KALEO "Save Yourself" (LIVE at Fjallsárlón)

Music and Lyrics by JJ Julius SonKALEO performs "Save Yourself" LIVE on an iceberg at Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon Video produced by Eyk StudioDirector - Hörður Freyr BrynjarssonD.O.P & A Camera - Baldvin VernharðssonProduction Manager - Einar ÓlafssonB Camera - Pétur Már Pétursson & Stroud RohdeGaffer & Grip - Sindri SteinarssonRecorded and mixed by Arnar GudjonssonSound assistant - Ryan RooneyFocus Puller - Viktor Aleksander BogdanskiDrone operator - Arnar Þór ÞórssonStylist/Make-up - Dorothea Olesen HalldórsdóttirDriver - Ólafur Garðar Gunnarsson & Ingólfur ArasonRunner - Caleb StreckerEditor - Hörður Freyr BrynjarssonColorist - Pétur Már PéturssonSound designer - Pétur Már Pétursson Special thanks:Go Car Rental 66°NorthMedia RentalOrkanMosfellsbakaríÍslenskir FjallaleiðsögumennVífilfellGlóAD TravelFarmers MarketGeysirKarl PetskaÞórdís Gerður Jónsdóttirwww.fjallsarlon.iswww.gocarrental.iswww.mediarental.is

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Adelynn Urias
You have such a beautiful voice😍 I always listen to your music whenever I feel down and it always shows me there’s hope in the world 🌎 thank you for being you and getting me though the day 💕
Allissin Chaanzz
These guys are very nearly perfect
Amany Harfoush
Very glad to hear such great music and voice .... incredible video too
Andrei L
Респект из России!!!👍
I really don't know how often I've listened to this version within the last months. \nTo me, this song, this video and the scenery is one of the best combinations I've ever encountered.\nI love everything about it, thank you Kaleo. 🖤
Aybars Çetin
Aman ha normal biryerde bi klip çekersiniz, ya kutuptasınız ya volkanıın dibinde :)))
Blue Morgan
The ultimate toxic relationship song can't tell you how much I've connected to this song honestly I don't know if there is a more underrated vocalist out there! Range passion songwriting perfection there is so much soul in this music I literally feel like it's gripping my heart such a beautiful song by easily my favorite band to emerge in the last 10 yrs
Brentley Delamar
the 1 person that disliked must've been watching the video upside down and thought it was the like button
love u
Cam Kon
i will sit by the ice just to watch them live!!!! who wanna join me???
Cameron Ove
This song is a demonstration of what music can do to your soul. Emotions all over the place. True power.
love thisss his voice is like auditory orgasm for my ears
Carolina Navarro López
Your music helps me to do something for myself, like it copes my depression, makes me think everything is gonna be just fine.
Charlie Mel
Relaxing tune and powerful lyrics 😊
I can't live without this song guys
Just imagine being out there. Walking along off in the distance alone. Basking in the beauty of the world. And imagine, in the silence and stillness of it all, faintly hearing this music from so far away. Adding to the beauty of it all.
Dagur Thordarson
I work as a tour guide sailing with tourists on this lagoon :) the recording of this video lasted long into the night. But it was a pleasure working with them.
David Langley
This is my favourite song and band in the world far
Eren Özden
SECON 04:35 \u003c3
Eric L.
your lead singer is one of the rare singers who actually has a good singing voice, not just auto-tuned and studio-ed to perfection.
Es En
Dla mnie jesteście najlepsi. Prosty a zarazem klasyczny i wyrafinowany rock. Talent i skromność. Promowanie swojego pięknego kraju. Kwintesencja prawdziwych artystów ❤️
Franco Trujillo Vásquez
I love Iceland!💙❄🌋
Gabriel de Paula
Can't wait for the \
Geno Oj
I'm battling stage 4 cardiac cancer. This hits me hard 😭
is it selfish that I don't want them to get too mainstream? their talent is so raw and their sound is so special. I don't want radio stations to soil that 10 times a day. beautiful video though
Heimir Hannesson
Fun Fact this was filmed the same day ICELAND VS England during the euros. So They did not watch the game.
