Yasuicide "Yasuo Main" Montage | Best Yasuo Plays

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Yasuicide Montage 2018 - Best of Yasuicide (Former Yasuo Main)► Subscribe for weekly League content: ❤ League of Legends Content every Saturday. Thanks for watching! ❤

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This was so sick oh my god
Aizz Xan
Thresh montage plz.\nLuv ur vids😍
Alex Alex
even donald trumps wall cant stop this man
Anime Land
2:17 oooooofffff
Another Jinx Main
The best Yasuo world \u003c3
Anthony Smith
The first clip was AP yasuo!
Arc North
Good stuff, thanks for using my song :)
Batu Sari
Hes the best i have ne ver seenthat action xD
Bella Music
So strong
Bigtinny Bigtinny
0:35 almost got 1v1d by the supp Ekks dee
Blué Coké
i've never seen before a yasou main that uses his dash range that intelligent and accurate thats what makes this guy so good, because i know how hard it!
Cunays Family
Daniela Parker
Asme un hijo
David halt
well yeah nice and all that but those clips are mostly from his smurfing vs silver players. its pretty sad to see this yt-channel to go down to that kinda stuff more and more often....
Diego Sousa
O melhor Yasuo que eu já vi pqp.
El Abusa Abuelas
sad that the whole montage is faked from synotik
Yasuicide \u003e Yassuo
Fedre Scrypt
Feed El Stick
Yasuicide best username xDD
Overkills mostly...
Fluzz Fuzz
Rip Yasuicide
Furude Hanyuu LAS
Loved it. The plays are really insane and the montage is excellently made.
Greg Campos
I shared, and liked the video because this dude deserve all praise that someone can give to another player. He is the pinnacle of mechanic with this champion, i doesn't even know if he is a bronze 5 player, but for to have the balls to make yasuo ap and carry the game it's just awesome
Who the hell is this guy? I've never seen anyone break through walls so easily...
Hayha Simo
This is Awesome!
The title promised yasuo montage, but all i saw was just some guy playing talon.
Hesham Khaled
Insane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jisu Hyakuya
faz do Jukes de Yasuo 👌😍😍😍
Jordan Cardenas
ight yas is no skill but this guy actually good . props. LUL yasuoo worst yas ever. this guy better
Jorge Lanata
Finally my lord
Joshua Min
I literally watched all the montages of Yasuicide. Now, I’m going to be a master of AP Yasuo
Juan Pablo Mathieu Rivera
Esto si es un Main Yasuo
lol best yasuo i've ever seen
Leoly Malagueño
The best yasou main :)
Your Saturday morning instantly becomes 10x after watching these clean edits!
This guy reminds me ArKaDaTa. His gameplay is actually so thoughtful... Yasuicide wow, awesome.
Lubomir Aleksandrov
Damn, those are some smooth dashes.
3:42 garen killing yasuicide's only escape
MJoy 4Fun
i am almost thinking that he has a hack for his E.. but gosh.. some of those looks impossible... this guy had a big opportunity to become so good.. i mean really good!!
Mahmudur Rahman
I kinda see why this guys suicidal. The fact that most of the time he builds ap yasuo and destroy enemy team shows how he lost faith in humanity. And as a result he has depression. IDk wtf i am saying XD, just scroll down!
Just wow
Majki the General
Hasagiii :)
Marian Dobrev
This guy its maybe better than moe and arkadata i want to see him against moe
This guy is next level clean. Holy moly!
Master Of Killers
Pogger 😯
Master of Zed
He is the Yasuo god
if swain didnt autoattack at 2:45, yas would have died.
Miguel Fernandez xD
alguien me pasa el stream del 1v1 de suicide y moe
Miguel Sá Lemos
The 0:45 play is why I hate playing Yasuo. Dude plays it out PERFECT, those raptor dashes were amazing. Does an unofficial quadra kill - nearly flawless. \n\nOrnn : \
Min Wun
I really hope that he will return someday
I am little yasuo main but this guy is amazing!
Holy shit this guy is so clean
this is not a montage anymore... this is a tribute....
Omer Amin
I was so sad when he left , he played only normals because he wouldnt get yas in ranked such a shame he trained so hard and reached the ultimate level but couldnt reach higher elo ugghhh
P3rkus Balsys
Does anybody know what runes does uses with electrocute build?
PSG Aeuxial
Best yasuo montage ever!
This Yasuo Main Is Really Sick OMG DAMMIT!!!
watching this video, clearly this guy is amazing. unfortunately, so amazing that i can't tell if its' him being good or the enemy being bad. he hits these jumps so cleanly and so consistently its amazing
Rosé BlackPink
bad music !!!!
Yassuo can't deafeat him his the best yasuo no one can't deafeat him
Saad Boukili
i miss when arakadata was playing league and he was the best yasuo world not like all of these new players.feelsbad
TKN Extro
esses ae usa e hack para atravessar paredes não tem condições ate o yassuo flw isso dele
If he went tryhard hed hit high dia easily. There are people who are just blessed. Tarzaned, TF Blade, Rush and also this guy. \
Best Yasuo I´ve ever seen mechanically wise
Taha Saidi
Like the way that you still have those plays from old patches, I mean about the health bar, swain before reworks etc, enjoyed it!
Tatán Cruz
Todo un maestro.
Teru Atsumi
We all miss yasuicide, amazing video, I'm sure he appreciates it.
TommyPlayz - League Of Legends
Here at PH server, you can't play yasuo here because of auto ban.. FEELSBAD
Trini Yi
His name is toxic *banned*
Ufuk Kurban
extreamly great video gj man
Vaysu HD
best yasuo in the world \u003c3
I've never seen a Yasuo wallhop that clean.
Vvhisper X
How to counter yasuicide :\nClean Raptors
Wang Zicong
His ign describes most of the yasuo main players
Yoruk_ Hunt
How tf are your edits so good!!!! Ur insane bro keep it up
Yossef Amro
4:31 song?
Zed Onii
Why \
ahmet koc
Real 800k yasuo xD
diego villavicencio
Mecánicamente impecable
dis b0i be dashin' over ALL WALLS, legit parkour
Might be the mechanically best Yasuo out there.
*I see Yasuo I click*
rip yasuicide
kin slayer
good video but yasuicide stopped playing league now
kunal gahlawat
This guy is great. He's also pretty young, and stopped playing, but I'm so happy you made this montage.
rip old swain
mariano banegas
Wooooooooow what a legend
monocle duck
sad he quit league
smida yessin
Yasuicide best yasuo no way he beat Moe Yassuo oh my god
xBlaster HF
He's mechanically the best yasuo, i don't care if he is Challenger or Plat
zemeyez -_-
Really nice montage, gj
I was waiting for this, too sad that he quit leauge, short info about this guy: AP Yasuo player multiple accounts over EuW and Eune, he is 100% OTP Yasuo, specialist walldashing and other stuffs, a very good yasuo player!
İsmail Koç
Nice Video
Радослав Радославов
he arkadata and moe are just gods pure gods on yasuo :)
This guy is fking amazing, holy movement, nice montage !
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