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Дети реагируют на Nirvana! Ссылки на оригинал ниже!Смотрите все основные эпизоды Реакций (Дети/Подростки/Старики/Взрослые/Ютуберы):Цель FBE - правильно приписывать те невероятные видео, которые используются в нашем контенте. Если вы видите неправильное или пропущенное установление авторства, пожалуйста, передайте нам на© Fine Brothers Entertainment.Дети Реагируют #174 - ДЕТИ РЕАГИРУЮТ НА NIRVANA

Band KIDS REACT TO NIRVANA Nirvana all apologies come as you are heart shaped box in bloom lithium polly rea... react sliver smells like teen spirit

Alex Cruz
jajajajjajaja \
Allmouth by Smashstar
Why don't they listen to *R A P E M E*
Ashley DelaRosa
“They’re really calm” \nUmm.. I do believe that grunge wasn’t really made to be calm
It's funny kids think rock is thrash metal. Lol
CK's channel.
Carter Getsy
R.I.P Kurt Cobain ❤
C̶r̶a̶z̶y̶ S̶u̶i̶c̶i̶d̶a̶l̶ H̶e̶a̶d̶c̶a̶s̶e̶
Daria Winter
Mom, dad, what r u doing?😂
Dario Salvi
4:57 kid is the best!! Grow up and spread your passion for great music boy!
Daryl Cooke
David Jones
Debra Jefferson
Default Camo
Kids react: 2 girls 1cup\n\nInstant 90s classic
Polly isn't the most appropriate HAHA.
Drew Kane
2:22 - That kid knows what's up. He can hear Kurt's pain, and it only took him two seconds.
Edward Bliss
*Rock 'n' roll really needs to be central to our culture again*
Ernie Vc
Like for Nirvana! What a great band!
Evelyn Deschain
Please God if I ever have a kid let him react the way Carlin did to Nirvana \u003c3
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Facu Pudenti
2:00 \
Finn McGrory
Its only calm because theyre listening to nevermind lol
Fiona Moran
Kids listening to “Polly”😂😂😂 Definitely not appropriate.
Gael Rodriguez
rip kurt cobain
Gisselle S
Omg I love the little boy who said his dad plays it all the time. 😁
Guillermo Huaman Ch
God bless that little Asian boy who's gonna love Nirvana for the rest of his life lml
Gut Temiz
Hey There
They grew up thinking all rock is metal... shame on their parents
I Like Creepy pastas
6:45 \nKid: WHAT KIND OF MUSIC IS THIS!\nMe: Actual music.
Illuminati WantMyMindSoulAndMyBody
I domt remember being this smart at that age lol
Its time they react to the Foo Fighters.
Jack R Cotter
James Cop
That is not rock\nIT'S *GRUNGE*
Jamie Jovi
No other band spoke to a generation of teens like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana did.... Can't imagine my teens without them, those songs got me through some tough nights!!!
Jason Valerio
Jonah Meyer
Kurt - \
Juanitta Suárez
2:02 \
Julian Rangel
2:49 Kid knows all about Nirvana. Just came because he found another chance to listen to him 😆
KaoBoy Ab
grunge grunge grunge not mainstream rock GRUNGE
Kayla Combs
This kid really said...\n\nShe really said...\n\n\n*THAT NIRVANA SOUNDS LIKE COUNTRY WTH*
Kyra Dickson
Kids react to Pink Floyd
I think I saw one grunge kid born in this episode
2:24 - Oh kid, you have no idea.
Why i'm not suprised all of them likes Teen Spirit
Luna Violet
I love all Songs of Nirvana
Mack Dare
They said nirvana was calm xD
Martha Salinas
Im vey lucky my mom raised me with this music and i thank her so much
Melissa Hanson
Mergie S
I S H E S A Y I N G... C R O C O D I L E ?
“They’re really calm for a rock band.”\n*remembers the days of Kurt trashing the stage* \nYeah, really calm.
Nirvana is legendary
Next Level Guy
“Mum ... dad, what you doing” lol
if those kids knew what polly was about they'd be hiding under their beds at night.
Mom, dad! What are you doin'???? Ohhh, I just love Sidney.
Mom Dad what are u doing?
Polina Ukrainian
Mom,dad what are you doing? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roman Israel
2018. Even new generation kids loves Nirvana :)
Sabakuno redhead
Salabh S.G
What you are searching is at 07:11
Special Sect
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Speedy McGee
Play territorial pissings or breed if they say Nirvana is too calm haha.
Stuart Davison
Listens to Polly \
Sunny Smith
The little boy with the bangs has just decided to become a rock star. You can see it on his face.
S̶a̶v̶v̶Y̶ •
That One Guy
Kids react to Slipknot. Or Soundgarden.
Smells like teen spirit \
Tobias Limosnero
“They’re really calm...” \n\n\n\n\n\nNo
Toby Lawrence
I’ve never herd of this band I hope they get really famous
Kurt Cobain reacts to Kids reacting to Nirvana
WhyNotEveryThing ?
Maybe this generation is going to be okay?
William P. Buttle
MTV Unplugged Nirvana is one of the greatest musical moments of all time
Wolf Boy Gaming
It’s weird cause there saying the songs are upbeat and happy but the lyrics are really depressing
I love nirvana ‹3
Zehra gg
It's not rock, this is grunge...
SEE?? The generation is not the problem, the mainstream music that we expose them to is.
angel cano
“Oh snap, this might be hot chilli peppers”\noh my god im-
I love that one little boy's love for the band. He is precious and it's heartwarming to see his reaction. So sweet!
bugsmasher 1223
They don't understand grunge
cruelkill boy YT
This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! People thirty years younger than me listening to anthems of my teenage years and loving it!!!
Kids, that is no Rock Music, thats called GRUNGE
fick wick
For some reason, I really like the idea of Kurt reacting to this video, but alas, he has been taken away from us too soon :(
i t s m w a h
Ever since Bohemian Rhapsody came out ever one is watching and listening to other classic bands
john martin
Your dad is cool if he turns on these songs
ladyofthe 80s
“they where like, calm”\n\nKid you don’t even know
n i m r 0 d
Rest in peace Kurt Cobain
now I am an angel
It's amazing how these children have a stereotype that rock is like people shouting and worshiping Satan and a lot of things like that, and suddenly he listens in a band like Nirvana that in those days was very famous and is like * mental explosion * good video.
priscilla boot
It's better that they don't understand the lyrics 😂
ricco march
the kid who just loves all there songs i have one message to his parents; YOU RAISED HIM RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sara arizmendi
I love nirvana
spikey furs
I love Nirvana and these kids made me so mad
that strange roxana
“They’re so calm” \nMe:*sips tea* “oh honeyyyyyyyy”\n*waits for smells like teen spirit *