Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

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You feel like you're traveling in time ...
Shame on those who have disliked this song!!
Adina Budacov
Immortal masterpiece that we'll still going to listen in 2050...
Bachi Todadze
This song should be sent in Cosmos , in case if we destroy earth this song will survive ^_^
Bogdan Kudashov
Великолепно, вспоминая своё детство и брата взросление!
Brandon Sly
#SEALTeam (s2e5) What powerful episode and this tune to end it off just perfect
Che Mos
just real music.
Cosworth YBD
The guitar solo in this is absolutely incredible.
 I am optimist but Humans in general are still half-retarded specie, I think if some Aliens really watching us they laugh at us if they have ability for laughing, or they just pitty us... BUT, some individuals trough our history shows that we have potential to evolve in the future, some individuals like exceptions to a rule, like: Buddha, Plato, Einstein, Gandhi, Mother Theresa etc... ONE DAY (in maybe distant future) INDIVIDUALS LIKE THIS WILL BECOME A RULE, and idiots (which are majority today) will become exceptions to a rule :) PEACE to everyone and God (no matter if you believe in \
Cyberpooper 2077
I came here to listen because of stan lee #RIPSTANLEE
\u003e\u003eDas melancholische Lied wurde während des Falklandkrieges geschrieben und kann als Antikriegslied bezeichnet werden. Zwar ist das Thema Krieg in dem Song zu Beginn nicht offensichtlich, da zunächst eine Naturkulisse besungen wird (\
Daniel Nuñez
I dedicate this song to my brother who was taken in war and tortured.
Darknight Ofthesoul
We MUST stop fighting wars for Israel. Leave the world in peace.
Dave Fitzpatrick
God bless those who lost their lives in the great war 1914-18
write which is your favourite dire straits'song here
Ed eddy
2019...2020...2030.....till the end
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
This song was played at my husbands funeral while I carried him. He died in a car crash in 2001, age 24, I was 25. Makes me still sad after all these years. Beautiful but painful.
Elżbieta Syrkiewicz
uwielbiam ❤❤❤
goosebumps everytime
Farhad Ylchiev
Лучше чем современные треки! Аж до слёз пробирает
FooTболёр Санёк
Здорова ребята))
Geert Vuurstaek
I wish they play this on my funeral when i die during serving my country.\n\nGreetings\nSgt Vuurstaek\nBelgian air force
Geoff Joffy
Classic tune, as fresh today as the day it was released.
Giancarlo Oprins
This song has the most beautiful guitar solo ever in my opinion. The howling sounds make me shiver every single time
Mark knopfler and dire stratis
Hamit Günay
Who is coming from 2019?
Helena Maria
Beautiful animation!
If you don't cry to this song, you don't experience this song the way it is suppose to move you
Ingrid Fristed
Jay Hoe
Now I want to die in war. I want this beautiful peace of music to be about me.
Joe Sokolic
To whoever is reading this comment, I wish you all the success in your endeavors and that you reach for and achieve your dreams and have a great life. Please treat others well and with respect, as you would like to be treated. We have one life and one world, as the song says.
John Devlin
For the world's sake,let us all live in peace & harmony.
John Diamond
Mark Knopfler, Top class performer.
Jose Augusto Machado
Sagrado esse cara
Justo Jose Godia Fuster
Una de las mejores canciones de todos los tiempos
Karim Rifaat
C'est pour tous
Katharina De Fleur
Love this Song so much!🥰😍❤️❤️❤️
I'm speechless.
As an ex soldier I am very touched by this song
Laurens ten Hagen
There's so many different worlds\nSo many different suns\nAnd we have just one world\nBut we live in different ones....
Linda R
This reminds me of my dad who committed suicide in 1986. The pain was immeasurable and not only did he take his own life but he also destroyed ours.
Lori Boda
I dedicate this song for my dad who died in war.
Love Chaser
Golden 80's , just awesome song
Luke W
These mist covered mountains \nAre a home now for me \nBut my home is the lowlands \nAnd always will be \nSome day you'll return to me \nYour valleys and your farms \nAnd you'll no longer burn \nTo be brothers in arms \n\nThrough these fields of destruction \nBaptisms of fire \nI've witnessed all your suffering \nAs the battle raged higher \nAnd though they did hurt me so bad \nIn the fear and alarm \nYou did not desert me \nMy brothers in arms \n\nThere's so many different worlds \nSo many different suns \nAnd we have just one world \nBut we live in different ones \n\nNow the sun's gone to hell \nAnd the moon's riding high \nLet me bid you farewell \nEvery man has to die \nBut it's written in the starlight \nAnd every line on your palm \nWe're fools to make war \nOn our brothers in arms
Marck73 Montaner
I allways thought Sultans Of Swing was the best masterpiece song ever created for Dire Straits. But this one... oh god... no words. Is actually much better
Max S
Марк Нопфлер остаётся на недосягаемой высоте
Michael Coleman
11K go find new kids on the block! more your type of thing! Cream rises generally!
Modelism feroviar la scara H0 DEVA
This song played in the restaurant where i took my first girlfriend on a date
Mokang Beats
The 10.000 people who disliked probably just missclicked the like button
Now the sun's gone to hell and\nThe moon's riding high\nLet me bid you farewell\nEvery man has to die\nBut it's written in the starlight\nAnd every line in your palm\nWe are fools to make war\nOn our brothers in arms
Márcio Aguiar
I'm from Brazil this song marked the time my beloved father loved, I learned to like it.
