Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)

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guys i'm going to try to type the song without pausing it once ;), hERE I GO!\n\n loving can hurt loving can hurt sometimes but it is the only thing that i know when it gets hard you know it can get hard som,ethimes it is the only thing that makes us feel us alive we keepe love in photograph we made thios memeberoies where our eyies never closeing hear noever forzen so you can keep me insdie the pocket of holding me closign to eyes meat you will never be alone wait for me to come home loving can heal loving can bend tyour soul and it is th eonly thing i know i swaer it will get easyer hmm its the only thing wait us when we die hmm we keep this love in photo graph we made this memeberois for ourself where our heat not frozen so you can keep me i side of poctet pog you holding me closer you will never be aloen and if you hurt me thats ok babay only works beled insides the pages just hope me i 'll never let you go wait for me to go ghome wait for me to come home wait form me to come wait for me to come HOMMMMM and you feel me insidetb hneac; when you were 16 next o to your heart weher ei sould be keep deep inside yuou soul and if you hur tme thats ok only works bleed i won't neber let you go when i away i will remember me how you kissed be onver the lanmb hearing you wisper wait for m eto COme Home.\n Omg done how i do?
2018 alguém?
Ace Ceith
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Agnieszka Guziak
Little Ed going upstairs with his present 😅😍❤️
Who's cutting onions these days?
Alice Dias
Agosto passou,Novembro chegou, daqui a pouco Dezembro chega, 2019,2020 e eu aqui na bad☹😑💔😁
Ana Lopes
thank you so much for this song it is helping me through a rough time a time were I wished that it would never come till I was really old right now I'm 12 years old and I have just lost my dad so thank you have helped me through and will continue to forever thank you so much ed Sheeran I really appreciated words cant describe my sadness but thank you so much
Damn it Ed Sheeran, making me cry with your wholesome content.
Asma Asima
12 november 2018 😍😌
Bilal Faranov
Anyone here in 2020?
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2018, 2019, 2020, 2500?\n\n\n\n\n ok no xd
This broke me.\nI am broken.
Ed Sheeran is my favorite artist
Cintya Rachman
ily sm :\
Colgate v.2,0
Not even kidding i for some no apparent reason started crying when i watched this..
Cyberdemon Mike
_LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRA... Wait wtf is this?_
Daniel Toth Music
Loving can hurt\nLoving can hurt sometimes\nBut it's the only thing that I know\nWhen it gets hard\nYou know it can get hard sometimes\nIt is the only thing that makes us feel alive\n\nWe keep this love in a photograph\nWe made these memories for ourselves\nWhere our eyes are never closing\nHearts are never broken\nTimes forever frozen still\n\nSo you can keep me\nInside the pocket\nOf your ripped jeans\nHoldin' me closer\n'Til our eyes meet\nYou won't ever be alone\nWait for me to come home\n\nLoving can heal\nLoving can mend your soul\nAnd it's the only thing that I know (know)\nI swear it will get easier\nRemember that with every piece of ya\nAnd it's the only thing we take with us when we die\n\nWe keep this love in this photograph\nWe made these memories for ourselves\nWhere our eyes are never closing\nHearts were never broken\nTimes forever frozen still\n\nSo you can keep me\nInside the pocket\nOf your ripped jeans\nHoldin' me closer\n'Til our eyes meet\nYou won't ever be alone\n\nAnd if you hurt me\nThat's OK, baby, only words bleed\nInside these pages you just hold me\nAnd I won't ever let you go\n\nWait for me to come home [4x]\n\nOh you can fit me\nInside the necklace you got when you were 16\nNext to your heartbeat\nWhere I should be\nKeep it deep within your soul\n\nAnd if you hurt me\nWell, that's OK, baby, only words bleed\nInside these pages you just hold me\nAnd I won't ever let you go\n\nWhen I'm away\nI will remember how you kissed me\nUnder the lamppost\nBack on 6th street\nHearing you whisper through the phone,\n\
Deepesh Tiwari
His videos arent music videos they are emotions😍
Ed Sheeran
Here's my brand new video for photograph (p.s its me)
Everton Gamer 007 [BS]
Nss era o Ed Sheeran mano eu pensei q era filho dele desculpa 😔
Fátima Martins
Watching Yourself Grow Up And Be Everything You Ever Wanted To Be \nIs The Greatest Feeling In The World!\n\n#LiveLife2TheFullest
Gepiin S4BVGW
First I wonder who is he. Just can say.. woah! He's really looks like Ed Sheeran. Is he his child? Cause I just in to Ed Sheeran this 2 months and not having so much information about him... then I scrolled down the comment, and found it... he was the trully Ed Sheeran. Wow. Wooow. \n\nHandsome boy from the start 😍
Gerardus Primissimo
2\n 0\n 1 \n 8\n ?
Geyel Gladys Flores Mendoza
Lo mejor ed sheeran😍
Guadalupe Meza Becerra
Ed sheran arriba like si les gusta ed sheran
we all got here because we mom :)
Havin Temel
My teacher Play this today at School soo good❤️
Hayden Holloway
Every time I hear this song I cry... November 2018 peeps?
I'm not important
Can we exactly 99 likes? 😂 ❤
Jack Dawn
Романтики, ставьте Like ;) всем любви
James Cooney
My nanny died a week ago she listened to him in hospital when she was in pain. In other words Ed helped my nanny through cancer.\nShe was the best person ever and I miss her😭😢
Jammer AJ player
I love your songs it’s very good I hope no one hurts your feelings I hope u have a great day in your life make new song :)
Jara Christel Malapitan
Who's watching this in 2018?\nps. I liked my comment bcs no one will
Jhonatan Almeida
Novembro 2018😍
Jonathan Idiculla
Today??????😂😂😂❤❤❤❤...Dont know how it makes me cry😭😭😭..Thanks Ed
João Pedro Jesus Ramos Domingos
Judah B
Anyone here in 2019??
