Nightwish - "I Want My Tears Back" live, Hartwall Areena (LIVE)

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Floor Jansen :*
Adrian A
actualy... i teached them this song. so congrats to me. Anyways still waiting to see Floor perform \
Angelopaolo Tricase
3:01 tuomas between the crowd! *.*
Anh Lam
I Want My Tea Bag!
Arcadio Hernandez
me vuelve a gustar mucho Nightwish  con floor vuelve a ser una banda de metal y no de pop como era con anette :P
Arfenos Porrows
3:16 - 4:28 Epicness overload
Come back to New Zealand :P
Audrey P
3:18 that face *-*
Bao Le
His face at 4:20 : 'teach me please..' :))
Barack Obama
Camila Grace
Anette Es La Única Que Puede Hacer Que Mis Lágrimas Vuelvan :( \nAnette Te Extrañamos \u003c3\nAnette Is The Only One Who Can Make My Tears Back :(\nAnette I Miss You \u003c3
Chris Jones
@AsnyHaakonsdottir Of defintely ! I LOVE Revamp and after forever, shame AF broke up, but hey! ReVamp is awesome 
Nightwish had many singers , MARCO is still the best haha!!
Daniel Santos
I dumped my girlfriend because she didn't like this song
Troy Donockley the best backing vocal of Nightwish
I'm glad that this was the first version of the song I've heard ‘cause it allowed me an objective view on Floor’s performance. Only afterwards did I listen to Anette’s version and it paled in comparison to this one. Floor f***in rulez! But that’s just me of course ;-)
Dem Had
3:01 Tuomas is astral projecting and shows in the audience lol
Don Freddy
there aint enough like buttons
Its nice how hes finding new styles for his music :)) with floor next album will be so epic yeah :D nice song
Dugi Devet
Floor is Tarja and Anette , triple pack!
Elektra Manson
They should start record Floor's version of any Nightwish song!
Euler Bretas
3:01 Toumas? 0.o
Fanny Montes
The violinist = passion
Filippo Cumino
Sorry but in this song I (and I underline I) prefer Anette.
Grey Wolf
Floor RULES !!!!
Icarus Cash
3:00 Toumas in the crowd :O .... 
Immortal \u00adHunter
Tarja will re-join Nightwish once again and this nightmare will end.
Ingrit Jiménes
you are simply the best floor jansen
Iohan Kellerman
damn, I'm in love with her, just gorgeus!!
This is one of my favorite NW songs, and this is my favorite version!
Jan matejko
Nightwish band with full orchestry it will by wonderfull
Jesper Gormsen
@ 3:01 Tuomas' long lost Twin?
Johan johan
the best
Jonathan Fredriksson
the best thing you could do, was kick out anette! Floor rules!!!
Jonathon Churchill
Its quite worrying even when a professionally filmed concert still sounds out of tune.....\nDisappointed.
Jooe Vignardi
tarjaaaa come back please!!! T_T nightwish is dying her vocalist is an horror u.u
José A. Martínez
Tuomas brother in the crowd at 3:01
Joy Mode
1:36 The girl written \
Juda Goethe
Yeah I like this Floor´s version. The only song tha I like by annete is Slow, Love Slow and Scaretale... no more.
i like Floor , she sounds good . I also like Annette  as well as Tarja . Of course the original is the best but i appreciate te fact that they still go on and try to continue the band's legacy .  Good music
Lequer M.
Najlepszy zespół na świecie!! :3 :D 
Tuomas behind keys and in the crowd? check 3:01 :D
Lord Defector
Old Nightwish is Back
Luce Lumi
Franchement je regrette Anette.. -_-
M.J. F.C.
Otra de Nightwish en el mas puro Rock Celta , agregando la gaita Irlandesa y el Violin
Markku Hietanen
Noi vitun mainokset pois!!! Jos katon Slayerin biisin niin arvaa kiinnostaako Sonera!!!!
Well, i love Nightwish & i love Tarja. But really, who needs Tarja,when you can have\nFloor. She is perfect for the band. Hail to Nightwish & Floor ;-)))))) 
That is simply EPIC! NW get's tighter with each passing performance!  Peace, Healing and Prayers to Lukka...
