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I’m here because of Harry wOw
Amber_pops133 Lee
Legends never Die R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
Anastasia L
2019 : HARRY freaking STYLES covers the song somewhere in Japan \nFandom : dead
Andrew Foy 앤디
Happy Birthday Kurt.  Would have been 47 I guess.
April ajkd
Here again from Harry's video
Aswathi Krishna
I'm here because of Harry styles
Becca Styles
Big Baby Tape FAMILY
2019?? Я и сейчас не могу поверить, что Курта больше нету.💔
Christy Brown
Here from harry styles cover thank u
Coastal Custom Consulting - CCC
The 90's reflected a time where we were depressed that the 80's were gone and we were uncertain of the future... and the music reflected it. Living in the 90's in my twenties was a time where we just didn't really care anymore thus grunge. Good times and good music.
Cookies and Unicorn
Who's here after watching the video of Harry Styles cover this song?
Daniel Holowaty
I wish people who have NIRVANA shirts know what it is.\n\nThanks guys. This is my most liked comment
Daniel Rojas
24 years ago, a tragedy happened...\n\nKurt was found dead...\n*R.I.P. Kurt Cobain*\nYou wil be forever in our hearts :')
Dedi Galih Wisnumurti
Delarry 289
Harry’s Cover was WILD
This song is so good, that my neighbors threw a brick at my window so they can hear it better.
Só eu de BR Loko aki em pleno 2017 ???
DrinxtXz TheMaster
Real music
Edith Bieber- Yaruski
Came here from Harry’s video lol
Emma 90’s
I have 12 years old. I live in 2019. I consider this song to be the basis of my childhood.
Из русских кто-то остался?
Frida Lomeli
I'm here because of Harry Styles singing this in Japan uwu ✌
Funny Game
Hank Moody
Jay Michael
I can't believe people are saying they only came here because of harry styles, like they didn't know this song before it. Kurt Cobain had more talent in the plectrum he played the intro with than harry styles has in his whole body. This song is a classic because of nirvana not because of styles
Joe Star
July 2018?
Kanibal 666
Krisha Darji
omg i came here after watching harry, scroll down and see more people watching this because of harry! does anyone else just laugh while reading the comments because they relate to what you're doing or thinking?? lol
Kurt Cobain
Waiting for 1 billion
Lexi P.
Is anyone *not* here because of Harry?
Louie Alimagno
here after harry sang it in Japan 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Léana Jacquot
I come here after i saw harry styles singing it
Martin 06
Mayi Garzon
I'm sorry but tbh went here because of Harry Styles 13/1/19
Medha T
harry styles harry styles harry styles
Megan Flaherty
Dude I love harry styles as much as everything in the whole world but. Nirvana. Is. One. Of. The. Biggest. Bands. Ever. Harry. Didn’t. Discover. Them. Chill.
Mohamed Mujamil
This comment section has literally become a calendar
Morgan Aubree Grassl
Two words: Harry Styles
Mrs.Harry Edward style
Who came here after harreh
Who's ready for a whole year with people commenting ''who's watching in 2019''?
Nevaeh Ezelle
smells like teen spirit 2019 anyone
New Vain
Harry Styles brought me here.
Noor Alhuda
I’m here because of Harry
Nugget Chicken
rip Kurt Cobain\nrip Jim Morrison \nrip Jimi Hendrix \nrip Syd Barret\nrip Chris Cornell \nrip Micheal Jackson\nrip Janis Joplin \nrip Freddie Mercury \nrip Chester Bennington\nrip John Lennon\nrip George Harrison \nrip Ray Manzarek\nrip Lemmy \nrip Chuck Berry \nrip Rick Wright \nrip David Bowie \nrip Elvis Presley\nrip Scott Weiland\nrip Phil Lynott\nrip Gary Moore\nrip Rick Parfitt\nrip 2pac and Biggie \nrip Bon Scott\nrip Paul Grey\nrip Cliff Burton \nrip Layne Staley\nrip Bob Marley \nrip Whitney Houston \nrip Amy Winehouse \nrip Chorão\nrip Prince\nrip Dimebag Darrell\nrip Vinnie Paul
In my opinion this is what the 90s atmosphere started\n\nEDIT: HOLY FK 1k likes thank you so much
Passive Potato
Happy 50th Birthday Grohl!