Karemi Cordasco
Noviembre 14/11/18 reportandome desde América Latina 💗💗😍
Did anyone else cryyy?
NOVEMBER 2018? 💙❤
Laura Johnson
December 2018 anyone
This is such a good videooooo 😍
Leticia games
I am brazil gente eu sou do brasil depois que eu escutei essa música e começei a chorar por auê parece muito a minha historia quando era menor e au da problemas com a minha família é muito difícil ser largada por uma pessoa que agente ama eu perdi o meu pai por causa da minha madrasta ele me largous largou aminha. Mae o meu irmao e ainda teve a coragem de me da bronca pra defender a minha madrasta gente se vc ver alguem da sua familia passe na frente e não deixe que aquela pessoa que vc ama te abandonar pq eu estou sofrendo muito coma falta do carinho do pai isso é muito dificil controlar
Luis Guilherme
Se existir música melhor mão me avisem
Maikin silva
Y love you ana carolina
Marlen Fernandez
This song made me cry 😪😪😪😢😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😪😪😪😪😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😢😥😢😢😥😢😢😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😢😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😥😪😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪😥😢😪
Marlon L
saudades de ed sheeran
Marta :D
😪😢😭❤️❤️I love this song
Matteo Zanca
November 2018?
Meet Saluja
Excuse me ...... These were all videos and the title is photograph. ( If someone noticed😂)
Moacir Carvalho
Novembro/dezembro/2018❣️vc ainda pensa nela(e)…
Mr FlapJacks
This is so e🅱️ic \n\n\nCan we hit exactly 279 likes
November 2023!!?
Nachyra S.
Aw, watching Ed Sheeran smile when he was a baby was so adorable.
Natalie A
over 4 years later and I still love this song just as much as I did the first time I heard it, and not to mention finally getting the pleasure of seeing if performed live. this man has impacted my life in more ways than he will ever know and I’m forever indebted to him for it. thank you ed for inspiring me to make music and to never give up on what I love, I owe it all to you mate
Olivia Jung
I can see from this 4-minute music video how much he was loved growing up. We all grow up and become grown-ups outside that don't seem to need anyone, but inside there still exists the exact same child we used to be. This video shows that and I am grateful for that.
Pedro Henrique
Quem veio pelo menino que tá chorando pela sua namorada?
This video caught me off guard, ~sniffles~
Prostě Ciara
December 2017?
*Loses mind at how adorable it is* This is the best idea for a music video EVER! It makes be feel good when songs like this come out and they're not all about sex or money. You have made my day, sir. :D
Rainpaulshiana Samson
Raphael Gomes
aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm crying
Renan Samuel Ferreira
Melhor música do mundo inteiro ❤️
N O V E M B E R 2018 A N Y O N E? 💗💗😥😅😍🤘😭😭😭💝
Sanskriti Gupta
Just in love with this song. This has literally stolen my heart! 💖💖💖
Sarah Sepanski
This is probably one of my favorite music video, it has true meaning and isn't just show casing dirtiness and stuff like that. Its genuine and emotional and a STORY. Ed Sheeran is a very special genuine person who doesn't need that stuff to get recognized. He has true talent and there arent many celebs out there like him.
Silveirinha Vlogs
Alguém de 2020 por aki?
Sondos Mohd
99% of people will not skip that\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nGet a life you 99% ;)
SoulSpaceVero /Elena Garofalo
I teared when I saw this. Wow! If you're a mom, you get it. Just a simple kid, doing simple things that lead to an extraordinary life.\nIf you're a parent, show this to your children and remind them, you don't have to have an extraordinary thing about you to do extraordinary things in life. We are made to shine. \nMichelangelo was asked how he created the David and he said it was always there, I just had to chisel away the stone around it!!
Starlight Gleo
im crying my eyes out 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Stephanie Dolan
What a beautiful smile, happy soul, and how special to witness this burgeoning talent in development. Thank you to your parents.
Tea sipping sister
Pappy come back...I still want you😭
Terry Kay
haha funny how when he played in public(free) , little to none even cared lol but now for you to see him perform you have to pay
TheSwitch Jon
Whoever dislike this song, needs to find love asap.
Tricia Ramgoolam
His parents must be so proud of him. He makes good music. Meaningful. Soulful. Heartbreaking.
22'nd century anyone
Vedant Dubey
why every comment is related to 2018 and the lyrics of the song, there is also other things..
Wenglen Maia
Meu Amoooor Por Essa Musica não tem Limites toda vez que ouço choro 💞😍😍😍😍😍😍👌😘😓
Youtube YouTube
Şu eski sevgilisinin videosunu izleyen çocuktan gelen xivöflşdöcmf
ajinkya patil
Why nobody's talking about his amazingly nice parents who always supported him to be what he wants!!!
bryan abednego
who loves this song very much too?
calisto moraes
Meu filho penso nelle no futuro mano
gabriele pignalosa
imene imene
17.11.2018 ??
m khan
ed sheeran , top man... great musician and humble person
qaizer saufi zairolhamisam
who else smiling while watching the whole video?
soumyadip jana
So you just ask people if they are hearing this in 2018 to get more than 2k likes?
Its like his parents knew..
uma burrinha no avakin sarainha
Eu amo essa música e toda vez q escutou penso reflito nas coisas q doi amoo
vivian muoneke
You are really \
wannable peach
The only childhood video i have is me playing naked in the mud and its 20 seconds. Ed is lucky his parents knew how to use a video camera. btw, WHY SO PERFECT ED???
Baby Ed is Sooooooooo cute 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