I'm in love with a COCO
like the walking dead songs
Jack Lil
It weighs heavier on one's heart\nI could tell right from the start that\nSweeter ones are hard to come across\nWell there is more than meets the eye\nHeart like yours is rare to find\nSomeone else's gain will be my loss\n\nWoah, woah, oh oh\nOh woah, woah\nWoah woah oh\nHey hey\n\nLittle things that make you smile\nDancing barefoot in the dark\nIf only I had strength to change your mind\nOh for what you need\nYou will not seek\nChoose your words before you speak\nCan you see that all you've got is time?\n\nWoah now\nSave yourself\nOh won't you save yourself\nOh darlin' save yourself for someone else\nYeah, save yourself\nOh darlin' save yourself\nOh won't you save yourself for someone else\n\nWoah\nDon't give in to that feeling\nDon't give in darkness and faith, yeah\nYou should be safe, yeah, with someone else\n\nTell your secrets to the night\nYou do yours and I do mine\nSo we won't have to keep them all inside\nOh, for one so pure\nCan't be sold\nDon't let your feelings take control\nHold on to the one thing he's begging for\n\nWoah now\nSave yourself\nOh won't you save yourself\nGo on and save yourself for someone else\nYes darlin' save yourself\nOh won't you save yourself\nSo go on and save yourself for someone else\n\nWoah are you gonna break?\nYeah are you gonna break?\nWoah what's it gonna take?\nYeah are you gonna break?\nWoah are you gonna break?\nWoah are you going to break?\nWoah what's it gonna take?\nYeah are you gonna break?\n\nAre you gonna break?\nAre you gonna break?\nAre you gonna break?
Javi Sánchez
Jenyffer Caroline
2018 ??
Jo mellanie
Sou apaixonada ❤
Joel Freecheck
THIS is my favorite song off the album, perfect for both sunny and rainy days.
Joel Hernández
This is to much for my brain... just extasis... why this guys are so underrated... you are awesome..
Josh Shakespeare
This song is so powerful
Jovan Davidovic
Wow, great video!
Justin Smits
This is music, not that mainstream media music.. Hate that shit
Talented singer!! Talented musicians!! Thank you for bringing back great music!!
Kerry Aldridge
Love this shizz ♡♡♡♡
freakn love all the visuals in your videos!!!
Leandro Edesa Cobo
oh! que bonito vídeo!\nuna Canción más de su excelente disco,enhorabuena!!
If I were that iceberg.. I would've had a meltdown.
Lisa Middleton
Oh boy, randomly found this amazing band today. I love when that happens. Insanely talented. Bravo.
Louis Vlahakis
I always wanted to visit Iceland! Now I want it 100 times more!!
Choose your words,before you speak ....\nthis music so amazing,so lovely.
Thank you kaleo
Macklin King
Honestly so touched by this video. As an aspiring film maker,this is basically my dream production! The location,the color grade,and especially the music!! I mean this with the most emphasis when I say this deserves wayyy more views! Well done,brought a tear to my eye. This band is so moving, I hope to see them live one day!
Mar G
💜💜💜💜no words can describe how much I like this song, the video, everything about this band💜💜💜💜
Maria Isabel López
I cant believe how awesome this video is, really love you guys for all you went throught to make it happen. It is worth it!!
Maria Mitropoulou
just amazing.they are really talented and i hope they will give us more great music in the years to come.
Mark Morales
someone tell me when they sing way down what do they mean exsactly
Marlene Blaut
2018? ❤️
Marsha Tate
Love it subscribe to creativetomakeup on YouTube
Melina Hell
The best day of my life was the day I discovered this band. I feel ashamed I didn't know about them before
Michele Jones
I love this group & this video.... I hope to see them Aug. 2 at the Bumpershoot festival in Seattle, WA..... maybe see you there?!?!
