Bon Jovi - Livin On A Prayer

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Livin' On A Prayer. (C) 1986 The Island Def Jam Music Group


Albert Einstein
This music is eternal, someone 2017!
Alison D
Happy 30 year anniversary to Livin On A Prayer!
Anime tube
Ashley Marie
I know I'm not the only one who's listening to this right now !! ❤
Bella Cavalcante
3:02 oh my God is my grandma!😨
Bob S. Stevenson
2000 years from now this will be the song that explains to people what 80s pop rock was
Who came here because they actually like this song, and Bon Jovi, and didn't come from freaking \
Alguém br além de mim
Cer Bry
nov 2018 :D
Chase Jones
There's an *awesome* 80's inspired band today called *Fire* *Tiger*
Cristal Milhomen
16/11/2018 HINO DE MÚSICA
Nope, i will not fall for this damn chorus, it's not going to happen. yeah, i'm not feeling it at all.........OHHHHHHHHHHHHH WE'RE HALFWAY THERE!!!!!! WHOA OH! LIVING ON A PRAYER!!!!!
Deivison Nilton
Quem ouvindo em 2018❤❤❤
Dejanae Drake
I’m crying legitimately cuz I miss him sm😭😭😭
Diego Carreno
Who loves old music
My neighbours love this song so much that they threw a brick into my window, so they can hear it better.
Dixxy Silva
Noviembre 2018 y aun es cool
Dom Lovez Candy
2020 and half who is there?
Dustin Torres
Soy el único adolescente que le gusta este tipo de canciones y no las de ahora ??
In music I loved them, And they really know how to work a crowd. Fantastic beyond belief. Merlin couldn't have held the fans in his hand like Bon Jovi . Of course he couldn't sing ! LOL But he could fly............
Eden Hazard
Eder Junior
Só cabeleira top
Fernando Veloso
1986: \
Flávia Gabriela
Quem veio por causa da série todo mundo odeia o Chris?
Football 4fun
Sou o unico que nasceu na geração errada e está aqui e tem 15 anos ?
Gabiru Biruta
Alguém lembra de Todo mundo odeia o Chris quando escuta essa música ?
Gaming with Amila Nisic
This song is beautify it make me smile when I watch it and so time sad is the people who made alife
George Vreeland Hill
2018, 3018, 4018. This song will still be rocking.
Guilhermme Silva
Último episódio de todo mundo odeia o Cris🎶
Guy on a Buffalo
When your phone is at 50% \
the dislikes on this video are a crime
Harumi!! masao
Nunca me canso de escuchar esta canción es grandiosa !!❤️
Herobryce1075 Gaming
A little under 500 mil views
It's Wednesday guys, we're halfway there.
Iron warrior
Guitar Hero💪💪🕶🕶 Brutal .nunca me cansaré de escucharla.dime si la escuchas en nov 2018.
Isa Gacha e Desenhos
Todo mundo odeia o Chris ❤️
Isabella Goumma
I swear to god I’m the only one in 2018 that listens to 80s music
Ivison Silva
2018 🔥👊🏾🤙🏾
Who watch this video on 2017?
Janelle Northcut
When you make it through the 15th day of No Nut November.
Jen Li
He was nominated sexiest rockstar when I was in high school.
Jeremy Ames
Once upon a time\r\nNot so long ago\r\nTommy used to work on the docks\r\nUnion's been on strike\r\nHes down on his luck\r\nIt's tough, so tough\r\nGina works the diner all day\r\nWorking for her man, she brings home her pay\r\n\r\nFor love, for love\r\nShe says: \
In Mtv japan flashback international top 20 1987, this song is 14th position out of 26
Kate Cat
Is it bad that I’m 14 and wish more guys sung and looked like that?😂
Katie Egerton Egerton
Sometimes I'm jealous of the era's my parents were teenagers through. 60s,70s and 80s. Great music
Konner Monge Baltodano
A 71 mil putas y tierrosos no les gusta esta hermosa obra de arte
This song is full of meaning !.When he says that Tommy fell on his own, he meant that jobs are relative and unstable, when he says that Gina works for her man, he meant that there are women who feel obliged to support their husbands even though they are not so good like this!.When it says \
Las Vegas Nights
Fun fact: Bon Jovi is the highest paid solo touring artist, EVER!💲💰
Who’s gonna listen in 2019?
