Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back (Live) [Reaction/Review]

Nightwish Youtube Channel:Feel free to leave a comment with a video/band suggestion, we try our best to get to as many requests as possible.Concerts we will be attending and providing a review:April 11th - Cradle of Filth & JinjerApril 20th - Bloodshot DawnMay 29th - Slayer, LOG, Anthrax, Testament & BehemothJune 9th - WorlfheartJune 22nd - Insomnium & Oceans of SlumberAug 23rd - Dimmu BorgirSept 10th - Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell & Omnium GatherumSept 22nd - Alestorm & GloryhammerLyrics: I Want My Tears BackI want my tears backThe treetops, the chimneys, the snowbed stories, winter greyWildflowers, those meadows of heaven, wind in the wheatA railroad across waters, the scent of grandfatherly loveBlue bayous, Decembers, moon through a dragonfly's wingsWhere is the wonder where's the aweWhere's dear Alice knocking on the doorWhere's the trapdoor that takes me thereWhere the real is shattered by a Mad March HareWhere is the wonder where's the aweWhere are the sleepless nights I used to live forBefore the years take meI wish to seeThe lost in meI want my tears backI want my tears back nowA ballet on a grove, still growing young all aloneA rag doll, a best friend, the voice of Mary CostaWhere is the wonder where's the aweWhere's dear Alice knocking on the doorWhere's the trapdoor that takes me thereWhere the real is shattered by a Mad March HareWhere is the wonder where's the aweWhere are the sleepless nights I used to live forBefore the years take meI wish to seeThe lost in meWhere is the wonder where's the aweWhere's dear Alice knocking on the doorWhere's the trapdoor that takes me thereWhere the real is shattered by a Mad March HareWhere is the wonder where's the aweWhere are the sleepless nights I used to live forBefore the years take meI wish to seeThe lost in meI want my tears backI want my tears back nowWhere is the wonder where's the aweWhere are the sleepless nights I used to live forBefore the years take meI wish to seeThe lost in meWhere is the wonder where's the aweWhere are the sleepless nights I used to live forBefore the years take meI wish to seeThe lost in meI want my tears backI want my tears back now

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Adam Blackstone
I've been following you guys since your first Nightwish reaction. You chose the best song but seemed underwhelmed because it caught you off guard. The journey from then to now and seeing you guys being assimilated into the Nightwisher/Ocean Soul club is just so rewarding. I have been a diehard fan ever since I first discovered a video tracked with \
Aegon The Dragon
Thanks for doing this one. That's a Nightwish song I have to listen at least once a day.
Aiden Blades
I rediscovered Nightwish about 6 mouths ago and Symphonic Metal has exploded in my playlist. I’ve also expanded to Folk Metal to.
Aido El Kabong
Hey guys!\nNever do that again 🤨
Kind of hard to kick yourself to nuts. :D
Andrés Farmache
Myrath - Believer(Official Video)\nVision Divine - La Vitta Fugge(Live)
Angela .Rajic
When they did this song live with Annette, the second singer, she'd rock out with a tambourine during the long instrumental bit XD\n\nI don't know of it's something you guys would get a kick out of, but Tuomas, the keyboardist released an entire solo album inspired by Scrooge McDuck. Seriously (he's a huge Disney nerd, and apparently the Ducks are super popular in Finland).
Ann Waychoff
Nice Seeing your enthusiasim brings back all the emotions I had and still have since I discovered Nightwish. I do not think there is a more diehard fanbase than Nightwish's. A really good song is \
Arch Stanton
Great band but I personally don't like the direction the band is headed with the latest album...Also I prefer both Tarja and Anette over Floor but that's just my opinion. Great video as usual guys!!
Austin Brown
If you like this song, you guys might like to check out some folk metal to get something with a similar sound. I'd recommend pretty much anything by Eluveitie. Inis Mona by them would be a good place to start.
You guys introduced me to Children of bodom, meanwhile, i've listened to EVERY single song by them atleast 100 times, while you have listened to 4!
Great Video. \nI also like the old Nightwish albums beside the new stuff.\nplease react more to Tarja stuff.\nMy favorite songs from her are Stargazers, Bless the Child, Beauty of the Beast, Deep Silent Complete, FantasMic and Dead Gardens.\nMaster passion Greed from Dark Passion Play is the hardest song ever. Marco sing the song alone and Nightwish has never played this song live. You can check this out too.
