Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

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Shame on those who have disliked this song!!
Adina Budacov
Immortal masterpiece that we'll still going to listen in 2050...
Adonai Seixas
One of the best musics of ALL time ! Thank you @direstraits
Aldo Tancredi
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Alice Almeida
Muito bonita.
Andy B
ever since i listed to money for nothing i loved the skill of mark knofler and dire straights...I was driving down the street and few weeks ago and money for nothing came on the radio and me and a friend were saying how good they were and he said...yeah not bad for 2 brother's from Newcastle...I had always thought they were American
Andy Gee
My dad listened to dire straits all the time when i was growing up and taught me true values worth fighting for and to stay humble. Its only of recent times that i learned just how much he fought for us all. Never got to say goodbye. Whenever i feel I'm losing my spirit certain songs my dad loved help remind me to keep on going and respect the world that has been handed down to us all. I believe its a world worth fighting for
Arafat Yahya
I am from Yemen and I can relate so much to this song! the civil (proxy) war has been going on since March 2015 with no signs about its end!\nThousands have been killed, and we had become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis as United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres reported in April 2018. Yet, the world still does not know about anything.\nMillions have fled the country and I am one of them, we are now scattered around the globe not knowing when is that \nSome day which we will return to\nour valleys and our farms\nAnd we will no longer burn :(
BENK Chafik
Bachi Todadze
This song should be sent in Cosmos , in case if we destroy earth this song will survive ^_^
Mark knopfler is the most talented guitarist and song writer I've ever listened to. Amazing songs all of them.
UTRINQUE'PARATUS ALL THE WAY AIR-BORNE BROTHER HOOD LAD'S 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 we will remember the brothers who are now in the foxholes in the sky! UR never forgotten LAD'S 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧
Chris Blackburn
Respect to all who have served and seen the suffering of conflict. This song always makes me think of those who have given their all.
Chris Fowler
I love the guitaring. I bet Guns and Roses wish they done this song. Regardless of time. Just saying.
this guitar is talking to me
Colourful 999 Real
who is also listening to this in 2018? owo
Cristaux FEUR
Pink Floyd
Cyberpooper 2077
I came here to listen because of stan lee #RIPSTANLEE
Damien Casoni
I remember as a child, knowing not a single word of English, not the least meaning of this song yet crying, moved by this melancholic guitar...
Daniel Nuñez
I dedicate this song to my brother who was taken in war and tortured.
Darknight Ofthesoul
We MUST stop fighting wars for Israel. Leave the world in peace.
Dave Fitzpatrick
God bless those who lost their lives in the great war 1914-18
Dean Neil
80s will never die
Love you guys!Thanks for bringing us closer together!
what a voice...such a beautiful music..❤
The regards childrens Dire Straits. I you adoration . You betters .
Edson Silva
Muito linda lembro minha mocidade muito curti estas música nas décadas de 70 de curto todas dele fui num chou em Porto alegre
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
This song was played at my husbands funeral while I carried him. He died in a car crash in 2001, age 24, I was 25. Makes me still sad after all these years. Beautiful but painful.
Emina Orlic
I love Daire Straits!!!!
Ermir Mehmeti
Dedicated to my Dear Brother.Died at 21 08 2013.we were really what this imortal song mean
Fabio Coppo
Amazing song....
Frank Hayes
If a person is not prepared to fight and defend what he believes in but simply will accept anything to avoid conflict then such people deserve the misery that life will throw at them. I cannot imagine living in a world where there is nothing I am prepared to fight and die for.
Giancarlo Oprins
This song has the most beautiful guitar solo ever in my opinion. The howling sounds make me shiver every single time
Good WOLF19
à tout les braves qui ont foulés cette Terre... AUX JUSTES ET AUX HUMANISTES.
Best song of the dire straits ❤️
Hektor Carello
Hiraldo Sternflyer
I won this single in a radio competition when it was first released. Still love the song.