Night Shadow
I am 13 years old. My friends tell me that I'm stupid because I'm listening to hopeless music. They listen to lil pump, 6ix9ine, and I listen to music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Such music is beautiful, you can learn a lot from it, each is different, unique. I thank my grandfather for teaching me how to enjoy music, love her. Rest in peace, grandpa, love u.
Patrick Mc Donald
Timeless. Brings back memories both dark, sad and ageless
Paula B.
I am a 14 yo polish teenager, and it's one of my favorite songs. People in my age think I am stupid, so much different, I am an idiot. But this song has a sense, a sentence. But they still say : \
Pawel Macko
To jest najlepszy kawałek na świecie. This song is the best song in the world !!!
Przemysław Be
Best song!
Rab bak
I'm from Syria and this was always my dad's favorite song. He'd play it in his car throughout my childhood. I used to think it was beautiful, but it's taken on a whole different meaning ever since I lost my country and my friends to war. For me, this song has gone from beautiful to divine
Raider Dave
Remember in respect all dead  soldiers of WW2, no matter bout russian, american, british, german or what else for nationality. Every  cry of pain is one too much.
Rob Sheehan
100 years coming up to the end of the great war. 11th
Rock is still allive .
I am from Poland .I am 14 years old. My classmets listen to rap Music and they think that I crazy because I listen to AC/DC, Bon Jovi , Mettalica android others rock legend.
Sean Kroon
Still one of the best, most haunting, guitar works of all time...in my opinion.
Sergio Borges
Dedico a uma miúda Linda DR.a de \
Seth R.
Listening to this in 2016, and not listening to 2000's crappy music
Simon K.
R.I.P. to the fallen of the Great War...on both sides.
Siomara Miranda Martins
Sem palavras...perfect!!!!😲😍😍😍🎼😍🎼😍🎼😍♩♩🎶🎵♩🎶🎼🎵🎶♩🎼🎵♩🎼🎶🎵♩🎶🎼🎵
Slobodan Nenadovic
ја сам из СРБИЈЕ и са радошћу слушам музику 80 их и прелепа је а драго ми је да се слуша у целом свету
Smokey Desparado
This song was played at my Dad's funeral. R.I.P Dad I miss you.
Snow Goose
Amazing 11 grand disliked this...absolute my dire straits nr 1 ever ❤️😢
Sourav Dasgupta
There are millions of millions song produce everyday but nobody produce some like this......
Thierry Quittard
La plus belle de dire straits
I don't think it can get any better
Wigan Bin Mon
A Great Tribute on this Remembrance Sunday 11.11.18 R.I.P. to all Soldiers that lost there life's not only in World War 1 but all wars, Never Forgotten !!!
alberto rodriguez puerta
pedazo de balada de mark nofler and company arriba los dire straits soys de lo mejor en rock and roll
always smiling
This goes out to all the Irish soldiers that have lost there lives in battle, December 24 2018 u will never be forgotten to all the brothers in arm's, this was also my dad's favourite song RIP REST IN PARADISE DAD WE STILL LOVE U AND MISSING U LIKE CRAZY
I was walking through Amsterdam the other day. There was this homeless person, in the cold, with just a blanket and a cup. She looked empty. In that same street hundreds walked past her, as did I. A little further there was a tiny restaurant, many were eating. Warm clothing, looking bored. Playing with their phones or talking.\n\nI realized we only mind suffering when it suits us.
cris gra
11k brain dead’s I’m afraid,,,....
darren balderson
Probably the most beautiful but saddest song ever in history ?
My Dad died 2 years ago and his brother died this year\nBrothers In Arms Forever.
ilonika werner
Bei dem Song kann ich träumen, wunderschön
insomniac insomniac
Why people in those days are listening lil pump or other songs, where singers only can say \
definitely one of the best songs ever...
lina lim
28/10/2018 peace no war ♥
mouhamd hazim
anyone 2018??
Let that guitar be free my dude!
Wish this song was at least 5 mins longer than it is.
το καλύτερο αντιπολεμικό κομμάτι όλων των εποχών!!! απαγορευμένο από το bbc..επιτρέπεται ο πόλεμος, όχι όμως και τα τραγούδια...
Анастасия Сорокина
На Любэ смахивает
Вадик Кивало
Посвящается нашим, что защищали ДАП от кацапов... Парни, мы вас помним! Мы были с вами там, и вы с нами навсегда!
Гия Габараев
Моя молодость слушая вспоминаю.
Иван Русимов
I am. 2019
СамСуСам Меффель
Великолепно! Браво,маэстро! \nСлушаю Вас с 90 года и влюблен в Ваши произведения. \nХрани Вас Бог!
Том Сойер
Песня моего детства. ❤️ 🇷🇺 ❤️
אלעד דניאל
30 years have gone by, and this incredibly sensitive piece of art still moves me to tears. The minimal-yet-deep lyrics, the almost-whispered singing as if mourning a loved one, the crying guitar riffs that sting the heart in perfect contrast to the restrained singing, the church-like synth cords, the soft drumming and caressing bass line - all accompanied by one of the classiest animation-videos of all times... this is the ultimate lamentation on the sheer display of human stupidity which we call war.
one of all time greatest songs ever..