Kodak Black - ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott Offset) [Official Audio]

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atlantic atlantic records black codeine dreaming drowning heart break kodak kodak kodak black project baby... roll in peace transportin tunnel vision

6ix Hundo
*if you’re reading this i hope you get rich* 💙💰
No lie travis scott and kodak and offset this song is just to fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alec M
The real song starts at 0:00 \n\n\n\n\n\nAnd ends at 0:30
Amerikan Hip-Hop
I guess ZEZE was taken so 6ix9ine had to go with STOOPiD. Make sense. 🤣
Ari Kum
Travis is the best and offset
Why hee stole 6ix9ines next song name
Bolurin Ojofeitimi
Imma just listen to the instrumental.
Selling Replays one like per replay! \n 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01
Carlos Pinedo
Like David Beckham is the mid field!!!!
Tyga somewhere dancing to the instrumental in his Versace robe... 🤣😂😂
Chap I
The song really grows on you didn’t like it at first
Christopher Dreher
*the flow is so good that's why i like it, and you know....KODAK OUT.*
Clorox Bleach
1980: in 2018 we will have flying cars!!!\n\n2018: Kiki...Fefe...Zeze...
DRK Hasty
If your reading you gonna be a multi millionaire jus sayin
Daniela Garcia
Selling replay buttons \n0:30\n0:30\n0:30\n0:30\n0:30\n\nDon't judge me but I think it's the best part
Dario D'aversa
Beat is fire 🔥 \nZeze, Bebe, Fefe, keke,I know what’s next, DEDE 😂
Derek Vuong
Songs ass, but instrumental fire
Why is it different on spotify 😕
The End of your like is who you are \n0. Drake\n1. Gunna \n2. Cardi B \n3. Lil Baby \n4. Travis Scott \n5. Lil Uzi Vert\n6. Kendrick Lamar\n7. Lil Mosey \n8. YG \n9. Nicki Manaj
Dylan Hill221
🚫🧢 it’s fire‼️
Estrella 1234567
🏝this emoji looks like the island on the song
did I hear dope? It doesn’t matter this is fire
Fa waz
The beat is fire. But the lyrics. Horrible. My opinion. I respect yours.
Everyone asking what the thing on the island is...\n\n\n\n\n\nIt's a ZEZE
Fatuma Mohamed
have you ever saw a comment and wished you said it
Florin Chitescu
What is the name of the first instrument?
George Mastroyiannes
Tik tok anyone
Who’s here before a 100k dislikes?😂
It's hard to hear my discord notifications while listening to this.
Hugo y Manu Vázquez Lorenzo
Kodak se llevó la canción
Isabelle Hill
am i the only one who noticed it sounds different on spotify now it’s like it’s more contained and less echo
ItsMrBoi Z
Beat: Post Malone \nLyrics: lil pump\nLook: Ksi\nVoice: That nerd who raps like a god on xbox (aka sayer mowat)
Izak DeLaCruz
*holds* *phone* *in* *mouth*
JAYDEZ Productions
I like the island beat
Jaylynn Girke
Who else did the little dance thing in the beginning
Jhopeismyshiteu Purple Heart
Keke \nFefe \nZeze\n\n\nNow we wait for eeee
Joey Simon
my birthday tomorrow and this my fav song rn, like for hype
Josiah Brown
If X alive he would've been on this song
Julian jones
What is this trash man
Kalib Davis
when the instrumental better than the song
Kaya Morris
The snippet was way more hype ofn
Kieran Thompson
The sound effects sounds similar to theme from Mario Kart Nintendo 64
Krispy Treats
Daaaaamn, spongebob,Patrick,and squidward I see you guys 😂🔥👌
Licori Humphrey
Kodak:zeze \nMichael Jackson:hehe\nDrake:keke \n6ix9nine:fefe \nBill Cosby:free me
Life With Leah
Who’s part u like the most ? They ALL went HARD🔥😈😍
Kodak always ruins songs.
Lyrical Potato
this song needs an amazing video to make it better overall
Moto Tec
I showed this to a rock...\n\n\n\n\nIt's still a rock
My Pur3 Sh0tz
Who else thinks Travis's part is the best 💯
All I need in this song is travis and the beat
Olivér Farkas
What happened with this song? Did you heard it on spotify now?
It took me a month and almost a half to realize that offset was taking shots at kid buu with that cloning shit at 1:23\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n😂😂😂
*Who's here from LoveLiveServe? **#servesquad*
Why the audio changed on Spotify ? I mean there's no echos anymore
Paul Deasy
Everything good bout this song except Kodak black 💩
Pickle Man
I’m washing my hands rn
Python 54
tiktok is really bout to ruin this whole song
who is ready for Kodak Block?
Random Viewer
The hardest and most wasted beat of 2018. Lol
Rashawn Courtney
Kodak part is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Roman Tyson
If you watch this I hope you get rich and achieve your dreams
Romeo lyric
Xxxteaion or drake witch one would you pick oh and rip stan lee # rip xxxteaion love
Ryland Darby
all this song needs is travis and the beat. kodak kinda ruined it
Who else thinks travis scott is the definition of this song\n\n(edit) thanks for the likes!! y’all are crazy 😍
Has anyone noticed that the version of this song on Spotify/Apple Music sounds much different than this version now?
ShayShay W
Takeoff would of did this way better for real, but still fucks with this ayyyeeeee!😝😍
I think I had my hopes to high 🤥
Sometimes you just gotta like your own comment to get it started
Did u head the word zeze once all i i heard is that z shit ? Like if am right but i like the song
Tay23 Gaming
This need Lil Baby on it..
The Pablito
I feel like the beat could’ve been in a 2000s rap song like 50 cents snoop dog ja rule (etc)
Tink Cool
All the hype \nBumping to the beat\nwaiting for the song\nand boom the song drops\n\nI'm disappointed like the nose of a pug
Been waiting for this mf🔥
Tsuki イタチ
Tik Tok ruined another great song :(
Who came after they changed the original version on Spotify??
Wolfie Sharness
who listening in November and December!!!!
Xxxtenctation Young dagger ding
Pulpit like a demon on goy running in a popit I’m a mute because she cute
Yesenia Solano
Travis is all over this with a nice dash of offset
Young Goat
Kodak: ZEZE\n6ix9ine: FEFE, BEBE\nDrake, 6ix9ine: KEKE\nI need to PEPE
Le meilleur son us
brooke taylor
Wish the instrumental was abit louder in the background, it go hardddd
Kodak-ZEZE\n6ix9ine- Fefe\nDrake- KEKE\nMicheal Jackson- Hehe\nG herbo- Off beat
s u k i :D
this song makes me want to play tracer because im a bad guy ;)
I think this song is the cause of the California's wild fire
sniper god100
Whoever reads this I hope U get rich 💸
syth e
*You reading this i hope u become rich and have a successful life* 💙💙
Looking like I still do fraud!!💯💯💯💯
The snippet slapped harder no cap
xMidnight Tags
Kodak, is Just getting better and better
Auch deutsche unterwegs ?
xxx19shotagaming x
A boogie would’ve done some magic on this beat.