Busta Rhymes - Make It Clap ft. Spliff Starr

Busta Rhymes' official music video for 'Make It Clap' ft. Spliff Star. Click to listen to Busta Rhymes on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:Hey! Hey! Ain't no fakin the fluidWater drippin off asses of women that's shakin it to itWhile I'm takin you through it, no mistakin my crew isFlipmode baby!!! got you actin all stupidNow I'm back in the cupid, just to tell you the truth isThem niggas that be havin you blacken and ready to lose itPushin lambos and harley rockin Roberto Cavalli (Huh!)Now I got a new hobby diamonds and tattoos and bodiesWatch me crash through the party, go 'head and spaz girlTatoo in the name of my click across yo' ass girlWe 'bout to blast girl, from here to AlbuquerqueLike jamaican niggas rockin big chains in socker jerseysTake you on hotter journeys, the way we put it downAnd be hittin be havin you shittin more than a box of hersheysWe come to control it we come to command itAnd just for the record we always come to set a new standardAct like you knowIncase you ain't know and incase you ain't heardAnd if you want us to set it just give me the wordThis one goes out to my soldiers that be flippin them birdsTo all my shorties wigglin they shakin they curvesJust make it clap, Just make it clap, Just make it clapJust make it clap

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Everybody was doing the clap part when this came out lol
i love me some SPLIFF..He gives me an eargasm...
Afonso Somsen
Busta such a bauwss
Ahsan Zahid
Who is the girl busts is tattooing(for biologi)
Archdevilneverfails Baggins
$100K for a blessing loooool
Bee Dee
Busta had great videos.
C Jay
why did busta never get any movie roles hes hilarious
God bless Busts Rhymes
Carlos Rodriguez
2018 still bangs
Charly-Anthony Strouza
love this tune
Chris Jung
100thousand for a blessin xD
Dedera Merinyo
listening this in 2017 and it's the best!
Detrick Vondracek
Busta sounded like the grinch when he laughed 2:10
Dmanpoke 88
100,000.......for a blessing! Always loved this video lol! Busta Bus!!
The maid was laughing at his junk.
Duke box
2017. I'm still here.
Duval Laing
2002 was the year this song dropped i was 14
Eduvalgues Tamele
Jesus informação i leve it
Elder Elder
Erm... where is busta?
Elizabeth Kabura
Where did this great music go to? Real ass hip hop
Emmanuel Mensah
I missed real BOOTYS like these,all we got in these time is plastic junk in the trash i mean trunk.
Erik karlsson
rap was better back in 02
Lets get it on and let me hit it with my fitted on,\nnever mind a slow jam, pump one of biggie songs
Gjulijano Begano D. Star . Gjulijano . Romano 2018
Super 👍
Hersey Berry
Give me some dap,make it clap.
Hillbilly Dippers YeeYee
I want the CD
Ifeanyi Ilogbaka
Busta Rhymes just dabbed @ 3.36 mins if u look close.And he also did the mannequin challenge in his other video break ya neck,Rappers back then have done it all,New rappers of today are just repeating stuffs done back then,but can never be good or as entertaining as rappers of the past.Glad i was born in the era of good music,and not the shit i hear these days.
India Bertram
Jagdish Gowd
this is my Shi+ 💯💯💯✊✊✊✊💥💥💥💥
Jay Bee
Make It Clap\
Jose Heredia
Pastor offering is too funny.
José Correia
Watching it in 2018
Kaloyan Nachev
Kamil P
The Blessing\n\nKeep it 💯 (Then Thou Send) \nif you keep it G ⭕ D alwayz giving TtThanks to Jesus1love Christ Peace LOVES YOU TtThe SOULITARRY CANDOITALL CANDLE Will spark the Thunder in your soul. Even that chump zeusss bows before THE ALMIGHTY GZEUZ (Jesus)\nAmeen HALLELUJAH YASUA ALMASIA
Keith/ Jackson/APACHEE
Keyron george
Pastor offering😀😀😀
Khadija Sene
2018 anyone
Lamonte Johnson
Always liked this version and video better. After part two came you never saw this one again!
