competitors. \nHere is a recent interview of some of them: /watch?v=UMEHa8udcVk\n\nAnd why there is no female players in pro LoL? That is because, as you mentioned but disregarded, teams composed of 1 girl and 4 guys makes things harder than a team with 5 guys or 5 girls and since there doesn't seem to be enough top level female players, forming a team with 5 girls is hard.\nAnd why there aren't enough female players to form an all girls team? Because there isn't anyone that can inspire new female players to take this game seriously. Two top female Tekken players YuYu and Tanukana were saying how another female (and if Im not mistaken for YuYu it was Tanukana) inspired them to become better at the game. There is noone like this in LCS and since there is noone like this in LCS there aren't new female players that aspires to join a team.
Manuel Melchor Miranda III
Trans girls are still technically guys though
Melih Kücükkipritci
And guys are more likely to give up their social life, to be more successful.
Miguel Estrada
Whole video was clickbait. All speculation, no answers.
This is like the Chinese edition of team Siren
There is a pro in rainbow six on the cloud 9 team. Her name is Goddess. She streams pretty often if you wanna support her
Mini Mun
Everyone: *Fighting amongst themselves.*\n\nMe: *Casually sipping tea.* I’m not reading all these long paragraphs.
Well rip that means I won't be able to try esports
Lmao the only way a woman got into the lcs is because he was a man. XD
Neko Mei Chan
I played LL for 10hours. how could you say no girl can?\nPH server here . \nBTW I'm a women.!
I’ve played this game longer then any relationship I’ve ever had, me being a girl has only ever mattered to me teams 2 times. \nMy first year of playing, I had a “friend” after play a few games that demanded I give him my number/Facebook/Skype as a way to “prove I’m not a guy trying to get free shit” cause I was playing mid and top every game. \nThe second was because “I had the be scripting” as an ADC that knew how to orb walk. “Girls aren’t aggressive enough to take the game seriously. I mean their reaction time compared to guys is just proof of that!” I was so furious that people can think so little about others this way. I had reported and blocked both not to long after meeting them. \nIt is no wonder no girls wanna step up and be in the spotlight if they will be treated like that on an even bigger scale. It would be the Sirens all over again!
Hey Nicolai Guys Here, just want to let you know starting Nov. 10 I'll be posting every Saturday. So weekly videos, for real this time lol.\nAlso if you came from my Japan video welcome aboard! I hope i don't disappoint you! \nBut anyways, thank you as always for your constant support lads! \n\nAlso I'm sure this comment section will be very nice :)
You want to promote female players in esports? Include them in normal teams, don't make ALL female teams, that just gets you laughed out of the public eye. And don't simply include females in your team for the sake of it, get someone reaaaally good.
Orestis Rapesis
dude how could have missed this, remi is a transgender, she has a XY chromosome which means whatever and if there is something that makes boys good remi has it too...
Panda Parade
Remember Team Siren?
Pew die pie
*im deadass playing this after watching K/DA-POP/STARS*
So after reading a lot of female comments, complaining about being harrased during LoL I can tell that everyone gets harrased. LoL is such a toxic game and it has literally nothing to do with gender, but more with frustration
Phuck Bhunny
Men dominate everything competitive because they are more competitive...just look at scrabble. 80% of scrabble players are female and 100% scrabble pro's are male. whamen are likely just as capable as men just not as dedicated, disciplined, or competitive.
Men typically call BS when I tell them I am D1 but peaked Master 213 LP earlier in the season. They say I was boosted yet I have only one duo who is usually my support. We really only duo twice a month... if that. I am an adc main with a 68.4% winrate with Lucian AND 69.4% on Kai'sa. Had one guy I was dating say he'd boost me with his Gold II skills on our first date. When I told him I was D2 (at the time) he laughed and said \
PsyQo Hippy | Chris
There's a lot of bias, hostility, and stigma towards women in gaming, particularly competitive games like League. It creates a hostile environment for women that the male players don't experience. I feel like that may contribute to some women not wanting to dedicate a lot of time and emotions into games like League as opposed to other games.\nHowever, Isn't there a girl in Korea who's constantly Top 50 on the ladder?\nAlso, there's a Canadian female StarCraft 2 player, Scarlett, who is one of the top SC2 players in the entire world. She holds the Guinness World Record for being the highest earning female eSports player ever. She also just won her first major international event this year.
Pleasantly surprised that this video handled the topic much more maturely than any other ive seen exploring the same topic. All the others kinda talk down on female players and basically boil down to \
Does anyone remember team siren rofl
Rafaela de Paula
Everyone searching for actual answers:\n\nI'm a social scientist and something that is always forgotten when someone asks a question like that is: ~~~THE CULTURE~~~\n\nBoys were taught to play with everything: videogames, basketball, football, soccer, and many other games I can't say in english lol Girls were taught to play with dolls, little kitchen toys and so.\n\nYou can say that it is changing, and I'll agree with you, but make sure you only say that after going to a kid's shop (? is that how it's called?) and taking a good look at what kinds of toys are made for boys and for girls. Then you can see how freakin slow it's changing and how desperate it actually is.\n\nIt's like asking \
because girls know good games from bad ones
Sassy Saddles
no you cant have a team of 5 supports! there needs to be at least 2 carry in there xD
So Young Moon
Yikes yikes YIKES at that Logitech team. Like ffs, the \
Space Anubis
Am 12 year old am 3 years experience of league
Spear Breaker
I think the biggest issue with teams like Girl HK or \
Steven Hightower
Team Siren??