I think the reason why this is their most popular song is because it suits Kurt's voice so much. The raspiness is amazing and it's upbeat and a little bit aggressive that's why people like it.
Raito Justice
It still smells like Teen Spirit in 2018!!!
Rule breaker
It's a habit to come here at least once a week
Sara S
please stop commenting about harry styles, come here for kurt😎✌🏼
Selina Jackson
Harry styles killed it.
Sharath Kalyan
I love this song bro
If this is the only nirvana song you know your missing out dude
Who’s here because they actually like the band and not because some pretty boy covered it?
Splait ➡ Brawl Stars
Yeah, this song cant be old.
Startnow Ok
Harry Styles I can't breathe... oh ... 😍😍
Sude Larry
Coming after Harry's video😂✋
Sweet Creature
I’m here because of Harry Styles
I'm here from harry styles.
This is music.. No 6ix9ine no lil pump
The Beatles 4ever thailand
1 january 2019
Tim Götzinger
2019 Legends Never die ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏻
Vanessa Chino
I'm here because of that 13 seconds video of Harry Styles.
William Joel Chalco Chavez
Es hora de loquearme :v
*1991* : Freddie Mercury\n*1994* : Kurt Cobain\n*1996* : Tupac Shakur\n*2009* : Michael Jackson\n*2017* : Chester Bennington, Lil Peep\n*2018* : Jahseh Onfroy
a7x forever
No one cares if you're here because of Harry styles lol
bashtah official
È UN LADRO \n\n\n\n\n\n\n*HA RUBATO*
can t.
clorox tea
only here because harry covered it..
cutie pie
Who's here after harry sang in that video😂
ebuiobv uwu
Harry’s got me here😫
ecstatic fanboy
All these comments about harry styles makes me want to stab his whole fandom to death\n\n\n\n\n\nafter i google who he is of course
frick off
It's my cake day can i get a like pls
gustav ahr
Ебучий шедевр
hi there
I myself came here cause the one and only HARRY STYLES covered it but regardless I enjoyed this song before he even covered it so that’s that 🤪 LIKE IF YOU LOVE HARRY STYLES 💞💗🎯
hiatus my ass
this comment section is pretty toxic, but please don’t hate on harry, he had nothing to do with it. it was us that were curious to know what song he sang since most of us seemed to like it and yes, we discovered this because of him so what? at least we finally heard this song. some of us probably never heard this growing up or had a different music taste, but anyways i just want to let this all out.
jbraaa a
Moin Leute trymacs hier!!🤘😂
kashish singh
Who's here after harry sang it?
A song that never ages, more powerful today Vs yesterday
nice girl
I'm here because of Harry Styles but I also love this song
ich hoffe, dass Kurt Cobain noch leben würde......\nGurnge never dies
photo synthesis
*any good tv series people here have good taste* ?
prenses Story
Who is here because of Harry?
ramsedj 21
came here from harry's recent video of him performing this in japan.. ksksksks
shanya styler
who is here after Harry Styles cover?
Rip 🙏🏾😔 I always love your music
stolen username
“SmElLs LiKe ThE oNlY nIrVaNa SoNg YoU kNoW”\n\n\n\nHonestly just stfu, just because this song is the most “known” from Nirvana doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a great song. The people you reference to aren’t true Nirvana fans, they just follow the mainstream which was essentially this song. There are plenty of people who venture into their other songs and love this song as well. Stop trying to be edgy by reusing this already overused joke...
sulava Kurt
harry brought me here :)
supernaut 1967
I came here cause my dad is the one who introduced me to Nirvana and many other rock bands. I remember being in my dads dark green minivan driving to the cottage with my sister and both my parents listening to Nirvana, Weezer and RHCP with the windows down with that sweet summer smell and warm breeze on my skin.
xnikhilenyth _
One of the greatest tracks ever recorded with one of the most iconic music videos ever!\nRIP Kurt Cobain xx
yeet boi
How many 90's kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 100, 1 to do it, and 99 to stand around complaining that the old one was better.
yoongles is my suga daddy
2018?\n2019?\n2020?\n9741?\n1833?\n*no one cares what year you're listening this to, it'll probably be legendary forever*
Андрей Мороз
Твоя Маман
говнарь, цой лучше
ดูดม้า ทะลุฟรอยด์
看 vinny
*January 2019?*
Legends never die🙏