The way you spread your passion for music is the reason why you are my favourite reaction channel, so I don't care if you do videos about songs never heard before or not. The most important thing to me is the way you share your passion with your passionate followers, so keep up the good work and go on!
Braelynn Martel
You guys are so cute together
Calvin Vice
Since you're REALLY diggin' Nightwish, you should give BYE BYE BEAUTIFUL a go.
Carlos González
Where’s dear Alice knocking on the door? 👊🏻👊🏻
Crypto Matti
The Poet and the Pendulum at Wembley.
Danail Vladimirov
Please react to Slaying the dreamer from End of an era concert
Daniel H.
For those for you interested, their is a new band named Auri that just came out with their first album. It is a trio consisting of Tuomas Holopainen, Troy Donockley and Johanna Kurkela.\nHere is an exerpt from Wikipedia... Holopainen described Auri's style as \
Darkice Metal Film
please try: Within Temptation - Paradise (What About Us?) ft. Tarja from Nightwish
Do Dead Boy's Poem by tarja. so you have a comparison of this song with tarja :)\nOr Sleeping Sun old videoclip :)
Esteban Montero
Great reaction of this song! I have to say that you guys disappoint me a little after the first Nightwish reaction,, I just thought,,, hmmm if Pedro does like Wintersun then he’s gonna love Nightwish as well... but then you got kind of not with a good feeling after Ghost Love Score,,, but at the end I’m really satisfied that you guys love the band.\nPlease,, if you’re making reaction from Wacken again, then try “Song of my self” or “ Bless the Child”\nThanks guys and cheers from Oslo
Esther Madrid
I told you that you were falling in love with this band after going tp the concert. Guys, react to Ghost River Live at Wacken 2013, you will listen to Floor doing some Growls and using her raspy voice then changing to a soft voice singing like an angel, this woman is just amazing, and of course Marcos voice that is just amazing as well.
Nightwish is ridiculously likeable. They have a magic that no other band I like have and I adore a few. If I could listen to only one band I would pick Nightwish in a heartbeat. The versitility in their music without ever losing the epicness is unmatched. If you want calm, wild, light, heavy, slow, fast, repetitive, dynamic, emotional... Alwyas with feel, always with a story and always the feeling of satisfaction. Nightwish baby!\n\nThey have it all. And you can listen to it how many times you like and find new elements in the music. I think I´ll be going to their concert in Gothenburg in november which would be my first with them. It´s in a small arena with great view all around so the sound experience and overall experience should be massive.
Fahim Ahmad
I have an idea. Pick a Nightwish song (I suggest 'Wishmaster') and review 3 live videos performed by all 3 singers, Tarja, Anette & Floor, and grade each performance
Fernando Cardoso
please react to Within Temptation Paradise feat Tarja ! Up
I can see more and more people react to nightwish, and I think you guys are a factor in that rise.\nI love reactions to my favourite band, so thank you for spreading the interest. :D
Great video, but that intro was the best part!
Ginny DiLeo
I'm so glad you finally came around. I just saw them 5 nights ago and it was truly a magical experience. If you want to check out some great Swedish power metal, react to Battle in the Sky by Bloodbound.
Herrera Gonzalez
React to Epica-Kindom of heaven. One of their best songs
Ioannis Kostoulas
Listen Song Of My Self guys.
Jafet Chaves
Slaying the dreamer & Wishmaster - end of an era pleaseeee!!
Jay Jeffrey
Hey guys the synchronized dancing must stop !!! JK Love Nightwish can you do Pantera \
Jeff Adkins
You guys need to do a reaction video to Infant Annihilator - Blasphemian. You won't know how to react!!
Jimmy Wise
And your new deep love of Nightwish is why i gladly sent you the Vehicle Of Spirit from the concert
Joaquin Uribe
hello guys please react to metaphisical or unmoved by moi dix mois live version set era pleseeee is amazing
Joel Macy
A bad ap react intro? ..... \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\ndoes not exist !
Juani Acosta
React to Wishmaster (end of an era). I love that concert, honestly every song sounds good. Btw, the singer is Tarja (because you wanted to listen more of her)
K Tazounii
Best intro, better than the live version lol
Kevin Anderson
Us North Americans, for the most part, don't care about 'music' and the artistry just what sells, image nothing more. I really appreciate more from Europe because they still have an appreciation for music artistry.