I don't really like rock but this song brings tears to my eyes. Mark Knofler of Dire straights is a legend .Hauntingly beautiful song.Enough said
Juste magnifique 😢❤️
Joe Sokolic
To whoever is reading this comment, I wish you all the success in your endeavors and that you reach for and achieve your dreams and have a great life. Please treat others well and with respect, as you would like to be treated. We have one life and one world, as the song says.
John Diamond
Mark Knopfler, Top class performer.
Jon Doe
Anyone got video of the performance in Split? Was the first time this song was performed live, I think, and in a country as fitting as any-Croatia. Thanks in advance.
Kanwar Singh
Use guitars, not guns. \nWords not bullets. \nBeats not bombs.
Kim Jensen
In memory of my beloved brother Who died 17/8-2018 ♥ miss you so much, can't live without you . This was one of his favorite song
Learsi Oyorra
Beautiful sound...beautiful..!!
Lori Boda
I dedicate this song for my dad who died in war.
Marck73 Montaner
I allways thought Sultans Of Swing was the best masterpiece song ever created for Dire Straits. But this one... oh god... no words. Is actually much better
Marko Hautoniemi
knopfler is best guitar plaeyr
Marzena Czerkawska
Super !!!
Matt Greenfield
For everyones grandfather and great grandfathers who fought for us.R.I.P our brave boys
Max S
Марк Нопфлер остаётся на недосягаемой высоте
Maximiliano Nico
Yo vine por Los Ojos del Perro Siberiano :v
Michael Jungo
Getting older and older and still one of my favorite Bands and Songs
Mind Funk
Humankind is capable of doing a lot of good, even great things. But its no secret that we are not only capable of, but have an almost unconditional love for making the earth a living hell. When and if enough people learn the big picture truth about life, we will keep all our good qualities and eradicate all our horrible ones. The next great war/mass-bloodbath is right around the corner. History has proven time and time again that mankind can not go very long without unleashing its true nature. The next dark event will be something so bad that it will make WW2 look like an afterschool fight. The biggest difference now is nuclear-weapons among many other new \
Modelism feroviar la scara H0 DEVA
This song played in the restaurant where i took my first girlfriend on a date
Mokang Beats
The 10.000 people who disliked probably just missclicked the like button
Now the sun's gone to hell and\nThe moon's riding high\nLet me bid you farewell\nEvery man has to die\nBut it's written in the starlight\nAnd every line in your palm\nWe are fools to make war\nOn our brothers in arms
Márcio Aguiar
I'm from Brazil this song marked the time my beloved father loved, I learned to like it.
Nada Stojanovic
Песма за сећање; за прадеду који је погинуо у Шпанији у грађанском рату, за деду и његову сестру који су погинули на ослобођењу Београда, вечно ћемо вас се сећати
Oliver Twist
I told you Peter would be ok
Paul Booth
Classic track
Phil Adams
Reminds me of 1982 ....... 2 Para,,,,,, Brothers in Arms......
Przemysław Be
Best song!
Ra's Al-Ghul
Due South!
Rab bak
I'm from Syria and this was always my dad's favorite song. He'd play it in his car throughout my childhood. I used to think it was beautiful, but it's taken on a whole different meaning ever since I lost my country and my friends to war. For me, this song has gone from beautiful to divine
Raider Dave
Remember in respect all dead  soldiers of WW2, no matter bout russian, american, british, german or what else for nationality. Every  cry of pain is one too much.
Remy van Dam
Best song ever
Rob Sheehan
100 years coming up to the end of the great war. 11th
Scuderia 1904
THIS IS MUSIC, IMPOSSIBLE TO BE INDIFFERENT TO A SONG LIKE THIS... \nA lot of Humanity, Compassion and Fraternity in these lyrics.\nPeople who do not like this, and come on purpose to leave the Dislike need to review what they are as people (because of music they're surely lost ...).\nHowever.I'm glad to know that 70 Million people have good taste in a time when any \
Secretary Salami
So many memories, so many emotions. My grandmother would always tell me how her family had to leave their homes in Viborg, Karelia in the Winter War and evacuate to an unknown place. They were one of the last people to leave, her father worked at the railwayd and stopped the last train leaving from the city. She had to leave her whole life behind, with only her teddybear with her. Luckily her family was with her. Later, in the Continuation war her father fought in the war. When he returned from the front my grandmother didn't recognise him-war had changed him and he had to live with the traumas for ever. Now my grandmother is just over 80, physically healthy but losing her memory to dementia. We will be here to tell her stories further.\n\nWar is a terrible, terrible thing. I hope the younger generations are wiser than the previous ones have been.