TakeYo Bitch
So Remi gets stress but ALG Sleepy gets glorified as the best mid laner in Arena of Valor NA server. 🤔 Nice logic
The Amazing One
because female play emotional and not tactical thats simple
Why there are no female players in Pro competitions?\n\n02:00 \
Tomas Martinez
At LLN there's a girl playing as support, R7 Careta, it's good as any LLN support lmao
Tomia Kageyama
Because they are bad. End of video.
I'll try to make this as painless as possible. Interest follows brain capacity. If a certain part of your brain is more highly developed than other parts, that will be where your interest manifests the strongest. Evolutionarily it just doesn't make sense otherwise. Can't have a carpenter try to be a hunter. So the more energy a part of your brain requires, the more interest you'll develop into that region, or all that energy would go to waste. This can also be observed with the man that got hit on the head, and his brain compensated for the dead brain cells with different cells, causing him to become obsessed with mathematical drawings.\n\nSo, what does it tell us that despite 50 years of feminism, men and women still consistently split up by gender in 90% of cases, and in the rest of cases, it often ends in depression?\n\nDifferent mental capacities, quite simply. Men have higher reaction time, spatial reasoning skills, are more methodical and perform better under stress, they have more adrenaline, they are more competitive, all things that men needed to survive. Sure, there will be exceptions. But that's how statistics work.\nIt's beyond me how you can make a video on this subject without ever answering the question. I guess you're not very interested in statistics.
Undercover Chan
If 90% gamers are male then how about gay are they in 90% male?
You forgot to mention the first trap on LCS, Sneaky.
YoYoDudeGuy Mike
It’s because women are bad at video games
Nicolai : On October 19, 1972 --\nMe : *IT'S MY BIRTHDAY* but not the year ;-; **TRIGGERED**
I just see it like this: (the MOST) Girls don't care about videogames. I'm talking about exp. -.- \n(And NO, no one said that female players could not be as good as male players)
Personally being a girl playing competitive video games since 14 (GW2 ranked legendary x2 in season 2) I started to have issues with my gender growing up because when I lost my rank due to soft reset or I joined other games with a ranked system (league was the case) I would get made fun of for every little mistake I did. Even though I play against most d3 and bellow players in normals and sometimes even in ranked while all my friends are either silver or low gold I still get no respect. I had to change my name into something less femenine because sometimes my jungler would int my lane on purpose because \
ian J
U will never know who are your teammates. Dogs...
so the first female player was a guy
just a girl
I'm sorry, I'm still noob.
I find the topic of females in general to be interesting.\nDolls, nope.\nGlitter and stuff, nope.\nBright colors, nope.\nPonies, ye- \
pine cone
Pshhh. Women will never go pro in LoL. Y'know why? It's cause (just like thonking face says) women just straight up don't play alot of league. Maybe it's the way society makes them spend their time, but being an unironic girl gamer is probably just an easy way to get bullied by other girls (and not to mention men online). But I'm not complaining, because at least one made it through... \n😩 *S N A C K Y* 😩
this is epic play despacito
I'm just here to see if there are any triggered feminists
Because not very many girls play video games
xw s
We actually have female pro, Sneaky made it to semifinal.
z Nyx ஐ
First of all.\n\n*A GAME DOESN'T HAVE TO BE CUTE JUST SO A GIRL CAN PLAY*\nExample: my friends and I are playing LoL. We're girls. We don't play that much because there is some guys that be talking like pedophiles, perverts or they just discriminate us. They're calling us stupid. Why would other girls keep on playing it in those situations? They don't even try. Why? Because girls are addicted to makeup, shopping and getting their body slim or whatever.. Girls don't like that much fights and gun animations in games..if they even play games. Like.. Could you tell me the precentage of boys in MSP? In any other \
Dropping out of school and work to play a video game for 10 hours a day is not a reasonable career choice for many people. In the same way that the top 1% of athletes become world famous they needed not only the talent but also the environment to nurture them and the passion to pursue their goals. Females are not given the same nurturing or neutral environment that male players are given. And they do not have the same passion to risk their futures playing video games for days - why put their passion in something that is typically a toxic environment and where they will constantly have to prove themselves to millions of people? The risks far outweigh the financial or public reward.
Μαρία Σκόντρα
I'm so mad at these companies...they only use girls as objects.Girls have skills too ffs...I've been a gamer since 5 y/o and I'm 18 y/o now.I love video games and especially LoL.I'm playing adc , top and mid and I'm platinum 2 and many call me lucky.I have skills and some men just humiliate girls for playing.We find gaming as interesting as you find it and personal I prefer to play video games than study because let's be honest we're in 2018 and it's all about technology.It's not feminism etc. it's just the truth.Some girls born to be lawyers,some make up artists,some teachers etc. and some video gamers.It's ok to be anything of these.And don't be ashamed to tell it. :)
Pandacute is actually much more pro despite of their name. They were all raised in problematic families and most of them spent their childhood gaming, 24/7. There was one girl who only played because her parents did not want to have anything to do with her and left her at home with only a compiter. I will say that they will be as good as any other team due to heavy practicing, but i do understand why females are mocked or discouraged from gaming. Anyways, pandacute is pretty decent, though may not be up to world championship level, they are still extremely skilled players
The girl on the left side of thumbnail (Yiying Han韩懿莹) was actually a quite successful professional player.\n2007-2012 in warcraft 3 , 2010-2013 in starcraft 2, got a few international trophies and some remarkable national matches. \nthen she became a LOL streamer, and now a pubg streamer