Kiekko 67
And now your two favorite bands\nhave the same drummer. 🥁🥁🥁
I was pretty surprised at the lukewarm review of your first Nightwish reaction video to \
Carpenter have a Nice videoclip for The first album
Maggie Morticia Rossi
Hey guys you should check Marco's (the bass player) other band... you should react to Tarot - \
Mara Fontes
Em êxtase absoluto após este reaction video!!! You are quickly becoming the kind of fan I have been for almost 20 years now! As a teenager I discovered heavy metal and thought “wow! This is the click that fits my being and then, within H.M. music comes Nightwish and my world became a rollercoaster of emotions intertwined!! And the past 3 years, after a gap while Annette was in the band, my consumption of their music is on a daily basis, hardly listen to anything else, with exceptions of course!!! Saw them live with the 3 different vocalists, and just waiting for Wembley again to, as you say, go absolutely wild again! And through them now I have found another click that is fitting as well as heavy metal did! Discovering Richard Dawkings and Darwin and the theory of evolution, just opening my mind and absorbing the proofs that confirm my disbelief in religion! It is like Nightwish is the center of discovery and possibilities! But even if it is just for the music itself, becoming a fan of what they create and a witness of their evolution, is being a part of something beautiful ! Congratulations to both of you for being touched by them!
Matěj Emppu Pohanka
OK :) soo, to complete this whole concert, you neet to do:\n\n She Is My Sin\n Wish I had an angel(I know you did this song, but not from Wacken)\n Storytime\n Ghost River\n Last of the Wilds(instrumental)\n Bless the Child\n Amaranth\n Last Ride of the Day\n Song of Myself\n\nthat is a lot of cool songs to check :D
When you'll be back to Wacken reactions I recommend Ghost River from this show, this song is from the same album as I Want my Tears back.
Michael Yates
I'd suggest doing either Ghost River, Storytime, or Last Ride of the Day from this show next. And if you do one that wasn't at the Wacken show, you need to do 7 Days to the Wolves
Mickael C
You need to see \
Mika Laine
React omnium gatherum:frontiers. Good melodic death metal
Mika Ovaska
Play NeXT\
Mike Johnson
Come to England in August and watch them Headline Bloodstock Festival.. You won't regret it
Monica Hordnes
Marco and Floor are so harmonic together! Their voices fit so well togehter,no one upstaging the other. Amazing band!!
Just couple days ago, they announce 2 big arena consert end of this year in Finland, after that they perform front of people its will be 2020 =D, cause new record......keybords Holopainen has sayed couple recent views that hes working new things, after creative break so... :D.......all though we dont now sure, maybe its some single shows here and there, not many but someones, just have to wait and see what kind of things happen in future
I ADOOOORE THIS SONG! Great to see you loving Nightwish soo much, my whole family enjojs in their songs.
Nightly Dreamer
You guys have to watch Nightwish's \
Nightwish Master
Nightwish, your new guilty pleasure A&P? It's like a drug (in a good way) you just can't get enough..........\nKeep up the entertaining reaction videos! 🤩
Noble Six
I'm gonna go see Nightwish on Thursday when they come to San Jose CA 😁 so excited ♡
I would love to see you guys try the Annette era songs, especially anything from Imaginaerum. Or some of the older songs like Stargazer and Fantasmic!
Do withen temptation - Paradise you will love it !!!!
Paola Zamarripa Reveles
I can go to a Nightwish concert every week... ❤
Paweł S
You guys have to react to „No bullets fly” by Sabaton, great song with mind-blowing backstory, greetings :)
Pia Lindqvist
That's how you make 82 000 people happy and dancing with good music 💃 so happy for you 👍 it is a good band and music 🙌
Putin Puppet
Nightwish became my favorite band in the world very, very quickly. All it took was Oceanborn and Wishmaster.
Rafael Ottoboni
I was in this show, little far back... and honestly, was a total blast. They sound exactly like that live.
Rafael Pfütze
Eu amei a abertura hahah, é impossível ouvir essa música e ficar parado, uma das melhores do Nightwish com certeza!\nOutra música deles com essa mesma pegada é My Walden. Abraços!
