Glass Animals - Hazey

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A Torstenbo
This is a repost of the names of the dancers from further down the page: Carl 'Cobra' Hewitt, Malick 'AndroidX' Bright, Haroon 'Lil Crazy' Al Abali , and Kaner Flex.... for those who were asking.
Adriana Uribe
When you find a song that you find yourself saying \
Anurag Chakraborty
End up coming here every single day.
Ashley Dufault
God, this is such a rad sound
Axion Crypt
my new favorite kind of music!
B Peoples
This is such a beautiful song to dance to.
4 minutes is so not enough for this song
Ben Hinman
the most uncomfortable orgy ever
Bishop Bryant
this band has an amazing respect for the sound of music ( not the broadway production ) but the meaning and making of music.
Bo Stanford
this song with good headphones sounds incredible.
I feel sad that it took me like what 2 years to discover Glass Animals, but now that I'm here I'm not going to leave
Camila Amarilla
glass animals is another level of music. Definitely not for any ear. I feel so blessed!! loooove this guys
Capt Cav76
2:40 - 2:59 Amazing!!!!!!
Carter Lauritzen
People who disliked this video...what is WRONG WITH YOU
After all the generic stuff I keep hearing on the radio, this is a breath of fresh air.
Christina Ashby
pure stoner music. beautiful.
The dude with the hands got my like... gg
Dane Williams
Where did they find these dancers? They are not from planet Earth.
David&Amanda Phetteplace
i like turtles
DeAnthony Washington
fka twigs dancers are in here😱😱😱
Deri C
This is EVERYTHINGGGG and more
Dissily Mordentroge
Can’t work out if there’s a subtle homo-erotic undertow to this or if I’m just reading something into the clip.
Doar Mada
I love this band
hawaii five o
Who's here after the SF pole dancing video?💔❤
One of my favorite music videos!!! 💕👌🌸 Perfection!
I discovered these guys at Osheaga a few years ago. Had no idea who they were. Now I'm counting down the days until I can witness their magic again and actually appreciate them
Erica Mulkey
Is anyone else irked that the dancers aren't credited in the video or here on the page? they were amazing.
Ernest Alilovic
What kind of dance is this, is there a name for this sorcery?
Evelyn Patricia
I get that jungle and oriental vibes
Felix R
Hey isn't that the dude from britain's got talent?
Folie Rodriguez
Tu bebé (hijo) ha caído, \nsabes que ahora hablo yo.\nSabes que estoy bailando, \nsabes que ando corriendo.\nNo, no, estás tan exprimida,\ndijiste que ibas a beberte unas copas.\nSabes que saldré lastimado,\nsabes que soy solo un niño.\n\nVuelve, cariño, no llores, \nno vacíes esos grandes ojos azules, \nhe estado arrastrándome.\nVuelve, cariño, no llores, \nsolo para decir la razón del por qué,\npuedo calmarte.\n\nDices que estoy chillando,\nyo digo que estoy suplicando mientras\nme tomas una foto.\nYo finjo mi sonrisa de ruptura,\nestoy j***damente loco.\nNo puedo llegar hasta ti,\ntú te das la media vuelta, \nte enciendes un cigarro y yo me puedo marchar.\n\nVuelve, cariño, no llores, \nno vacíes esos grandes ojos azules, \nhe estado arrastrándome.\nVuelve, cariño, no llores, \nsolo para decir la razón del por qué,\npuedo calmarte.\n\nGlass Animals - Borroso\n\n♥
Grace Hannon
Talk about ASMR, the entire sound
The Indians will understand when I say this has an A.R.Rahman undertone to it.
I'm hypermobile. Might try some of these moves out ahha.
Harriet Hanson
This songs so great but \
Himank Nagpal
Their music is so original.. like the final soundtrack in \
Hugh Vupy
When i first heard of glass animals I was tripping balls from cheesing my homies cat ( cheesing is snorting the cat pee when they get irritated) and i seeing everything this guy sang about in 3d in front of me in slow motion and the walls were folding over and over on to itself and the ceiling was spinning inside out and it was raining clocks and the floor was a whirlpool of life getting drained into the abyss. It was dope af.
Increased Standards
The moment you give something you've never heard a chance and you're happy you pressed, play.
I'm only here because of SourceFed, anyone else?
Jerissa Martinez
A peaceful banger right here, never thought it could exist.
Joshua Jordan
The upside down triangle represent mother/creation so with that said I feel these 4 dancers represent \
Justin Nyugen
Here from SourceFed Strippers
Kent Cabrera
s o f t\nc h i c k e n\nb o i
Long chicken boy brought me here.