Lmao Idek
Luan Nem é Gente
_Hoje em Dia só tem Musica Ruim tá vontade até de se Matar._
Luis angel Lozano villanueva
Alguien la escuche en noviembre 2018???? \n😉😎😉😎😉😎
Mack Dare
wow our phisics have been broken there is people who disliked this video
Marcelo Ramos
Amo 😍
Mert Aldatmış
Doctor : you are gonna die in 4 minutes.\nMe
Miriam Maus
How could you dislike this song??? Why has this amazing song so many dislikes??:|
Misterioso Desconocido
Who is listening in the last days of December?
Muhammad Jody
November 2018 rain , is still the best ?
Mundo Futbol
una de mis canciones favoritas :)
Nadia Liz Delgado Romero
Latinos amamos el rock? Quien dice Yo!!!!!
Novelym Puerto
I'm born in 1986 , \
Oscar XD
Like si hablas español pero te gusta el rock en ingles
Pablo Escobar
Who is listening in 2020 like
Parthiv Barua
Me on November 15th\n*ohh we are halfway there*\n#nonutnovember hits us very hard😵😳
PiePie Bear
Todo mundo odeia o chris br?
Pizza mania
Who didn’t come because of Squidward in a chair.
Pour Some Suga On Me
I'm so glad my mum raised me on his band, like literally raised me on it, it's a miracle I speak anything other than Bon Jovi lyrics.
R. Siregar
2018 ?
Refferson Santana
Once upon a time\nNot so long ago\nTommy used to work on the docks\nUnion's been on strike\nHes down on his luck\nIt's tough, so tough\nGina works the diner all day\nWorking for her man, she brings home her pay\n\nFor love, for love\nShe says: \
Robert Andrei
It doesn't matter what genre you listen. You just can't dislike this song
Roberto Júnior
Sam Hee
We have been living on a prayer for the past 40 years in Afghanistan! 🇦🇫🙏🏼
Saquirodx X
The 80s seemed like a fun decade for life.
Saurab Pathak
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Shade El-Shaarawy
6 November 2018\nAnthem for the broken hearted\n#LoveBonJovi
No nut November! We're halfway there folks!
Sinisa Balen
Living on a prayer is cool. I was gay and through faith and prayer, through many battles and shit, homosexuality was gone from my life and I became me.\nGod is good.\nPrayer works when you work with it and not against it; when you stand in what you pray for instead of falling back into not really believing.
Speed Hunters
2018 still watching
Spooky Lukey
Best song ever without a doubt like if you agree.❤
Thiago 21 Santos bi mundial
*_Em todos os comentários vai sempre ter brs kkkkk_*
Tip of the Iceberg
I will see them in Madrid 😍
Valentina Correa
Porque no nací en esa época... 😭😭😭😭
Viorele Livingonmyown
Today stars have autotune\n\nYesterday they had talent
Vx Travis
Boys were half way there. November 15.
William Martins
dia 2 novembro de 2018! os clássicos nunca morrem....
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
apratim more
Is anyone still \
dannielle Guajardo
Me encanta está canción
fanny morales
juan jose castilla alfaro
que music. tiempos de cabron ?
kawender ramos
BR 2018 NOV?
luca spitaliere
You say Justin Bieber, I say Guns & Roses\n\nYou say Taylor Swift, I say AC/DC\n\nYou say Lady Gaga, I say Bon Jovi\n \nYou say Hannah Montana, I say The Rolling Stones\n \nYou say bad bunny, I say Led Zeppelin\n \nYou say ozuna, I say The Beatles\n\n You say lil pump, I say Queen\n\nYou say Bryan Myers, I say Kiss\n\nYou say Maluma, I say Michael Jackson\n\nYou say Marshmello, I say Nirvana\n\nYou say Katy Perry , I say Alice Cooper\n\nYou say Shakira, I say Def Leppard\n\nYou say One Direction, I say Iron Maiden\n\n95% of teens these days listen to the same crappy poop over and over again. If you're one of the 5% who still listens to real music, thumb this up, don't let rock die!!!!!!
oficieel J
There is one problem with this song..\n\n\n\n\n\nIt ends..
putra Kaswari
Is anyone still november 2018?
sempre que você ler os comentários
Procurando os brasileiros 👏❤😍
toxic fang gang
Soon 2019 song still rocks \n\nAnd we are half way there
tu amigo y vecino el T-rex de Chrome
2019??? falta poco :v
the most overplayed song ever\n\n( *plays it again* )