Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back - Worcester, MA 03/17/18

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Nightwish playing I Want My Tears Back live at the Palladium in Worcester, MA.03/17/18


Duncan Buchanan
They are playing beautifully.
Greg The Eagle
At last, the song of Floor... hahaha... Thanks, Anthony...
Larry Zagotti
Just saw them in Cleveland tonight! Freaking awesome show.
This show was so amazing!! I was there and I still get excited about it!
Dude are you following them around on the tour? You're uploading a ton of videos. And thank you for that!! :D
Sergio Loyola
5:08 \
Stephen Petrovich
Wish I had been able to see this show...20 minutes from my house...just couldnt do it
Tibor Drimál
Floor is flying :D
pobesneli krastavac
She owns the stage!\nNW have fucking fantastic energy,but Floor is pure wonder.\nShe is able to deliver that fantastic energy night after night and to create great show.\nI know,she is not alone.She have help from the band and Tuomas who wrote all this songs.\n\nI loved Tarja in the beginning ,because she used to have fun and enjoyed to sing with rest of the band,but later she got bored as we can see on videos from 2003 and later.While she was having fun,she sounded fantastic live,but later performances was good,but didn't have that \
scott anderson
Your videos are awesome. Love the quality!!