Omarion Ft. Chris Brown Jhene Aiko - Post To Be (Official Music Video)

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50% of the people here came for \
November 2020 anyone ?
it didnt taste like groceries...
Aaron M
Anyone else think Jhene Aiko is hella hot?
I bet you came for 2:15
Abigail Ade
Happy new! Dancing to this song. Cos its post to be!
Adriana Marie
Aisha Burai
December 2018? Anyone 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
Alani Parks
I love jamming to this song!!!!!😫😭💕💕💕
Alicia Price
I'm still here 2018 Christmas Eve
Aliyah Shelf-painter
Just me in December 2018? Come on this is how you celebrate Christmas
WE👏👏👏DONT👏👏👏CARE 👏👏WHEN👏👏👏YOU👏👏LISTEN TO THIS SONG \nAll i see in the comments...
Amor Renee
Love the simplicity of this video. Hard to come by in music clips these days. Looks like they had a good time shooting & The chemistry was great. I never noticed how mature Chris Brown looks now that he's older, Great video!
Analysts123 456
Jhene Aiko made the song
André Silva
🔥🔥🔥 2019 ❤️🔥🔥🔥
Angel Cockrell
Y'all crazy this beat is amazing and who thought to put these 3 together genius I pray they do more
Angelgamer 4dayzz
Omg i spended almost one hour trying to find this again FINALLY!
Any Ko Aniko
I rmr growing up listening to this at night after swimming
Aran Aydin 8G Provstegårdskolen
This is still fire in 2019!
Branden samson
Still bumping in 2019
Brandon Hay
Kids bop be like:\nBut he gotta eat the pizza like Chuck E. Cheese
CJ Entus Underworld
2019 like it's post to be
Chany Perelstein
Chris Brown Omarion you are my favorite 😘😍
Cherish G
Everyone came for 2:16, I know it.
ChevalDeTroie Corp
Hey, Who is here 2019...\n*MOOD ChevalDeTroie...*
Cindy Simpson
Roberts Chips Wsop Sccf5.5 Holmes Florence Simpson TD Bank Roberts Bike Marriot
Dayane Santos
Hooo música boa ❤ janeiro 2019🇧🇷
Edward Victor Muñoz
Elizabeth Wyer
if you dude come close to me you can right it all of with a gohst with me im not ganna let you boys show me but i ganna eat the booty like grocieries love tha part
Enny Olaseinde
Omarion with this song is my best song post to be
Eurico Sapalo
It's 2019 and I'm getting money like it post to be. Thumbs up
Eze Sargeant
Omarion: ok so at the end we finna say our names ok?\nChris: ok\nJhene: got it\nOmarion: omarion! \nChris: breezy! \nJhene: I make em do it\nOmarion: now wtf did I just say
Omarion reminds me of USHER
Fed Jop
Kids bop be like:\nBut he gotta eat the pizza like Chuck E .Cheese
Gabeworldstar Gaming
When ur mom passes u the aux cord.
Ifrah Nur
Ismail Asad
Ivana S
when life was actually fun:(makes me sad really😭😢
Jadie _cakes
Anyone just in bed watching old songs ( the mems 😜💕)
Jaquai Westley
Who still going to bumping this in 2020??🔥🔥🔥
Jessie Boateng
throwback!! who still here 2019?
This song made eating ass ok
Jonathan Monsheni
I am the only one who listening da 🎶 in 2019
Joshua Alexander
2019 anyone?
Kayla Hendricks
anyone here for Dec.2019 - Jan. 2019 \nlike if you are
Kianna London
at first I was sis keeps listening\u200b to this song, I'm ADDICTED.THANKS KAMIA
Kimberly Voss
Lightskin Kidd
I love this song listen to it every day turn up to Chris Brown music everyday
Louis Tobly
2019 I'm alone ???
Luke Ed
I got banned from a library cause my ringtone went off... it was this song... it was \
LulGurl Tiaraa !
Omarion, Jeremiah, Chris and Bruno with a song together will be so mf lit 😩😍🤙❤
Maddy Hill
Best collab everrrr!!! Like if this song still gets you hype in 2019
Malcolm Burwell
Matty the Wolf
Maya Nathan
Hi Omarion I still love this song... 😘
Moha Jordan
*2019* ganng where you AT??\n😯😯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Monica Hayes
Myra Beji
Ndiye Sebolai
December 2018 - January 2019 anyone
Nefertiti Reigns
Just thought about Jhene’s verse. She talking about making another girl’s dude riding off with her and he should get ‘rid of these hoes for me’. Wouldn’t she be one of the hoes?
Nicola Emmanuel
Jhene's line is so iconic. People will remember it years to come
Olivia Gonzalez
Bet if Chris brown was to have a dance battle with some of the best rapers he would whoop all there asses
Open Season
Breezy is the King FR FR
2019 someone!?😎
Piyush Borude
Chris brown .😍😍❤️🙌
Jhene Aiko's verse was the best part of the song imo.
Rainbow Steve 2
Who still slapping this on 2019
Rashelle Guillory
Roxanne Tone
Still love this song
SEVILLA Barahona
Saiohn Hughes
Yo girl ain't leaving when she posted to be
Saketh Penumudy
But you gotta eat the booty like CHICKEN STRIIIIPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSS\n\nEdit: Wait why are you arguing in the replies lol wut
Samoan Queen
Jhene is so cute and small ❤️😂
Shenik Adams
I love this song i was dancing to this 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Talyn Duffy
2019 anyone?
Tb Visuals
If your chick comes close to me, \nshe gonna end up in my kitchen makin roasted beef.\nI might let her make toast for me,\nbut when we crusin on my boat she gotta row for me.
“If yo kid come close to me ... she ain’t goin home where she post to be” - R kelly Version
The Meaning is Always Vague
I know that Aiko is probably trying to be sexy, but she's just the cutest thing ever~
Tiana Crowe
December 12, 18 anyone?
Ticyee JEUNE
Let me just say 2019 is here and I'll always love this song
Tyrone Griffith
2019 eating the booty like am ehh ummmmm
Vanessa Goudjinou
Who here in 2019?
Viggo Macintosh
Who else is laying in bed listening to old songs??
Who's watching in April 2018...
Winnie MulongoP
He gotta eat the booty like groceries
Omarion: Ok so on the end we are gonna say our names ok?\nChris : Sure\nJhene : Okay\nOmraion: Omarion\nChris : C. Breezy \nJhene: I make em do it!\nOmarion: Now wtf did i just say Jhene?
bonnieboy28 qkjjg
Anyone here for December 2018\nThanks for 884 likes I’ve never got this many\n\nEdit:THANK YALL FOR SO MANY LIKES IVE NEVER GO THSI MANY BUT HAPPY 2019
what a throwback song now listening to it
hassan mustafa
Thank you for this great song and I love this song very much when I listen this song I feel very happy great job keep doing
ichuka gaum
Who still watching 2019
jolyneda catulle
Who with me 2019??
karnaia tidwell
katie bybee
chris brown is my favorite one in this song
marley manicks
this song makes me wanna eat my gfs booty like groceries
mlggamer2198 More than mlg
Christmas Eve anyone?
patosina salevao
Still listening in 2019?
sade_x_ r
who else loves doing the head Rock they're doing in the beginning of the video I love it!
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