Renan Davila
Floor rocks ... absolutely
Saad Ahmed
Love your vids, guys \\m/. Also, I know that you both love Wintersun, so I suggest you guys should check out and react to \
Sam Bresser
Hey bro's , love your reactions and pls react to Nightwish - Wish I Had an Angel (Wacken 2013) or Nightwish - She Is My Sin (Wacken 2013)  or both :) i love your reactions alot and that i subs you for these nice reactions and these songs are hot :)   Greetz from Sam from Holland :)
Sami Savolainen
Watching this really makes me want to see you reacting to Avantasia's live version of Scarecrow from their Flying Circus tour in Wacken. Same kind of folk elements bundled with epic symphony metal and awesome solos!
I think you should definitely do the Carpenter music video at some point! It was actually their very first single and music video way back in 1997 and it's pretty different to the version you heard at the concert with Tuomas singing originally and all. Plus the video itself is kinda horrendous but you cant beat its nostalgia value! XD
Nightwish will be working on their next album next year. They start touring again in 2020. :)
Stephen Cook
I bought Decades on a Friday night on a whim and loved it. Then found I missed the band by two days.
Just go to Wacken! \u003c3 Northern Germany is beautiful!
Nightwish - Song of Myself (Wacken 2013) is a killer. Out of Wacken concert check out The Poet and the Pendulum at Wembley.. You will love the both of them.
Hey guys, nice song! By the way, saw Battle Beast live two days ago and even got to talk with them after, was awesome. Make sure you see them too when have the chance :)
Timeless Spell
You're such characters. It's pleasure to watch you.
Tonttu 112
You ´re coming to Finland? Welcome. :)
I love your passion for Nightwish!! I feel the same way!!
Walter Morales
You guys need to see the Tarja Turunen´s era videos, maybe the ones of the End of An Era concert, or From Wishes to Eternity live. You will see the unexperienced but geniune Nightwish.
Please react slaying the dreamer live- end of an era
You Cully
Come to Wacken ths year Nightwish will playing
9:30 If you're coming to Tuska (=agony in finnish btw) and Wintersun or Nightwish is playing there, please don't go and get arrested. You'll break Tuska festivals streak of 0 incidents involving police (while other non-metal festivals have incidents like fights etc).\n\nPs. React to Stargazers by Nightwish (preferably the album version). Tarja's vocals give me goosebumbs everytime!
Nice to see that NW is growing on you two, I was kinda shocked and pissed at your first NW song reaction. Then I thought, wait when you see these guys live, OMG, they are always awesome! Glad you went to a concert and get to know this finnish gem, that is Nightwish!
I have a similar story. Had known of them but just didn´t connect. Found the Wacken concert on youtube 3 years ago and was FLOORed !!! Have gone through all of the back catalogue and can´t for the life of me understand why I didn´t love them immediately ! Just bought tickets for Wembley in December (which can´t come soon enough) and will be flying to the UK just to see them perform :D
Yeah! I was there at that night! It was one of the best live performances that I've ever watched (and this festival had a lot of awesome performances, for example by Rammstein and Alice Cooper!)! This song is also one of my favourites by that band (and Nightwish - though at this time with their first singer Tarja Turunen - were one of the bands that introduced me to Metal) and this is one of my favourite moments from that show. It's so awesome to see you guys react and live nearly the same feelings as me when I was there. You have to watch them live! They will blow you away!\nAt the Wacken 2016 I also watched Tarja Turunen live. She's also a great performer. Please try some of her solo work! :)\nPS: Sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother tongue. I'm from Germany.
johan vanoppen
Please do Delain
juan herrera
Please do \
juhis 1981
Just realized that you have not watch \
luiza duarte
Não gosto desse dvd . Ela canta melhor hoje em dia
You should watch a video with Annette (2nd singer)
Nightwish - storytime (wacken) or Elan ( this wasn't in the wacken concert )
Just saw Nightwish last night in Vancouver. The performance was great. They nailed every song but the sound at the venue was way too loud. I know that sounds like a good thing but it killed so much detail in the songs and things kinda got mushed together. Floor was amazing. Seeing a big Nightwish show would be awesome.
I want my Jukka back :´(...
speed draws
I have loved Nightwish for many years. I was on the fence about buying tickets, because I had no time and money for it. After watching your review, I got online, bought tickets and took my daughter (who also loves them). Best decision I’ve ever made. Thanks to you guys.
We need to get you guys across the pond to a big Nightwish gig. I’ve seen them live 4 times, including the 2016 Wembley gig and a small venue and the difference is massive. No matter what though, they will put on the best show they can each time.
Миха сухов
please Within temptation - Black Symphony