Listen this song. You shall feel the real force of music.
Nathan Dufresne
hell yeah. Floor Janssen.
SHOW..... melhor banda do mundo
Nicholas Lawlor
You can't have them, they're gone!
Nicki Demonia
The singer looks a bit stiff and uncomfortable in her onstage dancing
Oğuzhan Parlak
3:00 Tuomas' twin brother
While Floor has a great voice and I am sure the band will do well with her, I can't help but feel Annette's voice is a better fit for this song.
Floor Jansen BEST!!!
Raquel Nicoletti
Man, it's the best band ever!!
Rushabh Padalia
What does Marco say at 3:25 ?
Man, the chicks that are into Nightwish are seriously hot. That is one good looking crowd. lol.
Sakura Moon
The guys in nightwish look so much happier compared to the end of an era concert video. I believe toumas has made the best decision for the future of nightwish and we will see much better things to come.
Wacken version is 100x better ! :D
Stephen White
this song is so awesome live with Floor!
Theo Thelower
floor is a wery nice pearson..true jakpot for guys from of luck to you all
Tiffany Phillips
Please re-record Imaginaerum!!!\nNo disrespect to Annette, but this gal is much better fit! \nHer range is amazing!
Realy fantastic !!
I'm really not convinced by Floor. Personally, I don't think her voice fits the songs on Imaginareum very well. I'm not talking about her range, because obviously she's very capable; more the way it sounds.\n\nAnette had an airy, almost childlike quality to her voice which I felt complimented the lyrics and music on the album. Floor's voice, for me lacks character which is why I'm not keane on her as a vocalist.
Wonderfull sounds ... change the song and rhythm ... OMG!!
I am a simple man - I see Floor's legs and I'm happy! :D
Vladimir Ranisavljevic
I think we all agree that the Deep silente complete sounded wonderful with Floor.
and five six seven eight
Omg I looooooovvvveeeeee it *-*
You can see Тuomas' twin at 3:01 in the audience LOL
floor jansen \u003c3
carlos hietala
3.00: Tuomas´s twin brother in the audience??
3:00 When you're a god, you attend to your own concerts and appreciate your masterpieces.
floor is a giant huh?
i agree, i am american and i love the metal coming out of europe right now! and i think right now it is better than what is coming out of the U.S. with the exception of a few bands!
edmlover always
okay... floor is good.. but in this song annette is better... i think...:)
This song didn't show how well Floor and Marco harmonize or compliment each other. Hopefully their next album will have songs written with that in mind. Not my favorite from Floor but she blew Storytime away. I like her.
im leano
at 3:16 what kind of instrument is that? I live for the violin 😍♬♩♪🎻
Ja sit eiku hyppimään!
juan sebastian torres baracaldo
Floor is damn sexy !!!
kuyo blackstone
what tipe of metal is this i lust fell in love with it and want to find more like it
manu hell
Floor sings as if this song was very difficult. what if truly sing a difficult song like \
I don't like Floor, it sounds like she tries too hard, the passion Anette put behind her voice, can't be matched by floor, sorry. I couldn't care less about her vocal range, I don't like HER. Anette sucked at singing songs wrote for Tarja, but she shined on the albums written for her, I hoped the same would happen with Floor, sadly... I did not.\nJust keep Marco as lead vocals and get it over with. Now there's a voice that I could listen to
nicklas ottesen
you rarely hear a bassist sing that good as sami :O
Compered with Wacken 2013 is this performance a little bit weaker.  \nbut @1:51: Chucky alive^^
power truck
welcome back nightwish
rahul drubo
what a bombastic voice and music , all r awosomw
I name my first dog Emppu and I'm frustrated he doesn't know how to hold a guitar..
remy pettazzoni
@3:01 clone of Tuomas! :-)
saCroSanto Golgota
I Want My Tarja Back  LOL
The guy in 1:52 is 100% pure Hobbit.
Молодежное информагентство ПОСТ
3,01. May be I can mistaken. but I see that Tuomas stay with fans...=)
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