Mickey W
I missed out on a whole year of breaking my keyboard to replay this song. I'm just glad I found out about you Kaleo, better late than never, what a tragedy that would have been.
Mohammed El Arbaoui
you know that you makes me fell free with that song bigg up from moroco
Mrs. Lofish
I think this is the most beautiful live video I've ever seen.
This beautiful dreamy voice and music is very touching.
Murillo Braga
This song is literally COOL!!!
Nadine Morcos
Oh man, their fingers were probably about to fall off.
Nishu Sharma
These icebergs are so lucky that they are listening pure music ❤
Odi Chadinha
My new favorite song! Oh my goodness this is beautiful - everything (the view, singing, instruments, EVERYTHING). This song is flawless x
Olga Diaz
One of the best bands, if not the best, I've seen perform. JJ's voice is absolutely powerful and raw and all the members are on point with their instrumental talents. I can say with great certainty- this is my NEW favorite band. Keep the music coming guys!
Patrick Freed
I found these guys in Spotify like 3 days ago, and I've listen to their whole album like a good 7-8 times. They're so amazing, it's so refreshing to hear some music with actual soul behind it instead of a solid beat and oversexed lyrics. Don't get me wrong, that has it's place, but I like to listen to stuff that has power behind it's lyrics and emotion in it's Melody. This is just amazing.
Iceland was the most beautiful place I've ever been! Great location for a stunning song
Rathaus Fotograf
Great Music after all BUT that location isway to cold for me... I more home in the Caribbean lol....
Richard Alvarez
How was the equipment plugged into ice?
Ro Carrillo
Dat gelazer op een ijsschots kun je verwachten, als je een piepklein land woont waar geen muziekstudio beschikbaar is!
Sage Brooks
Candlesbuble bath andmylilglaass and this soothing nite thx guys mmmmmmmmmmmmso relaxn
Sandrine Dusoleil
Excellent song, music and voice that borders on the sublime and the subtle rudeness
Sarah Clark
This song helps you when you're in a rough place. Some warmth in a cold setting. I keep clicking replay...
Aren't their fingers freezing? Would be impossible for at least me to play guitar in that cold weather..
Susan Rose
Stunning backdrop for some beautiful music. I'm so glad that I discovered Kaleo.
TDI The Dutch Incognitos Game Community
This song is beyond great. Glad to see artists who still care about the feelings that music should trigger when listening to it. Music nowadays you know......
The Dark
I love the music but no one seems to be saying much about the cinematography; it's fucking amazing and all these videos are gorgeous
Victor Informal
Man, all the tears I don't let tear down in my life come out when I go to my bed, turn off the lights and listen to this with headphones on... 💛 Kaleo is already in my heart.
Gorgeous. Absolute magic.. ❤
Vladimir Zarembin
Ppl who dislike this... HOW DARE YOU DO THAT!!!! 💔💔💔💔💔💔
im addicted to this song
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ahmet şükrü
Oh shit. Now I can't live my life without listening this
completely mesmerizing! beautifully shot, beautifully performed, beautiful people, beautiful backdrop man life is simply beautiful for these 5 mins 33 seconds
beth olive
Sexy much? :)
cheng thuang meng
I know them from Logan movie....... I love his voice & music so much......\nI love iceland!!!!
giorgos .htzs
next step,Kaleo \
kaycee _more
The video is out of this world
Jökull means glacier in english :)
wendy pearson
What a beautiful voice and wonderful band! Playing out on an iceburg, oh my god man, my brain is all twisted with the idea, haha!
william Shutts
I've spent fifty years working in Rock radio. I've watched the bastardization and commercialization of a music genre that used to lead and inspire, motivate and uplift. So much lost. And now. This Band. I now reside in a small third world country called Wyoming. I play this band's music daily. Sometimes very loud. The imagery is overwhelming. The musicianship cuts like a hand made knife, to the quick. And the songs wind through my heart like a river with many bends. Dear God..... Please. Let me see this Band live before I die.
Ömer Güvenç
What a voice bruh! Congratulations to you guys great music.
Муниба Гуломова