Siomara Miranda Martins
Sem palavras...perfect!!!!😲😍😍😍🎼😍🎼😍🎼😍♩♩🎶🎵♩🎶🎼🎵🎶♩🎼🎵♩🎼🎶🎵♩🎶🎼🎵
Smokey Desparado
This song was played at my Dad's funeral. R.I.P Dad I miss you.
Stephen Marsland
Still an amazing song after all these years
Steven Porter
If you dislike you have no clue about music
Susanne Dames
My brother, how long do we need to understand, that we are all brothers and sisters from one universe.. love and peace for everybody on this beautiful planet. \u003c3
2018 anyone? )
Tanya Beznec
Ted Soriano
Thierry Quittard
La plus belle de dire straits
Thorgard Haugen
Mark Knopfler the magician
Tony Donoghue
Things don't get much better than this. .who's with me in 2018
Tony Hill
Every now and then a song comes along which lives forever for what ever reason for so many people from so many different back grounds - truely a remarkable song utterly fantastic
Uziel Santos
Meu deus que guitara.
Wigan Bin Mon
A Great Tribute on this Remembrance Sunday 11.11.18 R.I.P. to all Soldiers that lost there life's not only in World War 1 but all wars, Never Forgotten !!!
bernard salducci
Magnifique et toujours d'actualité
My Dad died 2 years ago and his brother died this year\nBrothers In Arms Forever.
jer quake
Marc Knopfler, One of the best ( If not the best ) guitarists on this Planet, Also, This is in my opinion the best war related song ever made.
jim bob
I was listening to this song when my grandfather passed away
lina lim
28/10/2018 peace no war ♥
petra luger
10000 dislikes ???? what kind of humans are they ? unbelivable…...
sabrina gian
Vorrei ritornare a quella sera di tanti anni fa, quando ascoltai per la prima volta questa bellissima canzone e rivivere quei momenti .....
vs vs
REAL MASTERPIECE !!! 2018. Peace to the world!
Артур Малахаев
браты по зброi!!!!!
Вот Засада
Великая композиция, лучший медляк на мой взгляд.
Гия Габараев
Моя молодость слушая вспоминаю.
СамСуСам Меффель
Великолепно! Браво,маэстро! \nСлушаю Вас с 90 года и влюблен в Ваши произведения. \nХрани Вас Бог!
אליסה חיון
These mist-covered mountains \nAre a home now for me \nBut my home is the lowlands \nAnd always will be \nSome day you'll return to \nYour valleys and your farms \nAnd you'll no longer burn \nTo be brothers in arms \n\nThrough these fields of destruction \nBaptisms of fire \nI've witnessed your suffering \nAs the battles raged higher \nAnd though they did hurt me so bad \nIn the fear and alarm \nYou did not desert me \nMy brothers in arms \n\nThere's so many different worlds \nSo many different suns \nAnd we have just one world \nBut we live in different ones \n\nNow the sun's gone to hell\nAnd the moon's riding high \nLet me bid you farewell \nEvery man has to die \nBut it's written in the starlight \nAnd every line in your palm \nWe're fools to make war \nOn our brothers in arms
אלעד דניאל
30 years have gone by, and this incredibly sensitive piece of art still moves me to tears. The minimal-yet-deep lyrics, the almost-whispered singing as if mourning a loved one, the crying guitar riffs that sting the heart in perfect contrast to the restrained singing, the church-like synth cords, the soft drumming and caressing bass line - all accompanied by one of the classiest animation-videos of all times... this is the ultimate lamentation on the sheer display of human stupidity which we call war.
one of all time greatest songs ever..