Lisa Bianchi
Hahaaaa 3:48 :)
my dad is in this video
LucySamy Music
2018 👌💯
Lum Nkwenti
2018 !!!! Whose watching?
Tht church scene reminds me of the movie which way is up with Richard Pryor selling healing
Throwback. Damn I'm grown nah.
They cut everything except spliff cuz that his name lol
Macy Velvet
Back in the days where songs were DANCEABLE!!!!!
Marcus Dorsey
His smile is so goofy, lol. This music video feels like a dream sequence.
Melville Comics
0:43 So it wasn't just puberty. I just thought of this chick and had to come and see if she is still flames. lol
Mexiveli Da Don
This is Reggeaton Not Rap or Hip-Hop but Shout Outs!
Mustapha Sabico
Watching in 2018
i really miss a lot of those videos.Luda,Em and Busta were the Masters in this categorie
Naomi King
Man I miss videos like this from Flipmode Squad and B.Rhymes too! When videos back then was fun to watch and actually good songs with it!
Nikeel Benjamin
This track still maddddddddd
Niocle Crymes
Spliff star was the best hype man in the game !!!
Occie Holloway
can I get a Yamaha for my HOORAH USMC'S and birthday
One Don Addi
Back when everybody wanted a Hair like Busta...
Pmpbreeze Ogah
Pass the offering lol.
Prudence Marule
scrooge mcduff paper!! lmao!!
2018 and still listening
Red X The Menace
what happened to good music
Remelle Newell Newell
$100,000 for a blessing \n\nThe look on busters face \nPriceless
Robin Gardner
It's my birthday 09/30/2018🔥🔥🎂🍷🍾🍺🍸
S'balCool Dlamini
Seyi Oyetade
March 2018 baby!!!
Shadow guy
Back when Rappers kept they real friends close.... Busta Rhymes kept his mans around thru his best shit
Shan V Perera
2015! Still listening to this. Rap really took it downhill now man.\nMiss this
Sho ho
Hopefully, Busta will look at these old vids sumday and give himself a big face palm and think \
Busta's face from 4:00 creeps me out haha
Stephanoe Wilks
Scrooge Mc Duck Paper!!
Press 6 and hold, and you can see a alien in the backseat!
Sushi Uchiha
Swift Chancellor
what yall know bout clap studios tho 😂😂😂😂 pastor offering 😂😂😂😂😂
Thapelo Gabatsholwe
Damn its been a decade i watched this video,
I miss the Busta Rhymes of those days. He so full of charisma in his songs back then, but now...
Thomas Harris
back flipping through the aisles lol wow
I don't remember seeing this version of the video
The girl in the gym looks like Alicia Keys
Uthman King
Busta Rhymes the Great Renaissance Artist and Architect!!
Virgo Velasquez
Who the white folks at 4:32 ??? Director?? Illuminati??? Who !!
Pastor offering DABBED @ 3:36 😂😂😂
Wanda Nesbit
Make It CLAP!!!!!! Good times. Song is still bad!!!
Wandering Warrior
Can u put a blessing on layaway?
Yendi Clement
I love this song it just makes me feel so upbeat no matter what... time flies by so quick but music takes you back!!
Young Papi-Yo
Pastor Offering brought me here. Peace
achraf andrawos
angel abadzhiev
Aaaand Rick James gives him the blessing :D:D:D:D
I remember waiting on busta videos like MJ videos... They're always so fuuny..
crispy pringel
why is stuff like this gone
What's the name of the girl he tattooed on? she's gorgeous
david Antoine
dawit dessalegn
incase you aint knowin incase you aint heard....................i luv busta back in the days he was cool.....you just cant lesten to music he makes nowadays!!!!
decarlos atkins
i remember when people watched this video back then the first thing they said was \
gucci stig
When he wasnt \
journee toliver
Why he was snot buff he look weird
From this to Twerk It. What the hell did just happen?
Busta looked so nice with his dreadz back then.
rhyan legington
that's not madea at 4:08 madea dosent go to church
savvas x
Watching it in 2044.