Kitty Blakeadonna
starlad brought me here
this is soo good
Lala 2pac's Apprentice
am I the only one who listens to this over and over!!/???
Lisa Rodjer
the dancers and camera team deserve every fucking award for this video.... good song too
Lola Kage
in the last ten minutes I have become obsessed with this band...\n\nhelp
Lucas García
I know that this comment may be weird but here it goes. A few years ago I got used to listening to music all the time while I read a book. So, when I do that now I tend to make a connection between the music I'm listening to and the book I'm reading at the moment. That's because I loop over my music for months. This is where ZABA appears. I started reading 1990's Stephen King \
Still listening in 2016.. Good music has longevity!
Madeline Stevenson
Hearing the chorus makes me think I have wings...and the visuals are absolutely beautiful...god, I just love the display of male anatomy they put in here
Mari Snorlax
I've been listening to this song everyday since last summer when I discovered Glass Animals and fell in love with their music but what I REALLY want to know is who is the dude in the burgundy shirt... i can watch him forever, his footwork is off the chain.
This sound is sooo intense !
Mongo Gamer
the guy with the arms should see a doctor. i am concern
N Jacquemain
anyone else find this through source fed pole dancing?
Nidhi Dave
i mean, i can touch my toes, so thats the same thing.
I listen to rap and edm. I'm from new york city and this music isn't particularly known at all to tell you the truth, but I've been searching through different genres of music and stumbled across this song. I like it. Not a big fan of the flexible guy, but the rest of the video really articulated what the song was if that makes any sense.
speed the video up to 1.25 times if you want your life changed
Pablo Larreategui
I love dance alone with this song makes me feel so happy :-)!
Paolo Olivari
I swear I feel more flexible while listening to this song
Pim Singhatiraj
love glass animals so much. it's selfish to say this, I admit, but I almost don't want them to get any bigger. they feel like my secret.
R Dog
SourceFed got me here :( on their last video
i would dare say glass animals was the first to make videos like this, seems a lot of people copying the style now.
We just watched the dance of at LEAST 3 mastered yogis.
I am totaly addicted to this band. They have just a unique sound and....if i listen to this i just wanna dance weird.\nMuch love to this guys for changing my life.
Saelyn Tarot
beautiful men making amazing magic with their bodies. stunning.
Sarah A
Stumbled here by mistake... no mistake made, great music
Soo Donim
oooohh getting such awesome Chet Faker type vibes from this... I LOVE IT
I wanna wear glowsticks and glow in the dark makeup and turn off all the lights and dance to this song
Strange Music Inc
Beautiful visuals.
Terezia R
I can feel how my blood is dancing. I know I'm losing my mind ,but I like it. This song is like: Go on, dance, make strange poses, it's okay to be weird honey.
The Auracle
Can't get enough of this band. They make my weird dance.
Thom Foote
Wyrd is just plain gorgeous.
Tynesia Stevens
GOD I FLIPPING LOVE THIS SONGS VIBES. there litteraly no way for me to explain it other than...... \
I actually don't want them to get popular because only people whit good taste for music should listen to this.Others are just not worthy enought. It's like it will be our little secret because this is an unique style.Good job guys ;)
Val Loyola
Does anyone else just wanna interpretive dance the shit outta this too?
Wilbur Jenkins
Camera angles really make the video.
Yasmin ElSelmy
THIS NEED MORE ATTENTION but at the same time i just want them all to myself
When I first heard of Glass Animals, and this song in particular, I thought they had two vocalists: A male and a female. This guy's voice is unreal.
DAYUM - have always loved this song and the video makes me love it that much more!
anggraeni deoruthi
If a lava lamp could sing, it would sound exactly like this. 🔮
ava jade
anyone else come from a sourcefed video?
Two beautiful women and I stare at a wet chicken boi the whole time? #JustSourcefedThings
bless dog
big fan of peanut butter
Grass Animals you should seriously have a SoundCloud presence.
In comparison to this most modern music sounds like someone is farting into a microphone.
dopey chick
accidentally found this song.. so glad I did
fercho kn
A few days ago, I finished a degree in Contemporary Dance. There, a partner made a choreography based on \
different song, different style ! they will never go mainstream, which is pure awesome. reminds me of massive attack
Sourcefed poledancing
the only thing in my mind now is suptic dancing
I can not touch my toes lol
the guy in the red shirt looks like he was in his own world. that foot work is amazing
znadz nadhrah
listen to this song when you're high
꧁Erick Ramírez꧂
Hello, God Bless you all!\nI'm really into this music, the bass and the quality are overly lit, but,\nCould someone explain to me the meaning of this song? Does it have bad messages or is it trying to teach something good?\nRegards,\nRickEJhons.